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Aber es gibt mehr Modelle zum Aufbau einer Familie: Jetzt in deutschen Familien gibt es eine ziemlich niedrige Geburtenrate. Jede Sache soll sich auf ihrer Stelle befinden, es soll die ideale Sauberkeit und die Ordnung herrschen. Sowohl zu reiche Familien, als auch zu arme Familien, sind in Deutschland eine Minderheit. Die meisten Deutschen leben medium wie alle anderen auch. Wahrscheinlich sind deshalb viele Deutsche mit dem Leben zufrieden: Joseph war der beliebteste Sohn seines Vaters, und er war auch ein gehorsamer Mann in den Augen Gottes.

Es gibt mehrere Charaktere in der Bibel, aber das Leben von Joseph lehrt uns alle etwas, das auf unser ganzes Leben anwendbar sein kann. Lisa und Laura Roecker, Am Ende des Jahres, Vor neunundzwanzig Jahren ist er gestorben. Bissie bei neunundzwanzig angekommen war. Meistens kamsie bis neunundzwanzig.

Juli , Deutschland, Null-Zone bei Berlin. Neunundzwanzig Starts hatten die sechs Schwimmerinnen und Schwimmer aus der Amperstadt erreicht und stellten damit das This app has been given almost personal reviews by Facebook users. Here we have some basic polling functionality which is just another way of gaining user information. If you have a large following on Facebook this app is a great way to bring in some honest feedback from your visitors. The results can be tweeted or shared onto your blog directly from the app.

Active forums have been running on the web for decades now. If you find yourself caught with a large fan base interested in discussing your topic, this app may be perfect for your page. Users who are logged into Facebook may immediately begin posting or creating topics. Encourage responses by helping the tab stand out, or include a brief link in your page description. If you can, include the app after you have at least or more fans, else your forums will most likely appear as a ghost town and scare off potential fans.

Chances are you already have a personal account or have created a branded account under your fan page. Either way is fine, Skype offers an organic solution to meet and converse with your fans. This may as well be my personal favourite Facebook application. Streaming has become amazingly popular amongst the tech-savvy individuals running the Internet.

You can share information a lot quicker and more directly. On the installed Livestream tab your visitors will also be presented with a comment box.

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They may respond to your streams in real-time and chat with others viewing your content. A bountiful share button is also included so your fans may push out your page links to the dozens of available networks. As you gain more fans your profile will gain more exposure, leading to a lot more followers.

Facebook will include a link for your page once it has been created and activated. Update your status and share this link to all your fellow Facebook friends. This could be done in your footer area, or possibly via a small Facebook icon somewhere on the page. Perhaps a graphic or digital flyer advertisement which you can share on Flickr or Twitter.

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Create a small introductory video and upload to the YouTube is another powerful attention-grabbing method. It seems brands like Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Digg, and others are commonplace by modern day Internet users. Twitter and Tumblr seem to be growing out of control. I would recommend capitalizing on them if possible, but follow your intuition.

This rings true especially with the ease of importing RSS feeds. You may even reciprocate links back to your Facebook fan page for legitimacy. The killer of almost all the brands I came across is they have too little activity. Infrequently checking into your project will not move anything.

This process could be daily, biweekly, weekly, or even multiple times a week. Information is the flowing economy of the 21st century, this is true especially for networks like Facebook, users are hungry for more information. Be sure to follow some basic guidelines for writing web copy. Users tend to lose faith and become discouraged to your brand. The power lies in your control of information flow. These can be found all around the web with possibly hundreds of thousands of backlinks. This is a great strategy as fans will also visit their official website. This is a sort of roundup collection containing provisions to get you started on the right path.

Facebook is a big network and it takes some practice to get comfortable with. I hope this guide has driven you to set up a unique and trendy Facebook fan page. Following the steps explained above will get you well into the ranks of fan pages listed on the Facebook network. Besides, your account will also likely to be picked up by Google to transfer some great marketing attention onto your branding or event.

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Stay focused and hold your intentions strong. Over time the process of creating a product or website can become stale and boring. If you are running a WordPress-powered website, its security should be your primary concern. How to keep you blog away from the bad guys for good?

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For starters, make sure you are always updated with the latest version of WordPress. Besides it is so easy, it has also been one of the most used plugin to secure your WP-powered website. It finds the vulnerabilities in your site and offer useful tips on removing them. Login Lockdown Login Lockdown will help you to lock attempts for a period of time on logging in to your admin panel after a number of attempts. It could be used as an alternative to the WordPress Backup Manager. It acts on the SSL encryption and is really useful against hackers or people trying to get unallowed access to your panel.

It is the rival for the Chap Secure Login Plugin. User Locker If you want to avoid brute-force hacking your site, then the User Locker plugin is right for you. Limit Login Attempts Limit Login Attempts blocks the internet address from making further attempts after a specified limit on retries is reached, making a brute-force attack difficult or impossible. Login Encryption Login Encrypt is a security plugin. One Time Password This unique plugin will help you to set a one-time password for your login, in order to prevent logging of unwanted users from internet cafes or such.

Antivirus Antivirus is a quite popular security plugin which will help you to keep your blog secured against bots, viruses and malwares. Bad Behavior Bad Behavior is the plugin which helps you fight with those annoying spammers. Exploit Scanner Search the files and database of your WordPress install for signs that may indicate that the files or the database has fallen victim to malicious hackers. This plugin attempts to block away all malicious queries attempted on your server and WordPress blog.

It works in background, checking for excessively long request strings i. It is wise to hide it from unauthorized login. Keeping backup copies of your entire WordPress blog is as important as keeping the site safe from hackers. If the latter fail, at least you still have the clean backup files to revert. Another big security loophole is having your directories and all its files exposed and accessible to public.

If it shows blank or redirect you back to home page, you are safe. However, if you see screen similar to the image below, you are not. One of the safest ways to keep your WordPress site safe is to make sure your files are always updated to the latest release.

Here are couple of ways practices you can do:. Is your password safe? A strong and safe password is more than just something memorable with numbers e. For starters, it should consist of more than 12 characters with the combination of numbers and alphabets in lower and uppercases. The connection between your visitors can be tightened up as they will be able to share news directly with each other. The social media revolution has taken a sharp turn for the best with these fantastic new toolbar software packages.

Likewise your visitors will be eager to check these out and share your content. These all include standard share links with profile information and possible customizations. Ultimately the choice is yours for which software would work best on your website. As a webmaster your content truly is king. The ability to connect with others online today is unlike anything ever seen before. Your visitors now have the option to run full in-browser group chats and Instant Message conversations directly from your toolbar. Not only this, but the most prominent examples also include sharing features to shorten page links and get them out into the biggest networks for truly viral marketing.

Your average user will enjoy this interconnectivity as is shaves time off their visit. In web design and user experience design the quickest solutions are often the best ones. Along with an overview of each toolbar I will be offering a standard protocol for installing each one. The most popular toolbars fully support the big CMS systems of today. In fact, I find it a whole lot easier to customize and move the code around in my own website. Integration features are phenomenal amongst the whole cast of toolbar options. Twitter and Facebook are the standard components for a toolbar launch and are often included with any online branding, but you will also find direct RSS imports and YouTube video support as well.

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This means your visitors can track the latest posts and even watch embedded YouTube videos directly from your website! Meebo is one of my favourite services in web 2. The social components of their website are vast and ever-changing. This will bring you right onto the toolbar page which explains some features and offers a brief demo clip of how the toolbar looks. However for those without an user account it only takes a few seconds to fill in data and confirm their rules. Again another small yet convenient titbit. The second step of registration requires your website name and URL.

After you download their. Meebo has actually offered steps to walk you through the line of processes required to edit each custom CMS or even your own personal HTML webpage. After this everything should be up and running properly on your website. Now we can move into customizations and personalizing your toolbar. If enabled, you can give your visitors the option of sharing your content on their own accounts. This means your Meebo toolbar will work for both displaying content and sharing it via the World Wide Web.

If turned on, your visitors may click and drag images, videos, and other media from your page directly into their sharing application of choice. This will automatically include a new short link to your article and update their account at the press of a button. As you begin to build a loyal fan base you should notice more and more content going viral. The amount of network sharing is unlimited and poses for a vast selection of opportunities. With Facebook and Twitter alone your website could gain tens of hundreds of backlinks on just a single article with your own Meebo Toolbar.

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You are able to customize individual apps on your toolbar and select integration services such as Twitter and Facebook. The bar is also displayed towards the bottom of your web page in all browsers. The JavaScript code is indeed also very similar. Your visitors will be able to share links and access your social services or RSS feeds.

One area Wibiya is lacking is support for a larger chat base. Although the toolbar does support group chat apps, Meebo hosts a very large network of users which far exceeds what Wibiya could offer. But the Wibiya toolbar goes above and beyond to demonstrate the most popular networks in social media. You can install a basic free version with no strings attached. The installation process is again offered in step-by-step format for those less technical in mindset. This will open a page featuring a small signup for holding details for your new toolbar. Here you must select a choice for your custom toolbar theme.

After picking your toolbar style we move onto step 3 where things get juicy. Wibiya features a fully stocked app store for your toolbar. If you would rather add this info later just choose 1 or 2 apps for now, as you can always customize the toolbar apps from your account dashboard. Just find a place in your code where JavaScript can reside ideally before the closing. Initially the Wibiya website may seem a bit daunting.

So spend some time in your admin backend panel and see what features you can work with. The first place I recommend stopping by is the web applications directory. This will spring you onto a new page with dozens of possible web apps to choose from. Spend some time playing around with each of the apps in your toolbar. Only through trial and error will you figure out an angelic combination to fit your website perfectly. Also try gathering feedback from your visitors to see which apps they find the most useful for sharing and interacting with others.

Click here and you will be presented with daily updates on your traffic stats.

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Not only this, but Wibiya also records traffic and usage of individual app from your toolbar. This means you can see who is sharing your links and over what networks Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook in real time! Amazing technology which initially took me by surprise. This is where a majority of your edits can be made to customize look, colors, placement, and interaction with your Wibiya toolbar. There are a lot of possible features to edit and append into Wibiya. If you have the convenience spend some time in a sandbox, install on a test website or blog. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Wibiya installation process and customization with new apps.

Their website explains a lot of what the social toolbar is about and why it was built. Specifically the instant messaging and chat groups are very popular with BumpIn. Their network was designed in a social manner where users are able to share chat invites between one-another easily. The toolbar code is super light and runs very quickly from page-to-page. One of the best features I enjoy is instant notifications to all your visitors. This means if you have a new post or new information to share it can be sent directly to all your current and incoming traffic on the website.

Visitors browsing your page will instantaneously be shown a notification popup with details and a link, if you choose so. In the left sidebar you can sort the app list by popular, social, chat, and other options. This may be the longest step of the process, but well worth a great outcome. The most common options like Twitter and Facebook are obviously available to select, but interestingly enough BumpIn supplies a few new features which can tie into your own RSS feed. Inside you can customize the color, opacity, icon set, and positioning of your toolbar.

If you enter a URL for your website it can be loaded in the lower portion of the page window. This overlays the BumpIn social media bar and displays a demo of what your website would look like given your current styles. Here you can change some more advanced display settings, but the default is usually fine. There is no requirement for acceptance or review process.

If there were no errors in your report you should be directed to the embed code page. The instructions say to copy and paste their code directly before the closing.

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Again if you are a WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla!