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Whatever had been said about any problems with the cast are still minor. Bluteau is not perfect, that is not very important.

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He was fine, as far as it went, even if he wasn't the older, fleshy Randolph that was clearly Capote's Randolph. Before viewing this, I was able to tell from the cast list that probably one of the most quintessentially Capote scenes had been omitted. When Joel and Idabel run away to the travelling carnival, they actually get to the carnival and meet the lonely, pretty older midget Miss Wisteria, who fondles Joel on a ferris wheel ride.

Later, in a storm Miss Wisteria searches for Joel,still desperately stalking him sexually, needing a boy to match her smallness that grown normal men cannot stay with. She cannot find him in the drafty old house,as she calls out "Little boy!

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In the meantime, Idabel herself has fallen in love with Miss Wisteria and Joel gradually begins to turn away from the sentimental charm of the exoticism of the rural South and his fondness for his tomboy pal Idabel; and to find himself drawn to the elegant exoticism of the world-weary homosexual Cousin Randolph. This was very radical stuff when it came out, and still is: You see the bridge between two cultures that Joel decides to cross as had Capote before him himself had done, now remembering it.

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At least it is radical insofar as it is a delicate matter that is of the essence of Capote but that he does not address again, perhaps because he had executed it so thoroughly this first time. In this treatment, Joel's breakdown is done via a snakebite quickly administered in crossing a muddy stream before Joel and Idabel can even get near town--I thought for a brief moment that there were just some uncredited players when the Joel narrator does say that he and Idabel will go off to join this carnival, but that was quickly dashed by this CHEAP snakebite cop-out; I wouldn't be surprised if the snakebite weren't some kind of "saviour" from something much worse in these inept creators' minds.

In any case, this is how he goes home and we never meet the haunting Miss Wisteria.

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The carnival scene and its immediate aftermath in the abandoned house was one of Capote's most evocative passages--he had a special fondness for carnival people--and this alone proved that something would be as badly gone wrong as the commentary in indicated. That the follow-up distortions would completely ruin everything the novel stood for was NOT something I could have predicted. For about 15 minutes, the movie is beautiful, very much in the spirit of Capote's Alabama though filmed in South Carolina. The scene at the country store where Jesus Fever has come to take him to Skully's Landing is excellent, as are the first few scenes in the house: However, tomboy Idabel is not sufficiently embodied by Aubrey Dollar at all.

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Elizabeth Byler as her more feminine sister is much better cast, with a real Southern accent. This is the novel that brought Capote enormous success, that made him world-famous--and he never came close to equalling it again. He became absorbed in celebrity.

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He had written a story that was almost like an impossible modulation from a country Gospel song into a Mozart opera or at least Sonata or early Symphony. It was too perfect to be followed up, and it never really was. There, additionally, the most important crime theme, the smut racket, is simply omitted--the result is a terrible movie, but it doesn't matter so much.

However, it is a serious artistic offense when finally a really important piece of literature like Capote's masterpiece is about to become visualized on film--and is trashed to such a degree that it is literally an example of artistic incontinence. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Other Voices, Other Rooms. What is Emily Mortimer Watching?

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Mayo will provide a stunning backdrop to Other Voices, the internationally acclaimed music television series and arts festival, which has travelled countless roads over the past 17 years. At the end of September, the Mayo town will explode into life with song, story, conversation and debate, a weekend of live music, creative partnerships and diverse discussions with artists and speakers from across the world, joining together to raise their voices.

This culinary feast will highlight the very best local, seasonal, sustainable food, a wealth of produce from the fertile lands and rivers of Ballina and North Mayo. Speaking at the launch of Other Voices Ballina in St. The people of Ballina and County Mayo will extend the warmest of welcomes to the artists and the Other Voices team, as much as we will to those who come to experience Other Voices in County Mayo.