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This, it's hoped, will cool the crowds. But the plan backfires tremendously. Word spreads among the crowd that people are getting through, which only worstens the situation. Emboldened by their numbers, they pushed within a few meters of the barricades. Guards stood nervously with their weapons. If things got out of hand, I wondered, would they shoot? Inside his lighted,glass-walled command post, the beefy Doberman of a post commander stood dialling and redialling his telephone…. Suddenly, a breakneck run by VfB and poor marking by their opponents transforms into a powerful cross.

Fritz Walter leaps up, heads it straight into the goal, and runs off with both fists in the air. But when Ziegenhorn explains the situation, one of the ministers asks: For close to two hours he had been dealing with an unprecedented and threatening situation. He had received no substantive replies to his urgent, repeated requests for guidance. He had been on duty for a dozen hours and would be there, at a minimum, all night….

He had provided twenty-five years of loyal service at Bornholmer…he also knew the GDR was in trouble, yet he remained willing ton a dark November morning to put on his uniform and report for a twenty-four hour shift. Now his superiors were questioning his ability to provide an accurate situation report and suggesting he was a coward. A man who had not disobeyed an order in nearly three decades had, with that insult, been pushed too far.

At this point Jager is scared of himself and his men. All of them carry pistols, and there are machine-guns ready for use. How long will it be before one of his people gets nervous? He has been in the eastern city of Rostok to cover a demonstration and is still driving back to Berlin. This being East Germany, the roads are empty.

Berlin Wall: How the Wall came down, as it happened 25 years ago

I turned on the car radio and I almost fainted. I felt for a surreal moment as if I had crossed into an alternative universe. They had abandoned the music. At this time, of course, no border crossings have been opened. It's unclear if Millar is misremembering the event, or if the news misreported it.

A police car uses its loudspeaker to tell them they must go and get a visa, but few listen. Along the length of the wall, at Checkpoint Charlie , the Sonnenallee , and elsewhere, thousands of people are trying to get through. VfB Stuttgart, the home team, are very much the underdogs against the powerful Bayern Munich. Coach Arie Haan plays a squad including Berlin-born Guido Buchwald , who marked Maradonna out of the World Cup final, and played on the side which brought Paul Gascoigne to tears that same year. One photographer even sends out a picture of them captioned as East Germans celebrating their successful crossing.

An aerial view of the Wall in the s. Stasi agents observing their position note their powerful spotlights switching on. Now Tom Brokaw and his team are preparing to film.

The problem is, nobody is crossing. The borders aren't actually open yet.


As one, the members stand up and applaud. Earlier in the mess hall, he watched Schabowski's press conference , yelling "bullshit! He has called his boss, Colonel Rudi Ziegenhorn, who told him that nothing has changed. Only now there are people queuing up at the checkpoint's Eastern entrances. Within minutes of Schabowski's announcement, ten or twenty turn up. The Bornholmer Street bridge in The Party spokesman's English is not good. Asked if his words meant freedom of travel ofr East Germans, he says: As he comes out of the interview, all the other journalists ask him if it's true.

Brokaw shouts over his shoulder: The Wall is coming down. One complains that the travel application offices are all closed. Another calls to ask whether they are allowed to leave by train. Stasi phone-tapping logs will later show that journalists are still confused about just what the announcement meant. At this moment, he makes a motto for the rest of the night: As the historian Mary Elise Sarotte later writes:. Act as if the Wall were open. In dealing with the various Communist governments in this period, there was always a high degree of scepticism about anything they said that they were going to do, because very often they would simply make promises that they were not going to fulfil.

I thought this was potentially something, but we had to see what the real practical effects were going to be. Suddenly, his driver and a newspaper editor burst into the awards ceremony and run up to him to tell him what they think they've heard. Momper immediately goes backstage to watch a video replay of the conference. Egon Krenz, the newly-installed Party secretary, who thought the new travel regulations would save the regime. Reuters is first, with the report:.

What will happen to the Berlin Wall? Information has already been provided in connection with travel activities.

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Surely the debate about these questions um will be positively influenced if the FRG and NATO also agree to and implement disarmament measures in a similar manner to that of the GDR and other socialist countries. Thank you very much. Schabowski looks at his papers and finds to his surprise that it is. Finally, the Telegraph's Daniel Johnson stands up and asks: After a pause, he says: This is the last question, yes, please understand!

The papers say nothing about the 4am embargo, nothing about November Nobody has explained to him that this means "immediately tomorrow". Everyone is clearly very excited about something. He stalls while he checks the paper, claiming the press have already received a copy they have not.

He starts reading through the regulations very rapidly. Grounds for denial will only be applied in particular exceptional cases. Therefore um , we have decided today um to implement a regulation that allows every citizen of the German Democratic Republic um to um leave the GDR through any of the border crossings. Years later, he will admit that he has been tipped off to ask it by the head of the East German news agency.

Fall of the wall: How has Germany changed since the collapse of the Berlin Wall?

Um We know about this tendency in the population, this need of the population, to travel or to leave the GDR. And um we have ideas about what we have to bring about Earlier today the veteran anchor has been speaking with Jens Reich, a professor who leads the unofficial opposition in East Germany.

It just seemed like a run-of-the-mill thing. These things were always important to watch, because signals were being sent. I would love to be able to tell you that I knew it was going to happen, but no one did. Two years ago, editor Max Hastings told him: Now he is back, having flown out just the previous day. But already he is bored.

We all trooped into a dreary hall at the international press centre in the Motzstrasse. Most of the questions came from tame East German journalists and the wait for a chance to get the microphone was almost unbearable. It seemed like a non-event. Krenz has told him it is important, but has not told him about the 4am embargo. It is not even clear if he has read the document.

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Schabowski will later claim he skimmed over it in the car, but others who rode with him will say he did not. Tonight he will be attending the theatre with his wife; as far as he is concerned, the politicians can handle it from here. Most of the ministers, however, are still in a meeting of the party's Central Committee. Their deadline to object to the new laws has just expired.

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  5. While he has done such conferences before, this is the first to be broadcast live on state television. He is tired, hungry, and running mostly on adrenaline. The communist nation, established by the Soviets at the end of the Second World War, is deeply in debt to the capitalist West German state. Meanwhile, a wave of revolutions is sweeping across the rest of the Eastern Bloc. Poland has already held free elections, and Mikhail Gorbachev, the reform-minded Soviet leader, has not stopped them.

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    In Czechoslovakia, Easterners occupy the West German embassy. Mass demonstrations in Dresden and Leipzig demand democratic reforms. But the Berlin Wall, built practically overnight in to stop the 'brain drain' of talented people from East into West Germany, still stands. Known to ordinary East Germans as 'horseface', he promises reform, but it is only a few months since he praised the Chinese crackdown in Tiananmen Square during a state visit.

    The demonstrations - and the emigrations - continue. In the first nine days of November, another thirty thousand East Germans flee through Czechoslovakia, and the Czech government is nearing the end of its patience. Under pressure from his allies, Krenz convenes a set of meetings designed to head off the crisis. The task of drafting a new travel law falls to four mid-level bureaucrats. What they come up with slightly exceeds their authority: The law is carefully written to keep the regime in controle, noting that passports and permissions are still required, and does not come into effect until 4am on November Events, however, are about to intervene.

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    Mary Elise Sarotte - The Collapse: The Fall of the Soviet Empire Phoenix. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Friday 14 September How the Wall came down, as it happened 25 years ago The fall of the Berlin Wall ended 40 years of division between the capitalist west and the communist east. Here, 25 years later to the minute, is how it happened. That day, Anatoly Chernyaev, an advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev, writes in his diary: As he later writes: The next morning, she says: Now, Andrea turns to the others, giggles, and asks: East Berliners climb the Wall, some time after midnight As he will later tell The Telegraph: Michael Meyer , who was there, describes what happened next: He is allowed to go through, but the huge, drunken throng of West Berliners makes this difficult: Millar decides to go through on foot, and the Bear offers to look after his car.

    Ralph Wild recalls the moment: Inside his lighted,glass-walled command post, the beefy Doberman of a post commander stood dialling and redialling his telephone… GOAL! The players are ready. The referee blows his whistle. The match is on. An aerial view of the Wall in the s As the historian Mary Elise Sarotte later writes: As he later tells The Telegraph: Egon Krenz, the newly-installed Party secretary, who thought the new travel regulations would save the regime He ends the conference at 7: Enter your email address.

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