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Mika’s portrait: perhaps way more interesting than you expected

Italy is probably the best example. Given the disappointing literary panorama, marked by a kind of literature devoid of originality especially of contents , which I define literature-meme, i. Therefore if I consider the premises I started from from I naturally ask myself how those who are capable to influence the media are also interested in controlling the editorial world an authentic inaccessible bunker, which admits and promotes only the names certified by a type of literary vision appreciated by those who generally manipulate the world of information and entertainment.

The neorealist vision of Italian literature.

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I again ask myself: A poor country, more or less co-belligerent or even a defeated nation, or in the hands of mafia, but always firmly anchored to the so-called "allies": For the time being, however, I do not have any elements to fully support this thesis but obviously I like to confirm that at the base of editorial choices must be a trend that has been imposed, and which continues to prevail. Otherwise I would not explain the editorial myopia that extends itself no more than the limits of the above mentioned bunker that has set itself the limits and terms of its very survival.

Il Ponte delle Sirenette

His debut album Life in Cartoon Motion sold over 5,5 million copies worldwide. After years of rejections, he finally made it big. All those albums show not only the evolution of Mika as an artist, but also as a person.

His first album dealt with his childhood, the second one with his teenage years and on the third one he deals with his newfound happiness and the love in his life. He never holds on to the same musical style for too long, which ensures that his music never becomes dull or repetitive. He is a very skillfull lyricist and master melody maker.

Cambiare sesso a 17 anni, il coraggio di Olimpia

There are many artists out there who make good music, but one thing that sets Mika apart from all the others are his live performances. He tries his best to always build a whole new world on stage, in which the audience can get lost for two hours. No matter how tiny or large an audience is, Mika tries to make every gig feel intimate.

Through his songs he connects people from different walks of life, be it children or adults, gay or straight, outcast or cool kid.

[Pub.15dfp] All Those Yesterdays PDF | by Simon Smith-Wilson

He makes everyone feel equal and feel like they belong. Often he even takes his fans on stage to perform with him as dancers or as his choir.