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They took Uvira , then Bukavu , Goma and Mugunga. Hutu militia forces soon allied with the Zairian armed forces FAZ to launch a campaign against Congolese ethnic Tutsis in eastern Zaire. In turn, these Tutsis formed a militia to defend themselves against attacks. When the Zairian government began to escalate the massacres in November , Tutsi militias erupted in rebellion against Mobutu.

The Tutsi militia was soon joined by various opposition groups and supported by several countries, including Rwanda and Uganda. The AFDL, now seeking the broader goal of ousting Mobutu, made significant military gains in early Various Zairean politicians who had unsuccessfully opposed the dictatorship of Mobutu for many years now saw an opportunity for them in the invasion of Zaire by two of the region's strongest military forces. Following failed peace talks between Mobutu and Kabila in May , Mobutu left the country, and Kabila marched unopposed to Kinshasa on 20 May.

The Democratic Republic of Congo's Rape Problem

Kabila named himself president, consolidated power around himself and the AFDL, and reverted the name of the country to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kabila demonstrated little ability to manage the problems of his country, and lost his allies. They attacked in August , backed by Rwandan and Ugandan troops.

Soon afterwards, Angola, Namibia, and Zimbabwe became involved militarily in the Congo, with Angola and Zimbabwe supporting the government. While the six African governments involved in the war signed a ceasefire accord in Lusaka in July , the Congolese rebels did not and the ceasefire broke down within months. Kabila was assassinated in by a bodyguard called Rashidi Kasereka, 18, who was then shot dead, according to Justice Minister Mwenze Kongolo.

Another account of the assassination says that the real killer escaped. Kabila was succeeded by his son, Joseph. Upon taking office, Kabila called for multilateral peace talks to end the war. Kabila partly succeeded when a further peace deal was brokered between him, Uganda, and Rwanda leading to the apparent withdrawal of foreign troops.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

There were reports that the conflict is being prolonged as a cover for extensive looting of the substantial natural resources in the country, including diamonds , copper , zinc , and coltan. The conflict was reignited in January by ethnic clashes in the northeast and both Uganda and Rwanda then halted their withdrawal and sent in more troops. Talks between Kabila and the rebel leaders, held in Sun City , lasted a full six weeks, beginning in April In June, they signed a peace accord under which Kabila would share power with former rebels. By June , all foreign armies except those of Rwanda had pulled out of Congo.

Few people in the Congo have been unaffected by the conflict. The response of the international community has been incommensurate with the scale of the disaster resulting from the war in the Congo. Its support for political and diplomatic efforts to end the war has been relatively consistent, but it has taken no effective steps to abide by repeated pledges to demand accountability for the war crimes and crimes against humanity that were routinely committed in Congo.

Secretary-General have frequently denounced human rights abuses and the humanitarian disaster that the war unleashed on the local population, but have shown little will to tackle the responsibility of occupying powers for the atrocities taking place in areas under their control, areas where the worst violence in the country took place. In particular Rwanda and Uganda have escaped any significant sanction for their role. DR Congo had a transitional government in July until the election was over.

A constitution was approved by voters and on 30 July the Congo held its first multi-party elections since independence in That was the origin of a fight between the two parties from 20—22 August in the streets of the capital, Kinshasa. Bemba has decried election "irregularities.

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In December , Joseph Kabila was re-elected for a second term as president. After the results were announced on 9 December, there was violent unrest in Kinshasa and Mbuji-Mayi , where official tallies showed that a strong majority had voted for the opposition candidate Etienne Tshisekedi. They described the election as lacking credibility.

However, Tshisekedi maintained that the result of the election was illegitimate and said that he intended also to "swear himself in" as president. On 19 January protests led by students at the University of Kinshasa broke out. The protests began following the announcement of a proposed law that would allow Kabila to remain in power until a national census can be conducted elections had been planned for Similarly, in September , violent protests were met with brutal force by the police and Republican Guard soldiers.

Opposition groups claim 80 dead, including the Students' Union leader. From Monday 19 September Kinshasa residents, as well as residents elsewhere in Congo, where mostly confined to their homes. Police arrested anyone remotely connected to the opposition as well as innocent onlookers. Government propaganda, on television, and actions of covert government groups in the streets, act against opposition as well as foreigners. The president's mandate was due to end on 19 December , but no plans have been made to elect a replacement at that time.

More demonstrations are planned to mark the passing of this date. The inability of the state and the world's largest United Nations peacekeeping force to provide security throughout the vast country has led to the emergence of up to 70 armed groups around , [26] perhaps the largest number in the world. Some argue that much of the lack of security by the national army is strategic on the part of the government, who let the army profit from illegal logging and mining operations in return for loyalty.

The CNDP signed a peace treaty with the government where its soldiers would be integrated into the national army. In April , the leader of the CNDP, Bosco Ntaganda and troops loyal to him mutinied, claiming a violation of the peace treaty and formed a rebel group, the March 23 Movement M23 , which was believed to be backed by Rwanda.

On 20 November , M23 took control of Goma , a provincial capital with a population of one million people. DRC claimed of clashes with M The Allied Democratic Forces has been waging an insurgency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is blamed for the Beni massacre in While the Congolese army maintains that the ADF is an Islamist insurgency, most observers feel that they are only a criminal group interested in gold mining and logging. In Northern Katanga Province starting in , the Pygmy Batwa people , [a] whom the Luba people often exploit and allegedly enslave , [46] rose up into militias, such as the "Perci" militia, and attacked Luba villages.

Since the start of the conflict, hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes. The government forces fought alongside a tribe known as the Abatembo and targeting civilians of the Luba and the Tabwa tribes who were believed to be sympathetic to the Elema. The leader was killed by authorities in August and the militia reportedly took revenge by attacking civilians. By June , more than 3, people had been killed and 20 villages have been completely destroyed, half of them by government troops.


A traditional chief critical of Kabila was killed by security forces, precipitating conflict that has killed more than 3, people since. The UN discovered dozens of mass graves. Rebels and government forces are accused of human rights abuses, as well as a state-linked militia called Bana Mura, which shares a name with the hill in the east where presidential guards train. The Ituri conflict involved fighting between the agriculturalist Lendu and pastoralist Hema ethnic groups in the Ituri region of the north-eastern DRC. While "Ituri conflict" often refers to the major fighting from to , fighting has existed before and continues since that time.

Precolonial perspectives

In , with the deterioration in security over Kabila's extending his stay in power, more than people were killed, hundreds of homes burnt and , people were forced to flee. In October a new conflict started in Dongo , Sud-Ubangi District where clashes had broken out over access to fishing ponds.

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Allied Democratic Forces insurgency. Archived from the original on 2 March Retrieved 10 March Retrieved 4 May European atrocity, African catastrophe: The Assassination of Lumumba , Verso, Social Movements Since Independence. Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: President Laurent Kabila's blind faith in his teenage warriors was a fatal error".

War Crimes in Kisangani". Retrieved 2 May Questions hang over Kabila's victory". Retrieved 21 January Catholic church backs protests". Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 7 March Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 8 March Thousands flee amid surge in 'horrific violence ' ". M23 rebels capture DR Congo city". Archived from the original on 21 November Retrieved 18 November Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 28 December She got the Democratic Republic of the Congo - good luck finding kid-friendly materials on this one, either in print or on the web.

The school's librarian did her best to provide materials, including books from public libraries, but let's face it, not exactly the topic most libraries are spending resources on. This book was a God-send.

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It had all the info she was required to report about: There are loads of color photos, etc. It wasn't written in that simplistic voice you get in so many of these books, but wasn't over their heads either, as many of the websites Felt it was primarily written with the agenda of chastising the white world for messing with Africa, and for having the silly notion that they could just waltz in and fix these "backwards" people and their unevolved way of life the father epitomized this. I agree it was a silly notion, and I agree with the author's supposition of "who were the white people to define a backwards vs.

I've enjoyed some of Kingsolver's previous novels, and learned a lot from reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but maybe this time I wasn't in the mood to be lectured, and was first seeking entertainment.

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This is an invaluable, extremely well-written account of the mercenaries recruited to fight in the Congo during the rebellion of He qualified as a chartered accountant in and then immigrated to South Africa, where he ran safaris and enjoyed sailing his small yacht.

In he formed a mercenary force to serve Moise Tshombe in the breakaway province of Katanga in the Congo. Three years later, soon after Tshombe was named prime minister of the Congo, Hoare was summoned to Leopoldville, where he was charged by Tshombe and General Joseph Desire Signals of Hope from Africa's Deadliest War. Once I started this book it was hard to lay down I became completely absorbed in the compelling story of how Rawlence overcame one challenge after another on his recent journey overland into the heart of Congo.

Few of the westerners he consulted believed that he would achieve his goals of reaching Manono - a mining town that once flourished with modernist architecture and every convenience for the wealthy during the Belgian colonization - and finding out how the local people are coping with the aftermath of a terrible war - people whose voices are seldom heard. His compassion, fluency in Swahili, willingness to accept local foods, customs and risks with humour, and tolerance of long hours of physical stress, clearly endeared Rawlence to the characters he met along the way - from Batwa pygmies the original "forest people" of the Congo to Catholic priests and disarmed rebels.

Available for download now. We have been serving as missionaries in Lubumbashi since November of It was fascinating to read the recent history of this troubled land. Spies in the Congo: I had no idea that the USA's uranium supply depended on intrigue in the Congo. It was was great read. Lessons from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Only 1 left in stock more on the way. The changes are varied and offer lessons and challenges in dealing with conflicts and their aftermaths. The second chapter deals with the proactive involvement in the DRC of international institutions like the IMF and World Bank and what their early, strong, and active participation has meant to turning things around in that country.

The subject of the next four chapters is the "economics of civil wars and sources of growth". Chapters 8 and 9 are about financial intermediation, and these are followed by a discussion on how to rebuild the country's institutions. In the end no matter how good the institutions, in the DRC's case the road ahead is a long one, and requires the demilitarization of the country if Only 18 left in stock more on the way.

An extremely honest and intelligent first hand account of the Congo at its independence, with information not having been available from the mainstream media at that time or later. The Greystoke Legacy Tarzan. Great update of the Tarzan legacy.