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He and Kyouraku studied under Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and were the first to become captains after graduating from the Soul Reaper Academy. His zanpakuto is called Tachikaze. Kisuke Urahara is a very upbeat man who runs a shop named after himself. What most people don't know right away is that Kisuke is a former Soul Reaper Captain that was banished from the Soul Society. After falling victim to Aizen's experiments in Hollification, she joined together with others to form the Visored. Was the former captain of the 7th Division and currently a member of the Vizards.

Marechiyo Omaeda is the lieutenant of the 2nd Division under Captain Soifon. His zanpakuto is called Gegetsuburi.

The ditzy and childish member of the Vizard. Was the former lieutenant of the 9th Division under Kensei. Mayuri Kurotsuchi is the captain of the 12th Division in the Gotei 13 and the second president of the Shinigami Research Institute. His zanpakuto is called Ashisogi Jizou. Mayuri is a mad scientist. Her zanpakuto is called Tobiume. She excels in Kido. She is hinted to be the next first squad lieutenant since Kyoraku was appointed as Commander.

Nemu Kurotsuchi is lieutenant of the 12th division of the Gotei 13 serving under Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Her Zanpakuto is called: Haineko and it's abilities envelops it's target in ashes. She also inspired Hitsugaya into becoming a Soul Reaper to help protect his loved ones. She is drinking buddies with Shunsui Kyoraku. She is one of the oldest and one of the most skilled Shinigami in Soul Society. Her Lieutenant is Kotetsu Isane. Her zanpakuto is called Minazuki. Was once the captain of the third division of the gotei 13, now a member of the visored group.

His shikai is called Kinshara. Rukia is more human than she realizes and goes through the adventure of several lifetimes when she meets Ichigo and his friends. Her mentor was Kaien Shiba and her zanpakuto is called Sode no Shirayuki. Sajin Komamura is the Captain of the 7th shinigami Division. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

It consists of countless flying curved blades, which he can control using telekinesis. Although the blades move faster than the eye can see, they can be easily destroyed or dodged using Flash Step or other fast-moving techniques. Sometime after the Wandenreich's invasion, Lisa returns to Soul Society and fills the vacant seat of the captain of Squad Eight.

He had been blind since birth, but was capable of using his spiritual sense to "see". His philosophies were adopted from a peaceful friend he had before becoming a Soul Reaper. After the murder, his creed in life became "take the path with the least bloodshed". Its abilities are vibrations. In its shikai, Suzumushi releases high-pitched tone that renders unconscious anyone who hears it.

Its second form, Benihiko, sword creates trail of hundreds of blades, which rain down on his opponent. As a child he was saved by the then 9th Division captain, Kensei Muguruma. According to series creator Tite Kubo, Hisagi became fairly popular with fans long before his backstory and personality were really explored, an abnormality among Bleach characters. With Kensei's help, Shuhei manages to achieve Kazeshini's bankai state sometime during the Wandenreich's invasion, though it is not revealed. It is unknown what his relationships are with the other members of the "Shiba", most notably with Kaien Shiba, who bears a strong resemblance to Ichigo.

Most of his actions as a Soul Reaper remain unknown, [35] except for the events at Naruki City, where he met the Quincy Masaki Kurosaki while fighting Aizen's hollow White. When Masaki is bitten by White, she undergoes hollowfication before Isshin stopped it by renouncing his Soul Reaper powers and linking his soul to hers to halt the process. Having lost Masaki to the elusive Hollow Grand Fisher, Isshin regained his Soul Reaper powers yet concealed it from his family for some time as he killed off the Arrancar that Grand Fisher became while regretting that he did not have his power prior to save Masaki.

Isshin eventually reveals himself as a Soul Reaper to Ichigo while aiding him in his fight with Aizen, appearing just as the villain was about to reveal his son's lineage as the offspring of a Soul Reaper and a Quincy. Seventeen months later, after Ichigo regains his Soul Reaper power and the Wandenreich complete their first invasion of the Soul Society, Isshin appears to Ichigo in his Soul Reaper attire and explains Ichigo's past to him.

Having unbelievable spiritual pressure, despite being knocked by Ichigo at times, Isshin is tremendously powerful. Spitting blood onto the blade creates a huge wave of fire. His Bankai is yet to be shown in the current storyline, but is noted by Aizen to put a considerable strain on his body, thus being unusable if Isshin is heavily injured. The current captain of Squad 10 and the series breakout character. During this form he can perform more powerful moves by ice. She often avoids her duties as a lieutenant so that she can go shopping or drinking with her fellow lieutenants.

She usually uses her beauty, or her famously exposed cleavage and large breasts to gain attention or to manipulate others to get what she wants. Despite avoiding her responsibilities, Rangiku is very serious and thoughtful when carrying out her duties as a lieutenant and often her peers and subordinates look to her for important advice.

She is also a competent and skilled fighter and is capable enough to overwhelm another strong lieutenant such as Izuru Kira or an arrancar. She is able to withstand long enough to fight three strong fraccion of Tier Halibel. Rangiku has known ex-captain Gin Ichimaru since they were children. Gin found her almost mutilated before Aizen's minions could kill her, thus saving her life. They remained quite close even after joining the Gotei 13 until Gin's betrayal when he sided with Aizen to protect Rangiku and take revenge against Aizen for ever hurting her, although Rangiku was unaware of this.

Rangiku is shown to be the only person Gin genuinely cares for. She is shown to care for him deeply, mourning him greatly after his selfless death, as noted by Nanao Ise. The two of them have grown close ever since. Although Hitsugaya always bickers about her drinking habit and laziness, she has an unwavering loyalty and devotion to him and frequently tries to get him to lighten up, despite his serious attitude.

Before Hitsugaya, Rangiku also had a close relationship with her former captain, Isshin Shiba, who is just as lazy as herself. She often foisted her responsibilities onto Isshin, who would then retaliate in kind. Its guard is in the shape of a cat's head. In combat, Matsumoto can control the movement of the ash, and cut anything it lands on by moving the hilt. The ash is also solid enough to be used as a shield to block enemy attacks. Series creator, Tite Kubo identifies Rangiku as one of his two favorite female characters in the series, citing that he "has a lot of fun drawing her and creating stories with her.

Founded by its original leader Retsu Unohana , Squad Eleven is a direct-combat Division with a specialization in swords-only combat, making them the most specialized division as they forgo other Soul Reaper practices.

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What separates the division is its members' ideals is that fighting is what makes life worth living and prefer death in battle. The squad captain of Squad Eleven takes on the title "Kenpachi", with its current leader being the eleventh Kenpachi: He appeared in the Turn Back the Pendulum gaiden , set years before the main story.

She is most recognizable by her mid-length, bright pink hair. She is childlike in most aspects, as she is small, cute, cheerful, and carefree most of the time. She was found as an infant by Kenpachi Zaraki in the 79th District of Rukongai's North Alley, "Kusajishi", the second-most violent area of Rukongai compared to the 80th District "Zaraki". Despite being drenched in blood and having just killed a large group of men, Kenpachi did not frighten her as she touched his blood-soaked zanpakuto unfazed. Kenpachi named her "Yachiru", in memory of the one person he ever admired, the current captain of the 4th Division, Retsu "Yachiru" Unohana.

Since that day, Yachiru has spent much of her time clinging to his back for transport. Like Zaraki, she has no sense of direction, even though he relies on her to find his way; when Kenpachi asks her for directions, her usual response is to simply point in a random direction. Yachiru resents being criticized in any way and will often attack the perpetrator in comical fashion. Further reflecting her childlike nature, Yachiru likes to give people nicknames; for example, she calls her captain Ken-chan "Kenny" in the English version and calls Byakuya Bya-kun. Various Bleach omakes show that Yachiru has an absolute love for candy, which is often exploited by other characters to bribe her into leaving them alone.

Despite her childlike appearance, Yachiru is apparently quite strong, being capable of lifting Kenpachi and leaping between buildings while carrying him. She is also very fast for her size. She can emit a large amount of spiritual power when angry, which forms into a large, pink, angry cat face. She also has a very high spiritual pressure. Two wheels attached to the bottom of the sheath for her by Ikkaku Madarame facilitate this. According to Yachiru, the ability of her zanpakuto creates two invisible copycats which respectively attack right before and right after Yachiru's own attacks, effectively causing Yachiru's attacks to hit three times and making them more difficult to dodge.

Whenever Yachiru wants to, she can make the copycats who she calls "kids" become visible to others, revealing their monstrous and intimidating appearance. It is later revealed that Yachiru is actually a manifestation of Kenpachi's zanpakuto , Nozarashi. During the battle against the Wandenreich, Yachiru tells Kenpachi to release her true power, after which she vanishes to form Kenpachi's bankai state.

Her position as lieutenant is then filled by Ikkaku. He is a battle-loving man with a bald head. He fought and was defeated by Kenpachi Zaraki sometime in the past, though was strong enough to survive the battle. Once Zaraki became captain of the 11th Division, Ikkaku and his friend Yumichika Ayasegawa joined the Soul Reapers so that they could fight and die under Zaraki's command. He shares a number of similarities with his captain such as seeking enjoyment in battles by risking his life. He is reportedly the second strongest man in the division. Though ordinary in appearance, he stores a blood-clotting styptic ointment in its hilt.

Ikkaku has achieved bankai , though he keeps this a secret from most characters so that he is not pressured to become a captain. Aside from the increase in power, his bankai offers no special abilities, and is noted to be unusual for a bankai in this aspect.

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As a fight progresses, the dragon crest will slowly begin to glow crimson, greatly increasing its power as it does so. He claims that it is lazy and only fully awakens when the dragon crest is fully crimson. He is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the Japanese version and by Vic Mignogna in the English dub except in episodes and where he is voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas. The two joined the Soul Reapers so that they could serve under Kenpachi Zaraki. His position in the squad does not reflect his actual strength; since Ikkaku took the 3rd seat position, Yumichika decided to become the 5th seat because he thinks it's a beautiful number in comparison to 4.

He has colorful feathers on his eyelashes and eyebrow as well as shiny skin and hair, giving him a rather womanly appearance. Narcissistic and vain, Yumichika judges everyone and everything by beauty. He goes so far as to try to forget things he deems "ugly" after seeing them and even tries fighting an ugly opponent with his eyes closed.

According to himself, he would risk dying to conceal his zanpakuto's true power. Yumichika claims that a full drain from his zanpakuto can kill an opponent, which is proved when he kills an arrancar. Aramaki is confused by why Orihime is upset with the deaths of the 12th Division Soul Reapers and why she saved him. When Orihime bites him, he knocks her unconscious, and shortly thereafter, encounters Yachiru.

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Yachiru has him take her back to the 11th Division barracks so that she could lead Kenpachi Zaraki to Ichigo. The group eventually catch up to Ichigo after his victory over Byakuya Kuchiki. When Ichigo asks who he is, he says that he is nobody important and that Ichigo should just pretend that he is not there. Aramaki later appears in the Bount arc.

He traveled the human world, but one day, while in a weakened state in a desert, he fell upon a hollow that almost killed him; the hollow was subdued by Jin Kariya , who allowed Maki to kill it. Maki swore his loyalty to Jin after that, only breaking the vow once to fight Zaraki. He helps the Bounts infiltrate the Soul Society, and gets to fight Kenpachi but is killed by Kariya once his purpose is fulfilled. When released, Nijigasumi glows with rainbow colors and has the ability to control light for various purposes. It can make Maki turn invisible or douse the area in light, playing havoc with opponents' counterattacks.

It can also use light offensively, creating blades of light to cut or crush opponents. Originally led by Kirio Hikifune , Squad Twelve is associated with scientific research with her successor. After Kisuke and his lieutenant Hiyori Sarugaki were forced to leave their posts as the former was accused of the Hollowification of the latter and the other Vizards, Mayuri Kurotsuchi became the current captain of Squad Twelve. Though Mayuri refers to Nemu as his "daughter", he hides his joy towards Nemu and creates a farce of seeing her as nothing more but a tool to use as decoy.

Often when she does speak it is in a subdued monotone, and at least one comical instance she mixes up the colloquial usage of the word "cheese! Despite Mayuri's chastising, Nemu throws him to a safe distance as she proceeds to fight Pernida on her own. She ultimately sacrifices herself to have Perinda suffer an agonizing death from her cellular makeup, though Mayuri saves her brain from being eaten.

Nemu's body is a Gigai designed to withstand fatal wounds and is immune to various poisons, containing various toxins and serums Mayuri stored in her that make her highly dangerous to whoever eats her or attack her internally.

While her Gigai is also composed of highly regenerative cells that her brain regulates, Nemu can still suffer pain and carries around a variety of antidotes to be used as she sees fit. In addition to having superhuman strength, she is also capable of boring through obstacles by rotating an arm at high speeds with the hand functioning as a drill-bit while using parts of her soul in her more devastating attacks.

Squad Thirteen is division of the Thirteen Court Squads whose jurisdiction in the land of the living includes Karakura Town, having one member of the squad sent to patrol the area for any Hollow sightings. Among its notable members is Rukia Kuchiki , who succeeds Ukitake as squad captain years after the Soul Society's battle with the Wandenreich.

