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This view was looking northeast across the intersection at Main and Jefferson Streets. A few buggies or wagons were parked in front of the courthouse. A plow and a wheelbarrow were sitting on the sidewalk in front of the building. Next door, the I. At the street level, the name E.

A pair of oversize spectacles was mounted on top of the pocket watch. That drugstore was located just west of the alley 14 East Main Street. The east half of the ground floor 18 East Main Street housed a barbershop according to the map set. The map set also shows a photo gallery occupying the second floor at that address. The next sign advertised the C. The map set shows a drugstore at 22 East Main Street, midway between Washington Street and the alley.

The map set identified this as the Estep Block and shows a jewelry shop at that address 28 East Main Street with a barbershop in the basement. The HOTEL sign in this postcard scene appears to have originally been painted across the building next door as well, but the half of the sign on that other building was blank when this photograph was taken. Available online at archive. Copyright by Hoosier Recollections. Neither this package in its entirety nor any of the individual components may be downloaded, transmitted or reproduced without the prior written permission of Hoosier Recollections.

Teje studied at the Royal Dramatic Theatre School from to She came to play many leading roles at the Royal Dramatic Theatre where besides the years she was engaged in his professional career. In film, she had her breakthrough with the romantic comedy Erotikon by Mauritz Stiller in Klostret i Sendomir , based on a short story by Franz Grillparzer, deals with a monk Tore Svennberg who tells two visitors how, the convent was built by a repentant count who killed his unfaithful and treacherous wife Teje after he had discovered she had a long-standing affair with her cousin Oleg Richard Lund and even his child was not his own.

The monk proves to be the count himself. From to Teje was married to court photographer Herrman Sylwander. Together they had a son, Claes Sylwander, who, in his memoirs Oh Gud, vad vi haft roligt! Apollo 7 and 8 flight crews sign a commemorative document to be hung in the Treaty Room of the White House honoring the occasion.

Those signing are from left to right: Walter Cunningham, Donn F. Eisele, and Walter M. Webb, Vice President Hubert H. Please help contribute to this ongoing project by sending me the names of female filmmakers not yet included on this list. Erste Todesopfer im Skripal-Fall: Die Katze und die zwei Meerschweinchen der Skripals in ihrem versiegelten und bewachten Haus sind ermordet und verdurstet.

Die Schuld liegt mit prozentiger Wahrscheinlichkeit bei der britischen Regierung, die die drei Haustiere der Skripal-Familie seit vielen Tagen nicht mehr mit Wasser und Nahrung versorgt hat. Die Katze lebte am Dienstag zwar noch halb verdurstet, wurde aber trotzdem von der britischen Regierung umgebracht, um Beweismittel zu beseitigen. Wo sind die Tiere? Die Leichen der drei Haustiere hat das britische Regime inzwischen schnell verbrennen lassen, ebenfalls um Beweise zu vernichten. Und von jetzt ab wird Bombe mit Bombe vergolten! Norway did not consider these as surnames.

The last name simply identified them as the son of Johan and Anders. Klevjer was the farm that Nels lived on. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. All Images From Book. Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. June business greatly exceeded that of the previous year. The conditions in general during the first half of June were exceptionally good.

There were several elaborate wedding decorations. Funeral work is fairly good. The mar- ket has been flooded with carnations and roses, and by getting thousand lots the retailer could almost name his own price. Many of the flowers were dis- posed of by giving them to the hos- pitals.

There has also been an over- supply of gladioli; they are particular- ly fine this year, with America in chief demand, although Mrs. Francis King has held its own. Greenhouse sweet peas are forced from the mar- ket by a much finer quality of the outdoor-grown stock. Private parties specialize every spring on outdoor. The roses and carnations are fairly good for this time of year. Outdoor roses are al- most through blooming. In potted stock, the Boston and Whitmani ferns, gloxinias and tuberous begonias are in demand. Geraniums and other bedding plants sold well.

