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Becoming a Gang Expert.

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Building a Police Organization with a Mentoring. Contemporary Problems Facing Law Enforcement. International Exchange of Training Ideas. Liability of Not Training. Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready. Start with Mental Preparation. Rule of Plus One. Preparing Your Response to Challenging Situations.

"Coming in to Indigenous Sovereignty: Relationality and Resurgence" by Alex Wilson

Managing Emotionally Disturbed Persons. Preparing for a Terrorist Attack. The Will to Win: Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls. Tactical Medic Skills Trng non-cert. Responding to Crimes Off-Duty.

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Body Armor- Protecting the Protectors. You often found that you were on your own when you needed to make the right choices and decisions. If you can learn and apply something from each of these messages, you will emerge at your retirement, promoted, effective, successful, happy, proud of your many accomplishments, and realize what a legacy you have left the organization.

Slideshow images copyright T. This video documents in complete detail one of the most controversial incidents in the history of the Cincinnati Police Department.

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Proper courtroom testimony and etiquette is vital for all officers. Sooner or later, they all wind up in court.

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Jim Crotty of "Strategies for Officer Survival," provides what could someday be a lifesaving show and tell for traffic cops. Your officers will be amazed at the ingenuity of the drug runners when it comes to concealing their dope. Some of the most surprising and clever drug concealment spots ever recorded are analyzed. Like the program dealing with Spanish commands, this video takes officers through the most commonly used signs of the deaf one might encounter on the street. With almost absolute certainty all peace officers at some point in their careers will deal with subjects who speak only Spanish.

This is a pioneering law enforcement training video and it features the nationally-recognized program of the Albuquerque NM PD.

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Brutal, bloodthirsty dogfighting has become a billion dollar "industry" worldwide The U. Now, learn how you can stop it on your turf Now, learn some very basic techniques on how each officer can 'read' a dog's behavior and prove without doubt your agency is sensitive and attentive to such training. The Washington sniper case, a civil disturbance, an airline crash By any standard, this remarkable Phoenix officer should have died when his cruiser was rammed by a taxi and burned furiously with him inside.

Far too often when law enforcement officers run across cases of animal abuse, they slough it off as 'kids being kids'. It is much more than that. This program is complete with vital information on dealing with the new terrorist threat in this county, including what to look for and what to do when you find it. This program centers on what the first responder should and should not do when answering a call about a suspicious package.

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In this 12 minute training video, officers will understand what racial profiling is, what it isn't, and how to be on safe ground when making that stop. Georgia deputy made a low-risk stop for speeding, little did he expect a gunfight for his life a gunfight he would lose. This minute video hits the major points of how to prepare for serving the warrant, and executing it. For the first time, this minute video tells the full story of the May incident in which wanted felon Hank Earl Carr got the drop on two Tampa homicide detectives and killed them both.

This outstanding 60 minute training video details the latest tactics for dealing with an active shooter. Common-Sense Tips for All Cops This training program covers one of the biggest hot-button issues in law enforcement today…..