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Not only in a good sense,but also in a bad one. And, this is what makes it even more interesting. However, one will be very disappointed with the end. Not only because of the cruelty of Kansa, but also because of the unexpected gender role. The book ends by giving up the hint of upcoming plot, which is to be followed in the next book of the series. The language used is very simple and easy to interpret. One does not need to sit with a pages long dictionary to interpret the meaning of this book.

This book is a one time read. Trust me, you will not put this book down until and unless you find Kansa. Forty two pregnant women. And the entire country taken for a roll. When the story opens on these lines you are bound to sit up and notice. When dead women show up you can't ignore the back story. And that is precisely what ACP Desai did. On knowing the police force isn't fast enough she turned to the black sheep hording the name Professor Black, and thereafter begins the massive manhunt to catch this Kansa who like the mythological monster is after unborn children.

It's truly been a while that we've had an Indian counterpart to Jack Reacher or Harry Hole and Black is just what was needed to bridge the gap. He is brilliant, fantastic, genius and generously edgy and eccentric in his manners. Possibly the reason why everyone adores him from a distance and is scared of when he is in vicinity. With his arrival the story takes a fast pace, something that I personally love in thrillers. The no-nonsense and almost immediate turns of the story is the spine of the saga that revolves around murder and a sinister plot.

What I loved about the story was it's chosen topic. The ever present debate between ethics and progression, between wanting results and taking that extra step. It all blended seemlessly to create the web of attacks and counter attacks and finally the unveiling of the monster that was Kansa. But even with such an amazingly potent idea, there were glaring loopholes. The timeline and flashbacks at times jump and change to suit the narrative; and this in turn hampers the flow of the story especially when those details were heavily invested in.

A woman that was introduced as a hot shot, no nonsense cop and with a sharp eye; was ultimately reduced to being a mere arm candy of Black. I had hoped to see more of her that unfortunately didn't happen. Professor Black's past too could have been kept under cover as it added to his aura bit a major chunk of it was revealed and that somehow takes away the connect that had begun developing for this psychotic genius. All in all I did enjoy the story and am looking forward to its follow up that will throw light on this Virat and his metamorphosis into Black.

And I do hope that ACP makes a comeback in the sequel with a meatier role to play. Please bring the next installment soon Mr. X in Flight is a book you would not expect it to be.

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It was a sheer brilliant read with real characters and situations Apart from flying , wrapped up in one great novel. A hard to put down novel that keeps you wanting more. You will be tense by the time it ends and will be wanting to go onto the second book the second you finish the last page. Feb 04, Haley rated it really liked it. X, a teenage boy trying to live his life normally. This is quite a difficult thing when you can fly. I personally feel that the book ended too soon for me. I really enjoed it though, a short but decent read. Seventeen-year-old Xenos X for short has a secret.

She employs a different tense for each of the three characters telling the story, and skillfully dances with each character, until she pulls the pieces all together in one final startling and tragic event.

X in Flight (XYZ, #1) by Karen Rivers

The first v Seventeen-year-old Xenos X for short has a secret. The first voice belongs to Xenos, the link between the two female voices in the novel, and is a first person account. From the tone of his writing, it becomes clear early on that he is writing to or for a particular person, but the identity of that person is a mystery, revealed only in the last sentence of the book.

His narrative is as honest and genuine as he can make it, and his confusion and uncertainty with himself emerge clearly through his writing.

X in Flight

Cat is a twin, but makes a deliberate effort to be the polar opposite of her over achieving sister. She smokes too much, drinks too much, and parties just a little too hard. Ruby is troubled and frail, and she goes mostly unnoticed by her peers, but harbours a secret crush on Xenos. Ruby is also emotionally complex, and the use of second person is a highly effective method. First in a trilogy, this immensely powerful and unique book will hold readers until the last page, and leave them anxious for the next volume in the series.

Dec 27, Renae rated it liked it. This was a really stange book. It continuously jumped between characters, and at times it was them thinking, then the next sentance was someone talking about them. It was a strange enough story line without that confusing the matter. But in the end it was a book that as much as it was a struggle to read, you wanted to hold out until the end, just to find out what happened.

The book follows a bunch of kids in their last year of high school. Ofcourse for the story to be interesting they arent the n This was a really stange book. Ofcourse for the story to be interesting they arent the normal happy kids, they are the ones with problems. Xenos X is from a single mum family, but that would be boring to leave it as just that But you get where I'm going. It has the means to be an amazing book, but it think it was the way the story was told that ruined it and made it hard to follow. Oct 16, Darcy rated it it was ok Shelves: This is an interesting book about 3 kids, X, Cat, and Ruby.

