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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Then she places her characters in the strained context of ambiguity, where the certainty of knowing others well-enough in a village should prevail when called upon to solve mystery. The Innocents" , and "Lethal Believers: Reviewer G Mitchell Baker purchased his copy of the "The People of Kilmservy The Rough Hewn Trilogy " and receives no consideration for publishing this review, other than gladly purchasing this book for his Kindle Fire. Baker has read parts of this e-Book, and listened to text-to-voice as well, in order to take in the story and thereafter contribute this review.

This small volume appears to set the stage for a detailed epic historical fiction around the founding and development of a small village and the families that moved westward in 19th century America. At first, I thought it all very "little house" like, but it turns out to be a psychological thriller with perhaps some paranormal overtones.

Highly detailed portraits of characters who will feature in future installments that clearly draw a picture of family trees will surly keep the continuity going forward. It promises to be an intense trilogy that will grab the reader with well researched and provocative historical fiction plot lines. The first installment of the Rough Hewn Trilogy lays the groundwork for the historical context in the second novel. The characters are complex and well-written.

The story was compelling and explored a subject not often acknowledged during the time and setting of the book. I also enjoyed learning the backgrounds of the characters who show up in the second novel. Often in communities with such deep-rooted conflict, it can be hard to convey that conflict to a newcomer such as the reader might be, but this book allows the reader a glimpse into the past and to gain a deeper understanding of the historical connections for the behavior of characters in the second novel.

Nadia Kilrick spins a story that will hold your interest from the first page to the last. I found myself reading her book voraciously, picturing the scenes unfolding as if I was right there in Kilmsery village with all the founding families. I'm hooked - I want to know what happens next!

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Future generations of the original characters will have passed, but the memory of the first book of this trilogy will remain with me through the next two books. Nadia Kilrick is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Her comfortable Southern style coupled with excellent storytelling ability kept me enthralled from the first sentence until the last and left me wanting Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

It is brutally honest in places but then again bad things do happen. And yes, those happens to a good people, too. The plotline is so vivid, the characters so believable that the story really got under my skin keeping me on the edge until the very last page. Well written and yeah, definitely hooking! Carolyn Carrie is married to a cruel man who does not hesitate to use his fists on his wife. He thinks he owns her and therefore can do whatever he wants with her. Layer by layer Carrie finds out what kind of a monster her husband really is and instead of just quietly bending under his iron hand she starts to gather evidence against him.

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Gabriel is a boy next door who has returned to his home town only to find out that the girl she cares about is married to the devil. He makes his mission to protect Carrie and soon becomes the solid rock in her life. When the plot thickens Carrie needs all of her courage to see through the silent war she has begun.

One wrong move and everything will be over for her. I have read both books by Nadia Kilrick and again provide 5 Stars. Although the subject matter of uncontrolled domestic violence over generations does not outright appeal to me, what does is the underlying courage it took to write this story as well as the author has accomplished. The courage comes off the page. There are times when a rational decision by the protagonist would have ended the story, but not all is rational in real life and the story in fiction took it's course.

This helps make this well-crafted coming-of-age saga solid entertainment of the less than appealing subject matter of spousal abuse. There will be more story to read and I will read more of Kilrick' s story telling. I read Book 1 and was excited to see where Book 2 would take me. What a great story! The characters are strong and you can definitely get attached to them. It was horrifying to see how Carolyn suffered and I was frustrated when the story ended. I need Book 3. I have to know where Jim is, does he get his just desserts and if Carolyn will have a happy ending.

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This story is reality, abuse is in your own backyard. People ignore it daily. This story makes you want to fight for the underdog! But I still have to ask Kilrick deals with extreme spousal abuse which is a difficult topic, at best. She addresses the complex reasons why one stays and leaves such a relationship. It is such a complex subject and I think Ms. Kilrick does a very good job with it. The book is definitely a thriller. I generally read while on the exercise bike and this one kept me pedaling until I had noodle legs.

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I look forward the sequel I'm sure I'll get plenty of exercise when it comes out! Trapped in a loveless marriage to an evil man, Carolyn Carrie Breckenship determines to gather evidence of his crimes. Oh, my heart goes pitter-patter! I enjoyed getting to know the characters of Escape.

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Escape is a great read both for the notable characters and for the well-crafted story telling. Good plot, great characters, well-crafted story! What more can a reader ask for? Nadia Kilrick has an amazing ability to literally paint each scene vividly enough for the reader to feel physically present in the action. I couldn't bear to put this book down, I had to find out what was going to happen to poor Carolyn in the end.

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Even her friends were in danger from her husband's evil hatred. I highly recommend this book, and I'm looking forward to book 3 of the Trilogy. I lost sleep with this page turner. It holds you from the beginning and you can't help but have empathy for the characters. Generational domestic violence is the catalyst of the story.