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I was also concerned by the "bad boy" as Cassidy's romantic match. I'm all for getting to know people that are different from you rather than scorning them based on preconceptions. However, Cassidy's father was portrayed as unreasonable when he expressed concern about her friendship with the "trouble" kids. Granted, his stated reasons were bad ones appearances , but I'd have a talk with my child if they started hanging out with "the bad crowd. Christians and non-Christians were portrayed realistically with both the good and the bad.


Cassidy finds a book, "RL," that's like a Bible and gives her guidance about her situation. Also, this time I usually didn't see how the stories even related to Cassidy's situation. Granted, everything was tied together into an a-ha moment near the end, but I prefer how the RL book was handled in the previous two books. There was a very minor amount of bad language in the "he cussed" or "Don't say it! There was no sex.

Overall, I'd recommend this novel as well-written, clean reading. I received this book as an ARC review copy from the publisher. Nov 10, Sarah Ryburn rated it liked it Shelves: Well, this little book doesn't seem to be getting many stars on GR an average rating of 2.

Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life, book 3) by Nancy Rue

It's also rather like a fairy tale or The Wizard of Oz meets The Odyssey as Cassidy meets up with a motley but endearing cast of characters that assist her through various challenges and temptations on her journey "home. If not to her "old life" to a "real life. There's some cheese; nevertheless, the book holds a solid message.

That's the "real life" message of the book, and Cassidy finds remarkable freedom in learning to say "please" as in "please help me because I'm not in control" and "thank you" as in real gratitude for all things, not just for winning or otherwise getting her way. Those are two pretty straight-forward messages.

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Another I particularly liked comes from a romantic subplot: One of the motley crew says to Cassidy, "I can be more than one thing. Cassidy refines the concept later in offering forgiveness to another character. She remarks that one mistake doesn't define who you are. Nov 26, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: Cassidy is a high school sports star, pushing herself and being pushed by her father to be the best. When a blown ACL puts her on the bench, she's not really sure what to do with herself.

Her brother's med-student fiancee gives her some "supplements" to help with the healing process. The "supplements," of course, turn out to be steroids, and Cassidy is busted.

UNCLE DREW - ALL CHAPTERS (Basketball Short Film)

Now, she needs to find out who she is besides sports star, and she must decide if she even wants to be an athlete anymore. Helping her Cassidy is a high school sports star, pushing herself and being pushed by her father to be the best. Helping her along the way is a mysterious book that seems to give her the exact answers she needs when she needs them.


This was a clean read with nothing objectionable sex, language, etc. However, taking out anything objectionable also takes away some of the realism and makes it impossible to totally believe all the characters--especially Cassidy's new "at-risk" classmates. Christian teens will find this mildly interesting; they may be more interested in it if they are athletes and can relate to Cassidy's drive to succeed on the court. Non-Christian teens may find the RL book to be confusing, not having the background to recognize the parables being referenced.

I won this in a goodreads giveaway. Nov 12, Antonia rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Tournaments, cocoa and one wrong move was kind of slow and really predictable at the beginning. I felt that need to just put down the book but I didn't I kept on reading. I mean I knew right away that Cassidy was on 'steroids' because of Gretchen.

I also knew from the moment in the office when Rafe started calling Cassidy a loser I knew they would end up together as a couple. Even though a book is kind of boring if it is predictable this book pulled itself together near the end. I enjoyed the en Tournaments, cocoa and one wrong move was kind of slow and really predictable at the beginning. I enjoyed the ending partially because it was over. I also was a little dissapointed in the RL book. I understand that Nancy Rue wanted this book to guide Cassidy to the right path but I just thought it was weird and unnesesary.

I enjoyed though the way the author developed her characters espeecially with Cassidy's dad Trent Brewster. I mean even though my dad isn't as bad as Trent he still pushes me alot in sports and academics but mostly sports. I also loved that in the beginnig of the book Cassidy didn't have a strong connection with her mom but after she tore her ACL and started making her on decisions and going to physical theraoy they developed a close relationship. Overall I rated the book a three it could've been a four if it was a little more "exciting".

Dec 19, Sofia Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Typical Cassidy- "See , I think that's a weird question. Why would you want to put yourself out there without wanting to be the best? And it all goes down with one fall… Cassidy Brewster, whose love and skill for basketball seem immeasurable, feels lost when a fall on the court leaves her knee swelling to three times its size. Will Typical Cassidy- "See , I think that's a weird question. Will she ever be able to play again? And when a med student offers her supplements in secret should she take them?

Her perfectionism and longing to be the best are something many girls can relate to. But as she is rid of the thing she loves most Cassidy learns lessons she couldn't have learned always being the star. I certainly recommend this book to all girls who think they have to be "perfect" I'm there too. God loves us all just the way we are. Sep 25, Gregandemy rated it it was ok Shelves: Won on Goodread's first reads giveaways! I'd rate this somewhere between a 2 and 3. It was not bad and I liked it better then I thought I would,but it was just shy of making it to 3 stars for me.

I thing just 'one Wrong Move' would have been a catchier title. I liked that it was a clean, motivating story for young adults. I would have no problem passing it on to some of the teenage girls in our church. It had a nice story, characters that were likable and experienced growth. The "magic" bible was Won on Goodread's first reads giveaways! The "magic" bible was more creative then quoting scriptures while still sharing the same messages.

Not bad, just not something I care to read more of. Oct 15, Kelly Knapp rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Kelly by: Slow starting, this book began warming and set a steady pace. Cassidy feels like a real teen and one can empathize with making a mistake and trusting the wrong person.

After all, this series is called, "Real Life" and you don't find the answers in a book In that case, say so. Don't make it mysterious and call it "RL". While I liked this book, the first two in the series Slow starting, this book began warming and set a steady pace. While I liked this book, the first two in the series were better. Dec 07, Jennifer Gatherum rated it liked it.

I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads! This was a good Christian book. It tells the story of Cassidy Brewster - a high school basketball star who is injured and makes some poor choices during her recovery. One day she discovers the RL book, which is very similar to the Bible. The RL book helps her get her life in order and helps her realize what she values most. The book has a good message. Sep 01, Mark Lichtenfeld rated it really liked it. I love religious fiction and Nancy does a nice job negotiating between secular teen life and growing religious conviction.

Cassidy's journey from high school basketball star to garden variety student with a big heart is a testament to what a dose of religious teaching can do for a high school teen suddenly thirsting for direction.