We have already been honored by a visit from Mr. Johnson, of the Pikes Peak Floral Co. Greig, of Anaconda, Mont. This way of dis- posing of the plants was found to be quite profitable. Charles Soter is occupying a store just a few doors south of the Walker dry goods store while his other place in the Walker building is being fixed up. He will now have more room and another window for display. Evans reports having made up a good number of flower boxes, and these, with the funeral work, have kept business alive. Elizabeth Huth, of Ogden, reports one of the biggest decorations in her locality.

June 22 the druggists held their grand banquet. In the afternoon the ladies met at tea in the new Ber- thana hall, where the tables were beau- tifully decorated with Killarney, Amer- ican Beauty and Prima Donna roses. In the evening people were enter- tained at the Hermitage hotel, in Ogden canyon, where Miss Huth made an elaborate display of pink and yel- low roses and greens.

The annual outing of the Miller Floral Co. A cordial invitation was extended to the Salt Lake and Ogden florists, who also participated in the program of sports. Prizes were awarded to all the leaders in the contests. The sports included swimming race, boat racing, a yard dash, relay race, Derby race, base- ball and various other games.

The weather was fair and the annual was a grand success. He has a dairy farm, for the double purpose of utilizing the manure and supplying the Romans with high-grade lacteal fluid. The Misses Humphrey, Rome, are much pleased with the season's busi- ness. Funeral work has been unusually heavy. Henry Youell, president af the Syra- cuse Florists' Club and secretary of the Gladiolus Society, reports that the trade has had a busy spring. He says the exhibits of gladioli at Newport and Atlantic City in August will be the best ever. The houses will soon pay for themselves.

David Scott, Corfu, ,N, Y. Not long since he built one, sixty feet high, circular, of concrete blocks, and is much pleased with the result in draft action. He prefers growing snapdragons from cut- tings, as the main shoot is more vigor- ous and fewer laterals appear than on seedlings. Spencer sweet peas planted after Easter are producing.

A superior strain of mignonette is also a steady seller. Con- siderable space is given to asters out- doors. Fall plowing is found prefer- able, the ground holding moisture better than it does when turned up in the spring. Gustav Noack, Batavia, reports a late season,'with the. Ward is a most profitable carna- tion. It does well in a heavy soil and with liberal feeding. The members of the Enchantress family also are fine. August Schreiber, Hornell, is improv- ing his range, and is much pleased with this, his third season's business. He had been ill for five weeks.

Beears was born in Bethlehem, but had been a resident of Reading for forty years. He had been in the florists' business all his life in Reading. For many years he oper- ated a retail busing under his own name. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Elsie Beears and Mrs. Mabel Stoeckel, and two brothers, Edgar H. Beears, of Reading, and Herbert Beears, of Philadelphia.

Wilson has leased her flower shop to Lyle Loth- rop, and is moving to Brockton. Bowditch, at Warren and Georgia streets, scorched the rear of his office and salesroom, and spread to several other buildings near by. The cause of it is unknown. It was on the dividing line between Hartford and Wilson Sta- tion. The fire company could give no help on account of the lack of water. The loss is only partly covered by in- surance. Cartier has resigned his position as foreman at the Higgins greenhouses and has gone to Natick, Mass.

Cartier will carry on a retail and wholesale trade in cut flowers and potted plants. The committee in charge consists of D. Chase, of the Benjamin Chase Co. Chase has a daughter who lives there and it is hoped a surcease from business will restore his health. Chase pre- ceded him by several weeks. On his way out Mr. Chase attended the nur- serymen's convention at Detroit.

Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work. Breivik acknowledges through lawyer that he's part of an international network of extremists, and that this was an explicitly political act.

Missed from Breivik's manifesto earlier: I am first and foremost a man of logic. Breivik states that he chose to be baptised into the Church of Norway at the age of 15 although he later became disenchanted with Norway's State Church. In his manifesto, he described himself as a "moderately religious" protestant p. Police reports describe Breivik as a "Christian fundamentalist". Anders Behring Breivik's comments Sept - Oct scripd. Tid og sted So spielte sich das Drama in Utoeya ab Chronologie www. Und er habe einen Plan A und Plan B. Er gibt sich als Polizist aus. Simen stand auf und ging zu dem Fahrer, der eine schwarze Polizeiuniform trug, mit dem Polizei - emblem auf der Schulter.

