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Myths are concerned with the origin and nature of the universe and the setting therefore often is primordial. They may be of a sacred nature and associated with religions or rituals. They can direct social actions by presenting assumptions, values, and core meanings of individuals, families and communities. They can be reflective of basic structures, which have to be reconciled, e. The characters are often non-human, e.

British accent in Harry Potter part 2

For the modern reader the appeal of myths lies in their depictions of long gone eras which create a lot of entertainment Thury, Devinney 4. Mythological stories may appear in many different versions, with each of them having advantages for the audience and purpose for which it was created and today they exist in new or revived forms Thury, Devinney Rowling uses the quality of entertainment and borrows a lot from old stories, especially Greek and Roman mythology, but also from Norse-, Judeo-Christian-, and other cultural mythologies Schafer Furthermore she includes some characteristics and basic structures of myths in her stories about the young wizard.

As still mentioned, Joanne K. Rowling not only uses entire myths in her Harry Potter novels, but she also includes some mythical structures and characteristics in the stories. Firstly it is to notice that the main character, Harry Potter is a supernatural being, for he is a wizard. He is a heroic character who has to mediate the troubling duality of good and bad in his ongoing fight against the evil Lord Voldemort. To what extent Harry can be seen as a heroic character and how the motive of good vs. The psychoanalyst Otto Rank, whose teacher was Sigmund Freud, studied mythical and legendary heroes.

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In his book The Myth of the Birth of the Hero, Rank analyzes hero myths, such as that of Oedipus, Moses, and Jesus, and draws up ten basic elements which, for the most part, can be found in all hero myths Thury, Devinney The hero is the son of royal or immortal parents. The conception is preceded by difficulties, or the mother is even a virgin. A prophecy of danger threatens the life of the child and thus it is separated from his parents, often in a basket or receptacle, and is put into water, to save or to kill it.

The child is rescued by animals or underlings and then is raised by animals or lowly persons. Eventually the hero is recognized as such because of a mark or wound. In the end the hero is reconciled with his father, or exacts revenge upon his father. She tells that she had been raped and names the god of Mars as father of the children. Amulius, the brother of her father wants to keep the power and orders to drown the boys in the Tiber, but the servants abandon them in a basket into the river.

The basket carries them to the bank, where they are found and suckled by a she-wolf. Then a shepherd finds them and raises the boys together with his wife. After discovering the truth of their birth they kill Amulius and Numitor becomes the legitimate ruler. The pattern also can be applied to the stories of Harry Potter, and only two of the elements are not fulfilled. He is separated from his parents, for they are killed and is laid on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle in a bundle of blankets, which can be seen as similar to a basket.

The Phenomenon of “Harry Potter Himself”

Harry is ferried to Hogwarts across a lake, a place where he is safe, so also the water comes into play. I find that deeply depressing. Be that as it may, to the topic at hand: I fear it could very quickly turn into a catalogue of vocabulary and spelling, since I think that the grammar is so similar that there is not much to say. What class es is it for and what sort of approach were you considering?

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I think the topic itself is a fascinating one, but am having a hard time imagining what your thesis statement might be. Here are some ideas that might get you started: Comment I also was surprised to see that there was an AE translation, and I agree that it is sad, but maybe it makes sense.

American English vs British English

If you are trying to describe Quidditch, and compare it to BE football rules, but an American thinks you are naming AE football rules, that would be really confusing. On the other hand, since the story takes place in Britain, it would really seem strange to have people using the word soccer.

I wonder which version I read, since I don't recall noticing Comment Selkie The grammar is similar but not identical in many cases - I'm thinking of things like "have gotten" for example, which is specifically American. Not identical, no, but very similar. How interesting is the difference between the participles "got" vs. Wouldn't that also lead to a catalogue of different words, since both are used in the same tense present perfect which functions the same in both languages?

But then perhaps it is just me who finds it uninteresting. Comment Au weihe, I can't belive I just wrote "two languages". Not different languages, just different forms of the same language. Time to knock off for the day Comment My paper is supposed to be for my English class. I was thinking about researching about the history of both American English and British English. I wanted to point out the differences and descibe influences of any kind. So it's kinda history, linguistic and geography in one.

In the end I wanted to pull it together with comparing the tow of them using a novel of any kind that was published in AE and BE. I can chose a topic and this is something I am interested in, too. But if you have other suggestions, please go ahead.

