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The officers attempted to arrest Ward but he easily fought them off while Skye attempted to escape by getting herself arrested. However before Skye could be put in the police car, Ward shot the two officers and tried to order her to stop running. Skye got in the car but as she tried to escape, Deathlok , Ward's back-up, apprehended her, using his Cybertek Prosthetic Leg to leap onto the front of the car and violently rip her out of her seat.

Ward and Deathlok question Skye. Ward and Deathlok took the now captured Skye back onto the Bus, where Ward handcuffed her and tried to explain that his feelings for her were real, but Skye was too upset to listen, telling him that he made her sick. Skye refused to listen to what he had to say and told him she would not unlock the hard drive for him, explaining that he was right that she would not like the real him as he had assured her she would not.

Ward however remained calm and told her that one day she would understand his actions. Ward has a heart attack caused by Deathlok. Seeing that Skye would not answer to Ward, John Garrett ordered Deathlok to take over the interrogation, promising more violent methods. As Ward lay on the ground struggling for breath and slowly dying, Deathlok told Skye that he would only save him if Skye unlocked the drive.

Although Skye hated Ward, she could not bear to watch him die so she agreed to unlock the drive. Deathlok brought Ward back to life by restarting his heart beat, but Ward remained bitter about the incident. Ward talks to Maria Hill while piloting the Bus. As Ward prepared to fly the plane away to safety he was stopped when Maria Hill arrived on another jet with Antoine Triplett. The two traded insults, with Ward explaining that he had hoped Hill had been killed during the Battle at the Triskelion while Hill called him a lowlife for his betrayal.

Ward shoots at Phil Coulson and Skye. However what Ward did not know was Hill had simply been distracting Ward long enough for Phil Coulson to board the plane and rescue Skye. Ward realized the deception too late and Coulson managed to get himself and Skye aboard Lola and drove out of the plane where they managed to fly safely back down to the group despite Ward firing at them and Deathlok using his Forearm Rocket Launcher to try and shoot them out of the sky.

Ward furiously threatens to kill Deathlok. Not willing to lose his hostage, Ward tried to turn the plane around and go after them, but John Garrett instead ordered them to continue with their main mission and regroup with him back at the Barbershop Headquarters in Cuba as they had gotten the information they needed from Skye by unlocking the Hard Drive. Furious at this humiliating failure, Ward took a moment to threaten to kill Deathlok if he ever did anything like stopping his heart again. However Deathlok remained completely calm and merely informed Ward that he had only been following Garrett's direct orders like he did.

Ward captures Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Garrett ordered the abandonment of the Barbershop Headquarters for the new Cybertek Manufacturing Facility , and Raina told Ward about rumors she had heard about Skye's parents. After Ward captured the two and brought them onto the Bus for questioning, Fitz activated the EMP Joy Buzzer that further damaged Garrett's cybernetic parts, nearly killing him as he was already suffering from organ failure.

Garrett ordered Ward to kill Fitz and Simmons. Fitz and Simmons were able to escape their guards, resulting in Ward chasing them until they locked themselves in a Medical Pod. Ward demanded that the two unlock the door, but Fitz tried to remind Ward of their friendship and stated that he knew Ward cared about them. Ward finally admitted that he still cared about his former friends, but he called it "a weakness" and then ejected the pod with Fitz and Simmons in it from the Bus into Atlantic Ocean.

When he returned to Garrett, Ward lied to him and claimed to have definitively killed Fitz and Simmons. At the same time, Ward learned that he had had Raina inject him with the GH. He witnessed Garrett's body beginning to spasm and glow; when he stopped, Ward asked him how he was feeling, Garrett simply answered, the universe. Ward speaks to the unstable John Garrett. Ward witnessed John Garrett showing off his new strength as he ripped a door off it's hinges and began carving strange symbols on it, claiming that he was writing down the ideas that were now in his head.

Ward tried to talk some sense into Garrett, telling him that he was a little freaked out and questioning their loyalty to HYDRA , but he had little success as Garrett continued to rant and promised that now it was time for Ward to take whatever he wanted. On the flight there, he became worried about the state of Garrett's mind. He confided his worries with Raina , who agreed to talk to Garrett. Despite his concerns, he stayed with Garrett. When Jacobs demanded to know why he could hear gunfire, Garrett brutally murdered the General without warning by ripping out his rib and stabbing him in the neck with it, as Ward could only look on in horror.

When he asked Garrett what this was the beginning of, Garrett told Ward it was the beginning of the end. Ward was forced to lock up Jacobs ' entourage. After he had done that, he caught Raina and Ian Quinn attempting to flee with the Gravitonium.

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He accused Raina of putting thoughts in Garrett's mind but she then changed the subject, claiming that Skye is the key to the evolutionary change and when comes to pass, she and Ward could be together. Although Ward knew Skye perceived him as a monster, Raina cast doubt on that and asked if he was truly was a monster or was what Garrett made him. She then claimed when Skye's hidden darkness comes to light, they could be monsters together. Ward demands orders from John Garrett. When Coulson's Team broke into the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility , Ward demanded John Garrett give him some new orders as to how to deal with this situation, only for his mentor to respond with confusing words about independence.

He then received a call from Skye , who boasted that she had taken control of the Centipede Soldiers control center. Ward aims his gun at Skye. He found Skye who had taken Kyle Zeller hostage with a bomb strapped around his chest. He called her bluff, reminding her that she could have let him die the last time but she did not. Skye expressed pity for him for betraying their team, declaring Fitz a hero for wanting to believe there was good in Ward. As she stated that some people are just born evil, Ward concurred, admitting she that woken up a weakness inside him. He aimed his gun at her head and threatened to take what he wanted from her whether she wanted it or not.

Skye, however, remained strangely confident and told him she had a weapon more powerful than a bomb which would destroy him; when he asked why that was, she explained because he slept with her, and she was immensely furious. Ward was then attacked by Melinda May , with whom he engaged in a long battle through the facility while Skye used Zeller to free Ace Peterson and communicate with Deathlok. During the fight, Ward and May tried to desperately kill each other with buzzsaws and various other weapons they could find as they charged through a building site in the facility, with them both proving to be equally matched fighters.

Ward is overpowered by Melinda May. Ward managed to pin May down on a work bench and attempted to slice off her arm with a buzzsaw, mocking reminding her of their sexual history as he sat on top of her, however May managed to break free and began hitting Ward through various walls head first. The fight ended when May managed to get her hands on a nearby nail gun and started bolting Ward's foot to the floor. Despite pleas from Ward who was now defenceless, May punched him in the jaw and fractured his larynx rendering him unable to speak, before telling him that she was done listening to him as she knocked him unconscious with a final hard kick to the skull.

Ward was brought before Phil Coulson , angry that Ward had lied to them from day one. Coulson asked Melinda May if she got all her anger out, she said she had not as Ward was still alive, she also told him that Ward was unable to speak due to his fractured larynx. Coulson told him that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons had survived his assassination attempt, although Fitz may never be the same again. Coulson left him a question: Who are you without John Garrett?

He was then taken into custody by U. Grant Ward became a prisoner in one of the vaults in the Playground. In his time he hurt himself by running at the walls and other tactics. He also attempted suicide by cutting his wrists with a folded piece of paper. For three-and-a-half weeks Phil Coulson sat outside Ward's cell but Ward refused to speak. Ward told her about Creel's abilities. Before Ward could give any information about Calvin Zabo , her father, Skye left and returned Ward to isolation. Later when the team was attempting to track down Donnie Gill who had now gained cryogenic powers, Skye came down to gain information from Ward.

The two were sidetracked, discussing Ward's alleged abuse by his family who are now considered well-known, respectable people. Ward told her that HYDRA, when coming after a gifted, will first try to recruit them or, if the former fails, terminate them. He also told Skye that S. Ward is nearly suffocated by Leo Fitz.

Leo Fitz , feeling that the others were keeping secrets from him, discovered Ward in his cell. Ward was happy to see Fitz again and told him that rather than kill Fitz and Simmons, he ejected their pod into the ocean to give them "a fighting chance. Fitz then tried to make Ward feel his pain by removing the oxygen out of his cell to kill him.

Fitz allowed Ward to live and, with Mack's help, informed Coulson and the group about this. Ward gets too close to his cell's Laser Barrier. Upon returning to the Playground, Skye confronted Ward, who reminded her of his promise to always tell her the truth. He then told her that he could lead her to her father. Bonding with the other agents, Skye admitted that she once had a crush on Ward.

Meanwhile, Fitz felt that Ward was getting more respect than he was from the others. Ward told her that Raina was the one who gave him the information on Skye's father but she believed that Raina was playing him. Ward desperately hoped that she was not carving the Words of Creation. Their conversation gave Skye the clue she needed to recognize that Phil Coulson was the one writing them. Later when Raina told Coulson that she wanted to bring Skye to her father she realized that Ward was right after all.

Ward speaks to Phil Coulson. Grant begged Skye not to let him know he was there. He then changed the conversation to Calvin Zabo , which provoked Skye to angrily denounce Cal as a murderer. As a result, Coulson interrupted them and cut them off. Skye came back and Ward revealed to her that her father was trying to rescue her from HYDRA agents and that her mother was killed in the rescue attempt. Ward is transferred out of the Playground. Ward then tried to convince her to set him free so he could take her to him. Skye however revealed to him that he was being transferred to his brother's custody, much to his horror.

Phil Coulson later came down as Grant tried to convince him he could still help them and that he was still part of his team. Coulson angrily listed the many atrocious actions Ward committed dropping Fitz and Simmons out a plane, killing Victoria Hand and Eric Koenig and told him that the only reason he was imprisoned at the Playground was because he was of use and the only reason that he was being transferred was because Christian was of more use.

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Coulson escorted him into a truck, advising the FBI agents not to give Ward a single inch. As he walked to the truck, Ward saw all of his former friends, including Fitz, and other agents watching him. Ward then saw Skye and Simmons and called out to Skye, but Simmons then told him that if she ever saw him again, she would kill him. As Ward was about to enter the van, he told Coulson to tell Skye that he would keep his promise to take her to her father. Inside the van, Ward, who had been practicing this in his cell, dislocated his thumb, freeing himself of his handcuffs, and overpowered the agents.

Ward knew that S. He also strapped explosives to himself which deterred Antoine Triplett from pursuing him. Ward speaks to Bobbi Morse on the bus.

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The bus took Ward to Atlanta where he saw a woman on page of her book. Calling himself Zack, he then helped Eliza and her son, Graham , onto a bus to Dallas. When Eliza wanted further conversation, he opted to sit with the woman reading her book, who was also on that bus. After flirting with her, Ward revealed that he knew she was an agent of Coulson's because she is still on page Ward showed her his bomb and left the bus.

However he boarded another bus headed to Boston with Lance Hunter on board. During the meeting, Ward asked Bakshi to whom he answered, as Strucker was overseas, to which Bakshi replied that he answered to Daniel Whitehall. Ward also asked if he could meet Whitehall, to which Bakshi replied that Whitehall was busy, but then Ward told him that he could get them close to Coulson. Stopping off at a hotel, Ward took a shower, shaved off his beard and put on a new clean suit before calling Sunil Bakshi 's phone.

When Skye answered, he greeted her and said he hoped that she liked his present of Bakshi, explaining that he had promised Bakshi a face-to-face with Phil Coulson. He told her that he was planning on delivering similar presents to S. He hung up the phone before she could trace the call, then made plans to track down and confront his brother. Ward confronts his brother Christian. Ward soon found Christian as he was talking to his wife and setting up a date with his mistress.

Ward sneaked up to the car and silently murdered his brother's security team in seconds before smashing Christian's car window with a man's head and violently pulling his brother out of the car. As Christian rolled down a hill and looked up in horror, Ward simply smiled and said that he had heard Christian had been looking for him.

Grant demands a confession from Christian. Ward handcuffed Christian and forced him to walk through the woods where they had grown up, Christian continued to try and manipulate Ward by reminding him of his many crimes, but Ward ignored him and forced him to continue walking. Eventually Ward had them go to the well from their past [3] that their parents buried as their younger brother Thomas had almost drowned in it.

Christian was forced to uncover the well while Ward watched, the brothers continued to debate their past and Ward insisted that Christian was still living in denial about his abusive past towards him and their brother. Eventually Christian found the well, but took a chance and attacked Ward before attempted to flee. Ward soon caught up and bushed Christian's head against a tree. Ward threatens to throw Christian down a well. Ward dragged Christian to the well and threatened to drop him inside if Christian refused to admit to his part in torturing Thomas in their youth.

Eventually, Christian tearfully admitted his part. Grant then embraced his brother and they walked back to the road together, making it appear to Christian that he had forgiven him, but in reality he was setting him up. Grant had recorded what Christian said. When they got back to the house, Grant killed Christian and their mother and father and burned down the house, making it appear to be a murder-suicide case. Grant put the recording of Christian's confession in the remains of the house to further ruin Christian's appearance to the public.

Ward has a meeting with Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall accepted and showed Ward news footage of the alleged murder-suicide of Senator Christian Ward and his parents. Calvin Zabo entered the meeting, Zabo was immediately interested in Ward due to his experience being a part of Coulson's Team.

Ward asked Zabo about his experiences meeting Coulson, claiming that it can be a tough experience. He promised that if Raina and Skye came willingly, nothing would happen and they would be allowed to go free. Sam Koenig asked what promise did he give his brother before killing him. Ward simply replied by asking who Koenig's brother was. Though the Koenig brothers and the rest of the S. The women left with Ward, however Daniel Whitehall ordered the Bus to be destroyed regardless. Ward introduces Skye to her father. He took Skye to reunite her with her father , who was waiting patiently. He left the pair alone to meet.

Ward in a standoff with Daniel Whitehall. While bound and guarded by Agent 33 , Ward asked her about her resemblance to Melinda May. She talked of her loyalty to Whitehall and Ward commented on how he was once loyal to John Garrett who had gone insane. Ward witnessed Whitehall torture Calvin Zabo and mock Skye about her mother's death. When the Battle for the Kree City began, Ward talked to the guard that replaced Agent 33 long enough for Zabo to free himself, sneak up behind the guard and kill him. Ward asked Zabo to free him, but he refused, citing that he did not want Ward and Skye to see him kill Whitehall.

Ward managed to free himself from the chair shortly after Calvin Zabo left, then freed Skye , saying that he would get her to safety. However when Ward's back was turned, she took the dead guard's gun and shot Ward four times in the side and left him for dead, noting that he should never turn his back on the enemy. Ward was saved by the Bulletproof Vest he wore. Agent 33 came to him emotional over the death of Daniel Whitehall. She then helped the injured man leave the scene. Ward sits inside a diner with Agent Over the next few weeks, Agent 33 treated Ward's gunshot injuries and eventually nursed him back to health, they developed a strong flirtatious relationship and Ward felt he owed Agent 33 a debt for saving his life.

Seeking to begin making amends for his debt, Ward was able to track down the inventor of the Photostatic Veil to a diner where he was enjoying a meal with his family; once there, he and Agent 33 discussed their short history together while Ward politely ordered the pancakes from the waitress Rhonda for the two of them to enjoy. Ward and Agent 33 find and kidnap Selwyn.

Agent 33 still struggled to make decisions for herself now that her controller Daniel Whitehall was dead and they discussed what had happened with them in the aftermath of the Battle for the Kree City. Before their pancakes could arrive, the inventor of the Veil got up to leave, with Ward noting his disappointment and not getting to eat them. Ward left Rhonda a tip before he and Agent 33 pulled out their guns, with Ward shooting the CCTV cameras and helping Agent 33 threatening the inventor, who begged them to take his wallet and leave him alone, only for them to kidnap him together.

They took Selwyn back to their hotel room and forced him to fix the mask. Although he was unable to remove the mask, he was able to get it working again to cover up her scars and fix her voice, allowing her to transform her face into anyone at will. Once he was finished, he and Ward discussed how Agent 33 could use an old photograph to make the mask give her old face back, and Ward revealed that he was unaware of what she really looked like.

Once they were satisfied that Selwyn had done all he could to assist them, Ward killed him to ensure he did not tell anyone about their actions. Ward promises to bring Agent 33 a surprise. Ward later found Agent 33 in their hotel room experimenting with the Photostatic Veil , creating new faces to cover her own scars, settling on using Melinda May 's face.

Ward offered to buy some clothes for Agent 33 while he was out, when Agent 33 questioned where he was going, Ward would only tell her that he was going to pick up another surprise for her. To Ward's surprise, Agent 33 asked him to stop helping her, as she felt guilty for not being able to give him something back, however he insisted that this was not why he was doing this and promised to come back within a couple of hours. When Ward returned, Agent 33 had turned her face into Skye 's and tried to seduce Ward, but he insisted that he wanted to be with her, not anyone else.

He explained that his feelings for Skye had gone when she shot him. As she was clearly upset at the rejection, Ward cheered up Agent 33 by handing her Sunil Bakshi 's file, who was being held in a prison by Glenn Talbot. He then proceeded to tell her how John Garrett saved him from his family's cruelty and how, after he had a confrontation with them, he was free to be a new man.

Ward promised they would kidnap Bakshi and get revenge. Using the Photostatic Veil to successfully disguise herself as Brigadier General Glenn Talbot 's own wife, Carla who was due to meet the General there, Agent 33 gained entry into the facility where their target was being held by tricking the guard that she had simply forgotten her access card. Once she was inside she turned off the security cameras, allowing Ward to arrive without being tracked, finding the guard on the security desk paying so much attention to fixing his monitors that he did not see Ward coming towards him with a weapon.

Ward murders one of Glenn Talbot 's guards. With no cameras to capture his actions, Ward quietly murdered the guard at the desk and hid his body before stealing his access cards to help them get through the facility. While he was checking the dead guard's pockets, Ward found himself being watched by Brookton and prepared to draw his weapon to kill the United States Armed Forces soldier, before realizing that it was in fact Agent 33 in disguise, as she had already murdered Brookton. Ward teased her for her choice of disguise with her noting that he was the smallest man she could find, which was why the uniform was slightly too large for her.

Ward greets and kidnaps Sunil Bakshi. Together they located Sunil Bakshi , who was initially delighted to see Agent 33, believing her to still be loyal to HYDRA and following the orders given to her by the late Daniel Whitehall , although as soon as Ward appeared, he knew he was in danger, questioning who was truly giving orders to Agent 33 and being horrified to learn that they were working on their own orders.

Grant Ward

When Bakshi attempt to control her using the Faustus method, Agent 33 knocked him out and Ward smiled at her successful before together they took Bakshi outside in a wheelchair and made their hasty escape from the facility. Ward with Agent 33 , who revealed her name. Once they were back at the hotel, they tied down the captured Bakshi and used the Faustus method to brainwash him, holding his eyes open as he starred into the screen.

Agent 33 was able to turn the mask off to reveal her true scarred face. Ward smiled at seeing her true identity and, to show her that it was time for a new beginning, introduced himself to her again, and she introduced herself by her real name, Kara Palamas. Palamas then began to taunt Bakshi when he asked if his compliance would be rewarded, while Ward watched closely from the side, amused at Bakshi's suffering.

Ward learns Phil Coulson has Agent In Mexico , Ward bought a cactus for his and Agent 33 's house while she called her mother, who was helping her get better reacquainted with her old life by sending her old pictures of herself which allowed her to recreate her original and unscarred face with the Photostatic Veil. However, just as Ward was leaving the shop he got a call on Agent 33's phone and learned that she had been captured by Phil Coulson. Ward surrenders his weapons to Deathlok. Ward immediately drove to the restaurant where Agent 33 was and found her unharmed by being guarded by Deathlok.

Ward greeted his former ally from his days with John Garrett and was ordered to remove all his weapons. Ward complied with these orders, dropping his guns, knives and garrote, although he tried and failed to keep one small blade on him which Deathlok spotted with his Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant. With Ward now unarmed and defenceless, Deathlok directed him to a booth where Coulson was waiting to speak with him while he stayed back to keep guard over Agent Ward has a meeting with Phil Coulson.

Ward and Coulson exchanged false pleasantries as Coulson noted that he knew Ward could kill him if he wanted to. Ward then listened as Coulson explained that he was not after him anymore but was looking to find Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and Doctor List , hoping that Ward could find a way to locate the pair. Ward reassures and comforts Kara Palamas.

Ward agreed to take the deal, and he and Agent 33 were taken back to their home by Deathlok where they gathered their belongings in preparation for the mission, also taking Sunil Bakshi and locking him inside the trunk of the car. While Deathlok spoke with Coulson, Ward commented that something was amiss as Melinda May was not involved with the mission. Although Palamas insisted they run, Ward reminded her that they could use Coulson to get to Bobbi Morse and find the closure that they were seeking. They then discussed finding another house to continue their relationship in.

Ward recruits Sunil Bakshi to the mission. Just as Ward and Palamas shared a kiss, Deathlok opened the door and ordered them to break it up, much to Ward's annoyance. They then opened the boot and Ward showed Coulson Bakshi, explaining that he had now undergone the Faustus method and would obey their orders completely.

Ward explained that he had brought Bakshi to help with the infiltration as he knew List and could get them inside HYDRA , assuring Coulson that Bakshi was now loyal to his and he was happy to comply with anything Ward or he ordered him to do. Ward's life is threatened by Leo Fitz. Fitz exploded out of his seat at him, and quickly had to be restrained by Coulson and Lance Hunter , leaving Ward's question unanswered. Fitz pleaded with Coulson that both Bakshi and Ward would undoubtedly betray them the first chance they had, but Coulson reassured Fitz that he was aware of the risks and as a result Deathlok would join Bakshi as his bodyguard while he attended the meeting with List.

Ward watches Sunil Bakshi and List 's meeting. Looking through Deathlok's prosthetic eye , they watched as List discussed the death of Daniel Whitehall and the resulting Assassination of HYDRA Leaders , questioning if Bakshi himself was involved, which he denied, even turning the suspicion onto List himself while Ward smugly commented that he was right all along.

Ward and Phil Coulson threaten each other. When Bakshi offered to trade Deathlok to List for his experiments in exchange for a meeting with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker , Ward was accused of betraying the plan. With the situation calmed, Coulson warned Ward that if he tried that again he would be thrown off the Quinjet to his sudden death.

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  • Melanie Ward’s adventure begins with Mathis’ novel Living Lies.
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  • Ward learns that Skye is being hunted. When List's plan took off, Ward assumed it was because Strucker was overseas and Coulson gave the order for Ward to fly the Quinjet and follow them. They listened as List explained his desire to track Inhumans and his belief that there was a teleporter they were close to capturing as he had been located in Milwaukee , Wisconsin , Ward overheard Coulson and Fitz noting that this was the same teleporter who had taken Calvin Zabo , Raina and Skye , allowing Ward to learn that the mission was to find Skye, although Coulson still refused to explain why HYDRA would want to find and capture her.

    When Doctor List took his plane to Milwaukee , Ward and the others followed him and landed the Quinjet on top of Calvin Zabo 's Building , where Sunil Bakshi and a team of HYDRA agents stormed inside the building in an attempt to capture any gifted individuals they could find. Ward and Phil Coulson manage to find Skye. Coulson and Ward were forced to subdue more HYDRA agents before they turned to see Skye, who started towards them before suddenly being interrupted by the arrival of Gordon.

    Frustrated by the failure, Ward responded by kicking a HYDRA agent hard in the skull and shot another while Coulson looked on in dismay. Ward advises Phil Coulson to escape. When Agent 33 found them with an injured Hunter who had been shot in the firefight , Ward listed the many ways they were currently at a disadvantage in this fight and advised Coulson to retreat, since they were outmanned and outgunned and their only backup was Leo Fitz. Coulson chose to allow Ward, 33 and Hunter to escape onto the Quinjet while he decided to surrender to Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie so he could then be taken back to S.

    Ward flirts with Kara Palamas while flying. Ward followed the Bus with a Quinjet while Phil Coulson was being questioned, as they flew Ward suggested that Kara Palamas could fly, offering to teach her how. Palamas however refused, jokingly telling Ward that if she was allowed to fly she would forget the mission and take them away on vacation. Palamas questioned why they were going to S. Ward and Palamas arrive at the Playground. When Coulson was finally allowed to continue his plan following his interrogation, in which he offered the Toolbox as a peace offering, he messaged Lance Hunter and Leo Fitz onboard the Quinjet and Ward landed the Quinjet on top of the Bus.

    Once at the Playground , he was placed under guard with Kara under the order of Robert Gonzales , with Melinda May making it clear that if Ward ever stepped out of line, he and Palamas would be gunned down without any hesitation. In response Ward mockingly told Palamas that May could be very friendly once you got to know her a little better.

    Gonzales put the matter up to a vote and it was decided they would move ahead with the mission, using Coulson's Team only. Ward tell Kara Palamas to stay at the base. Ward later spoke to Agent 33 alone and convinced her to stay at the Playground in an attempt to learn more about who she was as an Agent of S. Although Palamas remained highly skeptical about the idea as she claimed that these methods of reconnecting with her past only worked when she called her mother, Ward insisted that a key part of her life had been stolen from her and this was the only way that she would be able to get it back and learn who she was before Whitehall's torture.

    However just as the doors closed behind them, a loud noise was heard causing everyone to raise their guns at Ward who denied any involvement with whatever had caused the strange noise. It was quickly revealed that the noise was Skye being teleported onto the Bus from Afterlife by Gordon. With everyone having now calmed down and lowered their weapons, Ward noted they finally had gotten the team back together. Ward began breaking down the plan to attack the base; however, sensing that there was too much tension, Ward chose to speak out about his previous actions since being revealed to be an undercover HYDRA Operative working under John Garrett.

    He expressed that his greatest regret was not the people he had killed but the fact that his actions had destroyed their once great team. Despite this speech, Skye remained pleased that she had shot him. Once they landed, they ran to the base and soon they encountered Sunil Bakshi who had just killed one of List 's soldiers. Ward calmed Bakshi's mind before they continued on their mission, with Bakshi insisted on joining Ward. Ward and Bakshi joined Skye and Jemma Simmons as they were attacked by soldiers, Skye demonstrated her new powers of creating shockwaves and knocked out the guards.

    Ward helps to rescue the wounded Deathlok. When Ward suggested she should thank him for allowing her to gain her Inhuman powers in the Kree City , Skye said she would simply not try to kill him again. While subduing many of the attacking guards and forcing List to retreat, the team soon found Mike Peterson , who had been tortured by HYDRA and had lost his robotic eye implant and his cybernetic leg. Ward stood guard while Jemma Simmons attended to Peterson's injuries, until she accused Ward of standing around doing nothing and ordered him to find a stretcher to help get Peterson out of the base safely, which he did without question.

    Ward aims his gun at Jemma Simmons. As Coulson's Team had successfully destroyed the HYDRA base and freed Mike Peterson and Lincoln Campbell , Ward called Phil Coulson , saying he had decided that it would be better for him to escape before ending up either in a prison cell or with his brain being erased.

    Ward explained that he knew the team would never forgive him but Kara Palamas did deserve forgiveness and so he he had decided to leave her at S. Ward shoots Bobbi Morse with an I. In reality, however, Ward had organized a plan for Kara Palamas to use the Photostatic Veil to disguise herself as Melinda May and fly herself and Bobbi Morse to Ward's location where they planned to kidnap and torture her. Once Morse learned of Palamas' deception, the pair had a prolonged fight and Morse knocked Palamas out with a strong kick to the jaw, but as Morse walked out of the Quinjet , dazed from the fight and unsure of her current location, Ward fired a single shot from his I.

    Ward promises to bring Kara Palamas closure. Ward and Palamas dragged Morse's unconscious body back onto the Quinjet and tied her up. They expressed their love for each other, with Palamas telling Ward that she had found it difficult to be away from him for so long. Although Palamas wished to execute Morse straight away in revenge for betraying her to Daniel Whitehall and beginning her brainwashing torture , Ward told Palamas that in order for her to get full closure, they would have to ensure that Morse's suffering be prolonged before she died.

    He then shot Morse, who was regaining consciousness, with the I. Ward prepares to torture Bobbi Morse. Ward and Kara Palamas took Bobbi Morse back to an abandoned warehouse, where they tied her to a table. Ward revealed to her that they had learned from Sunil Bakshi that it was Morse who had sold out Palamas' location to HYDRA , leading to her capture and torture at the hands of Daniel Whitehall , and they wanted her to confess this to them to give Palamas closure. When Morse remained calm, Ward opened his toolbag and took out a long sharp needle before revealing that he knew Morse hated needles.

    Ward explained to Morse how she would be tortured, that he had used an anesthetic to remove any sensation of pain from her while he pushed needles under her fingernails, knowing that Morse could push away most pain he inflicted to her. He explained that this way, the sensation of unbearable pain, would hit her body all at once. He offered to avoid this pain if Morse confessed. Safe House , not knowing if it was empty or not and believed she had done the right thing.

    Ward and Palamas celebrate Morse's pain. Eventually Palamas saw in Morse's eyes that the pain was finally engulfing her entire body, she told Ward and they embraced as they watched Morse suffer. Morse attempted to convince Palamas that Ward was playing with her emotions, explaining that Ward was using symbolic targets from her past life to make her believe he cared about her.

    Palamas however revealed that she knew all about Ward's past with John Garrett , and how he had killed many S. Ward orders Bobbi Morse to confess her sins. As Kara Palamas slept, Ward visited Bobbi Morse , who had now been suffering from the pain for many hours. Ward complimented her on her resilience before comparing himself to her, as they both hid their true identities from the world, noting that this was why neither she nor Phil Coulson could ever see them coming.

    Ward attempted to convince her once again to end her suffering by admitting she betrayed her and thus giving Palamas the closure she needed, but Morse refused, calling Ward a complete hypocrite as he had betrayed his entire team. Ward after fighting Bobbi Morse. Without warning, Morse managed to rip off her restraints and attacked Ward, ripping the needles out of her fingers and attempting to stab him in the neck. The pair engaged in a fierce fight, throwing each other at the walls and through windows until Palamas came to Ward's aid and together they overpowered Morse before Ward shattered her kneecap by stomping on it.

    Ward offered Palamas the chance to shoot Morse, but she refused, citing that it did not feel right as she did not feel remorse. Ward told her he knew what to do instead, making a plan to break her mentally while also finally killing her. Ward mocks Bobbi Morse 's terrible situation. Ward and Kara Palamas tied Bobbi Morse back to a chair and rigged a rifle behind her. Ward explained that as Morse had clearly shown no regard for her own life, he would force her to watch as someone else, presumably Lance Hunter , was killed while attempting to save her.

    He told her that the rifle was set to fire at the doorway the moment it was opened, killing them instantly in front of her eyes, which would give them the closure they desired. As they left Ward mocked Morse, noting that whoever opened the doors would have their head blown open. Ward watches Melinda May 's arrival.

    Ward watched them enter with Palamas still by his side, mockingly watching Hunter knowing that he would undoubtedly be dead soon. As Palamas was concerned about May's involvement as she could give the S. Ward attacks and kills a S. Seeking to take out several agents of the S. Ward hid in a bathroom and waiting for an agent to appear, at which point he attacked and disarmed the man before subduing him by smashing his head over a sink before moving on.

    At one stage Ward overheard a message on the S. Ward accidentally kills Kara Palamas. Ward hid himself and the moment he saw May, he grabbed her and fired three fatal shots into her stomach. To his horror however, he discovered that he had accidentally killed Kara Palamas after she had used the Photostatic Veil to disguise herself as May. As Palamas fell to her knees and began drowning on her own blood, Ward begged her to stay with him but she died in his arms as her Photostatic Veil switched off, revealing her true scarred face.

    As Ward looked down at the woman he loved he began to cry as his heart broke before he made his escape before he could be discovered and killed as well. Ward escaped to Goldbrix Tavern ; there he sat staring at a photo of Kara Palamas. A group of HYDRA thugs that he had hired to find the remaining leadership showed up and gave him a list of names.

    Ward told them that he wanted more, but Kebo , explained that HYDRA no longer had any leadership, and that he cannot give them orders. Unhappy with this answer, Ward smashed Kebo's head into the bar and ordered the others to get more names so he could form a team. When one of the thugs asked him what the plan was, Ward looked down at Palamas' picture and replied "Closure". A few months after his return to HYDRA , Ward had successfully found many new recruits who were fiercely loyal to him and his control; all of whom were loyal to the founding values of HYDRA that had been lost during the leadership of Wolfgang von Strucker and Alexander Pierce , among others.

    With Kebo as his second-in-command, Ward made his goal to reunify HYDRA's splintered cells and to clean the organization from soft and greedy members who cared only about wealth and not about power, which he blamed as the main reason for HYDRA's decline and inevitable failure, desiring a HYDRA made of strong and loyal fighters. Ward and Kebo question Carmine. He stole Carmine's new sports car and drove into him, driving through his warehouse base with the completely terrified Carmine still on the bonnet.

    Ward asks where to find Werner von Strucker. As they drove with Carmine clinging on for dear life, Ward and Kebo spoke about the old HYDRA's greed, noting that people like Carmine used the money they earned to buy fancy cars and good suits, rather than focusing on the goals that Red Skull founded HYDRA upon, to conquer the world and create unrest and terrorism. Eventually Ward slammed on the brakes, sending Carmine flying across the floor of the warehouse, at which point he, Kebo and the rest of their loyal soldiers then walked over to him and demanded to know where the could find the young von Strucker's location.

    Ward and Kebo locate Werner von Strucker. Under fear of torture and death, Carmine quickly gave up the information and told Ward that Werner von Strucker was living on a boat, purchased with his father 's money. Ward and Kebo scouted out the area and spotted von Strucker having a party on the boat surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis and his security team.

    Ward and Kebo once again spoke about how the old HYDRA wasted their money and never used it to its fullest potential, as von Strucker would never let his ship out of the dock. Ward then ordered Kebo to sneak onto the boat and unleash a bag full of rats to scare away the women so they would not be harmed in the upcoming fight. Once the women had run away, leaving only the young von Strucker and his personal body-guards, Ward casually walked onto the boat where he was soon stopped by a large security guard who demanded that he turn around and leave.

    Without stopping, Ward used the skills he had learned from his S. Despite multiple guards attempting to stop him, Ward continued to walk forward and knocked out guard after guard with minimal effort on Ward's part. Ward kidnaps Werner von Strucker. Within mere minutes, Ward had fought every guard on the boat and succeeded in disarming them before knocking them out or throwing them overboard, deciding not to use deadly force on them.

    Before long however, Ward came across Werner von Strucker , but was hit in the face by one final guard; angered by the blow to his jaw, Ward pulled his gun and fired a single shot into his heart and killed the guard, dropping his corpse into the sea. Remaining calm, Ward told von Strucker that he was an exterminator before knocking out and kidnapping von Strucker with a solid punch to the face. Ward questions Werner von Strucker. Ward and Kebo brought Werner von Strucker back to their base where they told him that he had never earned a single thing in his life and had wasted his family 's money.

    Ward demanded that he hand over all his wealth to them by giving over his banking passwords. When von Strucker resisted, Ward punched him in the face and made it clear that he was not asking for his money but was going to get it. He ordered Kebo to torture von Strucker until he handed over the money. Before long, Ward returned to find Werner von Strucker trying to kill Kebo. When von Strucker tried to use his family's name as leverage, Ward made it clear that he knew who he was, noting that Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was one of HYDRA 's greatest leaders before dying a meaningless death.

    Ward told him that he had earned his respect and, in a technique that John Garrett had used with him years earlier, gave him tacos as a reward. For his first mission, Ward sent von Strucker to get close to Melinda May 's ex-husband Andrew Garner by posing as a student. Kebo was able to recruit a new soldier in HYDRA , who offered them a crate full of weapons as a show of faith after killing Spud to gain entry.

    Ward is located by Lance Hunter. Ward met with Kebo when he arrived at their base with the recruit, who he tried to introduce to the director. Ward greeted the new recruit who seemed oddly reluctant to show his face, however, to Ward's horror, the recruit turned out to be Lance Hunter , who was on a mission to kill Ward. Before Ward could draw his own gun, Hunter grabbed a nearby machine gun and ran behind containers to hide from Ward's soldiers. Ward fires at Lance Hunter and Melinda May. A firefight broke out with Hunter using the stolen gun and firing at the HYDRA agents, one of whom used his own body to shield Ward from a bullet.

    Ward and Kebo were able to get to cover and discovered that Hunter had seemingly come without any backup; leading to the pair mocking each other. Ward noted that he would have rather fought against Bobbi Morse who he thought would provide a better challenge while Hunter reminded Ward of how he had killed Kara Palamas by mistake. Ward ordered his men to surround Hunter, but before long, Melinda May arrived to assist Hunter, killing Ward's men. Ward mocks and threatens Melinda May. Finding himself now at a major disadvantage during this battle, Ward ordered Kebo to tell Werner von Strucker to film the murder of Andrew Garner to threaten May.

    When May tried to insist that Ward had no way out, he told her not to interrupt before throwing the phone with the footage of Garner being surrounded by Strucker as well as a HYDRA Assassin and Arsonist who would kill Garner if Ward died. Ward is shot and injured by Lance Hunter. Although the video horrified May, Hunter refused to surrender, instead advancing on Ward and Kebo while firing his gun at the pair.

    With no other choice, Kebo managed to break a window by throwing a desk through it and ran to the truck with Ward behind him; however, Hunter managed to fire a shot which wounded Ward in the shoulder, causing him to fall hard on the ground. Kebo was able to bring his boss to safety as they drove away and escaped while Hunter continued to fire down at them without landing a shot. With Ward not giving the order to stop Garner was attacked and very nearly killed.

    Ward and Kebo discuss Werner von Strucker.

    Living Lies – Book 1

    Having found themselves a new hideout, Ward and Kebo watched as their new weapons were unloaded from a van. Ward discussed how S. They changed the subject to Werner von Strucker , who had disappeared after failing to kill Andrew Garner. Ward ordered Kebo to hunt down and assassinate von Strucker before S. Ward speaks to Gideon Malick. As more weapons were being unloaded, Ward was shocked to see that Kebo had returned without Werner von Strucker.

    When Ward attempted to question him, Kebo handed him a phone. Ward picked up the phone and found himself speaking to Gideon Malick , an ally to Baron Wolfgang von Strucker who was feared by everyone who knew of his reputation. Ward questioned why Malick would do this and was told that he had chosen a side.

    Ward then sent Kebo with a team of operatives to Strucker's location in Lisbon , Portugal. Ward has a meeting with Gideon Malick. Ward again met with Gideon Malick and they discussed Werner von Strucker , who had survived the assassination attempt and fallen into a coma. Malick asked Ward if revenge was his only goal, but Ward insisted that his goal was to assassinate Phil Coulson and destroy S.

    As they were speaking they were interrupted when Malick received a phone call from Rosalind Price , who apologized for missing her meeting with Malick due to having to capture Lash with Director Coulson. Ward asks about Baron Strucker 's vault. Malick had a dinner of octopus served up for the pair of them and explained why the octopus was HYDRA 's symbol, describing it as smart and the ultimate killer. Malick continued to press Ward for a request and they discussed how HYDRA's leadership had been destroyed due in part to Ward; Malick made it clear that he knew Ward was looking for Baron Wolfgang von Strucker 's secret vault, which was said to contain HYDRA's greatest weapon , but Malick insisted the vault did not exist.

    However, Ward argued that Malick had killed Werner to become sole owner of it. Ward shoots Gideon Malick 's assassins.

    Malick was called away by Giyera and explained that he would not support Ward's plan of revenge against S. Ward insisted that he would find Wolfgang von Strucker 's vault with or without the help of Malick, but Malick informed him that although he had proven himself to be a fine predator, he was not top of the food chain as he left, leaving Ward to finish off his final drink. Malick's team of HYDRA assassins then stepped into the room and aimed their weapons at Ward who took his one chance to defend himself.

    Managing to use his S. When the gun ran out of ammunition, Ward used whatever weapon was closest to him to fight back, hitting the men with pool cues and cracking them over the head with whatever was nearby. With only one man left standing, Ward succeeded in overpowering and plunging the man's knife into his own throat, smiling as Ward watched him choke on his own blood and die. After the brief but violent fight, Ward was able to kill all but three. Ward captures Gideon Malick 's assassins. Ward put the three of Gideon Malick 's surviving assassins in a row and noted that the fact that Malick had tried to assassinate him clearly showed that he was on the correct path.

    Ward calmly showed them a blowtorch and explained just how hot it would burn, noting that he had been a pyro as a kid and indirectly told them that he had nearly burnt his brother to death. Ward then demanded that they surrender the location of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker 's vault and explain how to access it. When they refused, Ward threatened them with torture. As the men managed to stay strong, Ward took a torch and explained that he had always been a fan of fire; he then dragged one of the men out and held the flame to his face, explaining that the key was to breaking someone was to ensure the person knew how much it was going to hurt as he pressed the flame down to his neck.

    Finally, one of the men told him the vault was in Zepkow , Germany. Having now gained the information he needed Ward thanked the men, noting one would have fit in with his campaign before he shot and killed them. Ward boarded an airplane to Moscow to hunt down Baron Wolfgang von Strucker 's vault. When they reached cruising altitude, Ward flirted with a Flight Attendant who provided him with a drink. They continued to flirt and she suggested that he come stay with her when they reached Moscow; however, Ward explained that he would not be going to Moscow, but that this was the only plane which just so happened to be flying over where he needed to get to.

    He informed her of his intention to leave the plane while causing it to crash in mid-air by preparing to blast open the doors and ordered her to strap in. Ward then put on a parachute and spoke on the intercoms, telling the other passengers to strap themselves into their seats, explaining that soon the pilot would be forced to make the plane dive down before they all froze to death due to the high altitude, noting that it was HYDRA that had hijacked and brought down the plane.

    Ward then used an exploding watch to rip off the door, allowing himself to be sucked out as the plane crashed. Ward finds Wolfgang von Strucker 's vault. Ward eventually located Baron Wolfgang von Strucker 's hidden vault and broke inside, ripping a hole through the ceiling and dropping in with his gun raised.

    Ward discovered that Gideon Malick was already there and waiting for him. Malick explained that he had not been impressed by Presidents or alien technology but he was impressed by Ward and suggested that Ward should be HYDRA 's second head next to him, but Ward expressed his desire to kill Malick for his betrayal. He opened Strucker's safe and pulled out a piece of the Monolith , explaining that it had the power to teleport users to another world.

    Malick vowed to help Ward destroy S. I downloaded this to my kindle, since it was one of those freebies. That's how they hook you. I'm glad I decided to keep going. I am now into the 3rd book in this series, and am enjoying the stories. Jan 14, Michelle Boyea rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a wonderful book. Started off kind of slow and I couldn't really get into it. But in the middle and the end, I could not put the book down.

    I especially loved the twist at the end and I can't wait to see where book 2 takes it. Feb 27, Amber rated it liked it. Liked that it wasn't written in a way you everyone's true role before the end. Looking forward to reading 2nd in series. Jul 12, Linda rated it really liked it.

    Living Lies (Agent Melanie Ward, #1) by Kate Mathis

    What a great read!! I didn't know which direction the characters were going next, very suspencful and very entertaining. I felt the book summary was slightly deceptive in that "Living Lies" read more like a romantic comedy to me than a spy book. I only mention this because it wasn't quite what I'd expected The first 94 pages of this book were difficult to get into. A lot of key things happen that set up relationships that are involved later in the book -- spec I felt the book summary was slightly deceptive in that "Living Lies" read more like a romantic comedy to me than a spy book.

    A lot of key things happen that set up relationships that are involved later in the book -- specifically Melanie's relationships with her roommates Jen, Carla, and Trish-- so you somewhat need these chapters In the end, I believe I decided there really wasn't a good way to keep that information without leaving things as-is. Though, I didn't think those first chapters really fit or flowed with the rest of book.

    The first couple of chapters, to me, felt a little wonky. It also took me a little while to get used to the formatting. There were scene changes without transitions or some sort of notation I also missed the "Years Later" under the chapter 7 heading. Dialogue in some areas was also confusing with a third party being introduced, but the quote wasn't really attributed to the person. I really had to back-track a lot in the dialogue and do the whole Maybe it was because it was late and I was reading tired Despite those nit-picky things The book quickly turned into a page-turner and I couldn't put it down.

    The story was unique, and I totally loved the concept of a love-starved spy. Melanie really is a ditz when it comes to her romantic life I'm usually able to predict book endings, so I was overjoyed to discover I'd guessed incorrectly. I really would have liked to see more of Melanie's arch-nemisis, Finn Parker, in the book-- he was a big screw-up whose father was a politician with his hands into everything, but I didn't really get a deep sense of the competition and rivalry between them-- just Melanie always fixing Finn's stupid mistakes and screw-ups.

    It would have been really cool to see Finn and Mel on the same mission and have Finn take all the credit via his overbearing father. Just give it a little time to get used to the formatting and the writing style. Nov 21, Jaye rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was difficult to pin down with a rating. On the one hand, I've read way worse. On the other, I don't think it deserves more than two stars.

    At least, not in its present incarnation. Not so with this one. In truth, I'd probably give it 1. In general, I r This book was difficult to pin down with a rating. In general, I really only have a few points to make I like the basic concept. It's been a while since I've encountered the relatable female spy outside of television and Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls. I also enjoy the general idea behind the Adam-love-interest thread. That being said, in terms of development--both plot and character--this book has a long way to go. There are huge chunks that could and maybe should be completely tossed.

    The espionage aspect of the story is given surprisingly little face time, so to speak. At the moment the story is more about Melanie's struggles with love and dating. Her career fades into the background until the end. Melanie and Adam as characters but, especially Melanie. They're not fleshed out enough and lack a certain level of dimension; the motivations are there but rudimentary at best. As a result, many if not all of the characters come off as juvenile and a little unstable. As is it stands, I didn't particularly connect with or like any of the characters. Melanie, in particular, lacked the strength and fortitude I would have expected for a character with her purported experience and career background.

    I'm not entirely sure how to describe the portrayal of Adam. I like the underlying idea of his character. However, I don't see any of the depth or dimension of his background reflected in his actual character. Both Melanie and Adam are disappointments. The author's writing style.

    Admittedly, I wasn't a fan. There are a number of awkward passages and bits of unrealistic dialogue that I was hard-pressed to forgive. In conclusion, there were also issues with overall organization and flow. This made the actual reading of the story frustrating. It was choppy and disorienting for most of the time. As a side note, the Ryan thread at the beginning does not need to be in there at all. Too much time is spent on him. Even if that relationship with Ryan were necessary to understanding Melanie's motivations and character, the author would have been better off working that knowledge into the main story arc, whether as dialogue, flashbacks, self-reflection, or by some other mechanism.

    Unless she decides to tackle a complete revamping of this book re: Nov 22, Lyndsy rated it really liked it. For me the book is really 3. The biggest problem for me is the beginning of the book. It's all backstory and way too much of it. Unless it comes up later in the series, I don't see how it was worth the pages. If it doesn't come up later, I fee like the editor really dropped the ball. In that same vein there were typos that made me a little crazy. I For me the book is really 3. I also had trouble following who was saying what and where they were at times.

    I don't know if that was me or the author though, so I'm not really knocking it down for that. The rest of the book is really quite entertaining and the plot is interesting. The characters can be a little annoying, but, so can people. The main character is like a lot of women, it seems when it comes to work and love. She's almost too stuck to be realistic, but when I thought on it, I've known women that stubborn. The side characters are okay and I'm curious whether they'll pop up more. I am also curious where the second book will start off. I probably won't be rushing to read it, but it will likely happen at some point.

    You'll root for undercover operative Melanie Ward as she tackles professional and personal crises while living a lie. Kudos to first-time author Kate Mathis! I felt kind of cheated because I didn't find this book at all suspenseful or intriguing. It was more romance mixed with sex in the city kind of friendship and I'm da "This mystery thriller has it all-suspense, intrigue and romance. It was more romance mixed with sex in the city kind of friendship and I'm damaged goods feel. I was really disappointed in the way the book was present as a Spy thriller when in fact it is a romance with a spy theme.

    For a first time author it is a descent book but she didn't win me over. I didn't fall in love with Melanie Ward in fact I wanted to slap her and say wake up and grow up. I loved the twist at the end but I felt like she rushed to end the book. I do not think I will be reading the second book unless I get a for a steal. I just wasn't sold on Melanie as a Spy. Apr 26, Tara rated it really liked it. I was at a restaurant one day, reading a book on my Kindle. The author of this book approached me and told me about her book, which was available on Kindle.

    I checked it out, and it sounded interesting, so I downloaded it. I am glad I did! There were a few problems with the formatting in the Kindle version, and the book could have used some more editing. In addition, the characters were more like caricatures, and many of the relationships and action seemed to develop too quickly to be believable I was at a restaurant one day, reading a book on my Kindle.

    In addition, the characters were more like caricatures, and many of the relationships and action seemed to develop too quickly to be believable. That being said, I enjoyed the characters and the storyline immensely. A book doesn't have to be believable to be enjoyable, after all. I found myself looking foward to reading the book, and when I finished it last night, I immediately bought and downloaded the author's next book in this series. This book was very hard to get into. There were a lot of formatting problems that are probably related to the Kindle version that hopefully aren't there in the print version.

    The plot itself was good but the storyline was choppy. There were times where the author jumped back and forth from present to past even if the past was 5 minutes before and it was confusing. I did enjoy the twist at the end though I suspected that someone was not who he seemed. As another reviewer said, this book was mor This book was very hard to get into.

    I did like it based on the action at the end and I will probably read the sequel in time. Mar 26, Sylvia rated it it was ok Shelves: It ends on a cliff hanger, the villain has escaped. One love interest has disappeared from the scene. The main love interest keeps really big secrets. The heroine is in hospital. The End of the book, The main character Melanie Ward acts like a 20 year old college girl most of the time in her personal life.