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We have a life to live, and a family to raise, and a mate to love. We need time away from responsibility and obligation. Even Jesus needed this, and sought for privacy. Nobody could ever do all the good that is possible. This message is just to call attention to an area of neglect. It is a part of the whole sin picture puzzle that we have misplaced, and I am just putting it back on the table so we can fit it in to the total picture.

It is not God's will that we become depressed with guilt over our sins of omission, but that we stay alert to our opportunities to be agents of His love. Pastor Ron Clarke illustrates the problem with this story: He was brave enough, or foolish enough depending on your point of view to hang on to his ideals, even his Christian beliefs. His work mates did not approve of that so he got his daily dose of ridicule and abuse.

One day, one of the men said to him: Can't you see that if there is a God who cares anything for the likes of you, he would tell someone to come along and give you what you need - a good meal, a comfortable home, and at least the chance to make something of yourself.

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We forget that the prayers of others can be answered through us in so many ways if we stop doing nothing, and start doing something. The Old Testament stress is on law, and the commission of sin by doing what is contrary to the law. The New Testament stress in on love, and the sin of omission by not doing the loving thing, or saying the loving thing. It is the omission of love that is the most severe issue of sin.

All the avoiding of breaking the law is of great value to society, but one is not pleasing to God until there is a life that goes beyond that level to doing acts of goodness and kindness. We must not stop eliminating the negative, but we must more often be expressing the positive. Life is not complete until their is the doing of good works that opportunities bring to you. These good works do not save you, for only the good work of Christ on the cross could do that, but they make it so that your life is saved, and not just your body and soul.

Their is salvation in time as well as in eternity, and the salvation of your life on earth is what we are dealing with here in the issue of the sins of omission. By not omitting the good works life brings your way, you can save your life, and make it a fruitful tree in the barrenness of this needy world.

If you want to redeem the time, then be on the lookout for the opportunity to do the good you know is the right thing to do. Avoid the sins of omission, and instead, "Let your light so shine that the world may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven. I am adding to my message this list of sins of omission that was compiled by the great evangelist Charles G. Finney in his book Revival Lectures. He saw more conversions in his ministry than anyone could number. He changed the history of American Christianity. And one of the ways he did it was by getting Christians to experience revival, and a focus on sins of omission was one of the key tools to reach that goal.

What Does the Bible Say About Sins Of Omission And Commission?

If reading this list does not make you more aware of your sins of omission, and spur you on to good works, then you have quenched the Holy Spirit. Take this sin, for example, and write down under this heading all the times you can remember where you have received great blessings and favors from God for which you have never given thanks. How many cases can you remember? Some remarkable protection where your life was spared, some wonderful turn of events that saved you from ruin. Write down the instances of God's goodness to you when you were living in sin, before your conversion, for which you have never been half-thankful enough; and the uncountable mercies you have received since.

How long the list of times where your ingratitude has been so black that you are forced to hide your face in shame! Get on your knees and confess them one by one to God, and ask Him to forgive you. As you're confessing these, they will immediately remind you of others Go over them three of four times in this way, and see what an incredible number of times God has given you mercy for which you have never thanked Him! Think how grieved and alarmed you'd be, if you suddenly realized a great lack of affection for you in your wife, husband, or children; if you saw that someone else had captured their hearts, thoughts and time.

Perhaps in such a case you would almost die with a just and holy jealousy. Now, God calls Himself a jealous God. Have you not given your heart to other loves and infinitely offended Him?

Put down the cases where for perhaps weeks, or longer, God's word was not a pleasure. Some people, indeed, read over whole chapters in such a way, that afterwards they could not tell you what they had been reading. If that is so with you, no wonder your life has no direction, and your religion relationship with God , is such a miserable failure. Recall the instances in which you have virtually charged the God of truth with lying, by your unbelief of His express promises and declarations. If you have not believed or expected to receive the blessings which God has clearly promised, you have called Him a liar.

Think of all the times you have neglected private- prayer, family-prayer and group-prayer meetings; or prayed in such a way as to grieve and offend God more, than if you hadn't prayed at all. When you have allowed yourself to make small, and foolish excuses that have prevented you from attending meetings.

When you have neglected and poured contempt upon the gathering of the saints merely because you "didn't like church! Think of all the times when you have spoken about God with such lack of feeling and faith, in such a worldly frame of mind, that your words were nothing more than the mere chattering of a wretch who didn't deserve that God should listen to him at all. When you have fallen down upon your knees and "said your prayers" in such an unfeeling and careless way, that if you had been put under oath five minutes later, you could not say what you had been praying for.

Look around at all your friends and relatives, and think of how little compassion you have felt for them. You have stood by and seen them going straight to hell, and it seems as though you didn't even care. How many days have there been, when you have failed to make their wretched condition the subject of even one single fervent prayer, or to prove any real desire for their salvation?

