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Onix, Marfim, Ferro e Pedra. EI Hombre con Sombrero. Equipo "Testimonio deI Absurdo Diario". Pinturas e Desenhos 9. Gonzales - Pinturas Los cuatro con amplia trayectoria y con calidades similares. The contemporary plastic arts of Ecuador is going through a period of search and confirmation of its values. The powerful influence of the socialist reaIism witb the so called Indigenous School which for almost three decades imposed its aesthetic dictatorship caused a traumatic condition to a great amount of painters who could very well have appeared for their own capabilities.

In , due to this situation. To liberate themselves from the prevailing formalism and try out new experiences in order to take positions which, in spite of the reaction from pseudo criticism, had been imDosing itself and confirming the goal of this rupture. Ecuador through its Cultural Organizations has selected four representative artists of this attitude so this way they could form its Delegation: The four artists with ample trajectorv and with similar qualities. Con ellas hay que ejercitar un acto voluntario. EI espectador tiene que proceder para que su polivalencia se maniefieste.

Tal el caso de los tapices-cortinas-esculturas de Aurelia Munoz o el cofre-escultura de Berrocal con dos juegos de cubiertos. Todo en la obra de Berrocal sorprende y admira, desde los intrincados planteamientos de algunas de sus piezas desmontables hasta sus soluciones, coherentes, beBas e irreprochables. Aurelia Munoz hace tapices inusuales.

Sus tejidos pueden a voluntad abrirse, cerrarse, agruparse, y ser cortina, muro, escultura o recinto. Si en sus seres de antes - hombres y mujeres amordazados y silenciosos -, el artista criticaba a una sociedad alienante. Sus personajes de hoy son marginados dementes, fugitivos, heridos de guerra. Obras para que de alguna manera todos podamos sentir de forma directa el prodigio de crear. In the never ending world of art, beneath the extensiveness of its word, there is a place for alI the possibilities of the imagination on the sole condition o: There is a confortable art merely for contemplation.

Another, supplies mathematical, geometrical and phylosophical elucidations. There is a so, an art to disturb, to denounce to subverto Does that end here? Is not an art of participation necessary in these days when the need to act in alI fieldS makes itself imperative7 Should one think of art as a finished product which is to be accepted or rejected?

One has to cross over the magic barrier between the artistic deed and the espectator and to participate in the art, manipulate it and use it. Schiller used to say that the essence of art was the game; and Huizinga that the spirit of the game with its specificrules created in opposition to the blind impulses; was the anticipator of culture.

First rank asseverations to be endorsed if the facts had not already proved the possibility of an art to be operated, to be played - this word being understood in its fuUest sense in order to re-create, whereas certain works need to fulfill their meaning the cooperation of the spectator who confers or discovers dimensions that may very weJI not have been forseen by the author.

With them one has to practise a voluntary act. The spectator has to behave in such away that its polyvalence becomes manifesto Some of them are useful "in addition". Miguel Berrocal, who invented the dismountable sculptures and the pioneer of the multiple work produced in great number for its popularization, a master in his full youth, opens the Spanish participation.

His work, 50 correctly compact and precise demonstrates the architectonic sense that directs aU his beautifuUy omplex works in that each one of his pieces ranks in its tum as a sculpture itself. In the work of Berrocal everything surprises and astonishes, from the intricated proposals of some of his dismountable pieces to his coherent, beautiful and irreprochable solutions. Sculpture, architecture, jewelry, the work of Berrocal, besides a noble intent to render popular and to socialize sculpture, is a lovely game from intelligence to intelligence.

His luminous machines and his sound faucets open multiple possibilities to the spectator who byapplying them can open lights and sounds and very indefinitely the unfolding of his works. Julian Martin de Vidales has been working for a long time on the old Spanish craft of printed leather to which he has given a rank of art. His research, once the first technical problems had been solved, has been directed towards the achieving of a changeable space, thanks to a series of mobile elements which the artist anticipates on the surface of the picture and wbich can change the aspects of the work freely by unfolding and refolding.

Aurelia Munos makes unusual tapestries. Her weavings can be opened, closed, put together at will as well as be used as curtain, wall, sculpture Or enclosure. If in bis previous human beings - gagged and silent men and women - the aTtist was criticizing an alienating society. In his more recent works his problems have become more acute, the criticism more direct, more implacable. Now his personages are marginal men, demented, fugitives, war wounded. To the moral pain of his 'previous human beings the physical pain of the defeat, of the man's abasement are added to a estate of deprivation no more important than a broken boUle, last and dramatic result of the pitiless game of our present society.

The Zarpa Group has developed an interesting plastic adventure designing and building the "Capablanca" chess in which each piece is a sculpture that couples to the other ingenuously, forrning a cube. Art; game, works to be manupulated to keep our senses aIert forcing us to integrate with them. Works for somehow we ali may feeI the prodigy of creating in a direct manner. Alona dei Arbol, Pajaro como Leon, Lata Maria de la O, Portrait de Michele, Oitenta e seis elementos. Liza en Marienbad, Triptico Enfermo 11, Madeira ;pintada a duco.

Tablado de x Stephen Prokopoff, diretor do Museu. Westermann, cada um com cerca de quatro trabalhos. Esse fato reflete a atitude de muitos dos artistas de Chicago. Cria-se, efetivamente a atmosfera oposta. Em Chicago, o estilo de vida do artista, seu ambiente, e! Stephen Prokopoff, director of the Museum. Artists selected are Roger Brown, Edward C. Westermann, each of whom will be represented by approximately four works.

Since World War 11, Chicago has been one of the United States' vital centers for the creation of important new forms in art. The exhibition, "Made in Chicago" will mark this city's first major presentation to audiences abroad. When I was invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art in to organize a show of Chicago art, it was agreed among the artists and myself that the "Iower leveI" of the Museum should be retumed to its original function - abasement.

2595 pictures of trees and flowers

This was accomplished by the installation of an octopus-like fumace, the division of the space into a number of small rooms papered with "brick" wallpaper, a ping-pong table and other mmpus room basement objects. It is this prevailing flavor that reflects the attitude of many Chicago artists. Given the opportunity of showing their work, they agree that the atmosphete must avoid conventional purity and grandeur. In fact the opposite is created. Wall surfaces and objects are introduced that compete visuaIly and at the same time compel the viewer to stmggle with works in an environment that does not enhance but instead intensifies the obsessiveness of the works.

As the viewer becomes accustomed to the discordant elements, he is at the same time touched by the "bad taste" of visions that are not "ART". In a related way, many Chicago artists live in the most anonymous neighborhoods in six-flat apartment buildings. Because not many concern themselves with the artist in Chicago, the artist does not even go to the trouble of styling himself into a self-conscious individualist.

He remains remarkably uncompromised, expressing himself as he chooses. The artist is rareIIy criticized and never lionized. Despite the pleasure he takes in the company of his fellows, he is alone in his expression of himself. In Chicago, the artists' life-style, his environrnent, and his world view are ali very much his own business, and very much accepted by those around him - perhaps a situation unique to the artist in the United States. Featured in the show is H.

Westermann, somewhat older in years and more prominent in reputation. Although he has not been a resident of Chicago for some years, he nonetheless has been an absent father to more current developments. His humorous and ironic sources are deeply felt by the other artists even though a direct influence may seem obscure. When asked if there is a Chicago "School" I am uncertain how to answer. However, I am sure that the art produced in the last decade in Chicago is the freshest and most innovative statement to come out of this city. I feel that the artists represented in this exhibition not a11 of whom tive in Chicago have produced works which make one aware that something special has happened at a certain time iQ.

I am also intensely aware. IndividuaIly there are obvious and logical differences of style and technique, but the ironic humor, pleasure in the vision of the lower middle class, and their disregard for the "grand tradition" binds them together. Puerto Rican Wedding, Colo Donald Baum, Chicago. World's Tallest Disaster, Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago. Cris Cross Country Groves and Show, The Greener Grass, Sarab Canright, New York. Country Club Dance, De um colecionador, Chicago. Rooms of the Storm, Hall of the Night, Enterprize Encounterized the Spydar People, Recyning Blackveenus Rabbit, Propriedade da Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago.

Karl Wirsun e Sra. Propriedade de Deson-Zaks Gallery. Propriedade da Deson-Zaks Gallery. Two Infants Observing Nature, Leonard Horwich e Sra. Garden of Exbausted Fireworks, Sleeve Mountain 1 and 2, Albert Newman e Sra. Shep Step 11, Madeira, Vidro e Metal. The Old Hermit's House, Madeira, Metal e Vidro. Dennis Adrian and William Zito. Battle of Little Big Horo, De um colecionador, New York. Nogueira Americana, Vidro e Nogueira. The Passage of Time, Tinta e Aguada em Papel.

Propriedade da Allan Frumkin Gallery. The Human FIy, Propriedade da Allan Fromkin Gallery. Untitled Death Ship of no Port , Tinta e Aquarela em Papel. Propriedade da AlIan Frumkin Gallery. Madeira laqueada, Tela de Cobre, Borracha.

Propriedade da AUan Frumkin Gallery. Lent by the Artist. Fire Lady or Monks Key Broad, Colo Walter Nathan e Sra.

12ª Bienal de São Paulo () - Catálogo by Bienal São Paulo - Issuu

Mane and Hairdress, James Faulkner e John Jones, Chicago. Comic Book Specimens 13, Comic Book Specimens 15, Jizz and Jazz, Aquarela e Colagem sobre Papel. Mas seus participantes mais ativO! I - Manuel Rodrigues e Rodolfo P. Philippine artists started getting seriously involved with the art of the fine print only in the s. But its -outstanding practitioners, Manuel Rodriguez and Rodolfo P.

Olazo and Rodolfo Samonte, have been chosen to represent the Philippines this year at this art biennial. Olazo and Samonte, lhe first employing lhe collagraph and the second the serigraph, represent the geometric tradition of abstract art and are very c10se in spirit to a number of Philippine painters who operate in this area of sensibility.

The case of Gelvezon Tequi is different as she combines religious iconography and the pop art idiom etcbed in biting colors to open up new pathways in Philippine art.


Olazo, Samonte and Gelvezon Tequi represent the second generation of printmakers after Rodriguez and Perez in the Philippines. They are also its new vanguard. Tapio Wirkkala's way of working is rare fram two aspects: Both these aspects bring back to the unique persona1ity of the man Tapio who, in the twentieth century and in the midst of competition, is able to live in a natural way: They bear comparison with natural forms, without imitating them, but only adding a bit of salt to them play.

They belong to no style. Mter centuries, 1hey might be dated as belonging to some remate civilization of intelligent harmony, of love for tools - the useful and the useless resolved with equal imagination. He has not redesigned the boat, it was perfect. Thus he has created forms - glass pieces - which, if one happened to come across them, lost, in a wood or on the shore of a lake in Lapland - that silent, refined. So there is a Tapio of the North and a Tapio of the South, depending on whether he happens to be working in glass in Finland, with northern techniques, or at Murano with the very different techniques of the South.

And always his objects are made recognizable by that hardly perceptible hint of play, making you look at them twice - once to admire them, and once again to admire them with amusement. Red and White, K Piece of Ice, M Ultima Thule, Sua obra liberta-se para melhor servir os valores espirituais que o inspiram. Pode viver e desenvolver-se sem limites. Son oeuvre se libere pour mieux scrvir les valeurs spiritueIles qui l'inspirent. Et le terme me parait en effet bien plus juste pour le qualifier. Et le terme me parait en effet bien pIus juste pour le qualifier. En un sens Ies plus grandes oeuvres classiques ont Ieur part d'abstraction.

L'att de Kandinsky ne reproduit rien de ce qui existe. Et c'est ce qui lui convient car pour lui la genese de l'oeuvre est cosmique. La tache Rouge, Tableau sur fond CIair, Dans le Gris, Sur des Pointes, Ensemble Multicolore, x 0, Vers le Bleu, Bleu de Ciel, Dever-se-ia interpretar como se interpreta um sonho. Mas, finalmente, o que via e o que invento coincidem misteriosamente. Gostaria de ser escultor, sem renunciar a desenhar e a colorir. Esse objeto pode ser qualquer coisa tirada da vida cotidiana.

Sua vitalidade exuberante jamais prejudicou nossa amizade. Six artistes ou l'expression de l'espace par le travail du support et de la couleur. Et chacun a bien voulu exprimer sa recherche dans un texte qui s'efface devant l'oeuvre. Je sculpte sur papier comme autrefois d'autres ont peint des statues. C'est disposer un support contre support Iaissant Ie champ Iibre de toute trace. Je ne suis pas de ces artistes qui "pensent" leur oeuvre. Chaque chose en son temps. La Nuit Chaude, x Belle Figure de Militaire, L'Enseigne de l'Amour, La Rosiere de St.

Arbres en Partie de Campagne, I, 11, e IV. La Marche des roephants. Papel Colado sobre Tela. Ian Breakwell talvez seja o menos conhecido. Em seu caso isso se relacione mais com a atmosfera ambiental do que com os impulsos em busca da forma de JUas imagens. Tudo isso, em conjunto, mostra que a Inglaterra tem algo a oferecer a esse congresso internacional de arte. The Symposium set these out as 8 points and these are listed in the catalogue.

My intention, when asked to select a British contribution to this international demonstration of how the artist makes bis element relevant in terms of life, has been to try and organise works and theory from Britain wbich wouId meet at least a portion of these demands. David Wedgbury, a social'" commentator, falls naturalIy into the sector relating to Cultural Events because he is an artist of Engagierte Kunst. Chris Orr, even more personalIy, makes sociological statements in nis graphics wbich, althougb they stride centuries, are nevertheless np-to-date in a manner humanity finds difficult to avoid.

Jobn Holmes plays with sex-motivation of our age reminiscent of the 18th century, but none-the-Iess essentiaI1y modem , and CharIes Knigbt, in bis pawing concern with the private worId of individuaIs, makes secret behaviour public. The joint-performance of David MedalIa and Jobn Dugger makes tangible the whole concept of arcbitecture - urban-rural - a justifiable reality.

Together, they show that ideas of living-accomodation are realisagle, even after junking alI the accepted academic principIes of building which have bendizened the ambience of house-and-home for so long. Life and residence, in their conejcture, can take on new forms of beauty, play and association. Of cource he is only one example, one of many, of artists with African ancestry who has found his way to Britain. Such painters and sculptors may not fit easily or comfortably into the conception of what the Prench would calI 'negritude', but they are standard bearers of a culture wbich, however distorted, wilI never die.

