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The Truth About Stacey: Logan Likes Mary Anne! Dawn and the Halloween Mystery. The Baby-Sitters Club 3: The Truth About Stacey. The Baby-Sitters Club 2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. The Autobiography of a Stray. Mary Anne Misses Logan. Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery. The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery 9: Kristy and the Haunted Mansion. Claudia and the Mystery At the Museum.

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Stacey and the Mystery Money. Dawn and the Big Sleepover. Claudia Makes Up Her Mind.

Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter by Ann M. Martin

Eleven Kids, One Summer. Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph. Mary Anne and the Library Mystery. Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. Stacey and the Mystery At the Mall. The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries 5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic. Kristy and the Baby Parade. The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries 7: Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs. Kristy and the Missing Fortune. Stacey and the Mystery of the Empty House.

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Lassie Come-Home 75th Anniversary Edition. The Baby-Sitters Club 1: The Baby-Sitters Club 4: Mary Anne Saves the Day.

Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter

Mary Anne and the Great Romance. Mallory and the Mystery Diary. Jessi and the Dance School Phantom. Mary Anne Saves the Day: Aug 09, Ashley rated it it was amazing. I don't know what it is about the girls fighting amongst themselves, but that always makes for a great read. That, and it's refreshing to not have to read about the wunderkinds of Stoneybook. I want to be the Mancusis when I grow up - a house, a million pets, and a vacation?

The only thing I ever remember about this book is the big fight, and I was surprised that it's actually a very small part of the plot. Maybe I'm confusing it with another BSC fight? Sep 21, lisa rated it did not like it Shelves: Jessi gets a job as a pet sitter. But wait, she supposed to be a baby sitter! I absolutely hated this book when I was a kid. I even remember my bitchy friend who loaned me all her BSC books saying to me, "This book is really, really boring.

Things I remember from reading this as Jessi gets a job as a pet sitter. Things I remember from reading this as a kid: It's a blur of Jessi talking to animals, and getting a hamster, and basically just. I now have friends who house sit for a living. They wouldn't dream of writing novels about their day to day lives as a house sitter. Things I've considered since reading this as an adult; The Mancusis are pet hoarders.

I can't believe how many pets they have. Where I live it would be illegal to have that many pets in a house in the suburbs. I positively hate hamsters and guinea pigs, so I couldn't believe that Jessi thought they were interesting, and later, that she's so eager to adopt one. I can't think of anything worse. However, Jessi is very uncomfortable at first with talking to the dogs and cats, so maybe she feels better with an incredibly boring animal that can't do much but hang out in its cage.

From the way Jessi and Mary Anne act, they hate snakes and wouldn't dream of interacting with them. What a monumentally stupid thing to do, especially if you dislike snakes. Why would you want to get a closer look?

Baby-Sitters Club #14: Hello Mallory - Book Review

I truly have no memory at all of the fight the baby sitters have in this book. It's not referenced at all in later books. Sometimes I remember reading about something in other books more than I remember reading it as it happened in its book. I remember reading about Jessi getting a hamster in the book where Mary Anne loses Tigger. I don't really remember it happening in this book. But this fight is an example of how great the early books were, when just Ann M Martin was writing them before BSC fever took over her life, and she was forced to turn the manuscripts over to ghost writers.

The baby sitters have a completely ridiculous fight that's written like its the most important and dramatic thing in the world. As an adult I realize this, but as a preteen, or teen in the midst of it, or in the midst of reading about it? It would definitely be the most important, most dramatic thing in the world. What especially great is that each older baby sitter acts really mean and annoying in her own special way.

Claudia is mean girl, and bossy about her personal time and space.

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Kristy is just plain bossy and overbearing. Dawn is rude and sarcastic. Mary Anne just cries. Each of the older baby sitters has a gripe about how hard HER job is, how the others just don't understand, and wouldn't it great if they could do a different job? Which leads to a vote to see who should take over what kind of job. Jessi and Mallory do their best to stay neutral which seems to be their role in most of the books that have the BSC fighting and the future of the club comes down to their votes. A deadly dull description of daily dog-walking duties is suddenly saved from snoresville by a club procedure B-plot.

I love club procedure! The senior club members get into a fight; Mary Anne, Claudia, and Dawn are sick of being bossed around by Kristy and sick of the downsides of their own jobs, and they demand elections. Jessi and Mallory are extremely uncomfortable and mostly try to stay out of it. In the end, everyone votes unanimously for the incumbents to remain in their positions, and t A deadly dull description of daily dog-walking duties is suddenly saved from snoresville by a club procedure B-plot. In the end, everyone votes unanimously for the incumbents to remain in their positions, and they all have a good laugh and count their blessings.

Even the pet-sitting plot manages to gain a little momentum when Jessi has to miss the originally scheduled election meeting to take a hamster to the hospital. The hamster, I mean, not Jessi. Points are awarded purely for the election storyline.

Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter

The "everyone is ideally suited to her own office" lesson might have worked better during a Stacey phase. But Stacey is legitimately a math whiz! No specific seasonal markers. Obviously, this is not true. I believe this is supposed to be spring of eighth grade sixth for Jessi. Lucy should be about a year and a half old by now. The time stop affects the young earliest; even the BSC members are textually admitted to be a year older than they were when Lucy was born! Posted originally on my blog: I know I read it as a child, because I had the first ish books growing up.

However, I did not remember this book featuring the big fight between all of the older members. There were one or two fairly realistic issues, but honestly expected one real emergency. Then again, I suppose the hamster was meant to fit that bill and probably did for my younger self. Regardless, this was an enjoyable trip down memory lane for me. Nov 28, Rachel Brand rated it really liked it Shelves: There are some of the books that I've read for the first time as an adult and loved, but this isn't one of them. That said, the book isn't bad either.

It's just one of those strange instances of the sub-plot seeming to be more important than the main storyline. Here, Jessi gets a week-long pet-sitting job for a family who're going on vacation and have their usual pet-sitter cancel on them. The Baby-sitters don't pet -sit. But Jessi's always liked animals, and she talks Kristy into letting her have the job. With snakes on the loose and sick hamsters, Jessi's got plenty of pet-sitting troubles.

And the Baby-sitters aren't making life any easier for her when they get into a big fight. Will Jessi be able to handle her pet -sitting job when things are going wrong with the baby -sitters, too? When I was growing up, my family had, at one time or another, tropical fish, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, turtles, and many, many cats.

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