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The first season premiered on March 3, in Canada and concluded on April 28, , consisting of nine episodes. It begins at the start of the Viking Age , marked by the Lindisfarne raid in , and follows Ragnar's quest to become Earl, and his desire to raid England. This season was produced by Steve Wakefield and Keith Thompson. The production team for this season includes casting directors Frank and Nuala Moiselle, costume designer Joan Bergin, visual effects supervisors Julian Parry and Dominic Remane, stunt action designers Franklin Henson and Richard Ryan, composer Trevor Morris , production designer Tom Conroy, editors Aaron Marshall for the first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth episodes, and Michele Conroy for the second, fourth, sixth and eighth episodes, and cinematographer John Bartley.

Pj Dillon served as second unit director of photography. The soundtrack was released on June 21, by Sony Music Entertainment. Additional non-original music by Norwegian music group Wardruna is featured in the episodes "Trial" and "Sacrifice". The site's consensus reads, "Vikings makes up for its lack of historical accuracy with a heaping helping of violence, romance, and striking visuals".

IGN gave the first season of Vikings an overall score of 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Vikings characters. List of Vikings episodes. Davis Tavaglione Kilgore Guo Wesson. Retrieved December 27, Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved December 28, Retrieved February 20, Characters Awards and nominations. Retrieved from " https: Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters. Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 24 July , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ragnar and his brother, Rollo, return from a battle in the Baltic lands during which Ragnar has visions of the god Odin and his valkyries. Home again, Ragnar takes his son Bjorn to Kattegat , for Bjorn's rite of passage. Left at home, Ragnar's wife Lagertha quickly dispatches two would-be rapists. While in Kattegat, Ragnar convinces Rollo that raids to the West are worthwhile and possible, thanks to new navigational tools, but is rebuked by his ruler, Earl Haraldson, who continues to order raids into the Baltic ; but, also has the upstart, Ragnar, watched.

Bjorn and Ragnar visit Floki, Ragnar's friend and a gifted shipwright, who has been secretly building a new type of longship , which they successfully test. Meanwhile, back at home, Rollo makes unwelcome advances on Lagertha. Ragnar has yet another vision of Odin, standing on the shoreline. This convinces Ragnar to finally move on with his plan. After gathering volunteers, Ragnar, Rollo, and Floki embark on an unauthorized raid to the west.

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Lagertha violently objects to Ragnar's refusal to take her along. Earl Haraldson has the blacksmith who forged Ragnar's anchor killed. At sea the crew are caught in a storm, which a manic Floki interprets as Thor proving his ship unsinkable. On land, monks see the ominous sign of a cloud shaped like a dragon.

After a tense voyage, Ragnar's men land on the coast of England, near the monastery of Lindisfarne , which they proceed to sack. They kill most of the monks and capture the rest to take back as slaves, including the young Athelstan, whom Ragnar protects from death at Rollo's hands. Ragnar's warband returns in triumph to Kattegat, where the Earl immediately confiscates the plundered riches except for one piece per man. Ragnar picks the distraught Athelstan and returns home.

There is much that I could say about this story but I'd wish for everyone to experience it for themselves. This was my first Viking romance but it won't be last, now that I know that this can be done in such a way to satisfy both the need to read something realistic as well as beautiful. View all 48 comments. Nov 19, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: So, I sat on my couch, watching the first snow of the year, eating a bowl of soup while reading about a Viking kidnapping a virgin.

Perfect Friday night, right? Dream of Me reminded me so much of a Johanna Lindsey book in a good way. Not meaning to brag but I've read like every single one of Johanna's a hundred published books out there. But anyway, I was super excited This was a "mine" growling hero. And I loved it. It's So, I sat on my couch, watching the first snow of the year, eating a bowl of soup while reading about a Viking kidnapping a virgin. It's definitely not insta-love; insta-lust for sure, but their relationship developed really well, and I was just so happy for them to be happy.

While Johanna Lindsey's heroines are always planning ways to escape, and ways to piss off the hero, Cymbra didn't want to escape. And well, Wolf threatening to murder her brother kind of stopped any of those plans anyway. But while there wasn't any escape plans on the heroine's part, it was actually really refreshing that she understood her situation and that she couldn't get out of it, and that she was going to have to make the best of it.

And come on, it wasn't that hard with Wolf sleeping in the same bed. She was still a strong heroine, and I enjoyed her maturity immensely. This was a great book with a great plot, and two characters you'll love.

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A must read if you enjoy medieval romances. This book contains two stories: Dream of Me and Believe in Me. I've only read the former. Will update once I read the second. View all 21 comments. Mar 27, Karla rated it really liked it Shelves: Dream of Me was everything I heard it was and more. Wolf is the ultimate alpha male, tough as nails and well respected, yet gentle and understanding. Cymbra is strong willed, passionate and protective.

