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Jan 01, Christine rated it liked it Shelves: This was a fun zombie read, nothing revolutionary but enjoyable. Shelly rated it really liked it Oct 11, David Colenutt rated it really liked it Mar 09, Darcy Leerhoff marked it as to-read Nov 08, Nika Won marked it as to-read May 09, Heather Lewandowski marked it as to-read Aug 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Many of his titles have hit Amazon's best selling lists for their respective categories. He is currently hard at work on the second novel in the STAY DEAD series, a new collection and a promising collaboration with an indie publishing heavyweight. For he plans to release a new short story every month. Sam Koeppen rated it liked it Jun 07, David Colenutt rated it really liked it Mar 09, Taylor rated it did not like it Apr 01, Rachel Dyne rated it really liked it Jan 02, Krysta marked it as to-read Feb 12, Thewalkinglexicon marked it as to-read Mar 03, Jason added it May 22, Francois Schwartz marked it as to-read Jun 24, Darcy Leerhoff marked it as to-read Nov 08, Donna marked it as to-read Feb 08, Netanella marked it as to-read Sep 11, Joanne marked it as to-read Nov 18, Lynn marked it as to-read Dec 10, Rob Bekkers added it Aug 22, David added it Dec 23, I think BOLL just had really bad scripts and did what he could with them.

With tunnel rats it was his own ideas that really came out and he did a great job. Please watch and then rate. Don't just think "Oh a stupid German director" and miss a great movie. A movie about American soldiers in the Vietnam conflict. Besieged by enemy soldiers conducting hit-and-run sorties against the Americans, the G. What follows, is a gritty, grim and gruesome depiction of individual combat scenes in terribly small underground tunnels. American soldiers must ignore the personal danger, and enter into this cramped, nightmare world loaded with booby-traps, Punji stakes, water traps and the fanatical resistance of North Vietnamese and Vietcong soldiers and irregulars.

Generally armed only with. The directors of this movie deliberately emphasized the smallness of the tunnels - the claustrophobic surroundings are pushed into the viewers' faces relentlessly, and virtually take over the entire story. As each individual soldier belly-crawls through the tunnels, the personal nature of this battle, and the seeming hopelessness of any chance of surviving this experience - is designed to give the viewer bad dreams.

Not much of one. Instead of actually being a movie, this devolves into a carnival of slaughter. Unless you just like grimness and hopeless situations, you're not going to get much out of this movie. While the face-to-face encounters in the tunnels seem to be fairly accurate depictions, the rest of the battle scenes and any special effects are quite cheesy.

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Repeated viewings, either for entertainment's sake, or to look for things not seen in the first viewing? MisterWhiplash 2 August Uwe Boll, what's with you making good movies all of a sudden?

Perhaps Postal got him out of the stupor of churning out celluloid crap-shoots and now, more or less in his career, he's actually trying. This doesn't mean he's always a filmmaker that people should rush out to see.

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There's a reason, for example, that he won't have a movie play in theaters again the way he had with his video-game bullshit in the mainstream. But under the radar, he's able to do a little more than before, with a little ambition going a ways in a B-movie set up. Tunnel Rats is such a B-movie that there aren't any really recognizable actors not even the somewhat recognizable star of Rampage.

In that sense it reminds one of those old-school war movies of the 50's and 60's Merill's Marauder's anyone where the lack of recognizable faces lends further authenticity to the situations. There isn't really a firm plot for the film, but this is not too much of a problem. What's basic to lay out is that there are a lot of intricate tunnels under the surface in Vietnam, and they've been dug by the Vietcong as their own kind of maze. The lack of characterization could be a much bigger flaw to contend with if it were a firm character piece. And as part of Boll's ambition to twist the much done Vietnam-War film - a particular kind of war film sub-genre in some respects - most of the runtime is spent underground as the Americans and the Vietcong square off, in the dark, sometimes not knowing who is going to come upon the other.

For two points of reference, think of the opening sequence of Casualties of War, only extended to the claustrophobic, horror film extremes of The Descent albeit Boll is not as strong or inventive a filmmaker as De Palma or Marshall, save for the touches of claustrophobia and the ultra-grisly violence. Boll doesn't turn away from the more gruesome bits, and we shouldn't either.


We're in combat that is massive, all over the place, super- bloody, and it works to ratchet up the tension. We are also given a little of the "other" side, which is just as primitive in their reaction to the US and the US is to them the "three of them raped a woman, I must kill them all" line is all we get for rationale, whatever. But in an odd way a woman with two kids ends up getting some complexity, if only towards the end during a very intense scene where she's confronted by another US soldier during a bombing raid.

Boll could bleed no pun intended this over into melodrama, but doesn't too much. If he's guilty of things it's lack of characterization and a very strong story, which should be big cinematic crimes. However, he also has a fantastic sense of pacing action, knows well where to put the camera, and gives some of the soldiers a chance to shine on screen.


When it keeps its focus narrow and strong, it's something of a triumph Once again, who knew? Surprisingly unbiased and clearly exploits both sides of the war. It shows both the cruelty and barbaric behaviour of the Viet Cong and the unreasonable and merciless attitude of the Americans. This movie gives the viewer an enlarged comprehension of the horror of war.

It takes away the caring, democratic view of Americans and replaces it with the true fact that they're no better than the people they're shooting at, and when it comes down to it, it's up to the individual soldiers. The movie also shows the physical war amazingly. The lengths the enemy will go to is exposed,and even more shocking, the lengths the Americans will go to. Overall, a terrific movie, without a doubt worth watching.

Apart from being a terrible film with a bad script, bad acting and a bad storyline, this film had far too many errors. In the credits at the end of the movie it lists a Maarten Coatzee as the films Technical Adviser. Now the big question is, what exactly did he advise? The film had so many technical errors i felt like i was watching another amateur made Youtube movie!

Now I've seen my share of bad Vietnam films, but this takes the cake!! Ma2 and m carbine rifles being used by U. S soldiers, Woodland Cameo helmet covers, WW2 era uniforms, post Vietnam web gear, VC using Norinco Type 84S rifles instead of Aks, VC soldiers with hairstyles like they just walked off the set of Tokyo drift, and to top it off, a military outpost built deep into the jungle with no perimeter wire, no field of fire, or guard tower to be seen. Its no wonder why they where over-run so easily. If you want to see a good story of Tunnel warfare in Nam, Watch the second episode of Tour of Duty titled "Notes from the Underground".

For a TV show made 21 years ago, it sure does put this rubbish to shame.

Tunnel Rats (2008)

It really is sad that the Tunnel Rats of Cu Chi didn't get a better film. They sure deserve it. Everything about the making and production of this film has been shockingly misjudged. For the first 30 minutes of this Boll tries to make you fell empathy for the character's bleak situation for what lies ahead, but instead it just irritates you as the characters are all paper-thin and the dialogue is terrible.

As the film progresses it becomes more and more silly, and is riddled with historical and tactical inaccuracies, which really make you think he should have read a bit more into the background of the actual tunnel rat units in Vietnam. At some point it almost borders on insult towards Americans in its ridiculous and unsentimental portrayal of its fighting men.

SchmollywoodBabylon 6 January When Seed came a lot of people was impressed - except the usual Bollbashers - but who cares about them nowadays?

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Seed was way more cynical than what we've seen from Uwe before, but still had some silliness because the absurd comic book-style killer. But with Tunnel Rats Uwe has abandon every kinda comedy, satire and tongue-in-cheek. Tunnel Rats is dead serious and works very well that way. It's a story about soldiers in the Vietnam-war that are going to clean up the underground tunnels that Viet Cong uses.

Of course everything breaks into pure hell Boll spends some time with the characters first. Let us know them - and let the actors do some impressive and naturalistic performances. It's not a pro-American movie It's quite natural and shows the brutality at both forces. For once he injects some personality and motivation to the Viet Congs to, and as good performances as the American actors.

It goes into horror-territory almost when the tunnels are introduced, but still keeps it realistic. The tunnels are small, because the Vietnamese is small, so it get's extra claustrophobic for the bigger built Americans. Above the ground there's some great action to, well worth a look for those - like me - who loves jungle action. Blood, squibs, limbs blown of, explosions and a nasty feeling of realism. There's no super-soldiers here. The Bollbashers would celebrate this movie if there was another name as a director, if Boll used an alias. They just hate it because it's Boll directing.

I love his popcorn-flicks, but I love even more when he comes in to more darker territories and shows us what the world is about. The ending is dark and cynical, but probably more real than any other Vietnam-movie. Yeah, it's darker than in Seed. And it shows even more the total meaningless of war. This film was based on true events and if the US soldiers were as badly trained and stupid as this outfit are portrayed, then it's a wonder they didn't lose the war sooner.

For example,we see two soldiers standing over a hole while comrades are below and these two soldiers see the VC coming. Do they find cover from which to fight behind? Nope one stands up swinging a big machine gun one handed arnie style shouting at them. They have a camp in the middle of the jungle and the VC attack, right from the first tent. How on earth would they have gotten that close to a base camp? No fences or guards on duty that day?

Then the CO calls for immediate air support as they are being over-run, been over-run would have been more like it. The immediate air support didn't turn up until later when everybody had gone home, had they flown all the way from America? They tried to build backgrounds and personalities to the characters but failed miserably, maybe because it was done very lazily, ie having two actors discuss all the characters for our benefit while they eat. The conversation just doesn't seem real. It is a shame because the film started well and the scene in the tunnels involving the mother and kids was genuinely tense but it seemed so out of place with the rest of the film which was, badly acted to say the least.

I seem to remember the excellent Tour of Duty TV series covering this subject in one episode and they managed to fit in more tension and understanding of these terrifying tunnels in a fifty minute programme than this film managed.

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I just kept thinking that Tunnel Rats was like a bad horror film where the goodies in this case the tunnel rats were being picked off one by one by the evil monster the VC in different and more nasty ways and the only mystery was who is the one that is going to survive? Is it the guy that believes God will protect him? The CO that is nasty to his men as a way of protecting them and preparing them for the nasties of war etc?

I've seen a lot of 'Nam flicks but I can't really remember one that covered the tunnel rats so well and in such detail. The acting is a bit uneven and the budget is obviously very low, however if you overlook this and simply enjoy a new twist on a Viet Nam tale this winds up coming out OK and watchable. I enjoyed the tunnel scenes the most, the feeling of claustrophobia and some interesting booby traps.

With a bigger budget you could really flesh this movie out but instead we get the bare bones and those aren't bad either. Not anywhere on the same level as Platoon or Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket, but it can be fun watch if you are in the mood for something different with the occasional decent gore scene.

Some of the actors need to be slapped for calling themselves actors in this movie, but overall there were several decent moments. Several perils await as the men get split up and picked off by the Viet Cong. PenOutOfTime 12 March I happened on this movie without knowing much about it, and without knowing much about the notorious director I don't normally watch the type of films he makes.

Upon watching the movie, I have to say that it appears to be receiving a lot of spillover hate from his other, more schlocky productions. While not really excellent, you could very easily find a lot of well received war movies that are much worse. Beyond crowd-following hate of director Boll, the film fails to receive any love mainly because it is just flawed enough to alienate those specific and particular constituencies; "serious" film buffs, and war film fans, that such a film would normally draw. The film is grim enough to fit into the antiwar genre, but gory enough to vex those who favor a "serious" film style.

The characterization is too favorable to the Vietnamese to lure the jingoistic, but too trite and conventional to draw in the aspirationally sophisticated. Straightforward war film devotees also tend to be very particular about technical details and accuracy, and while most shots look okay by Hollywood standards, many details will irritate the purist. Despite the many flaws however, the overall effect is not nearly as bad as to justify spoof awards, and some of not all!!! Perhaps only so hackneyed a director as Uwe Boll could not only set aside this stereotypical portrayal, but could actually reverse it!

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  7. K2nsl3r 16 February This movie is a squandered opportunity. Uwe Boll apparently thought the best way to make a statement about the pointlessness of war was by making a pointlessly long, wound-inducing, brutally ugly and disturbingly unoriginal genre film. Here, the director had a chance to redeem himself after a series of flops and turds.

    In Postal, at least, he showed some promise of not taking himself too seriously, and while the end result there wasn't exactly a good film, at least it was entertaining. But don't believe the hype. In Tunnel Rats, Boll is aiming for a serious, realistic movie. The film is marketed as being "for the fans of Apocalypse Now and Platoon", which by itself is a patently ridiculous and preposterous thing to say, coming from a film maker who has built his career on lowering the bar on genre films, from horror Seed and action Bloodrayne to comedy Postal.

    By making a "war film", Boll has proved himself yet again as a completely derivative and wannabe director who is not concerned with either originality, artistic impact or entertainment value. What is good in this movie is stolen from other directors. What is bad in this movie is the result of bad imitation or skewed interpretation of the masters, combined with a lot of self-indulgent, amateurish drivel.