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The primary guidance is Scripture, common sense is often the obvious — but not worldly wisdom, or we may be required to turn to the gifts themselves. When all else fails, there is the importance of His peace ruling in your heart: A small pouch, carried by the High Priest over the heart, probably contained two stones: Even the King would seek the will of God, through the High Priest, using this method. It was a binary system, if you like. Natural ability, or occupation, may confuse us slightly. A bank manager may not have the anointing of administration; a schoolteacher may not be called to teach doctrine within the Congregation.

Spiritual callings should, however, be used in all aspects of life: There are those in the Church today who believe, on the basis of an unlikely interpretation of 1 Corinthians Firstly, the passage portrays two states of human experience, one imperfect and the other perfect: Surely there can be no misunderstanding: But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

Secondly, there is a self-destructing argument here. Finally, there is a misunderstanding of the legal nature of Scripture. At one time, I worked in an office, which was responsible for placing amendments to military law. There were deletions and additions, but all changes were clearly announced. The Bible is no less important. Some scholars attempt to create a complex matrix of an evolving theology, built on the time of writing along the lines: This style of argument is an insult to the Mind of God: The point of chronology is never a major issue in the Letters of the New Testament — it only vaguely becomes apparent after careful study, and is useful only in apologetics, and not as a basis for changing Doctrine.

Paul was not to baptize converts even though he believed in the correctness of it , Philip did not pray for the Holy spirit to fall on the new believers at Samaria 1 Corinthians 1: Most of us, who are Christians, have been helped, and brought to faith, in some way, by an evangelist: Sometimes there are several links in the chain.

Evangelical is sometimes used as a derogatory term: If the early English translators had been pedantic, we would actually read: It would then have been crystal clear how frequently these related words appear in the Gospels, Acts, and, especially, in the Letters of Paul. In fact, in the early days of the Church, the Four Gospels and the Letters were called, collectively: The equivalent word in the Old Testament carried the thought of an announcement bringing the promise, powerfully into being: Sometimes it spoke of bringing good news of the birth of a son, or of victory from a battlefield, but it came to include the bearing of bad news.

God commands it to be published. The New Testament entered the new dimension of having the Holy Spirit initiate, and empower the giving of the message — with attestations, as we shall see. What is the relationship between the preachers of the Evangel, and the Four Evangelists of the Gospels? We can say of the writing evangelists that: Philip, whose work is described in Acts 8 cf Samaria and Acts 1: The preaching of the apostles in Acts is definitive of the Message of the Good News, and, today, every evangelist preparing for service should include a close study of these sermons; which are covered in the following analytical list:.

Then he appeared to more than five hundred of his followers at once, most of whom are still alive, though some have died. Then he appeared to James, and afterwards to all the apostles. Last of all he appeared to me … So then, whether it came from me or from them, this is what we all preach, and this is what you believe.

Elements found in the evangelistic addresses, are as follows — as part of your study, you might like to write down which topics come in which sermons forming a grid layout, with the occasions along the top and the sermon points down the side. A selection was usually given: When closing an open-air witness, I would usually check that the various speakers had covered the main points of the Kerygma. One may like to consider two related issues at this point: He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is a simple diagram, which can be enlarged and printed. It forms an exercise to be completed by you! Evangelists are the heralds of this Message throughout this current era. Let us consider the Evangel again. We should find common ground for a starting point, such as: Approaches will differ for Jews, Gentiles or Believers. The theme is the life of our Lord: Human response is demanded: Judgment is the corollary of not believing.

The sermon often leads to immediate water baptism — by immersion. The Message closes with teaching about suffering for Christ, and the promise of the Holy Spirit: Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor. Here are two parts to evangelism: I have sown the Gospel to many people, but it is a great sadness, when someone Reaps: A good evangelist can introduce his theme in a minute, or enjoy the freedom of taking several months!