They were dynamite together. Terrific dialogue, playful moments, lots of passion, and some heartbreak are woven into this wonderful story. It left me wanting for more. Believe in Me was a little bit of a disappointment. It was okay and had some good moments, but Dream of Me was sooo much better.

Oh those Viking men!! View all 20 comments. May 13, Leea rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Here is the star rating for each book Dream of me - 5 stars Believe in me - 2 stars Review for Dream of Me It's a genre that will take me out of a reading slump or maybe perfect for a time when you don't know what to read.

There are great ones, some that make you giggle and at times those that melt your heart. Dream of Me has did all three of those to me. I was surprised at how much I love this book Here is the star rating for each book I was surprised at how much I love this book. I have never even heard of this author when the group I co-mod shout out to the True Love members in decided to read it for a group read.

So I decided give it a try. What first struck me was the writing style. This book is beautifully written, it's a sweeping love story not just in content but in word choice. At the first chapter, I found myself hooked at the descriptions of the people and their comminity. The people in this book are almost more beautiful than the harsh land that it's set in. I don't even know where to start because i'm just going to turn into a swooning fan girl and that's so not me.

But I cannot help myself. He's magnificent, a viking Lord and he's kind. His appreciation for Cambria's plight is heartfelt. Plus any man that know's he's made a grave mistake and makes it right without thought to his reputation is amazing in my book. There characters are the main ones in Dream of Me but the foundation is set for Dragon Wolf's brother and Hawk Cymbra's Brother their stories and i'm so excited for these reluctant husbands to find wives In conclusion, I loved this book if you couldn't already tell and I cannot wait for the other stories in this trilogy. If you're looking for a Viking Romance, then this is a must read.

Review of Believe in Me 2 stars Honestly I don't even want to spend anymore time with this book. I loathed this book. It's so vastly different from Believe in Me that I almost thought this was a different author. Everything is different, first off this book is set is Essex, much less steam, no sparks between Hawk and Krysta and finally very predicable. I have hope for Dragons book, LItton goes back to the magic found in Wolfs book.

I guess i'm just a Viking girl! View all 4 comments. Aug 09, Anna marked it as hang-tight-be-right-back-to-you Recommended to Anna by: I really enjoyed this story. Of course she is so beautiful and kind hearted that he falls for her completely and he treats her gently and kindly for a hostage. The love scenes were steamy enough to please me and then ending was a very HEA.

I know that I will continue reading on with this series soon. I just have to know what happens with the secondary characters. Feb 17, Chelsea rated it liked it Shelves: I was looking for more happening, with villains and everything but what I was given was a day by day account of what Cymbra was doing inside Wolf's house.

Vikings (season 1) - Wikipedia

Everything just kept going around in circles. It wasn't that much of a boring read but I was hoping for more story.

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Things happened but at the last few chapters, I can't help my mind from wandering off on other things than the story itself. The antagonist in the end, well I cannot really say what the reason behind because my mind is filled with "blah blah blah " Overall, it was just an okay read. View all 6 comments.

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Dec 19, Gina Conkle rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is my all-time number 1 favorite book. Two things have held the 1 spot on my "Favorites" list: My favorite movie is "Gladiator" and my favorite fiction book is "Dream of Me. Because of her trilogy, I started to research Vikings and ended up writing my own Viking book. I've read "Dream of Me" times since I bought it in The story takes place around the time of Alfred the Great. The Norseman, Wolf, steals This is my all-time number 1 favorite book.

Usually I gag at heroine's decribed that way, but Cymbra was a fun, sometimes quirky heroine with a big heart for others. Shut away in Holyhood by her brother, she lives a happy life as a healer until Wolf steals her away because of a vile letter he receives, supposedly from Cymbra's brother. On the voyage north, both cautiously begin to trust the other and suspect there's foul play with that letter, but the dye is cast.

Once at Wolf's ring fort, he issues the ultimatum: Their story is Saxon vs. Norse while at the same time looking for peace and common ground. Both discover each other while balancing a battle of wills: Cymbra's not one of those "tip her chin up all the time" defiant heroines: The final chapters are poignant and I highly recommend this double book the second "Believe in Me" is the story of Hawk, Cymbra's brother, and a Viking woman, Krysta, and their arranged marriage to keep the peace.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman - Full Audiobook (with captions)

Krysta arrives in disguise and Hawk's attracted to her, though fightint that since his betrothed will arrive any day soon. Krysta tries to fit into Saxon culture but was an outcast back home because of her mother, a supposed mermaid, and is cautious to acclimate. They battle elements, Hawk's disinterest in being married, and villains who want Saxons and Vikings at odds. A tamer story than Believe in Me but nonetheless enjoyable and I've read that one multiple times as well. The stories have some sensuality and a touch of "paranormal" elements: Cymbra can "feel" others' pain sometimes and is an intuitive healer, while Krysta has the background of a mermaid-shapeshifter mother.

