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Other antitrust suits under the Sherman Act followed. Roosevelt steered the United States more actively into world politics. He liked to quote a favorite proverb, "Speak softly and carry a big stick. His corollary to the Monroe Doctrine prevented the establishment of foreign bases in the Caribbean and arrogated the sole right of intervention in Latin America to the United States. Some of Theodore Roosevelt's most effective achievements were in conservation.

He added enormously to the national forests in the West, reserved lands for public use, and fostered great irrigation projects. He crusaded endlessly on matters big and small, exciting audiences with his high-pitched voice, jutting jaw, and pounding fist. C85Rx Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander, -. The battle of Lundy's Lane, 25th July, Published by the Lundy's Lane historical society. L9C9 Current history and Forum. Library has only , issues 3 and 8; and , issues 5 and 7. C8 Current, Richard Nelson. The Lincoln nobody knows. C96 Current, Richard Nelson.

Secretary Stimson, a study in statecraft. New Brunswick; Rutgers University Press. SC8 Cutright, Paul Russell, -. Theodore Roosevelt, the naturalist. Foreword by Fairfield Osborn. D-H Dale, Edwin L. Conservatives in power; a study in frustration. D28 Dallas, Francis Gregory, - Publications of the Naval history society, vol. D14 Dana, Marshall Newport, -. P58O68 Daniels, Jonathan, -. The man of Independence. D3 Daniels, Josephus, - The Navy and the nation; war-time addresses. With an introduction by John Wilber Jenkins. New York; George H.

U6D3 Daniels, Josephus, - The Wilson era; years of peace, - The Wilson era; years of war and after, - D33 Darling, Jay Norwood, -. As Ding saw Hoover. Edited by John M. With introduction by W. Ames; Iowa State College Press. A journal containing an accurate and interesting account of the hardships, sufferings, battles, defeat, and captivity of those heroic Kentucky volunteers and regulars, commanded by General Winchester, in the years Also, two narratives by men that were wounded in the battles on the river Raisin, and taken captive by the Indians.

Philadelphia; Lippincott, Grambo, and co. D23 Darrow, Clarence Seward, - The story of my life. DA3 Davenport, Charles Benedict, - Naval officers, their heredity and development, by Charles B. Washington; Carnegie institution of Washington. Papers of the Station for experimental evolution at Cold Spring Harbor, no.

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D3 Davis, George Breckenridge, - A treatise on the military law of the United States. Together with the practice and procedure of courts-martial and other military tribunals. To Appomattox; nine April days, D33 Davis, Jefferson, - The rise and fall of the Confederate Government.

Foreword by Bell I. D Davis, Kenneth Sydney, -. General Eisenhower, soldier of democracy; from boyhood to supreme commander. E35D Davis, Kenneth Sydney, -. Soldier of democracy; a biography of Dwight Eisenhower. E35D Davis, Oscar King, -. Released for publication; some inside political history of Theodore Roosevelt and his times, - D25 Davis, Paris M. An authentic history of the late war between the United States and Great Britain.

To which will be added, the war with Algiers and the treaty of peace, the treaties of peace with various tribes of North American Indians and the United States Army register and peace establishment. The Army register is a reprint of that of May 17, D26 Dawes, Charles Gates, - Notes as vice president, D22D22 Dawson, Francis Warrington, -.

Opportunity and Theodore Roosevelt. Illustrated with reproductions of documents and of African photographs taken by the author. D27 Dealey, Ted, -. Three men of Texas, and a Texas institution, "The Dallas morning news. D34M6 Decker, Joao Siegfried. Aspectos biologicos da flora Brasileira. Sao Leopoldo, Rio G. D4x De Koven, Anna Farwell -. The life and letters of John Paul Jones, by Mrs. J7D29 Deming, Therese Osterheld -. Deming, edited by Henry Collins Walsh.

New York; The Riverside press. D34D4 Denison, John Ledyard, - A pictorial history of the Navy of the United States: Illustrated with numerous engravings. New York; Henry Bill.


D46x Dennett, Tyler, -. Roosevelt and the Russo-Japanese war; a critical study of American policy in eastern Asia in , based primarily upon the private papers of Theodore Roosevelt. D32 Depew, Chauncey Mitchell, - Dx Dewey, George, - Autobiography of George Dewey, admiral of the Navy. D51D52 Dewey, Thomas Edmund, -. The case against the new deal.

Dax Dewitt, David Miller, - The impeachment and trial of Andrew Johnson, seventeenth president of the United States; history. D52 Dexter, Walter Friar, -. Herbert Hoover and American individualism, a modern interpretation of a national ideal. D48 Disclosure, the - No. Stevens, in collaboration with David Woodward. D Domville-Fife, Charles William, -. D56 Donald, David Herbert, -.

Lincoln reconsidered; essays on the Civil War era. Da Doubleday Nelson inc. Complete war map of western Europe, containing an index to more than 7, cities and towns. Published by the class of The Infantry school U. Army, Camp Benning, Georgia. Atlanta; Press of Foote and Davis Co. U6D Douglas, William Orville, -. An almanac of liberty. D67 Draper, Andrew Sloan, - The rescue of Cuba; an episode in the growth of free government. Boston, New York; Silver, Burdett and company. D76 Drinkwater, John, - Abraham Lincoln; a play. With an introduction by Arnold Bennett.

D78 Duffy, Herbert Smith, -. D85 Dumas, Alexandre, - The adventures of a Marquis. Peterson and brothers, n. R35O7x Duncan, Robert B. Brave deeds of American sailors. D91 Du Pont de Nemours E.

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Du Pont, the autobiography of an American enterprise; the story of E. D8A5 Durant, John, -. D9 Dwight, Theodore, - History of the Hartford convention: D99 Dyar, Ralph E. News for an empire; the story of the Spokesman-review of Spokane, Washington, and of the field it serves.

Caldwell, Idaho; Caxton Printers. SS6 Dyer, Frederick Henry, -. A compendium of the War of the Rebellion. With a new introduction by Bell Irvin Wiley. D Earle, Ralph, -. Life at the U. Naval academy; the making of the American naval officer. With an introduction by Franklin D.

P1E2 Economic club of Boston. President Roosevelt's railroad policy; report of a discussion before the Economic club of Boston, March 9, , including addresses by Hon.

The Civil War, Part I: Crash Course US History #20

Prouty, David Willcox, Hon. Peter Stenger Grosscup, and Prof. E2 Einstein, Lewis, -. Roosevelt, his mind in action. E35 Eisenhower, Dwight David, Pres. E Eisenhower, Dwight David, Pres. Eisenhower speaks; Dwight D. Eisenhower in his messages and speeches. Selected and edited by Rudolph L. New York; Farrar, Straus. E3A4 Eliot, Charles William, - Some roads towards peace; a report to the trustees of the Endowment on observations made in China and Japan in Carnegie endowment for international peace, Division of intercourse and education.

E Eliot, George Fielding, -. The ramparts we watch; a study of the problems of American national defense. New York; Reynal Hitchcock. E43 Eltinge, Le Roy, -. Lecture delivered February 14, , by Major Leroy Eltinge to class of provisional second lieutenants. Fort Leavenworth, Kan; Army service schools press. Ex Eltinge, Le Roy, - Lectures delivered by Le Roy Eltinge.

E Emery, Anne, -. American Friend; Herbert Hoover. New York; Rand McNally. E4 Encyclopedia of American biography. Under the editorial direction of Winfield Scott Downs in association with a notable advisory board. New York; American Historical Society. E Esthus, Raymond A. Theodore Roosevelt and Japan. Seattle; University of Washington Press. J3E8 Evans, Robley Dunglison, - An admiral's log; being continued recollections of naval life. New York and London; D. E91 Evans, Stephen Hadley, -.

The United States Coast Guard, - ; a definitive history with a postscript: E8 The Evening mail, New York. New York; The Mail and a press company. E9x Everett, Alexander Hill, - An address delivered at Salem, on the eighth of January, , at the request of the Democratic young men of that place, in commemoration of the victory of New Orleans. N5E96x Far Eastern Republic. M7F33x Far Eastern Republic. Fx Farago, Ladislas, editor. F36 Farley, James Aloysius, -. Jim Farley's story; the Roosevelt years.

New York; Whittlesey House. F Fay, Bernard, -. Roosevelt and his America. Translated from the French by Winifred Ray. F28 Federal reserve bank of Richmond. Questions and answers on the federal reserve system, edited by Chas. F Fenno, Richard F. The President's Cabinet; an analysis in the period from Wilson to Eisenhower. Sea power and freedom; a historical study. With an introduction by Bradley Allen Fiske. F52 Fischer, Louis, -. Men and politics, an autobiography. New York; Duell, Sloan and Pearce. F5A Fiske, Bradley Allen, - From midshipman to rear-admiral. New York; The Century co.

F54 Fiske, Bradley Allen, -. The navy as a fighting machine. Partly reprinted from the U. Naval institute and the North American review. F Fiske, Bradley Allen, -. Petrel and Monadnock during the time. F5 Flynn, John Thomas, -. Country squire in the White House. New York; Doubleday, Doran and company, inc. Fa Ford, Henry, - Today and tomorrow, by Henry Ford, in collaboration with Samuel Crowther. U52F6 Ford, Paul Leicester, - The Honorable Peter Stirling and what people thought of him. F7 Foulke, William Dudley, - Roosevelt and the spoilsmen.

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New York City; National civil service reform league. F76 Fox, Gustavus Vasa, - Confidential correspondence of Gustavus Vasa Fox, assistant secretary of the navy, - , edited by Robert Means Thompson and Richard Wainwright. F79 Francis, Augustus Theodore, compiler. History of the 71st regiment, N.

New York; The Veterans association, 71st regiment, N. Foreword by George Edward Lowen. Boys' book of sea fights; famous naval engagements from Drake to Beatty. With maps by the author. New York; Thomas Y. F7 Freeman, Andrew A. Abraham Lincoln goes to New York. L Freeman, Lewis Ransome, -. With illustrations from photographs by the author. Fax Freidel, Frank Burt. F74 Freidel, Frank Burt. The splendid little war. F7 Friends of France; the Field service of the American ambulance described by its members. Piatt Andrew, inspector of the Field Service. F8F Fries, Adelaide Lisetta, -.

The road to Salem. M8F83 Fries, Amos Alfred, -. F83 Frost, Holloway Halstead, - We build a navy. F81 Frothingham, Jessie Peabody. Sea fighters from Drake to Farragut. F8 Frothingham, Thomas Goddard, -. The naval history of the world war. Cambridge; Harvard university press. F75 Fuchida, Mitsuo, -. Edited by Clarke H. Kawakami and Roger Pineau, with a foreword by Raymond A. Decisive battles of the U. New York; Thomas Yoseloff.

F95 Fyfe, Henry Hamilton, -. Northcliffe, an intimate biography. N7Fa Gardner, Joseph Lawrence, -. Departing glory; Theodore Roosevelt as ex-President. G29 Garraty, John Arthur, -. Henry Cabot Lodge, a biography. L7G3 Gaulle, Charles de, -. War memoirs; translated by Jonathan Griffin. G Gauvreau, Emile Henry, -. The wild blue yonder; sons of the prophet carry on.

G3 Gebhardt, George Frederick, -. Steam power plant engineering. G George, Alexander L. George and Juliette L. G4 Gerard, James Watson, -. My four years in Germany, by James W. Gerard, late ambassador to the German imperial court. G4 Gibbons, Herbert Adams, -. Letter signed by John Wanamaker attached to front flyleaf of volume one. W24G4 Gibbs, George Fort, -. G44 Gilbert, Clinton Wallace, - The mirrors of Washington With fourteen cartoons by Cesare and fourteen portraits.

Written partly by Clinton W. Gilbert and partly by John Kirby.

G46 Gill, Charles Clifford, - Naval power in the war G Gilman, Bradley, - Roosevelt, the happy warrior. With illustrations from photographs. G5 Gleaves, Albert, - A history of the transport service; adventures and experiences of United States transports and cruisers in the world war. With illustrations and diagrams.

