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Oh, and he does tend to get a little repetitive with his zombie descriptions I found. Something I hope he has worked on with his following books in this series. Many different groups in one book, a bit confusing to start but soon as you get the hang of which group is which you really get into it.

Steve grabbing and saving the little girl right at the start, there were some horrible memorable bits but those are for you to find out. Wow a really dark writer, he goes much deeper into the darker side of humanity after the zombie wipeout. A real must for zombie book fans, no real humour in the book but light and shade in characters and their stories however long or brief. Right at the very top, The story is amazing, it's just a pleasure to have it read to you Zombies are roaming the world, and a few groups are trying to survive, but not just from the zombies, there's people worse than the zombies The good and bad characters are perfectly portrayed.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Dead: When Steve's saves Thalia and then meets Theresa, and they take the food from the shop It's funny that they take the meat Just love everything about the story, I couldn't recommend it enough No I haven't, but I'm sure there great.. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

DEAD: The Ugly Beginning

I thought this series was really well written, it took on a number of different perspectives and followed a number of groups, which I really liked however after much feedback TW cut down on this which I thought was disappointing, he also re-wrote the first few books following just one group each, these are 'Dead perspectives', 'Dead Vignettes' and 'Dead Geeks' I believe, so if you find lots of groups difficult to keep up with you might prefer these. He decided to keep it to 12 books which is a shame as it felt like there was a lot more these storylines could have given us.

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TW doesnt shy away from the horror of what could happen and there is a lot of differences between the groups which is why I'm unsure what others found so difficult about it, if they were all very similar it would have been confusing and boring but they are very very varied which I loved but he doesnt go too far into realms you dont want to wander into like the Zombie Fallout series by Tufo. I liked that it followed zombies on occasion too as well as groups of survivors and he wasn't afraid to kill people off when their time was done.

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It's just a very 'run of the mill' Zombie jaunt. There's nothing particularly new or innovative in the novel. Everything is just 'okay' in my opinion. The Ugly Beginning put you off other books in this genre? I love the zombie genre, but I wouldn't buy any more of this particular series. Did Andrew McFerrin do a good job differentiating each of the characters? I suppose he did.

I liked his general narrator's voice.

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But I found one or two of his character voices quite irritating. Like the little girl in the story. Do you think DEAD: The Ugly Beginning needs a follow-up book? The author has quite a lot of characters. So you'd really need another book or two to explore the world in detail. Not bad but not particularly good either.

I much prefer the Mountain man series.

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I didn't particularly like the characters. The whole jaunt felt very self-referential as well - Which put me off too. If you like Zombies, then you might like this, but don't expect anything new. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? What will your next listen be?

If this book were a film would you go see it? The story was well written and showed the decline of civilization in a way you can feel. The narration was also well done, with Andrew McFerrin capturing the different voices of the characters nicely, keeping it engaging and the characters unique. Most of the characters had unique personalities and conflicts which created good stories as well as some real human demons to deal with. There were a few things I struggled with in this book.

First, it is part of a series and as can be the case, there was no resolution to most of the storylines. The story is our introduction to a much larger adventure and we are left with cliffhangers everywhere. Personally, I like books that have at least some sort of resolution to storylines. Setting them up for the future is fine, but leaving us hanging on most counts either means we have to be in for the long haul or left unfulfilled.

There are a series of vignettes in the book where characters are introduced and we are given glimpses into their lives. Would this be another character that just died? Or is this someone who is important to the overall story? As mentioned above, one of the other challenges was the number of storylines, that at least in this first book, appeared to have no connection with one another.

I was left to assume that at some point in the series they will all connect, but in this book, they were all left unresolved. There was also a point where I either missed something or the main storyline jumped when they were going to a FEMA center and then the next time we are hearing from those characters they had left the center and made references only to what happened there, leaving me feeling confused and wondering if I had spaced out and missed something important.