Henri Chopin, for a variety oi life reasons, has made bis home in Britain. It is therefore particularly pertinent that he should be part of this Communications-Bienal because, despite the -: So far, alI these artists creators have names which, in England are familiar. His translation of photography into contemporary imagery opens up other vistas. Breakwell is also concemed with movies. For the last ten years he has been dissatisfied with the old-style methods of the visual arts, whether they be painting, sculpture, graphics, collages. A similar unrest is also evident in the works of John Dee, although in bis case it is concem with environmental atmosphere wbich helps shape his imagery.

He is specially interested in the play of light, whether natural or artificial, upon the things which he makes, and these things are generally constructed out of natural substances however unusual their development and ultimate appearance may render them. Alan Gren, on the other hand, is back with paint and canvas. His version of non-figuration would seem to be based upon grid principIes, although the earlier simplistic 'squared' canvases have long since become richer, both in colour and matiere.

For the nourishment section Britain provides a personal altemative. Setting aside a11 the philosophy which shoul attend this facet of the Bienal, dispensing even with Daniel Spoerri's EAT-ART and the variations which this cultural challenge to artists can evoke, the intention has bee. Is this some kind of off-beat humour? It can function in the kitchen as we Not, I hasten to add, in nationalist terroso The opposite.

The attempt here is made to prove that, whatever thd 'accent', indeed whatever the sources, faced with the eight challenges of the 's. I've got to See a Man about a Dog", DEE, Jobn Objeto 9. Vidro, Madeira, luz fluorescente. Cortesia de Prudhoe Gallery, London. Cortesia de Nigel Greenwood, London. Black Going into Yellow. Cortesia de Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, London. Aquatinta em preto e branco. Two Glimpses of South America.

Cada 15 x The Queen Takes the Salute. Cortesia de Nicholas Martine Gallery, London. Charles Brings Home the Cup. Cortesja de Nicholas Tradwell Gallery, London. Pertencem aos quatro setores das artes figurativas: Argyropoulou Jeanne e Loumidou Diochanti 2. Ils appartiennent aux quatre secteurs des arts figuratifs: Argyropoulou Jeanne et Loumidou Diochanti Sculpture: La restricturation du milieu constitue un' probleme fondamental des deux peintres.

Projet pour un Environment en PIein Air, A maqueje destina-se a um conjunto compreendendo motel, bar, piscina, etc. Escultura em Cimento 5. Bateaux en Voiles, Composition en Trois Dimensions, JekyIl que esconden a Mr. Hyde, que cubren la cara deI Dr. When I saw her painting with smart colours these sculptures,,,.

Bird-men, carriers, sorcerers, "quetzal"-men, prisoners of the Holy Week, feathers, fruits by La Antigua, masks wbich hide humanity fragments, masks wbich instill fear, Dr.

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Jekyll masks hiding Mr. Hyde masks concealing Dr. Jekyll face, masks which ignore the slogan "Love is Margot Fanjul plays with her own dreams and she so molds Gods in our iconoclastic age - maybe for not having, in a near future, herseIf or other ones, any more taboos to shatter. Special room The unrestful spirit of Luis Diaz has transformed bim - today - in. Faitbful to the trajectory of an artist engaged with his own art and his age, of an artist who tries to express, in an original way, wha't he feels in bis own soul, Luis Diaz seems to offer us the strncture of a fatality which has nothing to envy to Greek tragedy, a "De Profundis" in millimetered paper, wbich howls to the death of love.

His neat grapbics describe the implacable laws of destiny and project the smart red colour of the war, in a land drawed for peace. Or, as in the science-fiction novel "The Great Rain" by Ray BradbUry, as well as in the carton "Cromophoby" by Raoul Servais, colour suddenly disappeared - and this fact left him saddened in land where everything is confused: His with colour, wouldn't maybe represent the quite black grey colour of pollution? To the BLOW UP, bis instantaneous graphics profit of the photographic accident - or the manifest, and in an horizon of concrete, the few violets which survived are kindly treated.

Physical and mental de-floresting obliged the artist to choose hidden corners whose inhabitants succeed in remembering tre stars only when they read comic literature. The exhibit of ten works represents current activity in the arts, except sculpture, in Guyana. They represent also the indigenous imagery and aesthetic evolved after a considerable period of ecleticism. The younger generations of artists communicate not only their feeling about things and experience but celebrate their environment and history, the physical and the spiritual.

Thus we can share with Henriques the abstract values of his "Imbaimadai"; the energy of Charles' "Bacchanal", the antique symbolism of Williams' "Arawak" and "Carib"; the warm, enveloping illumination of Hoyte's "Market Scene" all elements of the Guyanese ethos.

What Happened to Caesar, Flayed Culture God, Micha UlImann nasceu em Israel, em A terra retirada das duas valas foi trocada: Duas marcas foram deixadas no centro das duas aldeias, como se fossem cicatrizes abertas de diferentes sombreados. Micha Ullmann was bom in Israel in He acquired his artistic education during the years at the "Bezalel" Academy in Jerusalem, where he studied graphics and painting. He spent the years at the Central School for Arts and Crafts in London doing advanced courses in etching. Between and he served as thegraphic editor of "Maariv" in Tel Aviv, and since he has been a lecturer and director of the etching workshop in the department of free art at the "Bezalel" Academy.

His initial style tended towards abstract expressionism in oil paintings and in etchings. Ris work gradually assumed a more refined character, with a marked emphasis on condensation and formal austerity. This process was concomitant with a gradual foregoing of colour as a central element in painting and concentration on form and line.

During the late sixties, his style began inclining towards "pop-art"; the abstract rhythms of the black line began to be replaced by human forms, photographical fragments, hints of urban scenery and perspective backgrounds. He has since been aspiring towards simpler technique, omitting extraneous details and complicated effects. His etchings reveal broad surfaces of white paper; the fragments of form have become more refined and have been confined to a small area of the page.

Scenery is the primary subject of the etchings created since The fields, lhe earth and the fIat stony hills are the natural components into which U1lmann thrusts a disturbing artificial factor: The source of his images may perhaps be found in the sight of mountains which have been abruptly cut in order to pave a road, or in the topog: The saroe subject has also been, manifested during this period in other mediums: Thus, Ullmann approaches tre reaIm of conceptual art. The work "Exchange of Earth", which is exhibited here, belongs to this final category.

Even more than the philosophical, symbolic and political implications, UlImann is interested in dealing with that essential substance of landscape the earth. Under his guidance, a group of Jewish and Arab youth dug identical pits in two villages - one Jewish and one Arab which bear the same name and lie across from each other. The earth which was removed from these ditches was exchanged the "Jewish" earth was transfereed to the "Arab" ditch and the "Arab" larth was transfereed to the "Jewish" ditch. Two scars remained in the centres of the two villages, open wounds of difderent-shaded squares of earth.

One might regard it as a 'statue" the landscape and, if you wish, in involves a ceremonial retum to the archaic ritual of merging and joining - the use of ancienct symbols which express partnership and unity, such as the ancient symbols of intercourse, the blbod bond, smoking the peace pipe and so forth. This is ileither a politicalwork nor a demonstration with limited concrete significance. Rather, we are confronted with a purely artistic approach to that elementary material - earth. The blending of "Jewish" earth with "Arab" earth is a symbolic act which; entails a longing for equality and a desire to regard man, like his earth, ias antecedent to any ceremonial intel'course, the Jewish village comes to the Arab village and the Arab village comes to the Jewish village.

As is customary in contemporary art, the work itself was an evanescent event; a pit was dug, a happening which involved people and trucks. Weeds wiIl undoubtedly soon blur the traces of these ditches, and only photoghaphs will remain as witness to an idea which in itself is no more than one link in the chain of Ullmann's work in which the larth serves altemately as subject and as raw material. Exchange of Earth, La preoccupazione comunicativa riguarda comunque, in prima linear, tutto i1 sistema espositivo e la utilizzazione dei piu vari strumenti atti a spiegare le ragioni di un certo fare.

La Biennale di San Paolo,che si propone di funzionare anche quale centro di documentazione storica e culturale, ha inoltre suggerito un certo numero di temi in cui ravvisa il modo per sollecitare uu contatto piu attivo fra opera creata e pubblico, cosi da sormontare i radicati convenzionalismi che ancora rendono difficile simile approccio.

La Commissione preposta a designare gli artisti italiani ha cercato, per quanto possibile, di secondare le indicazioni contenute neI regolamento. Cosi, per esempio, ha reso omaggio a Mario Ballocco, un artista di livello eminente anche su11a base deI metodo valutativo tradizionale, il quale non ha mai disgiunto i1 suo operare da una implicita destinazione pratica: I documenti presentati chiariscono egregiamente le ragioni deI lavoro di Ballocco, la cui presenza rientra in questa.

Ed a tale proposito avrebbe avuto di sicuro qua1cosa di rilevante e di non comune da direi Ettore Sottsass, che, pure apprezzando l'invito, ha preferito rinunciarvi visto che nel breve tempo a dispozisione non si trovava obiettivamente in grado di preparare un complesso cosi come era nelIe sue pretese. Amalia Del Ponte dirige di preferenza la sua ricerca nel costituire ambienti dove un oggeUo plastico agisca da elemento animatore eon il concorso deUa luce. Lo stabile assorbe l'estemo e si mobilita per scambi ed incontri reciproci onde integrarsi, alIa fine, nell'ambiente naturaIe.

Problema per qualche aspetto analogo di uno spazio che contiene svariati elementi in relazione piu o meno diretta, fino a fingere una sorta di spettaco o, si ritrova pure in Galzolari. Le sue opere, imparagonabili e bene distinte, presuppongono tuttavia il coUegamento fra gli oggetti colIoeati o messi in azione e altresi uno stimolo nello spettatore a coordinarsi con quelti cosi ehe opera e riguardante non siano due opposti, ma due termini interagenti.

Calzolari rivolge richiami severi a oltrepassare i luoghi comuni, sia attuando impreviste t: Mobilitare 10 spazio nelIa sua concretezza significa superame i limiti dimensionali e il mero servizio di contenitore. Lo spazio alIora si protende verso chi, si era disposto a contemplarIo e ne esige un intervento aUivo: Un dato che, da ultimo, serve a consolidare illusioni, ma che nel tempo medesimo non nasconde d'essere finzionne, come in un teatro.

Sui leggii gli spartiti cancelIano figure sulle quali non si riflette la coscienza della storia. A gnetti ha usato spesso il tramite linguistico con l'intento di abbattere i significati convenzionalizzati, e basta talora una sostituzione per ridare vigore e. Le nostre abitudini, sempre p! In taluni esempi, piu che alI'ambiente, si resta fedeli alI'oggetto.

Mirella Bentivoglio, le cui parole visualizzate secondo un ordine estetico diventano un vero e proprio seguo nel senso delIa creazione, propone un modo di lettura quanto mai semplice, di interpretazione quanto mai agevole: Anche Giancarlo Zen costruisce di preferenza oggetti, ma non esclude percio dai suoi interessi la creazione di ambienti. Di massima vuole indurre lo spettatore a percepire come sia possibile instaurare equilibri e consonanze mediante alIestimenti e materiali di solito impiegati in tutt'alta maniera: Galeria L'Uomo e L'Arte. Le Tre Avriabili deI Colore, Problemi di Sintesi Informativa, Spostamento deI Baricentro Figurale, Induzioni di Chiarezza, Effetti di Assimilazione Cromatica, Effetti di Stratificazione, Effetti di Distorsioni Lineari, Effetti di Induzione Cromatica, Problemi da Strutture StelIari, AIterazione Figurale per Induzione di Chiarezza.

Indagini Sulle Leggi delIa Forma, Distorsione di Figura Virtuale, Campo di Due Strutture Stellari. La Luce si Propaga Come Onde Gabbia "Ho" , Uovo e Portauovo, Genesi e Cultura "Subconscio" , Mimetismo "desolazione" , Inno Muto Alla Notte "asterischi e parentesi" , Pagina-Finestra piove , Turismo "Pisa" , Natura e Tecnologia "ab ovo" , Icona Nera "Dio" , Numero e Parola non Corrispondenza, L' Assente , Autolapide su Carta da Rendiconti, Lampo parola bisenso , Objeto em Perspex e Prata.

Hervey "rosicante burocratico" , Progresso "A Man Ray", Senza Titolo, x x Senza Titolo, 45 x 7. How do You Feel, Escultura em Cimento e Plexiglas com Base de Ferro. Ambiente "Area Percettiva", Prismas 2 em Plexiglas. Museu de Arte Moderna de Belgrado. Pour ces projets Bogdanovic recherchait les modes et moyens nou"eaux de la construction des complexes.

Seus trabalhos foram igualmente exibidos no Brasil na Bienal anterior a esta. Jamaica, a country of less than two million population and although a relatively poor country, is rich in having many artists well on the road to international acceptance. Barrington is an artist who is not perturbed by any myth concernin the human condition as it relates to Man and Woman.

Barrington Watson for your Bienal has presented five pieces. Three of these, in poetic form, are the quintessence of creative communication between Man and Woman. Seou, who was a civil and aeronautical engineer by profession up to last year, built most of the larger buildings in Jamaica. Beside being Chairman of the Contemporary Jamaican Artists Association, he is Chairman of outstanding industrial corporations.

He has withdrawn from the above to devote himself entirely to sculpture and painting. The piece "In the Beginning" represents man and woman in physical communication,. The second piece "Apartheid" is communication in the reverse, or the lack of communication expressed as the rape, the devastation, the humiliation. Vision of Venus N. Podemos dividir de uma maneira geral as obras dos sete artistas aqui reunidas em "fotografia", "impresso" e "copia". A obra de Etsutomu Kashihara surge como uma sequencia complexa de objetos copiados e recopiados. The composite use ofmedia is a characteristic phenomenon of contemporary art.

It can be defined as the attempt to create art works which incorporate ready-made objects or symbols or reduplicated images. As an example, the use of photography has become a very commonplace technique in art today. It is commonly accepted that such composite use of media has greatly expanded the area of artistic expression. Moreover, it has made it almost impossible to define the boundary between what is and what is not art.

