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Aprendendo Matemática Financeira

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For practical details and current good practice, in particular concerning types of thermometer available, their acceptable operating ranges, probable accuracies, permissible leakage resistance, resistance values, and thermal treatment, see "Supplementary Information for ITS". Temperatures are determined in terms of the ratio of the resistance R T 90 at a temperature T 90 and the resistance R This ratio, W T 90 , is 2: An acceptable platinum resistance thermometer must be made from pure, strain-free platinum, and it must satisfy at least one of the following two relations: An acceptable platinum resistance thermometer that is to be used up to the freezing point of silver must also satisfy the relation: At the defining fixed points this deviation is obtained directly from the calibration of the thermometer: A thermometer may be calibrated for use throughout this range or, using progressively fewer calibration points, for ranges with low temperature limits of A thermometer may be calibrated for use throughout this range or, using fewer calibration points, for ranges with upper limits of The defining fixed points and deviation functions for the various ranges are given below, and in summary from in Table 5.

The thermometer is calibrated at the triple points of equilibrium hydrogen These last two may be determined either: For this range and for the sub-ranges 3. The Triple Point of Neon The deviation function is given by Eq. The thermometer is calibrated at the triple points of oxygen Deviation functions and calibration points for platinum resistance thermometers in the various ranges in which they define T Ranges with an upper limit of The Triple Point of Argon The thermometer is calibrated at the triple points of argon 83, K , mercury , K and water ,16 K.

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The deviation function is: From the freezing point of aluminium to the freezing point of silver the above values of a, b and c are retained and the value of d is determined from the measured deviation from W r T 90 at the freezing point of silver. The thermometer is calibrated at the triple point of water 0. The Triple Point of Mercury The thermometer is calibrated at the triple points of mercury - The required values of W r T 90 are obtained from Eqs.

Lógica de Programação: Princípios Básicos com AdvPL (Portuguese Edition)

Above the freezing point of silver the temperature T90 is defined by the equation: Supplementary Information and Differences from Earlier Scales. This document also gives an account of the earlier International Temperature Scales and the numerical differences between successive scales that include, where practicable, mathematical functions for differences T 90 - T The differences T 90 - T 68 are shown in Fig.

The number of significant figures given in Table 6 allows smooth interpolations to be made. However, the reproducibility of the IPTS is, in many areas, substantially worse than is implied by this number.

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The International Temperature Scale of was adopted by the seventh General Conference of Weights and Measures to overcome the practical difficulties of the direct realization of thermodynamic temperatures by gas thermometry, and as a universally acceptable replacement for the differing existing national temperature scales. The ITS was formulated so as to allow measurements of temperature to be made precisely and reproducibly, with as close an approximation to thermodynamic temperatures as could be determined at that time.

Between the oxygen boiling point and the gold freezing point it was based upon a number of reproducible temperatures, or fixed points, to which numerical values were assigned, and two standard interpolating instruments. Each of these interpolating instruments was calibrated at several of the fixed points, this giving the constants for the interpolating formula in the appropriate temperature range.

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For the region above the gold freezing point, temperatures were defined in terms of the Wien radiation law: Changes from the ITS were: The International Practical Temperature Scale of , amended edition of , was adopted by the eleventh General Conference: In addition to the introduction of the word "Practical", the modifications to the ITS were: Inasmuch as the numerical values of temperature on the IPTS were the same as on the ITS, the former was not a revision of the scale of but merely an amended form of it. In the International Committee of Weights and Measures promulgated the International Practical Temperature Scale of , having been empowered to do so by the thirteenth General Conference of - These included numerical changes, designed to bring to more nearly in accord with thermodynamic temperatures, that were sufficiently large to be apparent to many users.


Other changes were as follows: The International Practical Temperature Scale of , amended edition of , was adopted by the fifteenth General Conference in