It is good to have a simple formula, such as my diagram — for serviette, painting, or blackboard. Hundreds of people have been introduced to the Gospel Message using versions of this diagram. Gerhard Friedrich writes of Jesus: Signs and wonders accompany the evangelical message. They belong together, for the Word is powerful and effective. The proclamation of the age of grace, of the rule of God, creates a healthy state in every respect. On the other hand, not all evangelists were apostles, for the direct calling by the risen Lord was an essential aspect of the apostolate.

In all three NT passages the evangelists are subordinate to the apostles. In 1 Corinthians chapter 9: This is the wonderful message he has given us to tell others. We may imagine the emergence of the written accounts, in the following way. At first the evangelists were obviously believers who knew the Twelve Apostles, or had seen the Lord Jesus and heard Him teaching.

Later they were those trained by the first followers to tell the Evangel. Paul carried various documents with him — cared for by Silas and Timothy. These would include a valued scroll or two of the Jewish Scriptures, and his own notes written on small sheets of parchment or papyrus Egyptian paper. The evangelists, also, were probably careful to keep written notes about the life and teaching of our Lord. My own opinion is that people made notes about what Jesus taught, perhaps before turning in for the night. In any case, the memory of those living in a society of mainly non-literary people can be phenomenal.

Elizabeth Elliot, in describing her life among the Auca Indians of Ecuador, tells how, years after hearing her speak, they could reproduce and mimic her exact words. The copies of the Gospels would at first be simple collections, but eventually more informed evangelists would come to the fore. There was the need for the early evangelists to be accurately briefed, to avoid legend, or fiction creeping in.

It was crucial that the evangelists did not become too inventive in telling the history of the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit selected the best of the Gospels to become Scripture: It is interesting that although Luke is the only non-Jewish writer in the Bible, he uses a Septuagint-style of Greek, and is thought to have been closer to the Aramaic which Jesus spoke, that the other Evangelists.

As the Septuagint was associated with Alexandria, so it is possible that this city was where he received his medical training, in the eminent Medical School. The evangelists, then, are an exciting group of men and women. This may be with a huge crowd, or speaking quietly to a little child. The integrity of the evangelist of the large crowds will always be seen in his giving of himself to the individual, in witness [Billy Graham visited a prison to speak to a huge crowd, but later he was sitting down by the grill of a cell door, talking to an inmate; a student buying a meal in a golf club, found himself at a table, in a spiritual conversation with Billy].

To the unbelievers, they portray the life and teaching of the Lord, in order to bring them to repentance and faith. Among the Believers, their desire is to draw us to worship, and an informed assurance. They keep our eyes on the Lord. The nature of the written Evangels, and their place in human experience, compel us to see this two-fold use. Although the content of their Message is uniform and unchanging, they will have a multitude of styles, which compel attention — there will hopefully be creativity; but the content is sacrosanct.

It may be unique abilities, attainment, background, appearance, or way of speaking. A preacher I met at Machynlleth had his lower-left-two tooth missing, which gave him a most distinctive diction; he could speak of his fearlessness in walking round the exposed platforms of the British Telecom Tower in Birmingham — most men are going to listen to someone who can talk in those terms. I would say two things about healing in evangelism: All of us, like the apostles and evangelists, possess that most valuable item: The barristers in a law court are dependent on reliable witnesses; similarly the Holy Spirit relies on our confession of Christ.

This is something that no one can take from us; and there are people waiting to hear. Testimony was always the final appeal of Paul, in the Book of Acts, when all else had failed, as mentioned above. Jesus metaphorically referred to evangelising as fishing. This leads me to think of the fact that anglers use maggots; in evangelism we may need to introduce elements quite foreign to our personal interests, in order to communicate with those who are far from God.

The Church is unique as an organization that exists for the benefit of non-members — but for this duty, we could all go to Heaven now. All kinds of activities have been used under the guidance of the Spirit, to introduce the Message: Neville Knox, an eminent Anglican evangelist, felt it vital to be well informed about the Sports Pages, if he was to reach other men through conversations. The founder of the YMCA movement was brought to hear the Gospel, through a specially arranged supper of whelks — his favourite meal!