X, a poor mixed kid, that seems to always be thinking about his background and his place in life. Cat is his girlfriend. X thinks she is dating him because she wants to shock her parents. That may be the case as Cat is full of piercings, multi-colored hair, smokes and drinks like crazy, so dating a boy like X would fit in. The odd thing is that Cat is a twin, her twin seems to be the perfect girl and you can see how she is jealous of he This is an interesting book about 3 kids, X, Cat, and Ruby.

The odd thing is that Cat is a twin, her twin seems to be the perfect girl and you can see how she is jealous of her and she doesn't feel like she is good enough for X, but also treats him like crap. Ruby is the girl no one notices. But some how Ruby has shown up on X's radar.

Each chapter is told from a different person's perspective. Each one expounding on what is wrong in their crazy teen lives. At times this book is very boring and doesn't really pick up until the last 50 pages or so. With all of their self pity it is hard to even like these characters and often you don't care what happens to them. Not sure if I will pick up the next one.

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Nov 15, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: My book goal for the year was to read a book for each letter of the alphabet. I picked this book up as my X book and admit that it is probably not something I would have picked up otherwise. I do enjoy young adult books but I didn't care for this one much. I just couldn't relate to either any of the three narrators and I actually I didn't really like any of them. I'm not sure if it was because of the three narrators but the story seemed very choppy and I thought a lot of it was slow and boring.

I'm not sure if the rest of the trilogy follows the same characters or different ones but I don't think I will read any more of them. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. First things first, this book technically three books is not for everyone or for every occasion. This isn't a quick casual read. Feel free to read some of the bad reviews and attempt to piece together the real truth here, which is: If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, or it doesn't sound like something you can fit in right now, save it for later or pass altogether.

I'm going to proceed with this review as if these three novels: Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance, are one novel.

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Mostly for simplicity, but also because I believe that the best way to read these novels is back to back, as if they were parts of a single novel. Though they are very different from each other and explore different themes, characters, and even have slightly different styles, they are linked in ways that a typical trilogy is not. I like to think of them as three segments of a circle. It has everything a serious reader could possibly want in a novel: It just doesn't hold your hand, which can make it challenging at times. If you begin to read with the idea that you are setting off on a path into a thick wood at dusk, by Authority, the trail will be faint and the light of day near gone, and by Acceptance, you're lost, its full night, and there are sounds all around you, mostly from unknown sources.

You light your lamp to see, but it's almost more terrifying in the gloom than in the dark. And that leads us to what kind of book this is: In fact, a scene about midway through Authority is easily the creepiest scene I've ever read in any book - and I've read a lot of creepy books honorable mention to the phone ringing in the Ruins. Again though, this book isn't for everyone. I can't stress that enough. It simply has a different mission than a more mainstream novel. You wouldn't sit down to a John Grisham book and be like, 'not as good as The Sound and the Fury', that wouldn't make sense.

If you sit down to Area X with those kinds of expectations and aren't ready for a quick turn to something dramatically different, it will fail you, and you it. Personally, I turned my reading into a kind of daily meditation. I found that I could only read it when my mind was fresh and at its sharpest, and even then, I'd catch myself continually wandering. The imagery and pace are seductive to mind wandering, and I simply pulled back, went back a few lines, and started again.

This weird mindful reading and mindful awareness of my own crazy thoughts was a singular and very rewarding experience. This is a must read if you think you can do it. Don't be afraid, just be prepared. I'm thrilled to have discovered VanderMeer and plan on reading his other works over the coming years. This is a pretty great read. One of the only books I've ever read where immediately after I finished it, I had to go back and reread it to see if I missed anything.

It is fascinating, creepy, mysterious, well -written. You have to read carefully to pick up all the hints. Another indication of how much it grabbed me, was that I sent two copies to friends. I still don't fully get it, either. But that is part of its magic.

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I first finished Annihilation the end of I loved it, but not necessarily a favorite. I decided to hold off for the next two novels because I had a lot of books I was currently reading. I stopped what I was doing and read through parts of it again and my heart was racing with excitement as I read through the next two novels. This truly was one of the most unique and incredible experiences I have ever had.

I am so glad I didn't read this before seeing the movie.