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Our 52 acre campus includes multiple buildings, a boating pond, and three saltwater swimming pools. We have recreational fields, woods, archery and marksmanship ranges, climbing tower, zip line, group initiative course, a campfire area, outdoor amphitheater and natural areas for nature study and exploration. Due to popular demand by both campers and parents, swimming has become one of our most enjoyable camp activities. The popularity is so great that we feature three saltwater swimming pools. All Discovery campers ages 3 through those entering first grade and Explorer campers who are entering the second and third grades receive daily swim lessons.

Depending on the weekly theme or occasional guest speakers, a group may miss a lesson time in order to participate in a specialized program. Campers entering the fourth through eighth grades do not receive structured lessons, however, there are plenty of opportunities for them to participate in pool games, recreational swimming, and other aquatic activities.

Although we follow the American Red Cross swim level curriculum, our primary goal during lessons is to further the swimming abilities of each camper.

No Place Like Camp

Campers who attend multiple, consecutive weeks of camp will learn and show greater improvement than campers who only attend occasional weeks. We have an optional lunch service program that is available for an additional fee. Lunches must be purchased by the week, and ordered by The due dates are also listed on the menu. Lunch fees are nonrefundable after this date. Menus will be posted online in early May. You may order lunches online or by calling the camp office. Campers not ordering lunch will need to bring a lunch from home.

Refrigeration is not available. In the past, parents have used Igloo coolers to keep lunches in and drink boxes can be sent frozen — by lunch they have thawed enough to drink and yet are still cold. We discourage sending sweets and soft drinks. Lunch is around noon each day. A morning and afternoon snack is provided for Discovery ages 3 through 1 st grade campers only. Explorer and Adventure campers should bring a snack with them. Apples, bananas, fruit roll-ups, or granola bars are some of the items that could be brought from home.

For 2nd graders and older, a camp store is available for morning and afternoon snack purchases. Items are priced from. The Camp Store will not be open during lunch time. We also recommend bringing a water bottle to camp. In addition to plenty of water breaks at our drinking fountains located throughout the property, campers are allowed to frequently fill their personal water bottles and carry them throughout the camp day.

We would like to see all campers wear shorts, T-shirts, socks, and tennis shoes or other appropriate outdoor footwear. For safety, all campers should wear closed-toe shoes that provide adequate support and stay on the foot while running. No flip-flops, sandals or opened-toe shoes will be allowed for camp activities and we strongly discourage Crocs as they are not acceptable for most activities.

These shoes may be brought and worn to and from the swimming pool. Skirts and dresses are not appropriate for camp. A sweatshirt or jacket is advised for cool mornings and ponchos or raincoats for wet days. On rainy days, the Explorer and Adventure campers will spend time outside, so being prepared is vital. Ponchos, as well as some extra socks are definitely needed on rainy days.

Discovery campers will spend more time indoors on rainy days but should be prepared. Swim suits and a towel should be sent with the campers every day, as well as sunscreen.

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In compliance with Health Department recommendations, all swim suits and towels must be taken home each day and not left at the camp. Tuesday is the day we show our camp spirit by wearing our camp T-shirts. Although not required, campers and staff are encouraged to wear their camp T-shirt every Tuesday. Campers can bring canteens, water bottles, books, bandanas, sunscreen and clothing items. We provide rest mats for our three and four year old campers and recommend that fives and sixes bring a small blanket or extra towel for rest and reading. We cannot guarantee the safekeeping of extra items and are not responsible for the loss or damage of the items.

Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones to camp. We enjoy being able to see our camp parents every day. That is one of the great benefits of running a day camp. Besides speaking with you directly every day, we will also communicate through the use of emails, handouts, posters, and signs. We will strive to tell you the good and the not-so-good about each week and your feedback is always welcome.

In addition to casual conversations, we will be issuing a questionnaire or two during the summer, and we encourage you to leave comments in the tuition box. Let us know what we are doing well and what you would like us to work on — please help us as we continually strive to be the BEST! Because our counselors are assigned to work shifts, they are sometimes not here when parents drop-off or pick-up. In situations involving illness or injury at camp, we will try to contact parents if the child is uncomfortable or unable to continue the camp day.

In the event of a sudden illness or serious accident at camp we will use our best judgment in securing immediate emergency treatment for the camper as outlined on the Parent Authorization form. Campers are placed into age-specific groups based on grade level. Children not coming consecutive weeks may be placed in different groups.

Parent Information

Camp is a great place to develop new friendships and our staff members are trained to assist campers in this goal by welcoming new campers each Monday and working to be sure everyone feels included. Due to the way our program is structured with small group sizes and the flexibility of weekly enrollment, there are limitations in trying to honor friend requests.

Only one friend request is allowed and multiple requests will not be honored. Requests should be made by April 1.