Dann habe er den Mann um einen Dienstausweis gebeten, sagt Simen leise. Breivik zeigte ihm einen laminierten Polizeiausweis, den er um den Hals trug. Ich habe keine Sekunde daran gezweifelt, dass er ein Polizist war.

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Ich habe nicht mal seine Autonummer aufgeschrieben. Er sei wieder in das Zelt gegangen. Zeuge Haakon Sandbakken ist ebenfalls auf dem Boot, bestaunt noch den vermeintlichen Polizisten: Jeder kannte sie hier. Er sah auch das Gewehr in dessen Hand, die Pistole im Halfter. Beide waren Breivik entgegengetreten, der hatte sofort geschossen. Da knallte es wieder, und nun wurde auch ihm klar: Im Haus brach Panik aus.

Er lief zu den Toiletten am Ende des Saals. Versteckte sich in einer Kabine zusammen mit drei anderen. Johannes Dalen Giske, who works on the passenger ferry, calls the skipper and says there is a police officer asking for transport to the island. The criminal man standing outside and waiting, the call to the youth and began to shoot.

Ein Mann in Polizeiuniform erreicht mit einem kleinen Boot die Insel. Als ihnen klar wird, dass geschossen, wird, bricht Chaos aus. Mehrere Jugendliche rufen eine Notrufnummer an. Magnus Stenseth 18 , Regionalleiter einer Jugendorganisation: Ich sah ihm genau in die Augen, er lud die Waffe, richtete sie auf mich und einige andere und schoss. Das macht alles noch schlimmer. Und das war er auch, weil wir wehrlos waren. Einige von ihnen schreiben Textnachrichten an ihre Eltern. Die Jugendlichen fliehen in Richtung der Ufer, einige springen ins kalte Wasser, um sich schwimmend in Sicherheit zu bringen.

Mummy, tell the police they must be quick. People are dying here! I'm working on it, Julie. The police are on their way. Dare you call me? Tell the police that there is a mad man running around and shooting people. Doch erst jetzt wird ihm klar, dass sich auf der Insel etwas Schreckliches abspielen muss. Vier Jugendliche, die offenbar noch nicht wissen, dass der Polizist auf der Insel in Wahrheit keiner ist, rennen ihm Schutz suchend entgegen.

Alle vier werden erschossen. TV helicopter films killer executing people on shore 8. Delta erreicht die Insel. Der Mann ergibt sich und wird festgenommen. Die kleinen Boote, die zur Rettung der Jugendlichen losgefahren waren, sind teilweise zu voll, um weitere Menschen aufzunehmen. Auf der Insel wagen es einige der Jugendlichen noch immer nicht, aus ihren Verstecken hervorzukommen. In den letzten 15 Jahren ist die Zahl der Immigranten in Norwegen von William Falk, the Editor of The Week, a newsweekly and member of the New York Times News Service, in the course of offering his take on the interaction between blogs and Breivik's attack in the August 5th edition, provided his reasoning behind the "Breivik is insane" meme:.

The irony, of course, is that Breivik's violent and apocalyptic worldview is a mirror image of the one found on Jihadist websites ; for both the Nordic Crusader and the soldier of Allah, there is no gray - only black and white, Us and Them, humiliation and vengeance. Part II August 04, Organisiert in der antikommunistischen Widerstandsbewegung gegen die Islamisierung.

Janne Kristiansen, director of the Norwegian Police Security Service - Norway's M15 - told the BBC she did not believe he is insane, but calculating and evil, and someone who sought the limelight. Likewise, Peter Svaar, childhood friend and now successful TV journalist, challenged the insanity theory: My biggest fear now is that he's still playing us - the media and public opinion - like a piano.

And then there are commentators like Katharine Birbalsingh who blame Breivik's father because he "abandoned" the family. But don't we all know people from broken homes, none of whom are homicidal or have conspiracy tendencies? Sixty eight children were murdered. Not only that but, according to the forensic examiner, the bullets were adapted so they not only caused the worst injuries possible but also maximum pain.

According to his lawyer, "he thought he would be killed after the bombing, after the action on the island, at the hearing. He believes someone WILL kill him. A British psychiatrist, who did not wish to be named, expressed his opinion in typical NHS medical jargon.

Anders Behring Breivik's favourite writer, a right-wing blogger previously known only as "Fjordman", has denounced the mass killings in Norway as a wave of funerals took place on Friday.


Norwegian daily newspaper VG identified the blogger as Peder Jensen, a year-old who claims Islam is overrunning European culture and who was praised by Breivik in a 1,page manifesto. Since the attack, police and Norwegian media have been trying to find the author of the anonymous "Fjordman" blog. Mr Jensen said Breivik had sent him a number of emails seeking personal contact, but he declined — "not because Breivik talked about violence, but because I thought he seemed boring — like a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Breivik wrote in his manifesto "Fjordman" was his favourite "contemporary author" and quoted his writing at length. Mr Jensen told the Norwegian daily the two had never met. Shown in newspaper photos wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and glasses, the blogger said he had come forward to clear his name and would now go into hiding in fear of his safety.

Mr Jensen ran his "Fjordman" blog for less than a year in but continued to write on other sites critical of Islam and has called the religion an "irrational cult based on fear". He said in a blog he has never called for violence and told VG he would never write under the "Fjordman" pen name again.

CAPO – Lambo Diablo GT feat. Nimo (prod. Von SOTT & Veteran & Zeeko) [Official Audio]

Ich vermisse sie so schrecklich. Schon in den 60er-Jahren war er als Jungsozialisten dort im Sommerlager. In Internet chatter, some of the most extreme European voices even say Anders Behring Breivik wasn't xenophobic enough. Foreign-born people made up 9. But millions of those "foreigners" originally came from another EU country. The proportion of the foreign-born is low compared to the United States, but has been rising steadily and is unsettling to some in Europe, where many countries were relatively homogenous until recent generations.

As xenophobic sentiment bleeds into the mainstream, authorities are closely watching the activities of the hardened extremists. The French police unit monitoring extremist activity online registered more than 8, complaints last year of racist or xenophobic commentary. Police determined just 10 serious potential threats, according to an official with the Central Office of Judicial Police.

Endstation Definition. Crossword Dictionary.

The official was not authorized to be publicly named because of the sensitivity of his job. While most European extremists active online sought to distance themselves from Breivik, Russian neo-Nazis and far-right Russian nationalists hailed his killing spree -- and hinted of similar attacks in Russia. Religion and Democracy on Three Continents. So, how seriously must we take the ideological reasons that killers like Breivik and the September 11 terrorists invoke to justify their murders?

Anything can trigger such an act: And sometimes the killers reach for ideological justifications: The particular ideals might be unimportant — simply those that happen to be available, owing to fashion or other historical circumstances. Once a radical loser is in the mood to kill, any reason will do. But does this mean that there is no link at all between the stated views of radical clerics or politicians and the acts committed in the name of those opinions?

For all the finger pointing at Wilders, just because Breivik professed to admire him, the acts of a deranged killer, others caution, should not be used to discredit what he stands for. After all, there is nothing irrational, or murderous, about claiming that multiculturalism is a flawed ideal, or that Islam conflicts with modern Western European views of gender equality or gay rights, or that mass immigration will cause serious social conflicts.

They reacted against a rather smug liberal establishment that tended to dismiss all critical thought about immigration or non-Western faiths and traditions as racism and bigotry. But, while there was nothing intrinsically wrong with discussing the social consequences of large-scale immigration from Muslim countries, some populists in Holland, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, and other countries, went much further. This is the language of existential war, the most dangerous kind.

Indeed, the terminology of World War II is being deliberately revived. The very survival of Western civilization is at stake. But their writings and statements have been sufficiently hysterical and hateful to incite a person with an unbalanced mind. Anders Behring Breivik kann sich auch auf keine Schriften aus unserer Szene berufen die zur Gewalt aufrufen. Oder aber man nimmt seine politische Ansichten ernst. It's comforting, perhaps, to dismiss Anders Behring Breivik as nothing more than a psychotic loner. That was the view of the Conservative London mayor, Boris Johnson, among others.

The Norwegian mass killer's own lawyer has branded him "insane". It has the advantage of meaning no wider conclusions need to be drawn about the social context of the atrocity. Had he been a Muslim, as much of the western media concluded he was immediately after the terrorist bloodbath, we can be sure there would have been no such judgments — even though some jihadist attacks have undoubtedly been carried out by individuals operating alone. In fact, however deranged the bombing and shooting might seem, studies of those identified as terrorists have shown they rarely have mental illness or psychiatric abnormalities.

Maybe Breivik will turn out to be an exception. But whether his claim that there are other members of a fascistic Christian terror network still at large turns out to be genuine or not, he has clearly fostered enthusiastic links with violent far-right groups abroad, and in Britain in particular. Those include multiple contacts with the Islamophobic English Defence League, which has repeatedly staged violent protests against Muslim communities. Whatever Breivik has done, he hasn't done in isolation. For those who failed to deliver decent jobs, wages and housing, and encouraged employers to profit from low-wage migrant labour, how much easier to scapegoat minority Muslim communities than deal with the banks and corporate free-for-all that triggered the crisis?

The attempt to pathologise last Friday's slaughter and separate it from the swamp that spawned it can only ratchet up the danger to all of us. As you know, they're working their nubby fingers to the bone desperately trying to connect us to Breivik's attack, but Breivik's 'Manifesto' tells a far different story.

However, Breivik said that he turned to terrorism in response to media censorship. Who's to blame for his extremism? Die islamophoben Kreise sind durchaus weiter zu ziehen. The Visitors was first released in Sweden on November 30, Recording sessions began in March and continued until November ABBA's eighth and final album was their very bleakest, but has emerged as a favourite among many of the group's hardcore fans.

The major hit single on the album, 'One Of Us', also depicted the end of a love story. Elsewhere there were current cold war themes - highly topical at the time - and further songs of isolation and regret. Agnetha took piano lessons at the age of 6, she had her first public appearances as a singer when she was She went to Stockholm and recorded her composition. It entered the hit charts in , causing Agnetha to move to Stockholm, where she was able to visit Calle Flygare's theatre school. After her contract with Bernt Enghardt had expired, she began touring on her own, having lots of hits.

Their children Linda born February 23rd and Christian December 4th are singing with her on two of her later albums. Just 6 years old, Benny began to play accordion and changed to piano soon. After many gigs in youth clubs he became a member of the band "Elverkets Spelmanslag". Christina had two children, Peter born August 20th and Helene June 25th , but they separated soon afterwards.

They brought rock music similar to the Beatles to Sweden, getting 8 golden records as the most successful band of the sixties in Sweden. They also wrote and produced "Det vackraste", a big hit for Cecilia Vennersten in Sweden. Frida married the band's bass player Ragnar Fredriksson and had two children, Hans born January 26th and Lise-Lotte February 25th After separating from Ragnar she toured the Swedish folksparks with Lars Berghagen, then two years with Charlie Norman. See our books section. They released one or two LPs every year from to singing folk music in Swedish and English. The Hootenanny Singers provided the first hit single for the new record company Polar Music.

Benny began to play organ for the Hep Stars. After one year they produced their first LP and climbed to the top of the Swedish charts. The Hep Stars were often called the "Swedish Beatles". Until a new album was released every year. My last summer blog,. Are you sure you want to delete the topic. Are you sure you want to delete this message? Sending Paste link in email or IM. Contact us Community forum. Following is a beam positioning system which uses a "flipper" mechanism that inserts a YAG crystal into the beam. This website and all contents provided is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.

Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety Vote for Endstation best live theatre in Lynchburg Living's Best of. I drove up 29N to the familiar U-Turn spot and headed to the gravel road entrance into the vineyard.

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November 11, in Digital art Loosely inspired by the works of H. Endstation liked a video 2 months ago Mondragon Cooperative Part One. A visual documentary of the successful Mondragon Cooperative in the Basque region. Get it by Friday, Nov. Please go on surfing. The Endstation Theatre Company sets out to create theatrical experiences by heightening the theatrical convention itself.

