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Other ideas about Planet X are derived are less scientific. They focus upon references made in various mythical writings to rogue gods and fabled worlds. This website predominantly explores the science behind Planet X, but is also open to other lines of enquiry, particularly regarding the ancient celestial phenomenon known as Nibiru. The solar system as I propose it to look; only, a bit more spread out! The Dark Star Theory considers whether a binary failed star may be orbiting our Sun at a great distance. This binary object is a sub-brown dwarf, probably several Jupiter-masses in size. It occupies the mysterious realm between planet and brown dwarf star.

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It can explain a wealth of anomalies in the outer solar system - particularly in the distant Kuiper Belt. The scientific evidence is solid enough, which has been explored in detail in the popular title 'The Dark Star'. The author is currently writing a popular science book about Planet X, which will explore many of the remarkable developments which have taken place over the last few years.

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Planet X may be the key player in cosmic catastrophism, particularly during the early life of the solar system. Even now, it may play an unseen, but vital role, in our solar system's dynamics. It is also possible that the Dark Star plays an important part in our own history. Potentially, this sub-brown dwarf is part of a much bigger picture - one involving a whole new cosmic paradigm. This image is all over the Internet, but it started life here! Author Andy Lloyd has a science degree, and is a university lecturer living in England. Fawful first uses its power to barricade the front door to Peach's Castle allowing him to use it as a stronghold during the remainder of the game; Fawful had also previously kidnapped Princess Peach in order to break the seal.

When Bowser finally confronts Fawful and Midbus near the end of the game, the Dark Star finally awakes and tries to escape from the machine that Fawful has been using to drain its power.

While Bowser is fighting Blizzard Midbus , Fawful absorbs some of the Dark Star's power and is converted to Dark Fawful ; however, Bowser punches Fawful away before he can absorb all of the star's black powers, and the Dark Star flies into Bowser's body while he is celebrating this exploit. Bowser, suffering from severe heartburn from the star's entrance, inhales some of the frigid air emanating from Blizzard Midbus's frozen body, thus opening the way for Mario, Luigi, and Starlow to enter the previously inaccessible Airway in pursuit of the Dark Star.

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At first, all attempts to defeat it failed, with the Dark Star continually slipping out of the intended traps using abilities Bowser would use. Starlow quickly suspects that the Dark Star was somehow copying Bowser's DNA in order to enhance its own powers, an idea confirmed when on several occasions it is seen absorbing some of Bowser's DNA in the Airway a task which it seems to have disliked. Eventually, the Mario Bros. They attempt to destroy it, but it simply escapes from Bowser's body after taking heavy damage.

Outside, it transforms into an apparition of Dark Bowser and escapes in pursuit of Fawful, freeing Bowser from the room he was trapped in. Later, when Bowser defeats Dark Fawful, he becomes a small blob of dark power, the Dark Fawful Bug , and flees the room in which he had fought Bowser.

The still incomplete Dark Bowser absorbs Fawful and uses the power he took to complete his body. The Dark Star's final appearance is during the final battle. After Bowser deals critical damage to Dark Bowser, what remains of Fawful heals him fully and causes him to double in size. Bowser absorbs Dark Fawful for the Mario Bros. Here, he transforms into a giant insectoid mass of dark power, still with his manic grin and now crimson eyes. His only weakness is the Dark Star Core, which sits on an antenna high above his head. As with the final bosses in the previous two games, Mario and Luigi must progressively disable the different parts of Dark Fawful before attacking this weakness.

It is not clear whether it still has a distinct intelligence from Fawful's, since when Fawful's eyes close, so do the Dark Star's: It seems that, being fused, the two villains now both have limited control over the Dark Star Core's body.

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In battle, the Dark Star cannot usually be damaged. To expose its vulnerability, the Mario Bros. With sufficient damage, the Dark Satellmites will use a Kamikaze attack that consists of throwing a bomb at one Mario brother, and throwing their own body at the other.

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Ordinarily, both will miss, but either brother can attack the projectile launched at him. If the bomb is attacked, it will explode, doing damage to either Mario or Luigi. If the Satellmite is attacked, it will be knocked flying into the Dark Star.

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After being hit in such a way twice, the Star will become vulnerable and immobile for a turn. One of the Dark Star's attacks consists of it splitting into five or seven, with sufficient damage as a thick fog fills the battlefield. Each Dark Star then flies slowly at Mario or Luigi, vanishing into the fog as it draws near. Mario and Luigi must then counter this attack by using their hammers on the hidden fake Dark Stars exactly 2 seconds after they disappear.

In another attack, the Dark Star will shine a bright light at Mario and Luigi, causing their shadows to come to life. The shadows will then move in a circle around the Dark Star, which will attack them with beams of electricity.