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Not a highlight of the album in any way. However, to me "Short And Curlies"'s prime function is to balance, at the same time both separate and bind together the potentially two best songs of the album. That function "Short And Curlies" performs very well, being in itself a more discreet song, but neither indifferent nor a "Stones- by - numbers" song.

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Something which, "Stones - by numbers", very few Stones songs really are, in my opinion. Funny track, and funny the fact that nobody did speak a word on Stu.

have (one) by the short and curlies

Did anybody there's a magnificent piano track here? Your ears can just make focus on Taylor? Here's a guy who's learned the bass line - pretty impressive: A b-movie stones track. It would've made for a fun outtake but the decision to leave out far surperior material for this, is still, four decades later a head-scratching one.

Maybe it was a way to show off Stu on a Stones track.

Short and Curlies

Bill is humbly but strongly holding the whole song. Quote wandering spirit for me one of the best songs on the album, always liked it. I think it's a great funny and happy song I love the swing in it Oh, it's a shame Ah but it's funny She crashed your car She spend your money. Love the song as well as the album! One those song's that you never hear and on the rare occasion when you do It is funny, and it swings.

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I'd call it the second okay okay, the fifth-best track ex aequo on the album. It didn't need all those "it's too bad it's too bad it's so sad it's too bad", though - one of the dangers of easy access to cocaine I reckon: E Edited 1 time s. Last edit at Edited 1 time s. I love this song.

rolling stones short & curlies

To me it's everything the Stones are about; it swings, great tune, great vocals - quite surprised that so many people dislike it tbh. The music isn't really all that bad, if the mix was a bit different or they were using their current set ups I think this would be a great bar room tune.

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  • have (one) by the short and curlies.
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The lyrics are a bit lame and cliche and the vocal delivery is a bit weak, imo. But I'll bet it was fun for them to play. I loved her from the word go, the minute I got the curlers and the scissors in my hands.

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Sylvestra is a terrible giggler, and we just giggled the whole time, it was terrible. Thewlis's Clive is 'an incipient motormouth' — though not in the same class as Johnny in Naked — with a line in bad jokes; 'What's round and really violent? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Short and Curlies David Thewlis. Turner Peterloo Ecstasy Too Much of a Good Thing , broadcast Retrieved from " https: English-language films films British short films Films directed by Mike Leigh British films s British film stubs.

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