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From that point forward, his administration went straight to hades. He lobbied those seeking business or influence with the state government to contribute funds to the campaign to pass the lottery.

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Mobile Press-Register reporter Eddie Curran eventually uncovered this crime — and many other similar shady deals sponsored by the Siegelman administration. One particularly-enjoyable section concerns Lanny Young — a Siegelman backer and lobbyist who committed multiple crimes on behalf of firms seeking to open landfills in Alabama. Eventually, the situation came to a head and Curran repeatedly cursed a Siegelman staffer during a phone call. The Siegelman administration attempted to have Curran fired from the Register , but he kept his job. The first thread — which accounts for most of the book — is amazing, and makes the book well worth reading.

The other threads should have been shortened by about half. Also, the book has a fair number of typos.

None of these tactics worked and both men were convicted. Don Siegelman could have been a great one. If reality is at all defined by the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, then give Jill Simpson and Scott Horton their due. The long entry on Siegelman provides the basics on his political career, but most of it devoted to the vast conspiracy, and from a decidedly pro-Siegelman point of view. Some but my no means all of the conspiracy-related Wikipedia subheads are: Scott Horton is the only journalist introduced by name, with Wikipedia.

Needless to say, not true. There is some self-reference going on here. If you go to DonSiegelman. For the entire entry, go here.

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Construction stories and after the public announcement of a state- federal criminal investigation into the warehouse deal. On Leaving the Newspaper,. My sabbatical no pay, no benefits was into its third year. I still had a desk with pictures, files, and such but rarely went down there. Mike said they were working on the budget and needed to know if I was coming back. If so, I would need to return in two weeks. Here, from the Epilogue: I also told Mike that I had some misgivings about coming back, regardless of the date.

Our paper, like those everywhere, is thinner. Ad revenues are down, which translates to less space, less money to pay a reporter who may go weeks or longer without a story. Editors might say otherwise, but there is no way, under the current circumstances, that a reporter could have done the work I was doing when I left. Nothing would be more miserable than killing myself on a project, only to see it trimmed to nothing.

The records also cover events leading up to and including the trial, the sentencing and appeals, and my critical look at the national media coverage of the Siegelman case.

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The collection — 20, pages of stories, notes, e-mails and records — is now available for review and research at the university's Springhill Avenue Campus. For the story on Al. Campaign Against Alabama Public. The Alabama Public Service Commission has the embarrassing distinction of allowing the state's largest utility a mind-boggling and nation-leading rate of return on equity allowed profit in excess of 14 percent. Alabama Power's profit never dips below 13 percent. The national average for electricity monopolies is about 9 percent. If Terry Dunn were to succeed in bringing the company's profits even halfway to the national average, the monthly power bills of Alabama citizens -- rich, poor, elderly, middle class, owners of business -- would go down.

That's not theory, it's fact.

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In August , I embarked on a one-person, self-funded investigative journalism project into the efforts to smear Dunn. Dunn Goes to Montgomery. District Judge Mark Fuller said the contributions were not reported on campaign finance forms or on tax returns for two years. The cartoon at the upper left was by Press-Register cartoonist J. Crowe, who designed the cover. That Suckered Some of the. With the possible exception of the New York Times , no one deserves more scorn for its coverage of the matter than Scott Pelley and "60 Minutes. My utter disbelief in this piece led me to expand an already long book to include a detailed analysis of the national media's coverage of the Siegelman case.

Here is copy from the promo for the Siegelman report, published on "60 Minutes" web-site days before the show's Feb. If you believe Don Siegelman got shafted by over-zealous, intensely partisan prosecutors you will find the case presented against him in great detail, making it easier for you to contradict with opposing evidence.

I consider Don Siegelman a personal friend and this book has not changed my mind. Amount paid to Siegelman as "legal fees" during his four. To find out how he managed that, read,. Above, a portion of Siegelman's financial disclosure to the Ethics Commission reporting his outside income for , his second year as Alabama's governor. Jill Simpson, shown on the right, appeared on Abrams' show the night after the "60 Minutes," piece, and managed to expand on what she'd told Scott Pelley.

In truth, party figures weren't even aware of her existence. With the help of Siegelman, Scrushy and their lawyers and operatives, Simpson. House Judiciary Committee and. I challenge anyone including the reporters and editors at the offending. Reporting on the Siegelman case by the World's Greatest Newspaper. We Caught The Wrong Bass". Photo by Charles Nesbitt of the Birmingham News.

Many say the stories reporting that Birmingham trial lawyer. Lanny Vines was the real buyer of Siegelman's house for at least. The Record that Revealed. Shown above is a page from discovery questions presented to Vines by attorneys for Vines' former accountant, Wray Pearce, who Vines was suing in a case involving federal taxes. The accountant had been acting as Vines' Straw Man. The tenor of their stories reflected a degree of skepticism not to be found in the national reports, to say nothing of basic fact checking.

Stewart said it would be most improbable for a veteran politician like Siegelman to have conceded under the terms described by Simpson. Several weeks later Beyerle gave his readers the most thorough examination yet of the KKK farce. Siegelman conceded for a number of reasons, Espy said. Siegelman, his election lawyers and criminal attorneys — top tier Democrats all -- said they had never heard of the KKK deal or the vanishing investigation offer The office of G. The following is from the book, with prosecutor Steve Feaga asking witness David Campbell to describe the function of G.

Construction on the project. Campbell represented a bonding firm that insured the project. This, from the book: The unsmiling witness, making no effort to conceal his contempt for G. Our landlord made it look easy, rising from his second or third submersion with a thrashing lobster in his net. He said goodbye, wished me luck, and handed over the net and tickle stick. In the next hour I dove down dozens of times, each time rising to blow water from my snorkel, suck in a lungful of air, and repeat, without once seeing a lobster. When finally I spied antennae protruding from the rock crevices, the finding bit became easy.

It was like one of those patterns shown to children that suddenly reveals itself as something else entirely, and from that point on, reveals itself again and again. Catching them is the fun if most difficult part. The trick is to goad the nocturnal creatures from their safe havens. One reaches over or around them, and often around rocks as well, to gently tap their tail with the tickle stick. Tap too rough, and dinner whooshes away.

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Play it right, and the confused lobster eases into open water and out of its element. Hunter again reaches around prey, this time with the net, placing it open-faced and inches behind the tail. Quick, like setting a hook in a fish, you bop it in the nose with the tickle stick. The lobster, now a rocket in reverse, propels itself backwards and, one hopes, deep into the net, which must be twisted sharply to prevent the hyped up crustacean from escaping.

Burning for air, you emerge from the blue water, holding high the squirming trophy. But they should be cleaned before being dropped in the roiling water. Our landlord demonstrated how this was done. Then the landlord dropped it in the water. The lobster issued a high-pitched whine as it perished. Then our landlord chuckled. It was hard to shake.

I was as I deserved to be on the receiving end of a sharp reprimand from my editors. If I ever did that again, or anything close to it, I was gone.


Fired, finished, no matter what. To my everlasting gratitude, he did not. Mike said I should chill out for several weeks, work on other things, and wait. Siegelman, I knew, had skilled, ruthless opposition researchers at his disposal. These are the guys used by politicians to scour the backgrounds of opponents in search of misdeeds for use in negative campaign ads and the like.