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Please try your request again later. I'm a retired scene designer, having spent my career working in regional theater, television, and college teaching.

I grew up listening to people tell stories, spent my life as a designer helping directors, actors, and other writers tell stories, and finally started telling some of my own. I generally write for my own enjoyment and hope some other people find pleasure along the way. I write on a range of disconnected subjects but pretty much in the same understated style. And I seem to think my writing has far more humor in it than other people do. Finally, I'm not expecting to become rich by writing. I'd rather be read than rich. So if you happen to like one of my books, please pass on the good word.

Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: How far do I go with this, with him? She could almost see the haloed angel and the red devil sitting on each of her shoulders. That devil grinned at her and smirked. What do you have to lose? You have no life. When she walked into the living room, Jake stood before the hearth, his back to her. It was a brooding stance, his legs squarely set apart.

He stood still, and she wondered what he was thinking.

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She cleared her throat, not wanting to startle him. Slowly he turned, his eyes seeking hers. Her own heart was beating thunderously in her chest. Did he just get better looking? She wondered whether she could trust him or anyone. In a minute he was back sitting on the sofa next to her, handing her a steaming cup.

The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans scented the air. She ignored his comment, refusing to believe it was more than a gratuitous remark. I figured in the bedroom, at least, it would keep me company while I sleep.

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These days a few dreams about sugar plum fairies would be welcome. But now, if you decide to stay, we can move the tree in the living room and decorate it. She looked into her cup, hoping for an answer. Maybe, like tea leaves, the cream in her cup would magically show her a sign of what she should do. Seeing nothing but foam, she made her own decision. I want to be here with you. Anaia rushed into the room, her tail wagging, and jumped on the sofa between them. Mandy nearly spilled her coffee. Anaia licked first Jake and then Mandy all over her face, throwing them both into a fit of laughter.

With a Herculean effort they managed to get the tree into the living room and set it in a corner. I made extra cash by making gourmet meals for students. Maybe you can teach me, and I can be your sous-chef? No sharp knives for you tonight, missy. She bent to the box, opening it. An eruption of laughter stopped him in his tracks. He turned, folding his arms over his chest, his eyebrows raised quizzically. Mandy held up four ornaments. The Christmas tree is going to look like a rose bush. Believe me, she tried.

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It took Mandy a minute to subdue her laughter. I just wanted to keep a few carrots dangling, something to keep you here. He watched a smile fill her luscious lips. He shot her a parting grin and headed to the kitchen. A half hour later he returned carrying a tray filled with steaming plates. Pretentious people get her goat. I can already picture the two of you in a fit of laughter, probably at my expense. Jeez, I think if it were allowed the Queen would knight her. Instead, she had to settle for being made a Dame.

Now, I want the truth—has anyone ever told you that you have a killer laugh? Jake placed the large silver tray on the coffee table. A dishtowel was wrapped over his arm. Her eyebrows lifted; she was obviously impressed.

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Wait until you see the wine. He left her with her mouth hanging open. That look on her face was priceless. Smiling, he returned with two crystal glasses and a bottle under his arm. Inhaling a deep sniff of the bouquet, he sipped. To you, Mandy, and our chance meeting. To you too, Anaia, for finding me this woman.

Mandy leaned back against the sofa.

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  • He took her in his strong arms and kissed her so passionately that her legs began to shake. His tongue prodded until she opened, and then all she felt was swept away by the tide of his kiss. When they finally broke, his lips were on her ear, husky with yearning. Her breath came unevenly, his words and hot breath on her ear reached deep into her soul and kindled her body.

    Her emotions were like the tumultuous sea outside, tossing her in every direction. But she was afraid. Afraid that it was happening so fast and they were beginning this romance at such a great height, there would be nowhere to go but down. A war was raging within her. Her rational mind said no, but her body and heart said yes. She knew she had to make a choice. This man came into her life for a reason.

    She pulled from him, needing to see his eyes. He stilled as if hanging on to her every word.

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    But when his lips once more enfolded hers, it felt life-changing. Was it possible that she was falling in love with a stranger? They kissed until she was wet with desire. He leaned his forehead against hers, his breath uneven. I want all of you. Come with me to my bedroom. I want to make love to you the way you deserve to be loved.

    His gaze hot and filled with desire. She took his hand and he pulled her through the house until they came to a set of double doors. He opened them, and her eyes widened.

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    • Everything was oversized and masculine and exquisitely tasteful. Her own humble home paled in comparison. As she looked around, she wondered about Jake. But before she could ask him anything, he swooped her up in his arms, his lips once more sealed over hers in a kiss that set her heart pounding against her chest.

      She rained kisses over his chin, his lips. As their heartbeats returned to normal Jake murmured in her ear. She placed her fingertips on his face and gazed into his eyes. Even with my husband. She took a deep breath. Tears filled her eyes. I was going to walk into the pounding surf and leave the world behind.

      I just felt so alone. She nestled deeper into his embrace. Her surprise brought a burst of laughter. He watched her face as she thought about what that would mean. I need to meet them. How that dog knew to bring us together? She jumped on the bed, wedging herself between them. Their laughter erupted as she smothered them in doggy affection.

      Seems like I had just put the Christmas decorations away when it was time to take them out again. If you have a writerly special someone in your life, here are my top 5 gift suggestions. In fact, all of their thesauruses are a must haves. Naughty Words for Nice Writers: Eleven Senses — Who Knew?: Word lists for the senses, emotions, and body language, with date of origin: A reference book for creative writers, by Marilyn Kelly.

      The date of origin comes in handy for historical writers. Aside from Word, there are any number of other writing-targeted software programs out there. Vellum — If your writer uses a Mac and is self-published, or planning to self-publish, this program is a game-changer. Upload a Word document and out comes a beautifully formatted ebook and print book in all the popular formats suitable for upload to the top book retailers.

      Physical activity is important to keep the body healthy and in shape, and the mind fresh. I find when I take a power walk or engage in some other physical activity, my creativity rises along with my heart rate. Getting the blood flowing and the heart pumping boosts creativity.