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Companies just getting started with channel partnerships should focus on getting a strong referral program in place, Rampell says. So we definitely went after those partners that seemed to be growing more slowly. Deeper integrations are more difficult to land for a similar reason. The company asking for the integration can often run away with all the value, leaving the partner with nothing.

For example, Rampell says, it would have been dynamite for TrialPay to land a partnership with PayPal. Going back to Hilton, you may be able to convince an airline to endorse you on their website or in their in-flight magazine. TrialPay found this match with Download. As a result, TrialPay could increase its pricing. It seemed like a win-win. How to Evaluate a Deal. To compare them, they used a basic matrix with feasibility on the x-axis and possible benefit on the y-axis. They plotted potential partners in these quadrants and went after the ones with the most benefits that seemed the most feasible.

There were thousands that we could talk to. There are thousands of web hosting companies, domain registrars. There were also the domain registration sites like Tucows and Register. Striking a deal with Download. In this way, channel partnerships can solve many classic business problems. Eventually they might even be able to start charging more for their rooms because they have the channel locked up.

From Zero to 10,000 Clients in Two Years Using Channel Partners

Revisiting the Dropbox example, by linking with Samsung, the company has elbowed out Box and any other cloud storage competitors on the most popular mobile devices in the world. As for TrialPay, it faced four competitors when it was first starting out. Pricing and Channel Conflict. Pricing is something startups need to keep top of mind when they start architecting a channel strategy, Rampell says.

He gives Best Buy and HP as an example.

Make pricing a major part of the conversation with any partner. And get creative with the economics behind the scenes if you need to.

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For all of these reasons, it was critical that TrialPay set up its partnership model so that Download. Once You Have a Success. Good channel partnerships beget more of the same. Do you want the same deal?

Stop Selling, Start Partnering: The New Thinking about Finding and Keeping Customers

We can pay you a lot. A customer complaint presents an opportunity for you to turn a poor customer experience into a positive one. You might also turn them into long term loyal customers.

Why We Pick Difficult Partners

Ensure your employees are adequately trained in customer service, particularly handling customer complaints and dispute resolution. Having this process documented in internal policies and procedures can ensure that customer complaints are dealt with correctly and consistently. Remember, customer complaints can be a valuable source of feedback for your business, so you may wish to keep a record of complaints to help you find areas needing improvement.

Whilst you may feel that your business is delivering good customer service and providing a consistently high quality experience, your customers may not agree. There are several ways that you can measure your customer service levels. Try using several methods, such as:.


Measuring customer service is an ongoing process and important as part of your regular interactions with customers. Read our Measure customer service page for tips on how to measure service satisfaction in your business. Keeping a record of your customer interactions as part of the sales process can help you build and maintain your relationships with customers. The information you collect in your CRM can be used to identify customer trends and help you build a profile of your customers.

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Learn the customer service skills you should be using for improved customer satisfaction to help grow your business. If you provide support to your customers, they will, in turn, reward you with loyalty and valuable feedback. This could start out small: Just like maintaining friendships, in order to maintain customer relationships you need to keep in touch. Learn how to connect with customers like never before at Connect via Hootsuite, our virtual conference.

Step 1. Selecting Partners

Connect via Hootsuite takes place October 5, at 8: Kristina is an Online Strategist at Hootsuite. She focuses on bringing Hootsuite.