Perhaps you have not cared enough about them to even attempt to learn of their condition. Do you avoid missions-magazines? How much do you really know or care about the unconverted masses of the world? Measure your desire for their salvation by the self-denial you practice, in giving from your substance to send them the gospel.

Do you deny yourself even the hurtful expenses of life, such as tobacco, alcohol, expensive food, clothes, and entertainment?

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Do you defend your standard of living? Will you not suffer yourself ANY inconvenience to save them? Do you daily pray for them in private? Are you setting aside funds to put into the treasury of the Lord when you go up to pray? If you are not doing these things, and if your soul is not agonized for the poor and lost of this world, then why are you such a hypocrite as to pretend to be a Christian?

Why, your profession of faith is an insult to Jesus Christ! Think of how you have lived before your family, how you have prayed, what an example you have set before them. What direct efforts do you habitually make for their spiritual welfare?

How many times have you failed to take your words and actions seriously? How often have you entirely neglected to watch your conduct and speech, and having been off your guard, have sinned before the world, the church, and before God! How often have you broken your covenant, that you would watch over them in the Lord? How little do you know or care about the state of their souls?

And yet you are under a solemn duty to watch over them. What have you done to get to know them better? How many times have you seen your brothers or sisters growing cold in faith and have not spoken to them about it You have seen them falling into sin, and you let them go on. And you pretend to love them? Would you watch your wife or child going into disgrace, or falling into a fire, and hold your peace? There are many professing Christians who are willing to do almost anything in religion that does not require self- denial.

They think they are doing a great deal for God, and doing about as much as He ought to reasonably ask, but they are not willing to deny themselves any comfort or convenience whatever for the sake of serving the Lord. They will not willingly suffer reproach for the name of Christ. Nor will they deny themselves the luxuries of life to save a world from hell. So far are they from realizing that self- denial is a condition of discipleship, that they do not even know what it is. They never have really denied themselves a ribbon or a pin for Christ and the gospel.

Oh, how soon ones such as these will be in hell! Some are giving from their abundance, and giving a lot, and will even complain that others do not give more; when, in truth, they are not giving anything that they need, or anything that they would enjoy if they kept it.

They only give of their surplus wealth! By Pastor Glenn Pease We are tempted to do evil, but seldom think of the reality that we are also tempted to not do good. It is possible to be doing nothing wrong, and still be living in sin, because of what we are not doing. Sangster It isn't the thing you do dear, It's the thing you leave undone That gives you a bit of a heartache At setting of the sun.

Sin of omission

The tender word forgotten, The letter you did not write, The flowers you did not send, dear, Are your haunting ghosts at night. The stone you might have lifted Out of a brother's way; The bit of heartsome counsel You were hurried too much to say; The loving touch of the hand, dear, The gentle, winning tone Which you had no time nor thought for With troubles of your own.

Those little acts of kindness So easily out of mind, Those chances to be angels Which we poor mortals find- They come in night and silence, Each sad, reproachful wraith, When hope is faint and flagging, And a chill has fallen on faith. For life is all to short, dear, And sorrow is all too great, To suffer our slow compassion That tarries until too late; And it isn't the thing you do, dear, It's the thing you leave undone Which gives you heartache At the setting of the sun.

Hood wrote, The wounds I might have healed! The human sorrow and the smart! And yet it never was in my soul To play so ill a part; But evil is wrought by want of thought, As well as by want of heart. Whit Sasser has compiled this list of such sins: Not Praying - I Samuel Not Loving everyone - I John 3: Not Assembling with the congregation - Hebrews Not Providing for our family and relatives - I Timothy 5: Not Giving as we ought - Malachi 3: Not Helping Those in need - Matthew Not Bearing fruit - John Not Growing spiritually - II Peter 1: Not Treating Wife right - I Peter 3: Not being Patient 2.

Not Forgiving another 3. Not singing with my Heart 4. Not Confessing openly that I am a Christian 5. Not submitting to my government 6. Not Being more Holy or godly 8. Quotes tagged as "sins-of-omission" Showing of 9. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land. For I am haunted night and day By all the deeds I have not done; O unattempted loveliness!

O costly valor never won! Vilifying menstruating women bolstering anti-Muslim stereotypes murdering innocent citizens of Salem plainly evidence is almost always invariably a political social and moral issue as well. To take a particularly stark example consider the case of Albert Speer minister of armaments and war production during the Third Reich close friend to Adolf Hitler and highest-ranking Nazi official to ever express remorse for his actions.

In his memoir Inside the Third Reich Speer candidly addressed his failure to look for evidence of what was happening around him.

  1. Cyclone: My Story;
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  4. I did not investigate for I did not want to know what was happening there I had closed my eyes. Albert Speer became complicit by ignoring evidence he should have accepted. Together they show us some of the gravest possible consequences of mismanaging the data around us and the vital importance of learning to manage it better. It is possible to do this: By indirection Speer himself shows us how to begin.