Since he was three years old, Ukitake suffered from an incurable and fatal lung disease that whitened his hair before his parents brought him to the shrine of an Eastern Rukongai temple dedicated to the hand-like deity Mimihagi. Though Mimihagi saved his life by taking his lungs, using the gained Kamikake ability to keep himself alive, Ukitake still suffers the effects of the illness; his occasional flare ups and coughing up blood act as an inhibition for him throughout the series if he fights for too long, or even becomes too agitated. During the final arc, when the Soul King is killed, Ukitake saw the only resort is to relinquish his body and life to Mimihagi so that he would take the Soul King's place and save the Soul Society.

When Mimihagi was forcibly pulled out by Yhwach, he collapsed ultimately killing him. Lightning, Strike Now and Become my Blade! His Shikai is revealed to have the ability to absorb reiatsu-based attacks from one blade and then release them back through the other; the tags along the chain connecting the blades allow Ukitake to control the speed and power of the reflected attack. His bankai is currently unknown. Kaien's appearance closely resembles Ichigo Kurosaki , a fact noted by Byakuya Kuchiki.

During Rukia's entrance as a new member of 13th Division, Kaien and Miyako were the only people who can treat her as a normal Soul Reaper and thus their equal, rather than as a noble of the Kuchiki family. He would become Rukia's mentor who helped her to achieve her shikai, teaching her many advices that would help her in her life.

However, Miyako was later killed by the Metastacia and during a mission to slay the hollow, Kaien became possessed as well, after which Rukia was forced to kill him. Metastacia then returned to Hueco Mundo, where it was consumed by Espada Aaroniero Arruruerie , who also absorbed Kaien's soul as well, allowing him to take his form and use his abilities.

His shikai takes the form of a trident and has the ability to create and control water. He is voiced by Toshihiko Seki in the Japanese version. In the English dub, he was voiced by Kim Strauss in his first appearance in a flashback scene in episode 49 and later voiced by Dave Mallow in later flashbacks. Like her husband, Miyako treated Rukia Kuchiki during her entrance as a normal Soul Reaper, rather than a noble, and quickly became her personal idol. She was assigned to a mission that eventually led to her death by the hollow Metastacia, who wiped off all of Miyako's squad members while infecting her body.

Because of her short hair and young appearance, Kiyone can easily be mistaken for a boy. Almost immediately after arriving at Karakura Town, he is attacked by Hollows. However, he is saved by Ichigo before returning to Soul Society in order to attend the funeral of Chojiro Sasakibe. After war is declared, he learns of the origins of the conflict between the Soul Reapers and Quincies before his unit encounters Yhwach and Jugram Haschwalth. His current status and whether or not he survived the battle are unknown.

Each member has created something for the Soul Society and were acknowledged by the Soul King as significant people who played a part in making history. The division's flower is the Daphne odora -meaning "glory". In Ichimonji's shikai state, the brush takes the form of a curved blade, while the handle remains the same. Ichimonji has the ability to release ink with every swing it takes.

Anything that Ichimonji's ink covers loses its name and powers. He is credited for creating hot springs that are able to purge impure blood and reiatsu inside an individual and replace them with fresh new ones. These hot springs serve as the basis for the hot springs created by Kisuke Urahara in his personal training field, which is capable of replenishing reiatsu. Kinpika takes on the form of a small blade with a curved tip, attached to a long wooden pole.

In shikai, Kinpika's blade glows brightly. Its abilities are currently unknown. Garment of Dead Souls" , the black garment worn by all Soul Reapers. Senjumaru has a number of elongated puppet-like arms that can be manipulated with great dexterity. In serving as a Royal Guard, Senjumaru presides over a cadre of assassin-like soldiers who assist her in combat.

She also has the ability to infuse her food with reiatsu, but doing so requires her to bulk up substantial fat beforehand, which makes her normally youthful looks almost unrecognizable to other people. Before being promoted to the Royal Guard, Kirio was the captain of Squad 12 and a mother-like figure to her lieutenant, Hiyori Sarugaki. Her promotion is apparently very secretive as no one except the squad captains and people accounted with her knew the real reason why she left.

Kirio was succeeded by Kisuke Urahara of Squad 2, but failed to attend his inauguration ceremony.

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Several media from manga, anime and other media have commented on the Soul Reapers from the series. Carlo Santos from Anime News Network has praised the use of the Soul Reapers and Soul Society, since it "takes the familiar tournament formula to the height of creativity" regarding the fact that "This isn't just training and fighting anymore".

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