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He is credited for having saved what little remains of the Greek-Egyptian writings. He composed an encyclopedia of 28 tomes containing much of what is today known about mummification and ancient mathematical formulae.

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It is to him that we owe the survival of the description and principles of the Four Elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth; from which all substances were believed to be composed. His scientific contribution is his discovery of arsenic and lead acetate. He believed that all substances were composed of the same four elements, each substance differing in proportion to the four. Later, modern science discovered that all sixty elements relate to four elemental substances they call Oxygen, Carbon, Azote, and Hydrogen. Yet, no one in the scientific community will give credence to the possibility that these were the same elements the alchemist called Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

The date of his death is also unknown, although some scholars suggest it may have been in He picked up where Zosimus left off.

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He was the son of a druggist; he was also a Sufi who may have had some allegiance with the infamous Assassins the Hashim , who fed on hashish and committed political assassination. He is credited for his contribution of Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt as Elements. He believed that the base of all metals were Mercury and Sulfur, and by breaking down worthless metals, such as Lead to these components; Gold could be made by recombining these elements in the right proportions. It seemed perfectly logical to assume that a substance so miraculous could also have other medicinal properties; such as restoring youth, prolonging life, or curing all disease.

Hence, he popularized the idea of the Philosopher's Stone or Elixir of Life which would obsess the minds of alchemists and magicians for hundreds of years.

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His offerings to science were his discovery of ammonium chloride, and illustrated how to process white lead. He pioneered the use of weak acids, such as vinegar and nitric acid; and made many advances in metal refining. Perhaps his most important contribution is the care he took in recording his chemical experiments. It is for this reason that the importance of the diary emphasized in magical work.

Arnold of Villanova was born in Valencia Spain about , to parents who were converted Jews; and this gave him an edge, as he was capable of speaking Arabic and Greek. He was accountable for bringing the work of the Arabs to the European mind. He was a controversial writer with strong views that sometimes challenged the teachings of The Church; this tended to get him into trouble. It is believed that the only reason church officials tolerated him was his medicinal expertise.

He prospered by treating the illnesses of the rich and powerful. He found no conflict between mysticism and science, and often reconciled them in his works.

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He understood and wrote about the transmutation of the elements and commented on Geber's theory of Mercury and Sulfur, saying that only Mercury was necessary. His scientific discovery was carbon dioxide, and he is credited for being the first to develop pure alcohol. He died September 6, It is believed that he was a Spaniard, and ironically, the originator of the most significant discovery of the Middle Ages: Previous to this discovery, the strongest acid available was vinegar.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim was an unconventional individual who was forced to do much traveling due to his inability to keep his mouth shut, and his opinions pertaining to the character of others to himself. Faith is a trust of the heart, and the witness of an inner sense which belongs to a loftier sphere than science; but the believer delights to employ his argumentative faculties in the service of faith. Just because he believes, he triumphs beforehand in the assured results that he knows will follow scientific inquiry. And if, Thomas like, sceptical men ask to touch with the hand and to see before they believe, the Christian will remember his Master's example, and bear patiently with their desire, consenting to the full and thorough investigation of every proof.

It may be surmised that good consists in the existence of beings and in the maintenance of the normal both active and passive relations which unite them. A relation is' normal when it is foun'ded upon the nature or fitness of things, and when, far from diminishing the total number of previously existing connections, it serves as a basis for more various and numerous Drink water with marigold flowers and mint.

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Monetary situations continue to unfold. New ideas stream into your mind and you ponder many ways you are creative. How many journals do you have now? Be sure your finances are in order. What goes in, what goes out.

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Balance it with a thought to savings. Finances affect emotions and health. You may need more rest. To ease the discomfort of this concentrated powerful state, maintain consistent exercise, and then double it. A new self-identity and a new sense of strength is forming. Your heart petals are opening. Set your sights on new and distinguishing goals.

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Discipline yourself in the right use of energy and time. Stay behind the scenes.

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Work on your own. Plan for future endeavors or perhaps do nothing at all. Create a manifestation list with your hoped-for goals and priorities, forming a magnet of energy around you. You have tremendous potential to bring into form your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Focus on specific goals.

Maintain all close friends and contacts. Piscean teachers, travelers, publishers, writers, adventurers and religious leaders are busy with schedules, plans, travel careful!