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First, God turns the Nile from water into Blood , then he fills it with Frogs. Next, he turns all of the dust into Lice , and then brings in a bunch of Wild Animals to wreak havoc. I always call being the Frog.

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Boils is probably the least popular costume. In homage to our ancestors, Jews are supposed to abstain from leavened foods for eight days after the seder. Which is all you want to eat.

Forbidden fruit, am I right, Eve? The youngest child reads The Four Questions in Hebrew.

A Brief Guide to the Passover Seder Plate - Kosher for Passover

Like all religions, food is a huge part of Passover. One of the best is Gefilte Fish , which is made from boiled, minced white fish. Unfortunately, it looks like what happens when you put a blob fish in a blender and top with a slice of carrot. Not even Heston Blumenthal could not turn it into a visually palatable dish. However, there are some limits. Instead, eat matzo bread , which is thin, crispy and tastes like nothing.

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And, at least in my household, everything comes with a side of gherkins. Food of the faithful: Keeping Kosher What is Kosher and how does one actually keep it? Like Christianity, there are lots of denominations of Judaism. This type of celebration feature a mixture of family dinners, prayers in Hebrew or Yiddish, going to Temple, traditional games and, um, a glass of wine for religious ghosts. How you celebrate Passover will depend on which flock you belong to. As a self-confessed lazy Jew, I will cook a traditional Passover dinner for my favourite friends, watch a Mel Brooks movie and refuse to buy anything from German companies for the next six days.

10 Minute Seder, World's Shortest Kosher Haggadah

What does it mean to be Jewish? Contact us to reserve your place or for information on other Seders near you. Feel free to ask for assistance on how to conduct your own Seder or the option of a volunteer coming to your home to help you run it yourself! Click here to reserve your seat. No need to throw out your whiskey collection or perfumes before Pesach! Simply store it away and section off that area over Pesach. The rest is quite complicated, so we prefer to leave it to an experienced Rabbi who acts as our agent.

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