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The battle with the northmen has been won and Prince Jason is now the king of the realm. While his sister Jacqueline loses herself to evil, Brahm takes a party of celestials into the netherworld to discover the ultimate plan of the enemy. Wight lord Hector Brightblade has wrested control of Drakenhof Castle from the embittered humans. In this collection of short stories, McKenna introduces you to a world where freakish events turn the lives of ordinary and not-so-ordinary people inside-out.

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Each one starts firmly planted in everyday reality but quickly skews off into a nightmarish, yet familiar,realm. The ancient land of Semonote holds terrible secrets, spoken of only in hushed tones.

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In an attempt to bring his family to prominence, Omar Rabini emarks upon a quest across the trackless land of the Scorching Sun to seek an ancient, buried treasure. A Collection of Short Stories Author: The Alien's Caretaker Author: Beverly is taking very good care of the unusual weeds that suddenly appeared in her backyard. She does not know that insect aliens from another planet are growing inside of them. Nor does she know of their intentions to annihilate all humans and take over Earth.

Shades of the Evening: A Gothic Novel Author: Shadows in the Dust Author: The infamous fallen general of a shattered kingdom, Marcus Ravenholt now rules a land of despair. A new force with a dark secret has arisen to threaten him, drawing their recruits from the common people of the land to do battle with the vampire's inexhaustible legions.

But are the men working for good or are they making things worse by inciting the ire of the greatest warrior the land has ever known? Luce is hidden at Shoreline, a school where both humans and Nephilim attended. Luce finds out more about her past lives with the help of two Nephilim friends: Shelby, Luce's roommate, and Miles, whose affection for Luce causes her to doubt her relationship with Daniel.

Daniel will do anything to protect her, which includes forcing her to stay at Shoreline to keep Luce safe. Discovering some of her past lives, Luce realizes how their love hurt the thousands of families she once lived with. During her time in Shoreline, Luce's division between angels and demons becomes blurry when she discovers that Daniel and Cam are fighting side by side.

At times, Daniel visits her to try to make her feel happier about her situation. She then finds out he had a fling with Shelby many years ago. At one time, when Daniel comes to visit her, he sees Miles kiss Luce on a window sill. She finds out that not only the Elders want her, but that the Outcasts - beings who are neither angels nor demons - want to capture her. Luce's parents have a Thanksgiving party, and when her parents go out the Outcasts arrive in Luce's backyard to fight the angels.

Luce finds out that Miles has feelings for her, as he can replicate a person, but only if he loves them. Luce is stressed from the violence and decides to find out more about her past lives by jumping through one of the shadows, leaving everybody behind her. Leaving her past and into her future and Daniel, her true love, follows her. Daniel sends Luce to a new school in California called Shoreline, where, as he said, she will be safe. Luce doesn't really know safe from what - that is something she will only discover through history.

She is now hungry to find out about her past lives as Daniel won't tell her anything. As the story evolves, Luce shows a deep resentment to Daniel. If they had never met in another past life to begin with, she could have had a normal life without having to die and be reborn every 17 years.

These feelings will come in conflict with the love she still feels for Daniel, while developing feelings for Miles which she constantly feels guilty for. The feeling of resentment towards Daniel is largely due to the fact that she doesn't understand anything which is why she jumps through an announcer towards the end, in order to learn about her past lives and her love for Daniel. Daniel is a fallen angel, and in Torment he is Luce's boyfriend.

He is forced to leave Luce in Shoreline in order to protect her. He makes a covenant, or rather a truce, of 18 days with Cam, so they can hunt those who want to hurt Luce together.

Despite the fact that he is not meant to see Luce as it draws too much attention, he still finds a way to get near her. However, every time results in an argument between the pair as Luce grows impatient with the fact that Daniel cannot tell her anything. Cam is also a fallen angel. He makes a pact with Daniel for 18 days so that both could hunt outcasts sent by the elders who are trying to kill Luce.

He doesn't have a huge role in this book, but he does show a more caring side as he helps protect Luce from getting killed when she is lured off campus and starts to seem more protective over her. Arriane is another fallen angel, from Daniel's side. After rescuing Luce, Shelby, and Miles from a revealing moment gone wrong, she decides to stay in Shoreline, from then on, to keep an eye on Luce.

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Like Cam, she doesn't have a huge role in the book but she turns up at a convenient time and sort of clues Luce in a little bit without revealing too much. She tries persuading Luce to forget her feeling for Miles and stick with Daniel.

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He is another fallen angel, from Cam's side. In Torment , he will also transfer and study at Shoreline it is speculated that following orders of Cam and Daniel to oversee Luce better. Still friendly and popular as ever. Gabbe is a fallen angel on the side of Daniel. Her very polished looks belie her extraordinary strength. She helps fight the outcasts at Luce's Thanksgiving dinner.

He is the only human, besides Luce, to be aware of the fallen angels. Callie is the best friend of Luce back in Dover Prep School. She discovers the identity of Luce's classmates during an unfortunate event at Thanksgiving. He is a Nephilim part angel, but mainly human , and one of the first friends that Luce makes in Shoreline. His talent as being part of the angel bloodline is to be able to mirror others and himself, though he was only able to do it once before he met Luce that being a mirror of his mom.

Miles honors his statement that he can only perform this for people he has strong feelings for. Gentle and friendly, he soon wins her trust. He helps Luce understand a little more about the Announcers.

Miles kisses her at one point outside her dorm room and confesses his love to her, Daniel witnesses the encounter. He is liked by Luce's parents, also and has a friendly sort of banter with Shelby. Luce's roommate, who is also a Nephilim. A little grumpy at the beginning, giving the impression of disliking Luce, but with time gets attached to her.

She had a crush on Daniel and insinuates that she had an affair with him, which was one of the reasons for disliking Luce at first. Although in an extract it is revealed that nothing much really happened other than the fact that she tried hitting on him but he was too emotionally scarred by Luce's last death. She loves practicing yoga. Shelby helps Luce manipulate the shadows to look at the past, and is great at observing details that help Luce track over her past lives.

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Her ex-boyfriend is actually an outcast, who was using her to get to Luce. Another nephilim who is Jasmine's best friend and one of Luce's friends in Shoreline. She has an irrepressible enthusiasm, being extremely lively and fun. Her physiognomy appearance is very similar to that of Luce, telling her that the two no longer seemed twins after Luce bleached her hair blonde.

Nephilim and best friends with Dawn.