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Do you drug test How long does a background check take? To learn more about the uniqueness of Milliken, visit our website at Milliken. Engineer - Administrative Assistant. If we were to add a third condition, we would see the Percent field update to In the event that your limit cannot be evenly distributed among your conditions, the last condition will be adjusted. For example, if you need to collect a limit of 10 respondents distributed among three conditions, the first two conditions would have a limit of 3 each with the last having a limit of 4.

The Max response counts update automatically to show how many responses will be assigned to each condition based on the percentage specified and the Limit set above. The percentage values entered into the Percent field must equal This configuration is necessary in order to ensure the distribution of responses.

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Once your survey starts collecting responses, you will probably want to monitor progress of your quotas. If respondents do not answer the questions used in your quota conditions, they will be allowed to complete the survey so make sure you require the questions used in your segmented quota logic to prevent this from happening! If you add a Segmented Quota after collecting responses, the quota will retroactively include previously submitted responses that meet the quota condition s.

By accessing and using this page, you agree to the Terms of Use. Your information will never be shared. Logic Quotas vs Distributed Logic Quotas. Logic Quotas vs Distributed Logic Quotas: There are several key differences between Logic Quotas and Distributed Logic Quotas that should help you determine which quota to use: Automatic math - Distributed Logic Quotas automatically divide response limits across conditions if more than one condition exists.

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You can control the distribution percentages. Ease of Setup -Distributed Logic Quotas are much more efficient to set up. What might take several separate logic quotas, can be accomplished with one distributed logic quota.

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Logic Quota A Logic Quota allows you to use one or more rules as the basis for your response limit. Provide the following pieces of information for your Logic Quota: Name - This is an internal title that will help you keep things organized Limit - The is the number of responses that can be collected based on the quota rule. Description - Describe your quota in plain language.

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This will save you time and, if you are collaborating with others, it will help them get up to speed quickly. Create your Logic Quota rule s using the Logic builder.

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Our Setup page looks as follows: Pay close attention to which option and vs. This can make all the difference in terms of how your quota rule is evaluated. Configure your Quota Complete options via the Quota Complete tab. There are a number of options available via the Quota Complete tab.

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Distributed Logic Quota A Distributed Logic Quota allows you to collect an even distribution of responses across a wide set of conditions. Let's look at our above example for a Logic Quota to clarify: Now, let's see how this could be set up using the Distributed Logic Quota. Provide the following pieces of information for your Distributed Logic Quota: