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Some find themselves sleeping too much due to constant fatigue, but wakefulness is more common. Depression can increase your susceptibility to pain.

25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

A fine example is soldiers in wartime getting a finger shot off and being carried off the field in a state of euphoria, laughing. Pain is made worse or better depending on your psychological state. In other words, you want to be more certain before making decisions — and struggle to trust your gut feelings.

You have to consider many different factors but the top level of decision making is the gut feeling.

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Low mood This is, of course, the most obvious sign of depression. Decrease in libido Anhedonia can also have an impact on your sex life.

Insomnia and fatigue Many people with depression report disturbance to their sleep patterns. Topics Life and style Happy for life. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The Avocado Toast guy was right. The reason they will be taken care of and that I feel creatively and professionally satisfied, is that I have taken a lot of big risks. I dropped out of college this gave me a two year head start on a lot of people.

I left a good job. I bit off more than I can could chew many times.

Are you depressed without knowing it?

Why could I take those risks? Because I had been responsible.

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I had money saved. I knew what was important to me. I had built a support network. I eliminated the tiny risks so I could take the right ones. That would mean zero planning or foresight. Nothing has wasted more millennial time than the cult of travel for its own sake. What did you really do? What was the purpose of any of it? Old people are wise. Which do you want to be? Who is to say you have that much time? A year in New York can be transformative, ten years will ossify you. Not to compare yourself, as I said, but to learn.

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The dissections of the lives of powerful, ambitious people will teach you so much, and save you some much pain and heartache and disaster. Not at 20, not before you can afford it obviously, and not some expensive albatross that weighs you down, but something reasonable, that you love. Owning a home is having a home. The center I revolve around.

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I will be reflecting happily on all of it. What no one sits there and thinks is how glad they are that they got good at video games, how many restaurants they ate at, the time they spent chasing girls or boys, or political arguments they got into. There are many many many more wasteful and regrettable things we do than work. Pouring yourself into something you believe contributes to the world is one of the best ways to feel content and accomplished. No one should die before they have done this.

Life is not found in shortcuts, but in doing the hard stuff and if it really did work, then why are do they need to them over and over and over again? Hallucinogens are to insight what Oxy is to pain relief. My biggest regret is time I have spent being envious or jealous or hating.

It only makes you unhappier. Find what you love about people, what you can be grateful for in them, even if that is a minor part of them. Any fool can learn by experience, I prefer to learn by the experiences of others, is how Bismark put it. Too many to count. I used to see people in restaurants with kids and sort of pity them. The other day I was in a restaurant with my kid, having a great time and then I realized: Shit, these people have been having all the fun.

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I was the one being an idiot. That Steve Jobs line about how the rules were made up by people no smarter than you. The more value you deliver in life, the most freedom and power you have. Sometimes competition makes you better, but more often than not, as Peter Thiel explained , it just eats up resources. The best way to do that? Do only the things you can do. Or you will be endlessly comparing yourself against other people, which will not only be a major distraction, it will make you miserable. More money, more promotions, more attention. Every day have a to-do list.

Even on the weekends. So many people have big goals for the future. Then you can ask yourself with each opportunity and choice: Is this getting me closer or further away?

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I know my ideal day and more importantly, I know when I have gotten too far from it. Life is too short to not live the way you want. If you read a lot, take notes on what you read and transfer those notes into a commonplace book , where you can organize your thoughts. Organizing it into a system means it will be so much easier to retrieve when you need it. Get the secret book list here! This article was originally published on Thought Catalog. Sign in Get started. Do Ridiculous Things Some of the best decisions of my life came out of total irresponsibility and whim.

Be in a Long Term Relationship.