Endstation offers the American viewer tantalizing glimpses of busy, bustling mids Vienna. Otherwise, this minor yarn of an amorous streetcar. Visit for Cast, Crew,. Doc or Shee t. MP3 Downloads - Legal, secure mp3 service with well-ordered mp3 content. Lewis Carol's classic story of Alice and her journey through Wonderland will be vividly envisioned by the Endstation artistic team.

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Paradise "Endstation Paradies, Germany " is its original name. Bliss Shop - Modern Antiques www. Michael Grob Edited by: Stand alone texts, works, or pieces of communication may have individual styles, some genres may be rigid with strictly adhered to guidelines while others may be very flexible. Genre began as a classification system for ancient Greek literature. Poetry, prose, and performance each had a specific and calculated style that related to the theme of the story.


Speech patterns for comedy would not be appropriate for tragedy, in later periods genres proliferated and developed in response to changes in audiences and creators. Genre became a tool to help the public make sense out of unpredictable art. Genre suffers from the ills of any classification system. Genre is to be reassessed and scrutinized and to works on their unique merit. While the genre of storytelling has been relegated as lesser form of art because of the heavily borrowed nature of the conventions, proponents argue that the genius of an effective genre piece is in the variation, recombination, and evolution of the codes.

The term genre is used in the history and criticism of visual art. These are distinguished from staffage, incidental figures in what is primarily a landscape or architectural painting, Genre painting may also be used as a wider term covering genre painting proper, and other specialized types of paintings such as still-life, landscapes, marine paintings and animal paintings.

The concept of the hierarchy of genres was a one in artistic theory. Genres may be determined by technique, tone, content. Genre should not be confused with age category, by which literature may be classified as adult, young adult. They also must not be confused with format, such as novel or picture book. Autor — An author is narrowly defined as the originator of any written work and can thus also be described as a writer. More broadly defined, an author is the person who originated or gave existence to anything, in the copyright laws of various jurisdictions, there is a necessity for little flexibility regarding what constitutes authorship.

The United States Copyright Office, for example, defines copyright as a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to authors of works of authorship. Technically, someone owns their work from the time its created, an interesting aspect of authorship emerges with copyright in that, in many jurisdictions, it can be passed down to another upon ones death. The person who inherits the copyright is not the author, questions arise as to the application of copyright law.

How does it, for example, apply to the issue of fan fiction. If the media responsible for the authorized production allows material from fans, what is the limit before legal constraints from actors, music. Additionally, how does copyright apply to fan-generated stories for books, what powers do the original authors, as well as the publishers, have in regulating or even stopping the fan fiction.

In literary theory, critics find complications in the term author beyond what constitutes authorship in a legal setting, in the wake of postmodern literature, critics such as Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault have examined the role and relevance of authorship to the meaning or interpretation of a text. Barthes challenges the idea that a text can be attributed to any single author and he writes, in his essay Death of the Author, that it is language which speaks, not the author.

The words and language of a text itself determine and expose meaning for Barthes, with this, the perspective of the author is removed from the text, and the limits formerly imposed by the idea of one authorial voice, one ultimate and universal meaning, are destroyed. The psyche, culture, fanaticism of an author can be disregarded when interpreting a text, because the words are rich enough themselves with all of the traditions of language. To expose meanings in a work without appealing to the celebrity of an author, their tastes, passions, vices, is, to Barthes, to allow language to speak.

Michel Foucault argues in his essay What is an author and that all authors are writers, but not all writers are authors. He states that a letter may have a signatory—it does not have an author. For a reader to assign the title of author upon any written work is to certain standards upon the text which. Foucaults author function is the idea that an author exists only as a function of a work, a part of its structure.

Radio drama achieved widespread popularity within a decade of its development in the s. By the s, it was an international popular entertainment. With the advent of television in the s, however, radio drama lost some of its popularity, however, recordings of OTR survive today in the audio archives of collectors and museums, as well as several online sites such as Internet Archive.