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Robb Chase is now friends with Jennifer Bourgeois. Aug 13, Oct 15, I'm not sure if you charge for feedback, but I'm not working and can't afford much.

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Sep 25, Robb Chase joined the group Beta Reader Group. Robb Chase is now following Remy 's reviews. Sep 14, Beta Reader Group — members — last activity 1 hour, 29 min ago A place to connect writers with Beta readers. Sometimes writers get so involved in the plot they can't see the wood for the trees.

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Hang on a sec'--tha A place to connect writers with Beta readers. Hang on a sec'--that's a cliche and it's better to remove it. A cliche is just one of the things to look out for while writing. They can slip in unnoticed and ruin an otherwise great paragraph. Then there's the passive voice, accents, misspelling, typos, incorrect data. The list is long. Avid Beta readers are not your editor or proof reader and don't expect them to do the grunt work.

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This page contains spoilers for The Hammer of Thor. He is not to be confused with the giant Otis Giant in the Heroes of Olympus. Otis's first appearance involves him attempting to resuscitate Magnus via mouth-to-mouth CPR after Magnus had jumped off a cliff in Nidavellir.

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He has a moody attitude and low self-esteem, which may be why he sees a therapist, as he mentions in the book. The reason why Otis stumbles across Magnus, Samirah , and Hearth is because he is looking for reinforcements to help Thor , who is hammerless and stuck in between a giantess's legs in Jotunheim. Otis, Magnus, Sam, and Hearth follow Jack 's directions on where to find Thor not Otis's; he got lost , and they locate him in a river with Otis's brother, Marvin , also at the crime scene.

Seeing no other option, Magnus opts to chucking Jack into the nasal cavity of the giantess who was trying to drown the Nordic thunder god, and that, for some reason, is effective. After he had been rescued, Thor invites Magnus and his friends to dinner where they gut and later eat both Otis and Marvin. Otis believes the hammer to be located in a Wight 's barrow in Provincetown and that Magnus should retrieve it, along with Hearth and Blitzen.

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Initially, Magnus is skeptical, as this lead came from the gossip that Otis overheard while in his psychiatrist's waiting room. Briefly, Otis mentions something about him having a stalker before impaled by a flying axe, thrown by Utgard-Loki. His body then evaporates into "curls of white vapor like dry ice" which Samirah confirms to be mist from Ginnungap.