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After managing part of the family business, he immigrated to London, England, where he qualified as an architect and member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Keen on community service, Vidur, a JP, has been a magistrate in London, a member of the: He is fascinated with the rich cultural heritage - European, African, Asian, and American - a microcosm of the world - of Guyanese. The impressive achievements of Guyanese of a small population, he celebrates in this book. This volume chronicles Guyanese people who reflect their nation's rich multi-ethnic heritage.

These people demonstrate that Guyanese have been successful in North America for a long time. And while the business community and the government And while the business community and the government have not fully bought in to the festival financially, Lucas is heartened by the response at the community level, in…. Jackman Brown has an accomplished and quite decorated history.

In , she immigrated to the U. It shows how she picks out little glimmers of hope and love and uses them as positive anchors in her life.

She draws on everything she has — just to survive. Yvette wanted to be of service in her homeland and later returned to Guyana where she held the position of Director…. Guyanese cake artist extraordinaire Corrie Bacchus is combining your ideas with her ability to magically transform sugars and spices into truly unique cakes, edible art sculptures and desserts.

Hand-sculpted cake art gives evidence of her passion for creating savoury slices of heaven.


Bacchus said since childhood she has been fascinated with baking. Through her business, Corries Creative Cakes, Bacchus…. Pauline Melville was born in Guyana in and has emerged as one of the most accomplished talents on the modern literary scene. Her pre-school years were spent in the then British Guiana.

Education in Guyana

Leave this field empty. By Guyanese Girl March 6, More posts by Guyanese Girl. Attorney Holly Veal has a strong desire to serve the public good A woman of distinction, US-based Guyanese Holly Veal, a prosecutor, public defender and private defence attorney, recently announced her candidacy for Henry County District Attorney in Henry County in the U. My Guyanese Mom Rocks!

From Journalist to Professional Makeup Artist: Comments 0 Deborah Gonsalves-Sinrich. March 13, at