Camper / Parent Handbook - Tate's Day Camp

Please understand that it is up to the parents to work with other parents and be sure the friend requests are reciprocal if they want us to try and place the children in the same group. Every Wednesday during the summer we offer ECO. This is an optional extension to the camp day between 6: The campers love it and the parents get the chance to have dinner or work late, and the staff appreciates the chance to earn a little extra money.

Campers get supper, have free swim, and roast marshmallows. You can register your child for ECO at the beginning of each week and as late as 9: Please leave a check in the tuition box at either drop-off area or you may pay in the camp office. If paying by cash please only pay in the camp office. During the summer we have one overnight campout for campers only. There is an additional fee and space is limited. Reservations must be made through the camp office. These overnights have always proven to be popular for all ages yes, even the three-year olds.

Campers can stay straight through the camp day and into the evening. All campers must be picked up between 8: Late fees apply for pick-ups after 9: The items that campers will need for a campout include a sleeping bag, change of clothes, a jacket for chilly evenings, and their swimsuit and towel. Optional items include a flashlight and a tent. Usually the campers share tents and when the tents fill up, the remaining campers sleep out on a ground cover under the stars.

If you definitely want your child to sleep in a tent, you need to send one with them on the day of the campout.

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The general format of a campout is dinner, free swim, game time, campfire program, sleep, optional polar bear club morning swim, light breakfast, and pick-up by 9: One special evening during the summer, we offer an overnight event that is designed for campers and parents to share together. The Family Campout is open to any families enrolled in camp this summer, regardless of the weeks in which they are attending. Space is limited for the Family Campout and reservations may be made through the camp office. All campers wishing to attend this event must bring at least one adult representative mother, father, grandparent, or guardian to the campout.

Please do not substitute older brothers or sisters unless they are the legal guardians of the camper. Parents should not assume responsibility for other campers i. The general format of this campout is similar to that of a regular campout, but following supper, families may choose the camp activities in which they wish to participate.

Our friendly staff will be on hand to assist and supervise all of our favorite camp activities. There is an additional fee for the campout. If you have ever seen the smiles and expressions on the face of your child following our camp events, this is your chance for a behind the scenes look at how we do it. Explorer and Adventure campers will get to choose the majority of their camp activities. Since we offer more activities than a camper can do in a single week, we feel it is important to allow them to pick their favorite activities.

All groups will have scheduled swim times and group time, and the campers will get to choose the other activities in which they wish to participate. Activities offered vary on a weekly basis, but rest assured. Our days are extremely active and all campers need this down time to pause, let lunch settle and prepare for afternoon activities.

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Campers should not bring teen magazines to camp. Younger campers ages will have a defined nap or rest time each day after lunch. We have a lost and found area at each camp. It is highly recommended that you label all items clothing, towels, lunch boxes, water bottles, camp T-shirts, etc. At the end of each week, we will display the found items, and then take any remaining items to a local charity.

Lost items are much easier to recover on the same day they are lost. We are pleased to once again provide a technology specialty camp to our program this summer. Campers enrolling in the specialty camp will follow the same registration procedures as regular day campers; however, the specialty camp has a different cost. The hours and locations for drop-off and pick-up will be the same for specialty campers. An expert instructor will lead the specialty camp and these campers will spend a large part of their camp day focusing on the specialty camp material.

All campers enrolling in this program will have the opportunity to participate in recreational swimming each day as well as other camp activities. To our dismay, a lot of childcare centers, as well as some camp programs, use television in place of a staff member. We feel children and adults in a camp setting have such wonderful opportunities to interact in games, sports, educational experiences, and plain old fun that TV has no place in camp. We of course realize the educational benefits television offers.

Television may be used at camp in conjunction with a video-making club, specialty camp or to facilitate the presentation of a guest speaker or educational topic, but never to show rented movies or for pure entertainment value in place of a staff member. We live in an age where neighborhood block parties are rare, people go from isolation at home, to an isolated car, to activities that are done either alone or in small groups.

At Camp Augusta, we strive to create a real community. There is shared effort as campers help clean their cabins, dishes, the camp, and help with meals. People belong and we work hard to prevent cliques. Campers and staff have a real voice in how things run at camp consensus ; combined with a flat hierarchy, everyone at camp, including campers, shape the community we all live in. Camp Augusta is not high tech, glitzy, or full of the latest toy trends. We provide an environment where a kid can see and watch the butterfly, kick a stone and see how it really bounces, and have a conversation with a friend without needing anything that whistles, buzzes, hums, or makes an electronic connection with anything.

Life is reduced to rustic simplicity, and we are once again reminded of the pleasures that come from simply being with one another and spending time with ourselves. At Camp Augusta, we create wonderful simplicity, amazing simplicity, ecstatic simplicity. While at camp, campers are welcome to exit the daily schedule to chill or do something different as they desire. When you think of camp, you probably think of a lake , forest, simplicity, fun, and stunning beauty.