The works of the seven artists selected here have been bom out of this phenomenon of the composite use of media. Howev'er, the thing which interests these artists is not the creation of a work through the fusion of one media with another but rather the inner structure of one particular media itself. The works of these seven can be classified broadly under photography, printing, and recopying. However, these artists choose their media more for the purpose of making clear the inner structure, operation, function, and advantages and disadvantages of the particular media itself, than for the purpose of expressing some message through that media.

Wakae Kanji attempts to show the relation between that which is to be reproduced in a photograph and that which was reproduced in a photograph, and in so doing makes clear the illusive character of photography itself. However, this process sometimes gives birth to the reverse effect which is that the actual existent object itself comes to appear to be illusive. This is special feature found in the relationship between conemporary reaIity and today's photography. Kawagnchi Tatsuo's works also attempt to call our aUention to the illusive character of photography.

In contrast to Wakae, Kawaguchi does this by juxtaposing two pictures. His composite photos are not concerned whith the question of what is expressed by the photographic image but rather with the question of how to express through lhe photographic image. The works of Takamatsu Jiro and Saito Satoru consist of photographs of objects in photographs. Takamatsu photographs printing paper which has already been developed. Saito photographs the inside and outside of a comer of a room and then placing these panels together lakes a protograph of them.

As for Takamatsu, the early photos are filIed with a sense of reaIity. On the olher hand. Nevertheless, lhe works of be1h artists are similar in that they make. This method of photographs of photographs is a tautological method which instructs us about the structure of photography through photography itself. Shimotani Chihiro is an artist who makes prints on mounds of earth, leaves of vegetables, the face of rocks, and the surface of water. In making prints on materiaIs other than paper he is unique.

However, more than a print maker, what we see in Shimotani is a monomaniac obsessed with the process of print making. Shima Kuniichi makes prints of that which is already printed, in the process creating three-dimensional works through reprinting. Through this the originally reprinted image stands out as an actually existent reality rather than as an image.

Kashihara Etsutomu's works are based on complicated links between things copied and recopied. With a copy of a portrait of Marilyn Monroe as bis starting point, Sakakibara, on the basis of a set of instructions, draws out several variations in recopying. The recopy on the basis of additional instruction brings about another recopy of itself.

This on the basis of a different instruction gives birth to recopy of itself. In the process the image changes. This chain of recopies can be composed by anyone following the directions. Of course, iuch an over-all composition based On the links between each recopy is very systematic. However, the element of chance is introduced into the process according to the individual carrying it out.

Perhaps in this introduction I have placed toa much accent on the relationship between the works of these artists and the general composition of the exhibit. What I wanted to explain was the standard for seleetion in my own mind at the time these seven artists were chosen. In Japan, as elsewhere, the arts are facing a difficult situation both esthetical1y and socially. However, artists who realize that this is the only world in which they have to work, are raising questions abo! They are examining critically the structure of media and reinvestigating the relationship between words and existence.

For such there is no other way than that of the infinity of reflections of reflections-photos of photos, reprints of reprints, recopies of recopies. This is a book, My methods inspired by Monroe, Trabalho em papel, folhas. Dimly light, a, Dimly light, b, Dimly light, c, Silkscreen on Papel 40 Folhas 80 x Tela de Seda sobre Fotografia Paints, 91 x Paints, x Paints, 81,5 x Paints, x 88,5. Paints, 40 x Paper, ,5 x Paper, ,5 x 70,5.

Paper, x Newspaper, ,5 x Paper, 69 x Neco, x 81,5. Mas, insatisfeito, fico na expectativa daquilo que deve ser ainda mais belo. No esplendor do desejo, talhamos a fisionomia dos tempos novos. Chaque fois que je contemple les ombres et les couleurs l'espoir de voir se signaler: L'envie de me mettre dans le climat de la promesse me poursuit.

Ce sont les aUendus. Con demasiada frecuencia se confunden ver y entender. Si la pintura fuera una forma particular de la escritura, lo. EI silencio es lo ilegible por excelencia. EI cu adro se erige en frontera entre dos abismos: Es tal vez; por eso que una de las mayores virtudes de este pintor es la de poder hacet que el rnisterio, el arCanO, 10 inasible, lo abstracto en suma, desaparezca Y' que no quede para ser visto y conocido de la obra de arte sino aquelIo acerca de cuya existencia y realidad no puede haber duda.

Las lIamo figuras porque como dice Picasso, todo es figura; hasta ]a me! Nosotros preguntamos y la obra responde. Su belleza es la libertad en. This mistake is the tribute which lhe criticism of painting renders to litterature and, many times, it is the origin of the most preposterous.

And silence is illegible par excellence. If silence were like music it would be visible but mute. There are others who give to painting more general values and in our centuri the most famous figurative painter clamours why, first of all, painting has to be drama; cathegory which excludes ali the silent, illegible art of our times that we badly call "ABSTRACT". However, far beyond itself, his work conceals an impenetrable mystery. This is why, perhaps, one of his greatest vertues is his gift to make the mystery, the secret, the unatainable, in brief, the abstract disappear and that nothing else rem ais to be seen or know of the work of art about which existance and reality there can be no doubt.

