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This week the Citizens do an entire Stan Lee tribute show. This week the Citizens sit down with art collective Noty Aroz from France.

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They've created an entirely new mythology - Mythologeny - connecting comic books to real life mythology. Tune into this always live podcast recorded at Jolt Radio in Miami This week the Citizens talk about the current Catwoman storyline. But of course not without shenanigans and a special guest! This week the Citizens discuss some breaking news - Stan Lee's passing. We unpack some heavy stuff about childhood mental health cause you know we like to talk about that issue a lot! They also dive into an overview of Batman's The Long Halloween for the upcoming spookiest bestest holiday of the year!

Don't forget to vote this midterm elections Nov 6th people!! Tune into this always live podcast recorded at Jolt Radio in Miam They also pick on Star Wars it's dead guys face it. Plus more boberia or shenanigans as usual.

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This week the citizens crew continues the endless train of making fun of Brett Kavanaugh because cmon dude he truly suckssssss. Also Constantine shows up at bars randomly in real life to mess with people, so gotta unpack that. This week the citizens really go in on Brett Kavanaugh cause c'mon he sucks.

They also discuss Doctor Strange Vol 1. This week Checki-chu shares her riveting survivor story which has a Superhero ending.

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The citizens also dive into Kingdom Come a cautionary tale for the ages. It's a packed episode. Tune into this always live show recorded at Jolt Rad This week the citizens return like Superman returned in but they'll get there. This week the Citizens did a special Thursday episode instead of the usual Monday.

Marvel Heroes - Calling All True Believers

It's definitely important to the C This week the citizens take the Boberia part of the show really seriously. Plus playing 90's jams throughout because why not? This week the citizens discuss Original Sin story arc. This week the citizens dive deep into Batman: The Killing Joke story arc. They discuss the excessive violence displayed towards female characters.

They also discuss the highly debated ending. Of course we get side tracked that's what we do! It's always exciting here at this always live podcast recorded at Jolt Radio in Miami, F This week DC Hopkins joins the Citizens crew. Also James Gunn is a pedophile maybe? This week the citizens pick up where they left off with Adam Warlock since Part 1 was so short. Tune into this always live podcast records at Jolt radio in Miami, FL. It's never boring here at Citizens of Multiple Earths. We also announced the giveaway winner, yay! Ruben has a little too much fun with sound effects this week, compensating I guess?

The hatred of a true believer is actually a disguised self-loathing, as with the condemnation of capitalism by socialists while Russia under the Bolsheviks saw more intensive monopolization of the economy than any other nation in history. Without a devil to hate, mass movements often falter for example, Chiang Kai-shek effectively led millions of Chinese during the Japanese occupation of the s and the s but quickly fell out of favor once the Japanese were defeated. Fanaticism is encouraged in mass movements.

Hoffer argues that "the fanatic is perpetually incomplete and insecure" [15] and thus uses uncompromising action and personal sacrifice to give meaning to his life.

Hoffer identifies three main personality types as the leaders of mass movements, "men of words", "fanatics", and "practical men of action". No person falls exclusively into one category, and their predominant quality may shift over time. Mass movements begin with "men of words" or "fault-finding intellectuals" such as clergy, journalists, academics, and students who condemn the established social order such as Gandhi , Trotsky , Mohammed , and Lenin.

The men of words feel unjustly excluded from or mocked and oppressed by the existing powers in society, and they relentlessly criticize or denigrate present institutions. Invariably speaking out in the name of disadvantaged commoners, the man of words is actually motivated by a deep personal grievance. The man of words relentlessly attempts to "discredit the prevailing creeds" and creates a "hunger for faith" which is then fed by "doctrines and slogans of the new faith".

Eventually, the fanatic takes over leadership of the mass movement from the man of words. While the "creative man of words" finds satisfaction in his literature, philosophy or art, the "noncreative man of words" feels unrecognized or stifled and thus veers into an extremism against the social order. Though the man of words and the fanatic share a discontent with the world, the fanatic is distinguished by his viciousness and urge to destroy. The fanatic feels fulfilled only in a perpetual struggle for power and change.

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The book also explores the behavior of mass movements once they become established as social institutions or leave the "active phase". With their collapse of a communal framework, people can no longer defeat their abiding feelings of insecurity and uncertainty by belonging to a compact whole. If the isolated individual lacks opportunities for personal advancement, development of talents, and action such as those found on a frontier , he will seek substitutes.

The substitutes would be pride instead of self-confidence, memberships in a collective whole like a mass movement, absolute certainty instead of understanding. The "practical men of action" take over leadership from the fanatics, marking the end of the "dynamic phase" and steering the mass movement away from the fanatic's self-destructiveness. The movement at this stage still concerns itself with the frustrated—not to harness their discontent in a deadly struggle with the present, but to reconcile them with it; to make them patient and meek.

The focus shifts from immediate demands for revolution to establishing the mass movement as a social institution where the ambitious can find influence and fame. Leadership uses an eclectic bricolage of ideological scraps to reinforce the doctrine, borrowing from whatever source is successful in holding the attention of true believers.

For example, proto-Christians were fanatics, predicting the end of the world, condemning idolatry, demanding celibacy and sowing discontent between family members, yet from those roots grew Roman Catholicism , which mimicked the elaborate bureaucratic structure of the Roman Empire , canonized early Christians as saints, and borrowed pagan holidays and rites. In the absence of a practical man of action, the mass movement often withers and dies with the fanatic Nazism died as a viable mass movement with Hitler's death. Mass movements that succeed in causing radical change often exceed in brutality the former regime that the mass movement opposed.

The Bolsheviks in Russia and the Jacobins in France ostensibly formed in reaction to the oppression of their respective monarchies but proved themselves far more vicious and brutal in oppressing their opponents. Hoffer does not take an exclusively negative view of "true believers" and the mass movements they begin.

He gives examples of how the same forces that give rise to true believer mass movements can be channelled in more positive ways:. There are, of course, rare leaders such as Lincoln , Gandhi, even F. They do not hesitate to harness man's hungers and fears to weld a following and make it zealous unto death in service of a holy cause; but unlike a Hitler, a Stalin , or even a Luther and a Calvin , they are not tempted to use the slime of frustrated souls as mortar in the building of a new world They know that no one can be honorable unless he honors mankind".

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Hoffer argues that the length of the "active phase" of a mass movement, the most energetic phase when fanatics are in control, can be predicted with some accuracy. Mass movements with a specific goal tend to be shorter-lived and feature less terror and bloodshed such as the American Revolution. In contrast, an amorphous goal tends to result in a longer active phase of decades rather than months or years and also include substantially more bloodshed such as the Bolsheviks in Russia, National Socialism in Germany.

In either case, Hoffer suggests that mass movements are accompanied by a dearth of creative innovation because so much energy is devoted to the mass movement. For example, in England, John Milton began a draft of his epic poem Paradise Lost in the s before turning his literary talents to pamphleteering for the Commonwealth of England , only to finish the poem and his other major works after a change in government in President Dwight Eisenhower read The True Believer in , gave copies to friends, and recommended it to others.

Allen Scarbrough chose The True Believer as one of 25 books that "you need to read to know just about everything". The True Believer earned renewed attention after the terrorist attacks of September 11, , [19] and also after the Tea Party Protests and Occupy Wall Street protests a decade later. Hillary Clinton , in her book What Happened , about her loss to Donald Trump in the presidential race, cited The True Believer as a book she recommended to her staff during the campaign.

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