Camp Augusta has all of that, and its own waterfall , with the amazing Yuba River just around the corner. Spending three hours wandering around Camp Augusta unguided to our most amazing spots like Secret Pool , Madrone Cradle, Maidu Village, numerous tree houses, Manzanita forest, etc. At its heart, magic is the opening to wonder how did they do that?! Instead of an observation of magic, which all of us have been a part of, Magikeering is the creation of magic, together, in an experience where what will happen is both known and unknown.

Atlatl, archery clout, ninja, broad-sword fighting, fire spinning, aerial silks, low ropes, native flute, Celtic arts, balloon sculpture, paper marbling, Quidditch, tree climbing, aerial bungee, primitive skills, parkour, kalimba, and many, many more! Some of our activities have levels , such as Archery or Horses. Basically, they are graduated skill groupings, which campers advance through in their time at Augusta.

With higher skills come different opportunities, which require the skill in order to participate, such as challenging archery games or advanced equestrian techniques. This system allows for faster progression, greater safety, further opportunities, and higher attention and motivation, among other benefits. Two-week sessions, in particular, allow for these opportunities.

Cabin activities are a hybrid of the creativity and randomness of Playstation coupled with the structure of regular programming clinics. They are an opportunity to do something special as a group that facilitates bonding, teamwork and togetherness. Learn more on the cabin activity page. After dinner, the whole camp participates in activities together known as evening programs EP. All campers and almost all of the staff take part in EPs sometimes the kitchen staff even join in the fun!

An EP is designed as a themed adventure consisting of an opening skit, a middle task to be completed by the campers and an ending skit. Evening programs are full of characters, dialog, skits, stations, heroes, villains, smoke, flags, gunk, water, epic challenges and so much more. What you do need is an inspired individual to awaken you in some unique manner! At Camp Augusta, the children, by cabin, are awakened in magical ways, every single day. We have literally hundreds of different ways to do so, and scores of new ones are created each summer. Special wakeups can touch the heart , tickle the funny bone, inspire wonder , create wishes , be surprising , foster creativity , build connections , and make memories for everyone.

Learn more about them here, and how you can do these at home! At night, after the evening program and showers, the cabin gathers for a time together before going to sleep. These times, which we call evening embers, serves many purposes and forms, such as to create connection, understanding, awareness, character, laughter, history, a sense of family, and a host of other positive ends by being together with these topics, adventures, challenges, and experiences. They get their name from the close of the day being like the embers of a fire.

You can check out several examples that your family can use at home here. Check out more about our Camp Augusta Playstation. Whether chatting in the cabin, walking to activity areas, hanging out at meals, chilling at rest hour, or participating in activities together, camp is a social place to build friendships. This is especially true for campers who stay two weeks.

And, our small community fits the Dunbar Limit for helping people know others and be known. Evening Embers are also a wonderful time for deepening connections. We have them, tons. Even in the last year or two, a dozen happy campers utilized for pull quotes out of all campers is likely at any camp. Child Development Camp Augusta is definitely fun, but it is also much more than that.

There's No Place Like Camp Midtown

Staff Quality, Personality, and Character Everyone promises a quality staff. Staff Training 29 hours of videos on child, culture, and human development are viewed before staff arrive at camp. Staff Biographies We are the only camp in California, and one of a very small handful nationally, to include extensive biographies on our web site of all of our staff. Director Takes a Cabin of Campers Himself Every Summer At no other camp we know of does the director of the camp take a cabin of children himself for a session, which has happened for several years.

Intentionality Empty phrases and marketing lingo sprinkle the web, and sometimes actually reflect what happens in the organization itself as well. Close to Nature The only electricity children use is their flashlights and the lights in the bathhouses. Meaningful Individual Attention The majority of our clinic activities have about a 1: Ratios The majority of our clinic activities have about a 1: Small Size Our sessions have 90 campers on site plus our wilderness trips.

True Community We live in an age where neighborhood block parties are rare, people go from isolation at home, to an isolated car, to activities that are done either alone or in small groups. Classic Camp Camp Augusta is not high tech, glitzy, or full of the latest toy trends. Wonderful Location When you think of camp, you probably think of a lake , forest, simplicity, fun, and stunning beauty.

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  7. Activity Levels Some of our activities have levels , such as Archery or Horses. Cabin Activities Cabin activities are a hybrid of the creativity and randomness of Playstation coupled with the structure of regular programming clinics. Evening Programs After dinner, the whole camp participates in activities together known as evening programs EP.

    Evening Embers At night, after the evening program and showers, the cabin gathers for a time together before going to sleep. Our Vision To reclaim and foster the beauty, wonder, awe, potential, and innocence of childhood. Independence and Self-Confidence Being away from home Increased competence in activity areas over clinic activities to try and enjoy Challenge by choice Mental freedom see partnering with parents Camping in the out of doors also, check out our wilderness trips!

    Special wakeups Evening embers Out-of-camp trips Special events Table games and more.