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That task can begin by reading this book and telling others about it. Soldier Boy is based on actual events that have been taking place in Uganda for decades. Children are kid Soldier Boy is a wow. The families of these children are often murdered, sometimes before the eyes of the children. Sometimes, the children are even forced to do the murdering. Soldier Boy consists of two separate stories. One story takes place in and features a boy named Ricky.

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Ricky and his older brother, Patrick, are kidnapped. Their mother, father, and three little sisters are murdered and part of their home is burned to the ground. His terror, torture, hardship barely eating, drinking dirty and parasite-infested water, repeatedly sustaining life-threatening injuries, etc. As Ricky fights to stay alive and find an opportunity to escape, it is impossible for your heart not to break for him and the boys and girls like him in the story and in real life.

Samuel has just been rescued from the LRA after being left for dead. He is now in a type of recovery center for children who had been kidnapped by the LRA. And I mean, big, fat tears rolling down your face beautiful. I highly recommend listening to this audiobook which is perfectly narrated in an African accent. The afterword is both written and narrated by Ricky Anywar himself.

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Nov 12, Lisa rated it it was amazing. This amazing book was not only well-written, but is a true story that is historical, heart-breaking and important to read. The book includes stories from two POV's. One is Ricky's, and this is the true story part. In , Ricky and his brother were taken from their home by force and turned into fighting rebels in northern Uganda.

Joseph Kony and his LAS rebels stole children from their homes to fight his war. The children's existence was brutal. The second story, which takes place in , is Sa This amazing book was not only well-written, but is a true story that is historical, heart-breaking and important to read.

The second story, which takes place in , is Samuel's. The author explains that he is a culmination of many children who have come through the Friends of Orphans home after escaping the Kony's rebels. The book will break your heart and give you hope. He founded the Friends of Orphans to help the children of Uganda recover from the abuse and brain washing Kony's army exposed them to.

Also to help them recover from the many physical sicknesses that came along with their captivity. As I said, a must-read story. Jul 26, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know how to shelf this book. It is part true story, part fictional composite of true stories. Readers who like Ismael Beah's story will be as equally enthralled and horrified by this one. Ricky's example of hope and courage are inspiring. His desire to help children in other dire circumstances equally moving. Dec 07, Mr. Brad rated it it was amazing.

Incredible story of the loss of childhood innocence in the wake of war's savage cruelty. Crisp writing and a pair of heart wrenching stories, skillfully interwoven, make this a worthy addition to the growing pantheon of genocide books. Aug 11, Kathleen Blasi rated it it was amazing. Actually, I completed it at 3AM, because I couldn't put it down. I'm so impressed with Keely's commitment to her craft and her gift as a writer. Despite the agony in those pages, she pulled me through, with her amazing ability to find just the right words.

And the hope both she and Ricky Richard Anywar offer. Though there are violent scenes it IS real, after all , nothing is gratuitous. And the alternating stories create a perfect balance. Sep 10, M rated it it was amazing. A sad, riveting telling based on the true story of a soldier in the Ugandan Civil War. This is one of those books that will take time to process and you will grieve, with the characters and over the events that seem too unreal to fathom.

The unique point of views, switching between the soldier, Ricky Richard Anywar, and Samuel, a fictional soldier, who emulates the many soldiers Ricky has helped after escaping and recovering from his own horrific experience. A book that will remind you it's important to look around, understand and know the horrors of the world we live in, and combat it with goodness and kindness any way you can. Feb 22, Meghan Glaser rated it it was amazing. Keely Hutton captures the human element of such atrocity in a poignant, graceful manner; through Ricky's and Samuel's stories, the reader is able to travel the roads of war-torn and ravaged Uganda, and experience the stark, sometimes horrifying realities inflicted by Joseph Kony and his LRA.

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Readers will most certainly benefit and be enriched by Ms. Anywar's past, and will be forever impacted by what he and his Friends of Orphans charity continues to do to make this world a better place for all. Jul 28, Emanuela Il mondo di sopra rated it really liked it. L'immagine di quel bambino nascosto tra le foglie, l'immagine di quegli occhi che ci scrutano mescolati tra rabbia e paura, sembra la visione di uno dei documentari che spesso tra un canale e l'altro attraversa la tv. Non ci tocca minimamente. Eppure viverlo, leggerlo, toccarlo con mano diventa un'altra cosa, ma sto divagando.

Dalle prime pagine veniamo colpiti dalla nota dell'autrice, che se ne apprezza anche per averla inserito all'inizio - prima della lettura -. Pagina dopo pagina notiamo come il nostro protagonista non si arrende, cerca quella luce in fondo al buio, cerca di sopravvivere a quell'esistenza dura e violenta fino ad arrivare alla fine e a realizzare quella luce in fondo al buio: Il libro varia tra capitoli su Ricky e capitoli su Samuel, un personaggio quest'ultimo che racchiude la storia di tutti quei bambini. Sep 06, Sandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This novel was fantastic!

There are two stories running simultaneously with one story being the true story of Ricky Anywar, who in at the age of 14, was abducted from his home and thrown into the rebel army of Kony in the Ugandan Civil War. His story is heroic, frightening, and fascinating. The other narrative begins with Samuel who is recovering from war wounds and will soon be returning home but is dealing with the horrors of war.

His story is sad yet true. The ending of this novel is bea This novel was fantastic! The ending of this novel is beautiful! Patrick and his brother Ricky live in a small village with their parents. Patrick, being the older brother is concerned about the ongoing war, which is close to their village, but his brother Ricky is more concerned with playing with his friends.

The war is closer than they realize when one day, the rebels walk up their road and cause havoc on their village. They gather 5 boys, including Patrick and Ricky, tie them together and march them out. These boys will be marching for days without much food or drink. This group believes that their top commanders words are words from the Holy Spirit and no one can question what he says.

Later, when I get to meet this leader Kony, his words sound like a preacher. He calls upon the Lord and tells his troops that if they should perish it is because they did not believe in him Kony. For Kony will protect them and only nonbelievers will be killed. These rebels were salvages and their tactics were extensive as they march their abductees day-in and day-out, looting villages and adding youngsters to their group.

The conditions and situations these two brothers face and their love for one another made this a wonderful story. They are eventually separated from one another but that does not stop them from their commitment, their commitment to return home. Samuel sees corruption, lies and evil in front of him and it will take time, patience and love for him to realize that he is not alone and that he is safe now.

What a great novel. It was horrendous the situation that Ricky was in but I believe it was his outlook on life that helped him get through it. I loved his relationship with his brother and his relationship with his charges. He made the best of the situation. Ricky was smart, quick and a person who took charge. Samuel is overcome with his past.

As the novel began to close, I loved all the twists the author put in this novel. I began to experience different emotions for Ricky, things were changing for him and I began to wonder how things would be like for him. I was on the fence with Samuel and now I knew which way he was going to fall. I loved how the author brought everything together. I highly recommend this novel. Aug 08, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: I appreciated how the author wove together two stories of boys, boy soldiers, whose experiences were quite similar.

It is not difficult to imagine what might have happened to Ricky without the kindness of others, and how he seems determined to pay it back by reaching out to the orphans left behind by conflict in his country. Because readers don't realize at first that the adult interacting with Samuel is Ricky, and that their experiences mesh so well, there is a bit of a mystery about the story I appreciated how the author wove together two stories of boys, boy soldiers, whose experiences were quite similar. Because readers don't realize at first that the adult interacting with Samuel is Ricky, and that their experiences mesh so well, there is a bit of a mystery about the story and what might happen next.

This is not an easy book to read, but then again, how could it be since it's based on the actual experiences of Ricky Richard Anywar who was kidnapped and taken from his Uganda village by soldiers serving at the behest of Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army back in ? The fourteen-year-old was forced to watch as his parents and siblings, all except his older brother Patrick, were burned to death.

They are kept moving quickly through the jungle, literally eating on the run and barely consuming enough calories to stay alive. Hygiene is not a priority, but making a high number of kills and glorifying Kony is, and Ricky watches as many young girls are forced to serve as "wives" to the soldiers. Of course, all Ricky and Patrick can think about is trying to escape and trying to survive, and throughout their induction into the rebel military forces, they never lose sight of that goal or the desire to return home.

Over the two and a half years that he lives with these rebels, Ricky becomes very good at what they ask him to do, sometimes scouting and sometimes fighting on the battlefield, and he and Patrick barely acknowledge one another in order to allay any doubts their leaders have. Both young men are eventually given positions of leadership, and when the time is right, they make their separate ways home.

But home isn't home anymore, and Ricky must move on. Flash forward twenty years, and an eleven-year-old boy named Samuel is plotting his next moves and how he can escape from the peaceful area to which he has been taken. Although the book is set in Uganda rather than Sierra Leone, it brings to mind the equally powerful A Long Way Gone by Ismael Beah and certainly challenges readers to wonder what they themselves might have done in Ricky's shoes or how they might start on the long road toward healing. In Ricky's case, his efforts have gone into work with Friends of Orphans, a rehabilitation facility he founded, and middle grade readers will be impressed at his resilience and willingness to give back to others.

The author uses vivid language to describe Ricky's experiences, but thankfully she doesn't dwell on the bloodshed or body counts. After all, this is a story of survival, hope, and determination that may change the lives of many readers. Dec 19, Lara Anderson rated it it was amazing. Thanks to kidlitexchange for the review copy of this book. All opinions are my own. I needed to take a bit to process this book because WOW.

Soldier Boy is the true story of Ricky Richard Anywar, who was abducted in to fight with Joseph Kony's rebel army in the Ugandan civil war. He was 14 years old. From that fateful moment when he and his brother and friends are captured and made to bear witness to the destruction of their homes and families, the reader lives Ricky's unimaginable nightma Thanks to kidlitexchange for the review copy of this book.

From that fateful moment when he and his brother and friends are captured and made to bear witness to the destruction of their homes and families, the reader lives Ricky's unimaginable nightmare alongside him. Forced to kill government soldiers or be killed by the very rebels he fights with, forced to show loyalty to no one but Kony or risk a slow and torturous death, and later forced to train new abductees even children , it's a marvel that Ricky not only eventually escaped the rebel army, but went on to found Friends of Orphans, a non-profit organization that aids in the rehabilitation of those who've been, and continue to be, affected by the war.

The story switches between Ricky's account and a second perspective 20 years later in the form of Samuel, a fictional abductee whose character is molded from the thousands of child soldiers Ricky has helped to rehabilitate. This book is difficult to read that's an understatement , but goodness is it important. Ricky's story is unforgettable, but in Northern Uganda it is unfortunately not unique. The horrors described are unimaginable, but even in the midst of such violence and terror, Ricky's unshakable spirit and unwavering bravery pulse with a small but vital spark of hope, a thread that might have been missed if not for the careful and exceptional writing by Keely Hutton.

Jun 23, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: He tries to survive among the abuse, brutality, and inevitable anguish of war but he never stops dreaming of escape. The portion of this book that is about Ricky is based on a real-life account. Inserted in between various chapters about Ricky are chapters about Samuel, a fictional character who represents the many children that Ricky now helps rehabilitate through his charity.

This is a story to read and share. I had a friend ask why on earth I would read something so depressing. She said she wanted to spend her reading time among happy stories with happy endings. I can understand that sentiment. But I often read to learn. And this book was a true lesson. I learned about a war I had previously known nothing about.

I had my eyes opened further about the atrocities child soldiers encounter. And I felt helpless when I got to the end, wondering what I could do to help encourage change. I hope the finished copy has some resources to lead readers wishing to do something after reading. Place this into the hands of a teen in your life. Mar 28, Ms.

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  • Yingling rated it really liked it. His father is a teacher, and his family believes strongly in education. His older brother, Patrick, is bigger and smarter, but Ricky looks up to him. When soldiers from the Lord's Resistance Army pass by their village, Ricky and his friends are out on the road to try to see what the commotion is. The LRA is brutal, and in one afternoon, Ricky's family is killed and he and Patrick are taken to become soldiers.

    All of the commanders are blood thirsty, and there is no place for weakness. Only the strong survive. Ricky and Patrick do what they need to do, although they both try not to kill anyone. In alternating chapters, we also see Samuel in He is recuperating from a bad leg wound at the Friends of Orphans compound, but is very wary of the people there.

    He, too, has been a child soldier, and is supposed to be sent home. He doesn't want to tell anyone his story, but a kind man plays checkers with him, and eventually gets him to open up. Ricky's story is bleaker, or we see more of it. After years of fighting, he manages to be abandoned by the LRA and goes back to his village, only to receive devastating news.

    Still, he realizes that in order to survive, he must get an education, and after making it out of Uganda, he manages to graduate from university and eventually returns to his home country to help other child soldiers by founding Friends of Orphans. After it was pulled over, police discovered that Way had a loaded handgun in the car.

    He was then arrested immediately and taken to jail. Way only admitted to owning the vehicle, not the weapon, to the police. On February 15, , Way announced via Twitter that he was going to jail in five days. He did not confirm the reason as to why, although it could possibly stem from the January arrest.

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    Way described the incident to MTV News a month later: He had come home very late at night after attending an album release party and was recording songs with friends when the robbers came in pointing their guns. So two of my homeboys was in the living room and me and Arab we was in the studio recording. And somebody kicked in the door. One dude ran in put the AK to my homeboy head, put him on the floor [ I really can't dwell on what happened after that, but it was a messed up situation and I'm glad everyone made it out alive.

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