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The characters weren't really developed and you don't feel invested in them. This book felt like an alien wrote it and tried to guess what humans would say and do. If you love the zombie genre and can get this free Don't pay anything for it though. There were several things about this book that I liked and several things I didn't. I will start with the bad because I prefer to end on a happy note.

The characters, though interesting, were rediculously naive and childish, to an unrealistic and seriously obnoxious degree. Generally people aren't complete idiots, even when sheltered, and few people refuse to see reason completely when faced with obvious death. And the other thing that I really didn't like about the book was the obnoxious and continuous recaps at the beginning of every chapter about the chapter before. It's not a tv show that you haven't seen in a week and might have missed or forgotten, it's a chapter in a book that we JUST read.

My final critique is the careless writing. Important details in a scene are left out or contradict each other, or forgotten later on. In many instances, the writing sets up scenarios that could have been an interesting conflict, but then nothing comes of it, and the following scenes are far more boring. For instance, Tahoe throws out a bunch of stuff from the car to hide inside. But miraculously none of those things were the vials. An entire scene that might have been quite interesting and make for a more complete feeling book was wasted and forgotten, if it was even realized by the author.

That all being said, I thought it was an interesting story line, with overall like able and interesting characters. Honestly, I think this book has a lot of potential, if a little more time and editing had been done. Friends and family and other fresh eyes are a great tool to use to find holes in the picture and other things that we think about but forget to actually put down on the page.

We know our characters inside and out, but sometimes we forget to share all of our insights with our readers. Don't waste your time on this. See the friends she traveled with on the journey to the island. Greed, terrorism, and simple bad luck conspire to bring mankind to its knees as a viral infection spreads out of control, reducing those infected to undead horrors that feed upon the rest.

It's a time of misery and death for most, however there are some who are lucky, some who are fast, and some who are just too damned tough to go down without a fight.

Val by Chrissy Peebles

This is their story. After a long day of prepping a house for painting, all Gus Berry wanted was the night off to spend some time with his girlfriend and relax before having to return to work the next morning. If Gus and his paint crew can complete the work by then, it could mean huge business with a respected, established grocery store chain. Trapped in the shower by her undead husband, Morgan prays for rescue but quickly realizes she's on her own.

She escapes, only to find that the horror has spread and now threatens everything she holds dear. With each passing moment, death becomes more certain. Logan returns to his childhood home and teams up with Max, an army deserter racing against the clock to save his family. When the infection outruns them, they face the real possibility that everyone they know is already dead. Six days into a global pandemic, the plan is simple: With their close friend, Dan, and limited amounts of ammunition, Paul Hessler and his wife, Sophia, quickly find themselves on their own in the snowy Midwest.

The police and military have already lost the battle, and in a world where chaos rules the streets, what chance does the everyday man have against the undead nipping at their heels? Armed with only shotguns and handguns, this untrained trio is about to find out what it takes to survive the apocalypse. Blake was never one for taking chances.

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He lived in a world of formulas and equations. A statistician in a controlled society where everything had become predictably mundane. That world disappeared the day the dead got up and began attacking the living. Now, the end is here. Blake finds himself fighting for his life in a world that is rapidly spiraling out of control. He struggles to keep himself alive and must risk everything to find his family. Val was bitten by a zombie and now she's scheduled for lethal injection.

Breaking all the rules, year-old Dean Walters snags an experimental serum.

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But it can't be tested until Val turns into a zombie: Her execution is scheduled to happen before transformation is complete, giving Dean only hours to break her out. When their helicopter crashes straight into the heart of Zombie Land, his rescue mission becomes a fight for survival - and giving up on Val is not an option. A disconnected, disjointed and clumsy story.

The Zombie Chronicles by Chrissy Peebles

Characters keep yelling before the zombies are attracted The flat tire at the pile up? Are people really that stupid in the zombie apocalypse? In the control tower Clair has a pillow put under her head by Nick and is going to sleep. Then joins in a poorly put together romance dribble Tahoe steals the Jeep?

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The list goes on Kudos for being able to complete and publish a series, far beyond my artistic talents! What would have made The Zombie Chronicles better? I have no idea. Has The Zombie Chronicles turned you off from other books in this genre? What reaction did this book spark in you? This book was painful to listen to!

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The story line was ok but the character were ridicules. It was like The cast of Happy Days fighting Zombies. I think this Writer would do well with other Genres, like Children and family. I did not like this. From the first paragraph I kept hoping it would get better. What do you think your next listen will be? Next Iron Druid book until a new Zombie book comes out by someone I know.! I'm about to give up on new Authors selling Zombie Novels'. How did the narrator detract from the book?

The narration was bad! It wouldn't be fair to Blame it fully on the narrator cause its hard to tell if its the story or the narration which really kills it! Didn't get far enough to say honestly! Don't waste your credit or money!! I finished listening to Val, a prequel to The Zombie Chronicles. Author Chrissy Peebles blew my mind. This is a fantastic start to a series.

Unfortunately I will most likely have to wait awhile before I will be able to listen to the third audio. I'm still anxious to learn what will happen to Val. This is a great zombie story and its not like the majority zombie stories I've listened to so I'm thankful for that. I am definitely going to go through withdrawals over this series once I finish the second audio. This story has it all and I guarantee you'll love these stories.

Mikael Naramore did a perfect job with his telling of this story. I can't believe how real he made this story feel and sound.

The Zombie Chronicles

He did a great job with distinguishing accents and voices to each character. He brought this story to life in the way that it made me feel as if I was there watching the story play out. I give it a perfect 5 star rating! Would you listen to The Zombie Chronicles again? I liked it enough that I'll probably listen with my son. What other book might you compare The Zombie Chronicles to and why? It was similar to Benton, but with no sex.