Myths in "Harry Potter". How Joanne K. Rowling uses real Mythology in her Novels

Comment HannaB Ich finde das Thema auch gut. Auch der kulturelle Hintergrund ist sicher wichtig; viele AEismen stammen sicher aus den diversen eingewanderten Kulturen, was es in England so ja nicht gab. One hundred pages seems a bit much for a high school assignment, even in the vaunted Gymnasium system Comment I'm an American in New York. It's possible to write pages on the differences between AE and BE, however, you'd have to do a lot of research and dig deep. A page paper would be easy, but a page paper would require an awful lot of research.

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Ehrlich gesagt, wuerde ich ein anderes Thema waehlen. Apart from the agreed, uninteresting spelling ang word-usage differences, I would say the differences in use of the present perfect represent the biggest grammatical differences between the two let's say it! In AE it is quite acceptable to use the past simple in expressing present result of past action "I lost my key - did you see it? I would agree that pages is a tall order, but check out Wikipedia http: Would agree about the Bryson suggestion from Charles - sorry, Charlie, too.

If you decide to attempt it, the very best of luck! I would have argued that pp. In my family at least, it is simply not done, but apparently we stand against the world in this point and in a few others, like the pronunciation of forehead. I'll pass the reference along when I finally find it, since it might help you decide on your topic. Im Web gibt es zumindest gekuerzte Varianten Soviel ich weiss, wurde 'jumper' mit 'sweater' 'uebersetzt': Comment Khyrand the nosy I am pretty sure that I am a high school student.

The thing is I'll write this paper instead of taking one of my final exams. This is one of the new options we've got coming along with the new school system in our state. I don't know if it makes sense but I am grateful for having the chance doing something with languages insteade of taking an 4 hour exam on math;-. Comment eric new york I don't mind doing a lot of research as long as I don't have to fudge some story.

I want to have a lot to write about then it's fun and it will be successful. But is there enough to it that I could go for it? If not it's easy to say go fro another topic but it's hard to think of one that is worth writing about and fun to work on But do you have any ideas? Comment jt gb - "In AE it is quite acceptable to use the past simple in expressing present result of past action "I lost my key - did you see it? This goes completely against the grain with me - not to mention what we were taught.

Selkie, Looks like it's you and me against the world: You have set Yourself a challenging task, but if You really are up to a lot of work, it should be quite interesting to write. And a lot of people here at LEO would surely want to see it! Here are a few things that might help: Shaw said we are two nations divided by a common language check a quotation book , and I think Churchill also did so ditto. Mind you in Britain forty years ago, no-one said "hi" and few people There is a popular-style but good book called??

I beleive one of the authors was Lehrer. It has lots of interesting details about the history of English and the way various branches have diverged. If You can't come up with the title, ask me again and I dig it out: There are a number of Brit-Ami dictionary. They are humorous but geneerally accurate. I think You can find them at airport bookstores even in Germany.

If I recall correctly, there is an old book, written maybe in the 'fifties, by a Hungarian emigrant to England. It is very interesting and humorous. I don't remember if it deals specifically with AE as well, but maybe some other LEO can come up with the title. Articles are used in some situations with some words in one and not the other - hospital, the Lebanon, If You look at newspapers, You should be able to see differences between the island and colonial dialects - especially in the headlines. Punctuation is definitely different. While careful writers of AE consult Fowler, they often diverge from his recommendations.

Pronunciation is also different. This has an impact in writing in such areas as puns and poetry. The politician cum novleist? Jeffrey Archer has written at least one novel about the U. It isn't just the vocabulary; it's also numerous fomulations. BE uses a question form that sounds German to me ears: Have you a hat? In AE we would ask, Do you have a hat?

Many loan words e.

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Written BE tends to use more latinate words and longer and more complicated ahem, german-like sentences. You can confirm or discredit this claim of mine by doing a study of equivalent works in BE and AE e. Later that development increased with the publication of the film trilogy — and by associating the influence of modern marketing strategies.

At the beginning it was hardly determined by marketing, although the story offered a good base for it, it rather consisted of individual initiative. Thus, the excitement for the world of Middle-earth was converted in a journalistically, creatively and socially way. Further trough the formation of numerous Tolkien-societies e. As opposite to this, contemporary works like Stephenie Meyers The Twilight Saga or Harry Potter are products of modern-marketing strategies right from the beginning, relating to the latter the publication of the first volume Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and especially after the release of the film version in Germanistik - Neuere Deutsche Literatur.

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