Gax Gleig, George Robert. A narrative of the campaigns of the British army at Washington and New Orleans. G55 Goldman, Eric Frederick, -. Rendezvous with destiny; a history of modern American reform. G58 Goltz, Colmar, freiherr von der, - The conduct of war: Translated from the German by Joseph T. G59 Gooch, George Peabody, -. History of modern Europe, Ga Goodrich, Arthur Frederick, -. Grant, a play in three acts. OM Gosnell, Harold Foote, -. G68 Gottfried, Manfred, -. Personal memoirs of U. G76 Gray, John Alexander Clinton. Annapolis; United State Naval Institute.

A1G7 Greely, Adolphus Washington, - Three years of Arctic service; an account of the Lady Franklin bay expedition of , and the attainment of the farthest north. G64 Greene, Francis Vinton, - Sketches of army life in Russia. G82 Griepenkerl, Otto F. Letters on applied tactics: Twenty-four tactical exercises dealing with the operations of small detached forces of the three arms. With numerous examples of actual orders. Worked out by Major Griepenkerl. Gx Grifflin, Solomon Bulkley, -. Murray Crane, a man and brother.

Foreword by President Coolidge. C88G7 Griscom, Lloyd Carpenter, - New York; Literary Guild of America. G76 Guedalla, Philip, - G Guerra y Sanchez, Ramiro, -. G88 Gunther, John, - Roosevelt in retrospect, a profile in history. G85 Hagedorn, Hermann, -. The boys' life of Theodore Roosevelt H14 Hagedorn, Hermann, -. The bugle that woke America; the saga of Theodore Roosevelt's last battle for his country. H Hagedorn, Hermann, -. A guide to Sagamore Hill: New York; TheodoreRoosevelt Association. The magnate, William Boyce Thompson and his time TH3 Hagedorn, Hermann, - The Roosevelt family of Sagamore Hill.

H3 Hagedorn, Herman, -. Roosevelt in the Bad Lands. Hbx Hagedorn, Hermann, -. Roosevelt, prophet of unity. The Rough riders; a romance. A23R8x Hagedorn, Hermann, -. Theodore Roosevelt; a biographical sketch and excerpts from his writings and addresses. New York; Roosevelt Memorial Association, n.

The Works Of Theodore Roosevelt

Hx Hagedorn, Herman, -. Theodore Roosevelt; a biographical sketch. H Hall, Thomas Winthrop. The Fun and Fighting of the Rough Riders. New York; Frederick A. Halstead, Murat, - Life and distinguished services of Hon. McKinley and the great issues of With an introduction by Chauncey M. The Rough Riders; Volume Oliver Cromwell; Volume Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter; Volumes African Game Trails; Volume Book-lover's Holidays in the Open; and Volume Through the Brazilian Wilderness. Books are in Good to Very Good Condition. Some of the books' joints are rubbed. Spines of several volumes are darkened to varying degrees please see first image , but part of the same numbered edition.

Gouverneur Morris and Volume African Game Trails show minor chipping to leather along spine. Books' pages remain clean and unmarked; bindings, tight. No ownership ink or bookplates. Scarce in leather-bound edition. Black Paw Books Published: The Works of Theodore Roosevelt. Very Good or better unless otherwise noted. Scribners, , National Edition, 20vols. Light foxing to endpapers. Works of Theodore Roosevelt - 20 Volumes: Theodore Roosevelt's bust on front. Bound in publisher's brown cloth. Good bindings and covers.

Presidential Address and State Papers 7 vols. This is an oversized or heavy book, which requires additional postage for international delivery outside the US. The Review of Reviews Company, Twelve volumes of an original fourteen in crimson cloth with titles less than distinct. Good, tight and with a tissue-guarded fronticpiece illustration. Most have a small dealer's plate inside of front cover. As catalogued on our datebase, beginning with the "exception. Lower corner of front panal with a severe discoloration-as shown in the second of two photos. The Winning of the West: