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The book ends with Japanese concept of Kaizen — a management concept for incremental, gradual and continuous improvement. Wouldn't it be cool to add to mission statement of schools: An Education Manifesto Oct 7, But alas, I digress… The 11 suggestions for improving public schools in Washington offered in the book are: Let local leaders lead.

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Parents are largely told where to send their child and what teacher the child will have…In contrast, no one would dream of accepting a system in which a government official assigned each citizen to use only the public gas station within two miles of his house especially if the gas were underperforming and overpriced. Only half of the children entering kindergarten are ready to learn.

It is all explained by the amount of language dancing, or extra talk, over and above business talk, that the parents engage in. It accounted literally for all the variance in outcomes [of success]. I believe many students will flourish if we engage them in classes they find meaningful, excite their interests and are relevant to their futures. Parents, mentors, tutors, Teach Corps.

Even though the breath of subjects would be more limited, we should embrace many different ways to teach the same material. What does it mean to be educated? Early intervention and specialized instruction.

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Leaders should focus on immediate, micro-remedial action to help kids showing the first signs of difficulty. Stop social promotion, all kids need to be prepared before advancing.

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Stop teaching to the least common denominator, lowers the rigor of the lesson and wastes resources babysitting and disciplining. Segregate special needs if appropriate, to target to students individual needs. Spend money as though it were your own. Eliminate the costs associated with WASL and other standardized tests.

Plant the seeds of success in life: I suppose anything labelled a manifesto should be viewed skeptically.

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I am very aligned with Oki's challenge to "think of students in the singular and individual sense. It would ultimately be the wrong area to spend money. Oki describes some of the systemic problems well, but his solutions fall flat, mainly by underestimating the challenges that face low-income students and their families. The systems that support children including education underinvest in human capital at every level. Oki calls for concentrating schools on great teaching, but also calls for removing almost all of the support structure from around teachers -- effectively freeing them to fail alone.

Further, although teaching is critically important, it is not sufficient on its own. Oki also calls for removing virtually all support services transportation, nutrition, and more from the schools' list of responsibilities in a way that would create great risks. Hunger can disrupt learning even more fundamentally than a weak teacher. Oki also systematically assumes that parents bring a lot to the table, which is unfortunately not true in way too many cases.

Oki is most persuasive when he talks about character education his plank 10 with reference to Scout programs. Readers with an interest in education policy may be interested in the issue primers available at http: May 06, Susanne rated it did not like it. It is clear to me, that while Oki has put a lot of thought into what is wrong with the education system and how he thinks it should be run, he has no idea what it is like to be an educator or to work with a classroom full of today's children.

Does he realize that cutting out transportation, while it would save billions of dollars each year, would essentially ensure that children of low-income families without cars would stop attending school? When he proposes that the education system get out of It is clear to me, that while Oki has put a lot of thought into what is wrong with the education system and how he thinks it should be run, he has no idea what it is like to be an educator or to work with a classroom full of today's children. Giving "parents the responsibility to feed their child each morning before they go to school, to make a brown bag lunch, and to feed them a healthy meal for dinner" sounds great -- but MANY parents DON'T.

He says let the welfare system take care of those issues. The welfare system CAN'T take care of those issues; it is overloaded as it is. I haven't even finished the book, but as a public school teaching veteran, I'm all worked up about the extent of the issues that face our public education system AND at Oki's ignorant "education manifesto. Yes, many of today's youth are not prepared to lead successful and independent adult lives.

Scott Oki | Precepts of Outrageous Learning

Yes, teachers are overworked and often unqualified to meet the needs that show up in their "caseload. Jan 21, Spacek Kim rated it did not like it. The book is outrageous and worth reading because it gives a great perspective on how the business world looks at education. Oki has an essentialist educational philosophy in the "fixed mindset" identified by Carol Dweck. Several points are brought up worth considering, however, much of what Oki promotes schools are now doing. I would be interested in each of the 11 planks that he puts forth if done in more depth with research to back up his thought.

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