This illustrates the variety of the usage of the one gift: Earlier I mentioned the biblical examples: In our own culture we may have to use other themes that are relevant. So we may be required to address such issues, before we start to deliver the Message proper. A good exercise is to list the points of departure, or common ground, in Scripture mainly in Acts , and in our own and contemporary experience. Contrasting the false beliefs of heresies and other religions, may clarify the truths of the Kerygma:. The common ground is the idea that a certain faith is wrong — we are discussing the issue from the same side.

Other gifts may work alongside the evangelist. Virtually every gift may be found assisting the witness; it may help to look at the list again to see how this would apply — caring, helping, miracles, tongues. There are two aspects of evangelism, which we must never lose sight of: It is sad indeed, when we fail each other in this.

His parents had obviously explained the Gospel to him many times. When I suggested he might like to pray and ask Jesus to save him, he readily agreed. The parents had done the hard work. The Gospel is called the power of God unto salvation; here is a story contained in a Prayer Letter from India, which illustrates this, so well:.

This dear lady became a Christian through a one-time visit of missionaries in when she was only 9 years old [64 Years before]. Except for one Christian song, she went until without any spiritual guidance or teaching from any human source. Sunil met her two years ago, and in that short span of time Banabai made an incredible impact on our lives! Last year when she requested a desire for baptism, our ministry team was honoured. Her amazing life in the spirit spoke volumes to us about ministry. The Holy Spirit, our true teacher, gave her all she needed to sustain her in life.

Because of her beautiful testimony, 32 people from her village gave their lives to Christ during her memorial service. The calling of an evangelist: Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel! Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. Similarly we are not all given the Gift of Evangelist: You may not be clever enough to answer all the hard questions that are thrown at you: You may carry some helpful literature, and certainly a New Testament.

There are many books to assist us in witness. Know key Scriptures by heart, and where they come in the Bible — so you can turn to them. There is a huge list of biblical references on this subject, but perhaps the simplest study is to read the New Testament again, with these words and topic in mind. The following, incomplete, list of references may be studied — but at the very least they illustrate how the New Testament is really a book explaining the Evangel. There are several fine and most successful courses, with their inbuilt variations: I have experience of evangelism with various organisations: I first of all request permission to ask the four questions of a church survey.

If the person agrees, here are the questions:. Did you have Religious Education lessons at school? Do you have a Bible, which you can read easily? An Albanian New Testament for an ice cream man was rather expensive — you can guess his token of thanks. Do you have any questions about religion? The lady hurried away to attend to her work. This could not have made itself — it is the work of a skilled sign writer and the designer; human life is far more complex! I was brought-up Eastern Orthodox, but became a Christian in a Pentecostal church.

On one particular day, it was the Book of Judges. A Park Warden stopped and asked me what I was listening to.

  1. The Reception and Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity.
  2. El planeta, nuestro cuerpo. La ecología, el ambientalismo y la crisis de la modernidad (La Ciencia Para Todos) (Spanish Edition).
  3. The Reception and Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity.
  4. If I Grow Up.
  5. La scuola della disobbedienza (Italian Edition);
  6. Proceedings of the Montréal Colloquium in Honour of Charles Kannengiesser, 11-13 October 2006.

A longstanding friend was challenged by a member of his congregation to enter a church team in the local pub-quizzes. This led to many interesting chats over the meals which always followed. Eventually he was able to enter numerous television and radio competitions, and show clergy in a more favourable light than many TV plays.

I walked into a church charity shop. The two managers invited comments. After a chat, I asked what they would say, if someone came in and asked them: Could you tell me how I can become a Christian? And ask for forgiveness. Pascal , a brilliant philosopher and mathematician, who worked out how his father could win most of his bets, and invented the first calculating machine; proposed a challenge to all of us to place a bet.

If we live and believe that there is a God, and then find that we were wrong, and there is no God or afterlife: If, on the other hand, we argue that there is no God, and find out that we were wrong — then this is the greatest mistake we could ever make! I was most disappointed that some of my friendly neighbours declined to accept a free Bible for their young children. They would probably say that, although they do not believe in God which they did say , they do not wish to influence their kids; but let them think and chose for themselves. I wish my children to have a free choice of banks when they are old enough to decide: My friends point out that I am shamefully intellectually dishonest by omitting one!

Leaflets can reach an awful lot of folk: On delivering leaflets personally, there are many opportunities to meet people and hold conversations about spiritual issues: Just think of all the letterboxes in your area awaiting a gospel leaflet. Please cover your district with leaflets! I beg of you to consider this challenge. Ask God to call you, or someone else, or your church, to dedicate time and effort to evangelise a particular area in your locality, and post a gospel leaflet through every door. To produce your own, with an attractive picture on the front, can be relatively cheap with modern technology.

For the sake of Christ, and the lost! On a more regular basis could be distributing the suitable church magazine to local homes. This is one of the best I have seen. Here is a means of evangelism — buy some bookmarks with helpful Gospel texts or thoughts, and leave them in library books or those going to a charity shop. Eye black consists of small patches of mat black colouring, high on the cheek bones, which reduces the glare of the floodlights. We thank God for the life of former England footballer and Christians in Sport Trustee Cyrille Regis, who died yesterday at the age of His courage as one of the first famous high profile black footballers meant that he became a role model which has changed the canvass of professional football.

His faith in Jesus Christ, which he arrived at after the death of his close friend Laurie Cunningham, became a fantastic encouragement to many elite sportspeople to consider their relationship with the God who gave them their talents. The man was a giant in his generation. Just the third black player to be capped by England, Cyrille was a pioneer in the fight against racism in football. He played matches and scored goals in a year professional career, which also saw him make five appearances for England.

He also had spells with Aston Villa and Wolves, which cemented his popularity in the region. It was the death in a car crash of his best friend and former teammate Laurie Cunningham in that prompted Cyrille to ask questions about faith. It really sinks in that Christ loves me. He died for me and He rose again from the dead and this awesome sense of peace comes over me.

Cyrille soon became involved with and supported by Christians in Sport as he looked to live out his faith as a professional footballer. Following his retirement in , he became a sports agent and remained passionate about sharing his story of faith. I have learned that money cannot buy peace of mind so I simply tell people how I found hope and peace in God.

The great thing about it is that anyone can have the peace that I have, you just need to know God. Cyrille was also the first interviewee when we launched the Christians in Sport podcast in On it he shared his story of faith and football with General Director Graham Daniels. To many, he is better known for his overt public stance on his Christian faith.

In addressing Zaccheus Luke The fact that this local dignitary climbed a tree indicates that he wanted to relate to Jesus in a serious way. Apart from this Jesus would have a total Spirit-led access to Words of Knowledge, as required — as we might have. Zaccheus was well on the way to grasping the Kerugma, and the mealtime would give time to explain. In when I was in Thailand I saw the fruit of what we missionaries had taught the people. I did not like this and saw this culture not as truly biblical or the way that Jesus dealt with people.

We were helping them to use puppets and one story they told was of Zacchaeus — at one point Jesus told Zacchaeus to repent and trust in Jesus — this is not the way that Jesus acted. The four spiritual laws and formularisation of the message comes under the same hammer. Jesus dealt relationally with people at the point they were at. He did not condemn the woman with the alabaster box who anointed him even though the evidence is that she was a prostitute.

Even the woman at the well though he pointed out her lifestyle, he did it in a loving way that brought here to repentance. Anyway, I will be interested in the way that you approach the subject. Some of his leaflets have been simply aimed at making people think about their own life, and offer church times, and a website or two.

Some of his later tracts have briefly referred to topical events — like the high transfer fee of a famous soccer player — and followed this with a succinct statement of the Gospel. We must note the Amish community novels; such as those by Jerry S. Hoff, Mary Ellis, and several non-fiction works about the denomination. Dora Saint, MBE, was a prolific writer. In fact the famous Rev Patrick Bronte of the three daughters was attracted to Haworth because of its association with Grimshaw fifty years earlier. As a daughter of the Rectory, Charlotte shows a sophisticated level of education, and an astute knowledge of the Bible.

It is like describing the beautiful rooms of a palace, but never giving the password to take one passed the guards on duty at the entrance. There is displeasure apropos Calvinism — by default, supporting the Arminianism of John Wesley. Sayers is famous for detection novels; but her Christian comments are weighty. Hospitals, which must recognise their vital role in comfort and recovery: In the UK the road sign for a hospital used to be a Cross, and Sisters always started the day with kneeling to pray in the centre of the ward.

Prisons — many are godly, some are not, Muslim Coordinators are found in some: I do not recall having clearly heard the Gospel in all this time. When my father was on military service, during the Second World War, he ostensibly disappeared for a large part of a year — as he had warned us. Aged ten, I was praying a childhood prayer for him, when I became aware or a person in the room, and saw a bright column of light — in spite of the thick Blackout curtains.

I heard a voice saying that on the following day we would receive a letter. As a student, I was standing at a bus stop thinking about the main issues of life.

  • Annies Girl: How an Abandoned Orphan Finally Discovered the Truth About Her Mother?
  • As Alegres Senhoras de Windsor [com índice ativo] (Portuguese Edition);
  • The Reception and Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity!
  • But on a ledge was Jesus holding out His arms to save me: Years ago I lived near a picturesque Lake, I would take an early morning warm drink and sit by the shore. On one occasion, a youngish Asian couple walked out along the jetty in the distance and engaged in a romantic Hollywood embrace. When they returned, the lady went to sit in their car, and the fellow came up to me.

    I had been well prepared to have my religious story ready at any time; so I told him about how I became a true Christian. The story goes that a man opened the local paper and read his obituary. In distress he phoned his close friend, who replied: To make the point that I am a Church Member — what do you think of the Church? Trolley Token — I put mine in the collection, by mistake.

    Someone pinned it with a note, on the Church Notice Board.

    evxpdotme | Bible Studies and Doctrinal Research

    I was placing an order by phone, using a Debit Card: He led an exotic life: The reality, however, was far from that. In , at the age of 81, he died. His nephew describes what happened at his death. Suddenly, Willie looked up, and his grip tightened on my hands. He was staring at the floor, his face contorted with fear, and he was trembling violently. His face was ashen as he stared in horror ahead of him. He began to shriek: Dennis Bailey was one of the few people to score a hat-trick against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

    One Christmas, the Chairman of the Club invited the Players and Staff, with their partners, to a black tie banquet. After the meal he gave a speech, and then invited the Captain to say a few words — he was a man with little to say, on such occasions. But then Dennis Bailey, aged 17, and very quiet and nervous, asked if he could say something. The Chairman gave him permission. Dennis explained that no-one had talked about the significance of Christmas.

    The team members were in hysterics. He was not a good speaker, but said he could sing a song. He sang four verses of: This story was told to Christians in Sport by an ex-player, who is now the Manager of a well-known team. In fact, it brought him to ask Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour. I was in the Typing Pool handing in some work. My job encouraged a discussion about all the evil in the World.

    Yes, I said, God would punish the wicked: Hell is for bad people and good people.

    The Reception and Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity

    Heaven is for perfect folk, like me! I worked with a man who was a famous rugby player and became a Head Teacher in a boys school in Batley, Yorkshire. He insisted on using the cane — in fact the boys called him: My friend Roger taught there. On one occasion he was faced with a case of caning a naughty fellow.

    I will take your place, and you can cane me. The teacher in Pudsey had a chatterbox called Rodney Sugden. A second caning was going to be too much for him. Mr Prideaux was a Sunday School teacher, and a fine preacher. He simply made the two enactments: He took a pocketknife and carved away the tissue with its dangerous tattoo. May I ask you a question? In the end he could not answer. A gentleman was selling raffle tickets for the British Heart Foundation in our local shopping mall.

    My name is Douglas Barrett Wilkinson. When I Googled my name, there were 13 million of us — an All-in Wrestler, and a supplier of agricultural fertilizer, to name two! Fortunately I have a middle name: When I use this, there are only five hits; and they are all me.

    Before supporting missionary work abroad, we should put money and effort, into reaching our own family.

