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I was scared and expecting the worst: Yes, one all-out pee fest took place where it was as if I took a watering can of pee and just poured it on our carpet. But usually he would start with a few drops before looking up at me. Day 2 is a repeat of the first, except this time you should leave the house for one full hour without diapers or undies. Instead, have your child wear pants or shorts and enjoy your outing.

We kept ours simple: Again, remain bare-bottom at home like the first two days. But this time, take two outings with just pants or shorts on no diapers or undies again. For us, my husband took him to the park just like the previous day, and for a walk around the block. My son looked forward to potty practice, so he surprised me when he cried after I removed the diaper.

Maybe a little consolation was all he needed. Because soon after, he stopped crying and allowed himself to remain bare bottom.

Potty Training in Three Days: Step-by-Step Instructions

We offered lots and lots of support and praise instead. He can feel good about his progress all on his own without external validation for now. Learn why rewards can backfire. From little trickles to full-on poop plopped on the carpet, expect some accidents. At the same time, he also regressed and had bigger accidents on subsequent days than on the first few.

How to implement gradual potty training

Just as with most things in life, learning a new skill can be a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing. Take it as it comes and praise for the hard work your child is putting in. Learn how to praise your child. And while caught on with peeing in as little as a few weeks, he still had poop accidents several months down the line. Your son may have done well the first day because it was new, or for the gold stars and rewards. Slight regression is okay so long as you continue to see a general trend of improvement. Have you tried to potty train a toddler in 3 days?

What obstacles did you face?

How are you faring after three days? Do you feel overwhelmed balancing the needs of your family and your role as a mom?

Pirate Pete's Potty

Struggling to find the time to get everything done? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you so much for this post Nina. I think I might try this three day plan. So glad it has worked for your LO, it must be a relief to know you have overcome this hurdle before the twins arrive. And unfortunately you kind of have to show them how to use it, not like walking where they sort of learn it on their own.

After all, they have to be ready not only physically but emotionally as well. Good luck to you Laura! Let me know how it goes. As simple as that. I just gradually had him sit on the potty for several weeks and even months. Even this was a process: So I guess it was a gradual preparation that helped him get used to the potty. I, too, enjoy the convenience of diapers. My husband and I were discussing the three-day approach recently. I was never in any rush to potty train. Let me know how your potty training goes! I recommend already buying a potty and having him sit on it even for fun.

What an unusually ideal potty training. We tried the same method and our little guy has suffered through UTIs, constipation, potty refusal, numerous accidents within moments of leaving the house. He is far more helpful around the house than most kids, a fabulous brother, very athletic…but struggles on the bowel and bladder control. So far any of you out there who are finding slow success, take heart…all children potty train eventually!

Robin thanks for pointing that out! But then I remind myself that each kid is seriously different.

Throw out the rules

They have to be both physically and emotionally ready. The thing that I would tell myself is that the age a kid learns to potty train has nothing to do with their character or intelligence. Instead of being patient, supportive, and perfect , the husband and I realized we were just plain-old disappointed. And full of judgment. Potty training takes patience, perseverance and a positive attitude. The accidents felt like an inconvenience.

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Ignore potty failures, praise potty success. But it is a seriously difficult task at 35, feet when surrounded by pee. We vetted the story with our relatives, we sought advice. And we kept providing prompts to get him into the bathroom. There may not be a singular event that spawns a setback. And then they fade away again. Avoiding outward disappointment and judging is a goal, too.

Just wrote about it. So much easier and clearer on paper. These battles with disappointment and judgement, and the effort it takes to hide it, has drained me completely. Sometimes going to my room, closing the door, and tearing out my hair with a silent scream helps too. Thx for sharing your experience. It reminds me to take a big breath and realize what a process this is, not just a project on my to-do list.

He has the signs of readiness. I need to remember my patience. My daughter trained at two in about three days and never had a single accident. We are ready to tackle it. I will pack my patience and we will dive right in. Our child had accidents into second grade, and along with working closely with her teachers, we found the wobl watch http: It stopped us from harping on her and made it into something subtle and scheduled.

This worked like a charm! She changes herself and moves on. Best thing is empowering her to be in charge of the clean up. Worst thing is that she cannot do laundry. On trips all kids wear pull ups.

Toilet Training in One Simple Step

We joke that Dad needs them too just in case which seems to make them acceptable to even my older child. I try to remember to give my two year old choices. I have twin 21 month old girls who are showing all the signs of being ready to start using the potty: Best thing I did was let my son 3 next month train himself when he felt ready.

When my son showed signs of readiness I asked him if he wanted to put his pee or poop in the potty. He had a few accidents that I asked him to clean up. He put his undies and towel in the washing machine. Front loader Got quite the kick out of helping wash everything at the end of the day. It took him an afternoon of dribbling and pooping on his play rug to get the sensation and timing. Not always safe or possible to get to the toilet. I put them over the undies so we can reuse if dry.

How to Potty Train a Toddler in 3 Days

It would take several days to stop wetting. We got tired of washing sheets and she was frustrated. She only saw her failures and maybe he will see his successes? Wow, Viki, I love that! It sounds like you found a really great and low-stress way of making potty training work. She noted that more child abuse happens during the potty training years than other developmental times because parents snap from the frustration. In playgroup several younger kids trained first. Can I ask why you use pullups instead of a regular diaper for sleeping?

My daughter just turned 2 is potty-trained for daytime but almost never stays dry at nap and certainly not at night. Thanks for this post! And, Viki, for your neat response. You can certainly go right from diapers re-usable or disposable to underwear. All up to you and your child!