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I loved the story, I loved the hero and heroine, I loved the pace of their relationship and how they handled the roadblocks and challenges unique to their situation. The cover is smoking and the heat inside is a good match too. May 24, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: For him, I provided a quote to give you a good idea: HIs body was acting like he hadn't had sex in a good five years, yet he didn't even think it had been a month since he'd last done a little sheet diving with a willing woman.

Getting women was never a problem when you Overall rating: Getting women was never a problem when you were a driver, and he'd done his fair share of sucking up the attention. But Elec had never been one for a string of meaningless hookups with women he had nothing in common with, even when he'd tried to convince himself he was. There is no drama that comes of this breakup.

The hero was dating a woman I guess a few weeks or so prior to meeting the heroine? He only went on a few dates with her and then dumped her. He never kissed her or did anything intimate with her because he didn't like her. I was hoping for a little more though. This was probably my least favorite Erin McCarthy book, but by all means it was still really cute and hit the spot. This hero was unlike most that I read in that he was NOT an alpha male, but very sweet and persistent in a sweet way. I adored the way he loved the heroine and her children.

That was endearing to see view spoiler [ especially since the hero was sterile. But it's time for her to move on. She is settling on this dud and trying to get drunk to psych herself up to actual sex with the man, when some good sense from her friend Suz makes her realize that she shouldn't settle and she needs to break up with this guy and find someone else to alleviate her womanly needs.

That's when she runs into Elec. Elec Monroe is at another stinking fundraiser, wishing that he could just bail out without hurting anyone's feelings - when out of nowhere his reason for leaving runs into him, literally - spilling her wine all over his shirt. That was the night that would change his life forever. Tamara felt like she was done with dating race care drivers - the fact that they were never home, the destruction it would cause her life if something would happen to ANOTHER man in her life and frankly not being put first in her man's life.

Those were all things she lived with when her previous husband was alive and not that she was glad he was dead by any means, she just did not want to live that life again. But when Elec kept coming around and being so damn sweet to her, to her children, who was a girl to resist that? I simply adored Elec. He was the sweetest guy ever. He complimented Tamara frequently and made her feel beautiful - with a body post birthing two babies. He simply told her that her imperfections from childbirth made her that much more beautiful because of the life she held in her womb.

Racing was his life, but all breaks and any chance he got, he was with Tamara. There was no question whatsoever in his devotion to her. I really enjoyed Tamara's kids too. They were too cute ; What took away from the story - I hate to say - was the secondary characters. That is part of the reason why I took off stars.

Ryder and Suz's relationship.

Flat-Out Sexy

I have a real problem with cheating. I could tell that both of these characters loved each other and just wouldn't communicate and it made me so upset - especially Ryder's whoring. I almost had to put the book down because it upset me that much. I am still undecided if I will read their book or not. I know that Suz also moved on sexually after they were divorced and that is the only reason I MAY read their book because I know the book itself will be safe. I think the only reason I will actually read it is IF Ryder has been somewhat celibate actually. I might have to get the sample and investigate it further LOL!!!

I think I may read Ty's book because just the fact that he cannot even say the heroine's name right makes me laugh - which I missed out on in this book. That is another reason why I took off points. It was not as funny as some of her other books. And of course the other reason is because I simply wanted more of an ending. She turned to Tamara. And he used to toss me onto my bed at bedtime, then tuck me in and tell me he'd crossed the finish line in first place when I was born.

View all 8 comments. Feb 10, Ingela rated it really liked it Shelves: What a lovely easy and fun reading this was! A series about these beautiful and lovable racing drivers in the South and the women they meet. Tamara is a 34 year old widow with two children. The last thing she wants is to once again have a relationship with a racing star, after losing her beloved husband in a crash. But then she meets the a few years younger racing driver Elec during a mingling party. He has everything and Tamara must consider if she is willing to throw herself into the love to a man with such a dangerous profession once again.

For me, this story had everything a contemporary romance , without too much hard feelings and anxiety, can have. The lovestory between her and him was nice, hot and entertaining to read about.

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The cast in general consists of fun and friendly characters. The description of Tamara as a single mother and her children were beautiful. And it was a lot of steam and heat. Elec is the kind of man you want for a husband - goreous, caring and a perfect lover. Recommended sincerely to anyone who likes a contemporary romances without anxiety, overly dominant alpha males, young female virgins or a following sequel.

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Here you get sexy men, independent women and a good, realistic and common, love story. And what a nice cover - great! Nov 24, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: After the death of her thrill seeking race car driver husband, Tamara Briggs decided to step out of the fast lane and try something a little dependable. So when she takes her safe and dependable new date to a weekend racecar function she's predictably bored out of her mind.

She's busy thinking up ways to escape her excruciatingly dull and boring date when she knocks into the hottest thing on two legs and spills red wine down his shirt. Trust me, best damn thing she ever did. Elec After the death of her thrill seeking race car driver husband, Tamara Briggs decided to step out of the fast lane and try something a little dependable. Elec Monroe happens to agree and before Tamara knows what's happening she and Elec are rolling around having a grand ol time.

Looks like the weekend wasn't such a waste after all.

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The next morning, Tamara thinks to kiss and cuddle and say goodbye, sure that this was just a fun one night stand but he has different ideas. Tired of wasting his time with airheaded bimbos and even though she confuses him with her "yes, no, maybe so" attitude, he's not letting her get away from him that easy. He might be what she fears, another racecar driver, and he might be seven years younger than her, but he's also exactly what she needs.

A lover, a friend, and great husband. First off, let me congratulate the creators of the cover of this book. Bravo on a job well done. P This was such a beautiful and sweet story. It's got a lot of sex, duh but it was also one of the sweetest stories I've ever read and it's chock full of awwwwww worthy moments. Elec who is a southern boy even though his name sounds like he should be Italian is obviously God's gift to women and Tamara Briggs is the lucky woman who gets to bang his brains out in Romanceland.

He's so adorable and he's completely perfect. Tamara was also a wonderful character. Brave and mature and if she wasn't one hundred percent confident in herself, at least she was willing to try and fake it. She had the loving support and friendship of a great group of characters and I can't wait to indulge in some of their stories, one of which is coming next year in early Even though Tamara is older than Elec, this isn't a Mrs. He actually teaches her a few tricks, especially making her open up and embrace the body that motherhood gave her, and he wipes away any lingering doubts she had over her perceived flaws.

What was supposed to be just sex in her mind quickly became a full time relationship with Elec embracing her family. He never thought he would have a family of his own, so the added addition of her children was a treat for him. A welcome bonus in his love for Tamara. The two kids don't fade into the background either. They are very much in the forefront, as it should be, and while Tamara and Elec try and make time for themselves as much as they can, children have a way of demanding attention, and in the context of this story, I loved it. Whenever they were together as a family, my heart just melted, and I became a great big puddle of goo.

The humor was also a great treat for me. It was a little bit snarky, a little bit irreverent, and a whole lot adorable. This was a fabulous, simply sweet romance that I recommend for any woman. This was a beautiful little love story between a woman and two little kids, and the man that swept them off their feet.

Oct 28, jenjn79 rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What a fun book to read! I'm glad I decided to pick it up after reading all the good reviews from my friends here at GR. I can't count the number of times it had me laughing out loud. There's some really great wit and humor in McCarthy's writing.

Since I know many have already review and given an extended summary of the book, I'll just skip over the obligatory longer summary and get to my thoughts. F What a fun book to read! For me, one of the best things about this book was just how easy it was to read. There's a great flow to McCarthy's writing that makes it pleasing to read The humor was fantastic as well. I couldn't help but laugh at times because things said or done were just hilarious. I can't remember a book where I've laughed as much.

Plus the storyline is fun and sexy, and sports related, which is a bonus. And the characters are great. There's a guy who'd be the perfect life-mate. Sensitive, caring, honest, talented, and hot. I just loved him. And the sex scenes were sizzling without being super explicit. I'm giving this one 5 stars because it was such a fun, sexy, sweet book to read that I zipped through in record time. Which is that there could have been some better depth in certain areas of the story.

For example, Tamara husband was killed in a racing accident, but that's all you really ever got about that. Considering how important it was to her becoming involved with another driver, I would have liked it if there'd been more about what Tamara went through. Where was she when he was killed?

How did she find out? Did he die right away? Missing those didn't kill the story, it just took some of the emotional depth from the book. Plus there was also the thing with the feud between the Monroes and the Briggs I don't think we ever did learn what that was all about.

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So if I had to wish for one thing to have been done a little better, it would be to explore the backstory a little better. But like I said, it didn't make the story bad for me. I still loved it. I just wouldn't have minded the other stuff being included. Anyway, if you're a romance reader who likes fun, sexy, sports-related romances, then you should absolutely try this one. It's well worth the trade paperback price. Oct 28, Kathrynn rated it it was amazing Recommended to Kathrynn by: This was a wonderful, feel-good, erotic, romance with two neat characters and a whole lot of love.

I'm not at all interested in the race car arena and know little-to-nothing about it, but this book was wonderful. Nice story with just the right amount of turns and twists that kept it interesting while not loosing an ounce of respect for either character. Tamara was a year old, widowed, single mom of two young children, ages 7 and 9. She was married to a professional race car driver who was Wow! She was married to a professional race car driver who was killed on the track two years ago. She was moving on with her life and was a college professor sociology , but still had friends connected to the racing arena where she encountered Elec.

They are very attracted to each other "the body wants what the body wants" and Tamara is disturbed to discover he is a race car driver she thought he was a pit crew person. She is mortified that he is 6 years younger AND his family and her husband's had a major falling out many years ago. The way these two overcame obstacles was so nice.

There wasn't any arguing, bantering or degradation. Just a whole lot of love and tenderness. I loved how Elec got Tamara used to her body that she felt was unworthy because of the ravages of two pregnancies. The characters and story just had me glued to this book. I can see this is the first in a new series by this author and she set up the characters Ty and Imogen; Ryder and Suzanne for their stories here. The only thing I did not like was the texture of the paper that was used in the book.

It's a rough, "newspapery" feel that had me grabbing the hand lotion--a lot. A book that made me go, "Ah This is the story of Elec and Tamara. Which I had to do a double take because after reading the prologue I thought it was a story about Imogen and Ryder. So after I got over that and realized who the story was about, I didn't really like Suzanne, Tamara's best friend. And after going through the book, I still don't like Suzanne. So I'm not looking forward to reading her book. Now back to this story and characters. We find ourselves in the world of professional race car driving.

Tamara was married This is the story of Elec and Tamara. Tamara was married to a somewhat of a legend Pete Briggs, who died during a race accident.

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She has 2 beautiful and sweet kids, she hasn't dated since Pete's death, she has a lot of insecurities about her age, her looks, her body, her image, her duty, responsibility, etc. She then meets Elec Monroe, youngest son of another legend, and who's father and Pete's father used to be friends but now are enemies and the families are supposed to hate each other. He is also only 26 years old!

But he is THE perfect, non-existent guy. He is sweet, and patient, and sexy, and good with the kids, and loves all of her.

Flat Out Sexy

Their romance is secret at first, hiding, and meeting to have sex, very hot sex. Their story is the classic contemporary romance, but it was very well written. And for some reason it was sooo fast to read! I'm not too sure how I feel about reading the other books in the series, I might be interested in Imogen's book next but I'm not too sure about Suzanne's book We'll see how I feel after book 2. View all 9 comments. Dec 06, Tasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Elec and Tamara were smoking hot together! They couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other. Not only was this book steamy hot, it was laugh out loud funny as well.

Elec is every woman's dream man; not only is he "flat-out sexy," he's caring, charming, great with her kids, attentive, and a great listener. If only he was real and not a character in a book. LOL Everyone has, or wish they had, a friend like Suzanne. She and Ryder have an Love It! She and Ryder have an interesting dynamic that I hope will be explored further in a book of their own. I read the snippet at the back of the book which is Imogen Emma Jean, lol and Ty's story.

From what I read it promises to be another sizzling hot read. I'm impatiently waiting to read it. I got this one from the library, but I definitely will be picking up a copy to add to me "keeper" shelf! Absolutely worth the read. Mar 07, KatLynne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Those who love smoking hot contemporary romance with a hero to die for: Hot - Steamy - Loved It! My first read by this author and I loved it - Loved the story, love the sexy cover, but most of all I loved hot, sexy Elec Monroe!

I mean WOW - dripping, hot, oozing sexy and along with all those fine attributes, he is tender, calm, caring and very intent! Now who wouldn't love him!? Widowed with two young children, Tamara Briggs is so down to earth and just perfect for him. While this story is sensual and so hot it nearly scorches the pages, there is lots of tenderness an Hot - Steamy - Loved It! While this story is sensual and so hot it nearly scorches the pages, there is lots of tenderness and caring. In addition there is humor making this the perfect mix and the kind of contemporary that I enjoy.

May 01, Lori Foster rated it it was amazing. I hadn't read anything for awhile too busy working until a few weeks ago. Once I got started reading again, I've been on a roll, and I totally gobbled up this story. I can't wait for the next one. Where the heck have I been? How did I miss this series? Elec was incredibly Alpha but also so And Tamara was such a great mom, so hungry for some man-time.

The dialogue was fantastic, and humorous and engaging. And did I mention sexy? Nov 28, Christa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just can't say enough about how wonderful I thought this book was. Books In This Series 8 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Hard and Fast Fast Track Book 2. Hot Finish Fast Track Book 3.

The Chase Fast Track Book 4. Slow Ride Fast Track Book 5. Jacked Up Fast Track Book 6. Final Lap Fast Track Book 8. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Will love triumph in the end? Challenge Harris Brothers Book 1. But God, do they want to. Unwritten Law Steele Brothers Book 1. He thinks I'm my twin brother, and I can't bring myself to tell him the truth. She's the nerdy girl everyone ignored.

But I know she's my modern day Cinderella, and I'm ready for our happily ever after. One night in Vegas changed everything. I woke up to more than just a fantasy of my brother's best friend. Married to My Enemy: An Enemies to Lovers Romance. She hates me, but we're getting married anyway. This is a whole new arrangement.

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  5. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Flat out sexy fun! I was a little late to the Fast Track party, but I sure am glad I made it. Book one of the series, Flat Out Sexy, had everything in it I crave. Well developed characters with undeniable heat and attraction for each other, great friends and family to help us know them better, and a whole lot of humor to keep a smile on my face for the ride. Seriously, friends, I laughed out loud enough to turn heads. I cried with the kids as they remembered their dad's death. And I blushed and tilted the kindle for ensured privacy when the smexy action got going.

    Tamara Briggs lost her husband and the father of her two children when he crashed at Talladega two years ago. Her first foray into dating hasn't gone too well. He may be the logical, safe choice, but her libido just isn't playing along. And then she runs into Elec Monroe. A relationship with a driver is the last thing she needs. See all books by Erin McCarthy. About Erin McCarthy New York Times bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in and has gone on to pen more than sixty novels and novellas in the paranormal, contemporary romance, and young adult genres.

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