Guide Jesus: Be awakened to the reality of who God is, and what He has done for you

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My soul at once becomes recollected and I enter the state of quiet or that of rapture, so that I can use none of my faculties and senses. From this recollection there sometimes springs an interior peace and quietude which is full of happiness, for the soul is in such a state that it thinks there is nothing that it lacks. Even speaking — by which I mean vocal prayer and meditation — wearies it: This condition lasts for some time, and may even last for long periods. He was later ordained as a priest. He published more than 15 books of spiritual writings, poetry, fiction, and essays, and participated in movements for social justice and peace.

He took great interest in the religions of the East, particularly Zen, for the light they shed on the depth of human consciousness. From the seclusion of the monastery, he exerted a worldwide influence. The utter simplicity and obviousness of the infused light which contemplation pours into our soul suddenly awakens us to a new level of awareness. We enter a region which we had never even suspected, and yet it is this new world which seems familiar and obvious.

The old world of our senses is now the one that seems to us strange, remote and unbelievable. A door opens in the center of our being and we seem to fall through it into immense depths which, although they are infinite, are all accessible to us; all eternity seems to have become ours in this one placid and breathless contact.

Readers who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique will recognize in these passages clear descriptions of transcending — the natural phenomenon of mental activity settling down, like waves settling on an ocean. Consciousness reaches its most silent state, serene and unbounded.

We experience pure consciousness. We realize that this is our true Self, beyond time and space, infinite and eternal. We now know, from extensive scientific research studies, that during Transcendental Meditation practice , during the experience of transcendence, brain functioning becomes integrated, physiological activity settles down, and one experiences a unique state of restful alertness, a fourth major state of consciousness Maharishi calls Transcendental Consciousness. Transcendental Meditation is just the simple technique of going within, and there you are! To go within is so simple; it is so natural for every man to go to a field of greater happiness.

And how can it be simple? The question arises because constantly I am emphasizing its simplicity.

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  • Virgum virginum praeclara (Quartet and Chorus), No. 10 from Stabat Mater, HobXXbis!
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All this message of the inner life and outer life is not new, the same age-old message of the Kingdom of Heaven within. Without exception, born as man, every man has the right, the legitimate right to enjoy all glories that belong to him, all glories of the inner world and all glories of the outside world.

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The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition. I call the first stage on the journey, the First Awakening. At some point you wake up to the reality of God. There are two ways you might get stuck in stage one and fail to move on.

You may become overwhelmed, even paralyzed, by your own sense of inferiority, unworthiness, and despair. Last month, I also urged you to be careful not to turn these stages into a program. But in the second stage, though you may participate in a service project, assist with VBS, or lead in worship, the focus is largely on learning and belonging. Service can be a great way to learn; joining others is a great way to belong and connect.

How to Grow Beyond Stage Two. There are several ways you might get stuck in stage two and fail to move on. First, you might become zealous about doctrine. It can also give you a sense of power. Your knowledge can become a source of pride and a tool you can use to prove others wrong and give yourself a sense of superiority.

Alternatively, you might feel you never can know enough; driven by perfectionism you may find yourself always learning and never doing much with what you know. Second, you might come to the place where you love your small group or circle of friends so much that that warmth becomes not only a source of comfort, but a way to exclude others and keep yourself from growth. But Christian growth requires discomfort. In order to grow you need to do something with what you believe in order to let the Holy Spirit teach you more.

In order to grow, you need to step out of your comfortable circle and serve among others and find the Holy Spirit growing you through challenging experiences and relationships. If you do, you will move into stage three: Something has stirred you and you begin to seek God. If you move beyond this stage, you enter a community where you learn what it means to believe and belong.

You can get stuck in the second stage if you become infatuated with doctrinal debates or worry that you can never know enough. But if you grow in a healthy way and move from awakening and into believing and belonging, you will eventually grow into a new season of service and leadership. During this season, you become highly involved in ministries of compassion or administration, evangelism or justice.

HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!)

You might serve on a committee, volunteer for the choir or as a Sunday School teacher, engage in a service or mission project, train as a minister, respond to a call for missionary service, or become an elder or deacon. You are, of course, still learning about the Christian faith, and may sense a real vibrancy to your growth. Moving Beyond Stage Three. In many communities this stage is the pinnacle of the Christian life. Unfamiliar with the history of Christian spirituality and growth, popular movements mistakenly bring Christians to stage three and leave them there.

But there are four more stages, and unless disciples are aware of them, what can be a new awakening to faith becomes a debilitating crisis. But this is just the beginning of a holy new movement of grace in their lives. Sometimes they find another cause that energizes them, or they become angry and frustrated about things at church or the denomination, and this too energizes them. But this new energy dissipates after a while and unless they find something new to excite them for awhile, that nagging sense of emptiness returns.

Too few explore their experience with a pastor or spiritual friend or director. Discovering God All Over Again. There comes a point when the Holy Spirit invites a disciple to turn inward again in order to awaken to the depths of interior intimacy with the Holy Trinity. This is a stage of profound growth that requires competent spiritual guidance. The loosening of old certainties is not a loss of your faith, but an invitation toward deeper, though different conviction.

This, in turn, leads you to new expressions of service that flow from inextinguishable inner resources rather than from the shoulds and oughts of duty or obligation, or the zeal of newfound enthusiasm. What You'll Need to Move Forward. Second, patience and compassion with yourself because this stage can be extremely disorienting, even frightening. After Second Awakening, What? The fourth stage in the spiritual journey will carry you deeper into your heart. But it does mean that your relationship is moving to a different level. As in any relationship, there are real challenges as the relationship matures.

This tension can cause disillusionment with God, church, and yourself. The idolatry is this: It is the avoidance of the Cross of Christ. The Cross aims at your salvation, your transformation, your death and resurrection spiritually.

What is a spiritual awakening?

You must experience the Cross yourself. When you hit the Wall spiritually, the Cross is no longer an idea or doctrine, something that happened to Jesus long ago. You are united with Christ in his death, and you—if you walk the way of the Cross—will be united with him in his resurrection. Here you release your ego, your false and fallen self, which has tried to play God for too long now.

How to Cooperate with Crisis as a Gift of Grace. So, when you come to the wall, you will need to cooperate with the crisis as a gift of grace, as painful as it may be, as demonic as it may seem. For behind it while not necessarily orchestrating it is the Hand of God, guiding you to a new awakening to your life in Christ.

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

When you emerge from this confrontation stripped down, leaner, cleaner, and more open to love—and if you have found a way to release your need for control and to play God—you will be able to say: With God alone I am content. This is true spiritual freedom and readies you for the new outward engagement with mission and ministry that is Stage Five.

But it does mean that you now know how to face them when they come. Advancing in the Spiritual Life: The Jesus Prayer as Partner. As part of this current series of posts about the stages of spiritual growth, I wrote most recently about the experience called "The Wall". Nor is it only for monks and mystics. For millennia housewives and blacksmiths, kings and farmers have practiced the Prayer of the Heart, nourishing a vital spiritual life, cultivating virtue, and living humble lives of love and grace, compassion and courage—bringing hope and wholeness to our often fragile and wounded, yet beautiful world.

Find a quiet place.

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Begin by greeting the Light, the Beloved. Follow your easy breath, in and out. Survey your whole body, beginning with the toes and ending with the nose.