    Proceedings of the Montréal Colloquium in Honour of Charles Kannengiesser, 11-13 October 2006

    And all the people were amazed. It is an important issue, which needs to be looked at:. Francis of Assisi, Founder of the Franciscan Order. The quote is essentially saying live you life in such a way that it just screams out Jesus. The truth of the matter is we have no way in proving St. Francis actually ever said this. None of disciples, early, or late biographers have this written down from his sayings. It also is not found anywhere in any of his personal writings. So when people quote St. Francis with this, they are flat-out wrong.

    There is zero historical evidence to support that St. Francis ever said this. The closest he came to saying anything like this would be:. All the Friars should preach by their deeds. Simply put, practice what you preach. If you look at his disciples, biographers, and his writings the credited quote to him is in no way how he lived his life. This quote does not line up in any way in the thinking and theology of St. So the first thing we must realize is St.

    Francis never said this to our knowledge. The Gospel is inherently verbal, and preaching the Gospel is inherently verbal behavior. How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? The gospel requires, demands even, words. May they be clear and bold words that call those inside and outside the church to follow Jesus.


    It subtly denigrates the high value that the prophets, Jesus, and Paul put on preaching. Of course, we want our actions to match our words as much as possible. But the gospel is a message, news about an event and a person upon which the history of the planet turns. This should be done with care. Folk will recognise you to be a Christian, without you being aware of it; and they will watch your behaviour! A churchman was standing, on a crowded commuter train, when a personable lady asked him about the cross he was wearing.

    He was most pleased to explain the meaning of the Crucifixion to her. As a little girl, she was taken to the home of old deaf Grandpa Farrar, a Sunday School teacher. He sat by the fire, reading his Bible aloud, quite unaware of the little girl curled-up, hiding under the drapes of the dining table. This was so impressed on her memory. Later she became a trained Methodist Local Preacher, at the age of seventeen. She subsequently preached from the pulpit where Smith Wigglesworth and the Jeffreys Brothers had ministered.

    Here is a quotation from one of the chief, and most admired proponents of this idea, Professor Stephen Hawkins:. Here is recognition of the evidence; but a denial of its implications: On opening the morning paper, a man found himself reading his own obituary. He quickly phoned a friend to see if he had seen it.

    Ask a person to read Isaiah 53, and ask them what they think to it — I carry a printed page, as I am learning it by heart. This is what the LORD says: By this time tomorrow in the markets of Samaria, five quarts of fine flour will cost only half an ounce of silver, and ten quarts of barley grain will cost only half an ounce of silver.

    So we might as well go out and surrender to the Aramean army. If they let us live, so much the better. But if they kill us, we would have died anyway. If we wait until morning, some terrible calamity will certainly fall upon us. The horses and donkeys were tethered and the tents were all in order, but there was not a single person around. Ten minutes gave me ample time to change platforms… but no need: The slow train would take me part of the way, and give a pleasant place to continue my reading: I was at 1 and 2 Timothy.

    The carriage filled just prior to departure, and, at the last moment, a tall young lady in a long black overcoat took the seat by me.

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    • For the next few minutes she was talking on her mobile. I deduced that both her mother and father were caring people, and that she had come towards the end of a long journey.

      We talked about judgement and Heaven, the death of Christ for our sins, and resurrection. Between Scripture And Tradition: Index Of Ancient Sources By: Index Of Modern Authors By: Abbreviations List of Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction: The Bible in Late Antique Monasticism: All those interested in intellectual history, patristics, Late Antiquity, early Church history, and the reception of the Bible in Patristic, Rabbinic, Gnostic, and apocryphal literature. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Its twenty-five contributions discuss some of the major issues pertaining to the reception and interpretation of the Bible in late antique Christianity and Judaism.

      They focus on the ways in which communities and individuals understood the Bible and interpreted its traditions to address their historical, social, and theological requirements. Since the Bible was by far the most important book during these centuries, a discussion of its influence in such contexts will illuminate significant aspects of the formation of western civilisation. More Options Prices excl. Contents About Restricted Access.

      Good Tree, Bad Tree: Making The Imperfect Perfect: