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Sagen Sie Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. There is only the building, cylindrical and huge. And, choices are few: Ny Axxter has chosen a freelancer's life on the vertical. It has its risks, including starving or drawing fire from a corporate tribe fighting for control of the building.

The vertical life offers hope as well, hope of fortune and hope of freedom.

There is much that Ny doesn't know. He knows there are stars above him, but he does not know what lies beneath the cloud wall below him. He doesn't know what's on the night side of the building, or what horrors live within its sealed center. He sees angels flying in the distance, but knows little about them. However, Ny is no more ignorant of the building's secrets than the majority of its other denizens. This is how things have been since the war.

Farewell Horizontal

No one seems to know how things were before the war. Moreover, no one seems interested in finding out. Ny Axxter lives in a cyberpunk world, dystopian and corporate controlled.


He's just another gutsy punk trying to cut it on the fringes of a society run by faceless corporations. His journey is fueled by the need to survive. If he's lucky, he might learn something on his journey, but in the end his hard gained knowledge will only scratch the surface of the unknown. However, only by surviving another day, and growing slightly wiser, does progress occur. It's an exciting journey.

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Come along for the ride. Another of Jeter's great works. This tells the story of a man who lives on the side of a giant cylinder in the sky who has never lived on a horizontal surface. As with most of Jeter's books this takes you new places and shows you new ideas. The story is a fun ride and doesn't disappoint.

I have always wondered why his stuff hasn't been picked up by Hollywood. Looking at what Hollywood does to some books, maybe things are better this way. Imagine the extent of your world, your existence, was a massive building rising high above a ground obscured from view by thick clouds. Everything you know is either inside this structure, or -- more interestingly -- hanging off it, and people either live "on the horizontal" in the interior or have "gone vertical" on the outside.

This is the premise for Farewell Horizontal, a sci-fi novel by K.

Jeter KWJeter which was first published in I believe citing the original date of publishing is important because some of the themes in this interesting novel harken back to that time. The protagonist, Ny Axxter, has decided to leave a life of mind-numbing labor inside Cylinder, the building, for the freedom and challenge of a life "on the wall.

But only on one side of the building: People don't go on the eveningside, so very little is known about it.

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At some point in the undetermined past, there was a great War, but the people on and in Cylinder care little about the details of this conflict. Instead, they live in the moment, worrying only about themselves.

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As the story opens, Ny is still adjusting to life on the wall. He has automated wires attached to his boots and belt to prevent a fall vehicles are also equipped with these attachment wires , but that isn't his biggest problem. Work is scarce, so for Ny every day is a challenge as he tries to make his meager bank account real-time updates provided via comm-link; make a voice call to your agent, watch as the balance slowly goes down last until he scores the Big Job that will set him up for life.

That capital influx keeps him on the wall another day, but Ny needs something better to make a go of it. If he could just get hired by an up-and-coming tribe, a group that will rampage itself into an alliance with one of the big two tribes that rule Cylinder's known wall. But that's a dream Ny shares with untold freelancers who have come out on the wall to try their luck. Ny's big break comes in the form of a job with the Havoc Mass, one of the two main tribes fighting for control of Cylinder's wall. The Mass is the current number two behind the Grievous Amalgam, which has ruled the building's upper-most wall for as long as anyone can remember.

Much more I can't say without spoiling it for new readers, but it wouldn't be a story if everything worked out for Ny, right? I have not read a lot of sci-fi, and must admit I had some difficulty getting into this story. Doomsday Book By Connie Willis. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Getaway By Jeff Kinney. A Novel By Jesmyn Ward.

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