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Why do rules need to be set? Because all clients have different communication expectations. Even minor decisions about spouting send them into a full-blown panic. They want to be updated by phone at least 4 times a day. They expect a monthly phone call or written progress report, and nothing more. Whichever type of client they are, you need to establish this from the outset so no-one is disappointed. Here are some good points to discuss: Technology has caught up with this demand, and no longer will some hand-drawn sketches or a few photos cut it.

They want beautifully rendered CGI graphics, complete with fake trees and smiling imaginary people.

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The evolution of technology has been rapid, and there are more affordable tools on the market than ever before. By harnessing visual technology you can revolutionise the way you communicate with clients.


The building looks great, everything went smoothly and client communication was a breeze. Then you hand them the invoice and their world suddenly implodes. Their cheeks redden and their hands start to quiver. Why do these surprises happen? Because delays and unexpected costs are a natural part of the construction industry. So on a complex project, how can you keep track of every single little cost and every minute of scope creep? The answer is quite simple - invest in some awesome project management software and it does the work for you. WorkflowMax is your holy grail tool for generating detailed invoices.

With WorkflowMax you can: These features and many more are one of the reasons WorkflowMax is so popular with clients in the construction industry. In fact, construction companies are one of our biggest user groups. Subscribe to The Unconventional Guide to Work. Prepare your inbox for a thrice-daily bombardment of dancing hamster gifs. Something Powerful Tell The Reader More The headline and subheader tells us what you're offering , and the form header closes the deal.

Bullets are great For spelling out benefits and Turning visitors into leads.

Construction Firms: 7 Essential Tips for Client Communication

The Unconventional Guide to Work. WorkflowMax Work smarter Love Stories.

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  • Establish credibility immediately Your first meeting with a client should build a foundation of trust. The owner is not to have any contact with employees or subcontractors on the job, and communicating with them is defaulting on the agreement. That will hopefully get the owner's attention.

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    Now, if you are a subcontractor, it doesn't matter what trade, if a general contractor has hired you to work on a job your obligation is to that general contractor only. You aren't working for the owner. If the owner contacts you, and it doesn't matter why, refer them directly back to the general contractor. You don't know what the general contractor has said to the owner, you don't know what their agreement is and who said what, why, how or when to whom. Sometimes when the owner contacts you they are trying to bypass the general contractor and get a lower price on your work or service.

    That is not fair to the general, and they are the one who generated that job, not you. This scenario has been showing up more and more over the last few years. A note from the author. Should you trust a General Contractor?

    A Foolproof Guide for Working With a Contractor

    What does a competent GC do and why should I think like one? How much do things really cost? I have a project in mind Where do I start? How do I find the right subcontractors in terms of competence and price? How should I pay the subcontractors?

    Catch a Contractor: Confronting a Bad Contractor

    What is the typical chronology of the construction process? How do I estimate the time to do the whole job? How do I check the quality of the work? What are some issues to be aware of when making finish selections?