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Victoria- the young lonely girl who recently took her life in her hands and is fighting for her goals- is coming face to face with a paranormal event in a dark road on her way home. From that night her life changes completely. Now she has a mysterious hot creature as her stalker. She must learn to live with the war inside her. What is she going to decide? Will she escape f Victoria- the young lonely girl who recently took her life in her hands and is fighting for her goals- is coming face to face with a paranormal event in a dark road on her way home.

Will she escape from his mischief ways or surrender herself to him and the temptation, with the danger to lose her soul? Only one thing is sure. He is going to destroy the world as you know it so far. Kindle Edition , 41 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Death Whispers , please sign up. Lists with This Book. I did notice that the story arch seemed a little weak, I didn't really feel a build up before the finale, it just sort of happened at the end of the book after watching Caleb deal with one problem after another that goes along with having AFTD.

Let me start off by saying thank you to Tamara for the e-copy of Death Whispers. I actually had the book on my TBR list prior to winning it, so I was super excited to read it.

The story is set in the not too distant future when pubescent kids may or may not develop a paranormal ability, all thanks to government intervention. When Caleb discovers he has one of the rarest abilities, all hell breaks loose. The government wants Caleb to "work" for them, and will stop at nothing to get a hold of him. Thankfully he has a great support system who have some powers of their own to back him up. As a mom of a year-old son, I completely understand the whole teenage boy thing. It made me laugh at points because it would reminded me of my son and his friends when they were a little younger.

My favorite character was Jonesy. I think almost every group of friends has a Jonesy-ish type The Pulse technology in the book was a nice touch. Imagine not needing to actually write or type; just touch and think. Even better, not having your phone call eavesdropped on because you can think the conversation. I'm always interested in how authors who write books that take place in the future, how creative they get and make it their own. Overall, it was a good book and a nice start for an Indie writer. The second book in the series, Death Speaks, will be release August 15th.

Death Whispers turned out much better than I was thinking. The idea of using the mapped genome to activate paranormal powers in children is a nice hook for the story. The kids seemed pretty realistic and were aware of their own limitations as kids. They still got in trouble but things with this level of weirdness of course it will happen.

The middle school crushes and beginning relationship interests is done well. Though I must say Onyx the dog is one of my favorites. I loved how the author uses Death Whispers turned out much better than I was thinking. I loved how the author uses his perspective and thinking patterns. I will soon be reading the second book and I would strongly recommend it!

This book is so unique! It was well written and lacked annoying typos, misspellings and general sloppy errors that I usually find in young adult novels ebooks and hard copy books from large publishers alike. It is well written and I enjoyed that it was from the perspective of a young "man". He kept cracking me up!

He is definately a boy after my own heart. Of course in real life I would probably hate him I just don't like teenagers. But in this book they are not onl This book is so unique! But in this book they are not only ok they are entertaining and great! I cannot wait to read what happens next!! I gave it a shot.

There was far too much 'what I did in school today with my friends' boring and pointless and then we have the incident with the dog, which was totally inexplicable. The dialogue was clunky, the characters 2-dimensional and in the end I gave up. I couldn't really make sense of what was happening. Death Whispers is a lot more fun than I was expecting. As a YA Urban Fantasy, there were so many directions it could have gone. I plan to read the sequel s as well. I was very disappointed with this book.

Based on the blurb, it sounds like a really good plot. Basically, a boy Caleb Hart develops the ability to raise bodies from the dead. During the novel, we also find that he has other cadaver related talents. Other teenagers have various other abilities; astral projection, fire related, empathy related, etc. However, the actual novel was a very poor follow through for the plot.

Death's Daughter Book 1: Whisper

It basically starts off with a vague explanation of how t I was very disappointed with this book. It basically starts off with a vague explanation of how these abilities and their knowledge of them came to be. He was then kidnapped by the government something everyone fears since then and then force to do their bidding. To stop bullies making fun of him, he takes them to a graveyard to show off his new abilities. For some really stupid reason. I don't know why he did it. It was really stupid of him. Basically he was just showing off and then they held his secret over him. Now he's really worried about the government finding out his secret, especially because it's a lot worse than he'd thought; he could actually bring a very dead body back to life.

It doesn't stop there. Throughout the novel, despite being afraid that the government is going to get him, he keeps on telling people. He tells his parents, he tells his new girlfriend, he tells a police officer, he tells a bunch of complete strangers to him, etc. He even then decides to show off his abilities to his parents his father's idea by bringing back his long dead great-grandmother on his mother's side.

It's all a pretty stupid thing to do. This is also where those prior mentioned complete strangers one also being an AFTD come across him having brought back his dead great grandmother. They fight to get control of her and he ends up needing Tiff's the other AFTD help to get the dead body back in the ground. All throughout the book, he and other people he's told keep on expressing worry that the government is going to take notice. Yet he keeps on performing these ridiculous feats just to show off. He might not think it's just to show off, but that's certainly what it seems like to me.

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Basically, soon after he finds out he's an AFTD, he also gets a new girlfriend. He's been eying her off for a long time. But suddenly she takes notice of him as soon as he becomes interesting to her. It seems kind of tacky. I think their whole relationship is somewhat poorly written. Mind you, the relationships he has with everyone feel forced. With his parents, it seems like the author is trying to be overly cool, but of course he thinks they're lame.

With his friends, they're all using various slang and lingo. Much of the time, it just seems like the author is using such poor language just to be offensive because much of the time, they also use a lot of derogatory terms and other offensive comments. It doesn't fit properly with the plot so it all looks out of place. Much of the story is written in Caleb's mind and he thinks a lot of stupid things. Much of the grammar and sentence structure is poor.

One would think that being in the future, they would actually teach kids basic grammar. It's tacky and forced. Not to mention, much of the text includes current pop culture references, playing it off as if Caleb is so "old school" and he's better because he actually reads Stephen King name dropping , has a wind up watch and an old bike hand me downs. He keeps on trying to make it seem cool, as if he's better than everyone else even showing off these things to his friends , but it just seems sad. Going on with that point, the futuristic not really that far ahead of us in time aspects are kind of lame and poorly explained.

The author first introduces the "Pulse" as if we should all know what they are. It turns out they're just glorified mobile phones that people use a bit like texting. Other pulse related items also have little imagination, being that they're all just basic items we have nowadays, only that they use Pulse technology instead. They basically have television and games connected to the Pulse. They also have the Pulse connected to their house, landline phone or Pulse, now and various other things in everyday life. I would have thought that being in the future, there would be much neater things, even though it's not that far ahead in time.

I might go back to that point later. For now, I'll go on about the government stuff. So, basically, he's worried they're after him. He's worried about all the police now in his life. A little bit in the future, he's also going to be going through the AP test where it will be decided what school all these students will go to next. It will also be where these children will be "found out" by the government and what sort of abilities they have not all of them do. Yet, weirdly enough, the majority of his friends do have abilities, even the bunch he's now gained from the start of the story which doesn't even make much sense to me, either.

So, after doing the test, he's found out as a 2 point AFTD on a scale from Or 6 as they later assume. He'd taken a medication his dad had given him to make sure he didn't test as a full 5, as we all assume he is. The government knows he's a 5, anyway, because they've been keeping an eye on him for a while. Later, he finds out that the government had been sort of tapping his phones and his home. They know he's a high level AFTD because of the information they've gained from this and watching him closely. They end up trying to kidnap him Because of the awful things said about the government gossip , we're meant to assume that it's all bad and he'll be made to do bad things with them.

They didn't need to try and kidnap him. They could have just had him arrested or maybe "taken him into custody" or something "legal". They're the government and the way the author was making it seem, they could have just turned up anywhere and legally take him. Yet, they try and kidnap him within a large group of teenagers and were planning on taking him away with a helicopter.

They didn't need to go to that much effort, even if they were kidnapping him. They could have taken him at any time in the past few weeks- at home, school, shopping, in the graveyard, etc. They could have waited until he was alone. However, for some really unexplainable reason, they decided to wait until he was surrounded by a group of people, other paranormals. It doesn't make sense.

Yet, I think for some reason, the author was trying to make it seem cool; the government coming to take him with a helicopter sounds cooler than just trying to gag him and drive him off in a dark van. It was a useless scene. Much of the novel was useless, though. A lot of the book is about teenage things. It seems as if the author takes us through a heap of useless things during Caleb's day. We wake up, we get dressed going through dirty cloths to find the few that smell the least , eat breakfast he always eats more than his father , we go to school and spend ages in class with him talking about useless things , having lunch he hates vegetables and is continually shock that it's all Jade eats , etc, etc, etc.

I'm all for including details in novels, but this was so ridiculous. This was absurd with detail and just went on forever. It's very condescending, even going so far to explain minor words that people really ought to already know , yet doesn't explain things more important to the novel like what Pulses really are, but instead we need to figure it out ourselves. If teenagers are really like this, than this is really sad- not to mention that it will be really sad if teenagers and adults become this stupid; that's an awful thought for the future of the human race.

The characters are extremely unlikeable to me trying too hard to be cool, using swearing just because and even showing major bouts of stupidity. The futuristic society doesn't show many decent changes, instead it seems to be a little bit of propoganda. The plot idea was good, but really badly performed. I think the bad performance was predominantly a mix of the bad writing and the author just kept on going with every stupid idea that popped into their head, even if it didn't pan out into anything useful to the plot oh, I'm going to pretend it's Friday the 13th coming up so they can go to a haunted house Usually I'm generous with rating books I didn't like.

One star is more than generous in this case. I will probably not continue to read this series. I got this as part of a three book pack from Amazon the first three books in this series for free.

Death Whispers

If I had actually paid for it, I would have been really upset. As it is, I'm just pretty disappointed with this book.

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That's just all my opinion, though. I can't trudge through it any longer, not without booze, and I guess this is a sure sign I shouldn't go on. I wanted to like this story so, so badly.

Death Whispers (Death, #1) by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Necromancy is exactly the kind of magic or, more generally, power that fascinates me, for all the possibilities it offers and questions it raises, and from the blurb, I thought I would love this story. But I just can't, for the following reasons: Juvenile prose, for starters. Granted, the narrator is supposed to be , However, the jumbled thoughts, run-on sentences and limited vocabulary still made it hard to go through the story. Some sentences were also really weird: Too much useless dialogue and everyday life scenes.

Those needed serious trimming.

by Tamara Rose Blodgett

I don't demand action and only action, but I really don't need to know about every breakfast food, teenage thought, phone sorry, pulse conversation, and so on. Here, it was just too much of the latter. On top of it, Caleb's observations weren't particularly interesting. Annoying characters, especially Jonesy. Jonesy wasn't funny nor clever. He was just the kind of moronic teenage boy who's probably going to earn a Darwin Award someday. From the start, I just couldn't stand him. With such friends, who still needs enemies?

Too Stupid To Live characters. The whole lot, adults included. The premise seems to be about Caleb not wanting to end up like the one guy who had exactly the same abilities as him basically, this would mean being stripped of all his freedom and human rights, and be used as a government tool. So why, why does he have to blab about it to everyone, and show off his power? In the most idiotic ways possible? He faints in biology class due to "hearing" all the dead frogs.

However, he doesn't want the two school bullies to think he's a sissy. What does he do? Take them to the local cemetery and raises some random bloke from his grave. The guys are bullies. They never miss an opportunity to taunt him. Worst people ever to show off to. He raises a dead dog in the middle of the street. With plenty of witnesses around. Then why did you tell said cop about his being AFTD?

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