The painting is its own evidence; the pictures are the last reality, the representation of the drama of the pure form which is realized in itself. Some people have understood the drama of Garcia Ponce's painting as association of an extreme rigour and an unbending aspiration towards an absolute formal purity; others, as the union of two geometries; an Apollonian geometry nnd a Dionysiac geometry.

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Would the drama be missing, thus, by any chance, hence tragedy is already there? But tren which is exactly the relationship that these forms present to us? And so are the paintings of Garcia Ponce. Form of what if not of itself? It would be too easy - if by some kind of procedure, one would start to make a linguistic analysis of Garcia Ponce's paintings, to reduce what he is presenting to a scheme or to an expressive sign of what we believe he is telling uso But it is made of silence in the Present lndicative; it is a painting without Future, without meaning, without Past and without cause.

An immemorable tradition has inculcated in us the necessity of establishing a dialogue with the work of art. We ask a question and the work of art answers it. But no matter how inappropriate the exegis of the pictorial work is, it is not less inevitable or unlimited. It is also easy to inventgeneral structures to be nsed as art dictionaries; the diffic,! Nothing constrains them to be parts to form a whole without diminishing this freedom which, as a perfect void, contains them in its pure state. Museo de Arte Moderno. Em Stuttgart, Dresden e Hamburgo passou sua juventude, e os anos de estudo e amadurecimento.

Como qualquer ser humano o artista foi influenciado pela gente que encontrou, pelas terras que viu. Percebeu como uma forma ou figura pode simplificar-se e vitalizar-se. No ano seguinte o artista deixou a Alemanha. As cores resplandecem em brilhos festivos. Tecnicamente Nesch liberta-se das normas convencionais. Ele mesmo passa tudo na sua velha prensa, obtendo um resultado sempre novo e diferente.

Desbrava horizontes oriundos de nossa vida. It was in Stuttgard, Dresden and Hamburg where he spent his youth, studied and matured. However, already an accomplished artist, a11 his life is in norway, first in Oslo and then in a small farm that he owns in one of the many mountaineous valleys of the country. Like most human beings, the artist became influenced by the people he carne in contact with through the numerous lands he visited.

Painting and engraving were his early concern. Nevertheless, engraving with its multiple possibilities became his pictorial field. Nitric-acid - his starting point - was developed into a very uni que technique. In addition, he placed metal pieces, wire and screens in order to create reliefs of different effects. In this manner, the artist began a long series of experiments and fantasies that opened new roads for the graphic arts. It was in , with a series of engravings h. In his rhythmic compositions he recreated the impressive steel constructions, the beams and the cables.

On the following year the artist left Germany. He felt, Iike so many other German artists and writers, that the dictatorlal regime of Hitler would not guarantee working conditions for the free and creative minds. When his art was accused of "Entartete Kunst" - "deviated Art" - Rolf Nesch took refuge in Norway, the land of Edvard Munch, where he was sure to find an atmosphere that would aw him frce creativeness. In Norway the artist saw the legendary nordic winter and its countryside covered with snow, its magestic trees and the bewitched symmetry of the mountains.

The series "Mountains" tells of hls contact with the interior of Norway, the tife of its people and the reindeers all of these thems originated also from his vision of Finmark, region on the North of the Polar Circle. The series begin to be replaced by isolated works of surprising forms. AIso, several plates are placed side by side forming a border. After the sad years of the 11 World War, as a German refugee in a country occupied by the nazis, the art of Rolf Nesch evolves tittIe by littIe towards a more optimistic and happy phase.

The melancholic and the tragic, so deeply marked in many of his earlier engravings, give away to a growing youthfulness. The colours glitter in festive luminosity. The simple lines of the "Snow" and "Lofoten" series together with the powerful strokes of the engravings of "Petrogliph" series give place to a wider vision. The sense of humour - already visible in his works of the Hamburg period, unfolds itself into burlesque faneies. Fantastic creations, men with bestial features and animaIs highly humanized appear in a lavish happiness in his production of most recent years.

TechnicaIIy, Nesch frees himseIf from conventional norms and with the daring attitude of a Gutenberg he liberates the elements of painting placing freely the loose forms on the printing plates. He uses his own hands to give the colou r, preferably of his own mixtures made of pure pigments and printing oi!. He himself prints everything in his old press obtaining a result always new and different. This way, both, colours and composition, change from one print to another resulting in unlimited variations.

In absolute command of an already recognized master, Rolf Nesch transcends the limits of the language of the existing forms. His art is not introspective of a refined perfection to just a few. It opens up horizons derived from our Iives. The art of Rolf Nesch uncovers new ways and new possibilities widening OWn experience of realities.

Serie "Pontes de Hamburgo;'. Serie "Pontes de Hamburgo". Sol sobre Fiorde, I was recommended this website by my cousin. Past several posts are just a little out of track! We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable info to work on. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post.

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