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Discover Adventure Experience Relax Explore. We therefore invite you to plan your trip to the Navajo Nation.

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The hiking adventurist can only use designated trails to hike on Navajoland. These tour entities offer horseback for beginner or seasoned riders, Jeep, hiking and photography tours.

The major fishing areas are Wheatfields, Asaayi, Tsaile and Ganado lakes. The following is a recommended self-guided Cultural Tour. If you are interested in Navajo Art and want to observe the artist work, there are scheduled demonstrations across Navajoland and off reservation at specifically scheduled events.

Their beliefs is that there are two classes of people: These trading posts preserve a heritage that gives visitor an opportunity to browse though the past. For specific information, we recommend that you contact the individual tribe s prior to your visit. Our website uses cookies and similar technology to provide a more personalized experience for you. By continuing to use our site, you consent to their use. For more information, please see our updated privacy policy. Visiting Tribal Lands Each of Arizona's 22 Native American Reservations operates under its own unique governmental structure and establishes its own rules for visitors.

Basic Guidelines Taking photos, video and audio recordings, as well as sketching, is a particularly sensitive issue.

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Permits may be required, and fees and restrictions vary, particularly for professionals. Therefore, it is important to contact each individual Tribe regarding its policies. Do not attempt to engage in any of the above mentioned activities without prior authorization.

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Dances are sacred ceremonies. Observe them as you would any other religious function by dressing and acting appropriately. Be mindful of where you sit, stand and walk.

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For example, at certain Hopi dances men and women sit apart; during pow wows it may not be appropriate to stand beside a drum; and it is inappropriate to walk across the pow wow arena during a dance. Never pick up any object that is dropped during a ceremony.

Arizona Missionary trip (Navajo Indian Reservation)

Please refrain from talking to the ceremonial dancers. Applause after ceremonial dances is considered inappropriate. Some of the Tribal buildings and structures may be several hundred years old and damage easily; do not climb on walls or other structures. Do not disturb or remove animals, plants, rocks or artifacts including pot shards, as Tribal and federal laws prohibit the removal of such items.

Visiting Tribal Lands

Use caution when driving, especially at night. Much of the reservation land is open range, and small herds of sheep, goats, cattle and horses move freely along and across roads. Like any community, a reservation is home to those who live and work there and should be respected as such.