That doesn't play so much in her character as the two servants who attend her The writing is truly beautiful, the story well-paced and I'd even use the word entrancing. This one's on my "Keeper" shelf. Mar 04, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Dream Of Me and Believe in Me is part of an older trilogy that Litton first wrote years ago and it was so dang great!!

I just loved everything about this one. This book features two full-length novels. This trilogy features three couples that are connected to each other and their marriages will bring peace to these two warring n This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Dream Of Me and Believe in Me is part of an older trilogy that Litton first wrote years ago and it was so dang great!!

This trilogy features three couples that are connected to each other and their marriages will bring peace to these two warring nations. There has been an arranged marriage between Wolf and Cymbra but when a miscommunication occurs, and Wolf thinks that Cymbra has cried off, he decides to go after her and kidnaps her and takes her back to his home. He learns that Cymbra is not only beautiful but talented as a healer.

Wolf knows that he has little time to convince Cymbra to give their marriage a chance before her brother comes to find her. He was her wall now, her shelter, her protection. His arms were strong, and they would never let her go. There are some misunderstandings that happen between the two, but I really enjoyed the dynamics that develop in their relationship. This story revitalized my love of Viking romance and Litton has one of the best writing when it comes to medieval romances.

Even though the hero is full on Alpha Male, and a bit controlling at times, its more out of being protective and considering the time era, it's definitely a valid concern here. But our heroine is no doormat. She will say yes and agree but then just go out and do what needs to be done and suffer the consequences later.

I do love how kind and compassionate she is, and she really balances out Wolf's strong personality. I love how gentle he is with her at times, he may be the leader of his people and a Viking to boot Simply an amazing book that had me eager for more books just like this one Now for book twoBelieve In Me. The hero is Cymbra's brother who is Saxon and his bride is a Viking lady. Now Hawk has worked hard to rebuild and make his people powerful once again. He is eager to meet his new bride that has been arranged because he does want peace between the Saxons and the Vikings.

He is always ready for battle and war, but he also knows how appealing peace would be not only for himself but his people that deserve it. Krysta has come in secret posing as a servant so she can get to know "Hawk" and understand the type of man he truly is. Krysta is nervous and scared about this marriage and she wants to be loved and wants to know if Hawk will be capable of it.

But her identity becomes revealed soon after she arrives and Krstya will have to win Hawk over and win his trust. He was so far beyond her dreams, so much more than she could ever have hoped for. She loved him with all her heart and soul. I really really adored this set up between Hawk and Krysta. Their relationship is so much fun and boy full of quite a few misunderstandings but I loved that they always end up talking and working out their problems when they arise.

Their relationship isn't perfect but I truly adored Krysta. I loved that she owns up to her mistakes, and admits when she is wrong. But Krysta is a lovely character, she is hardworking and dedicated. She truly makes the best mistress, because when work needs to be done she gets in there with all the other servants and treats them as equals. She totally wins brownie points for that. But she also has a past with a horrible step brother and she doesn't believe she is worthy of Hawk. But Hawk is a swoony hero for sure. I love how he doesn't fight his feelings for Krysta. He knows he adores her and fights for her and never gives up on winning her heart and proving that she is more than enough for him no matter where she comes from and who her parentage is.

This was truly a heartwarming read that I just adored and quite a wonderful installment that kept me up all night reading and so worth the loss of sleep. Truly romantic to sizzle the senses!! Dominant hero and a sassy heroine. There were so many similarities including the alpha male hero and a heroine who was initially unwilling to marry and had a gift for healing.

They were both really good but I could not give this book 5 stars because I thought the Bride was done much better. I didn't even read Believe in me which is an interconnected standalone because of all the bad reviews. Jan 06, maricar rated it really liked it Shelves: Dream of Me is such a beautifully written story. There's enough passion, romance, and humor to make i oohlalaa There's enough passion, romance, and humor to make it a keeper in your shelf.

Believe in Me is somehow eclipsed by the former story. BUT, all-in-all, it still aint bad. May 16, Wendy F rated it it was ok Shelves: I hate when this happens, where all my GR friends love a book and I just don't like it. I hate to be one who poopoo's a book. This just wasn't for me, I guess. I did really like the way it was written. It wasn't very fluffy, compared to what I would call a 'bodice ripper'.

The sex was hot and I didn't feel like the terminology was overly cheesy. It was a beautiful love story, and there were so many moments that I laughed or smiled at the antics I hate when this happens, where all my GR friends love a book and I just don't like it. It was a beautiful love story, and there were so many moments that I laughed or smiled at the antics of Wolf and Cymbra.

I also thought that the author really tried to keep the spirituality of the Vikings, and tried to show the brutality of their world without losing the 'romance novel' quality. I can easily see why so many loved this story. Unfortunately, here's what I didn't like: I felt like the harshness of the world was really toned down. Maybe it's not fair of me to say that as it is usually toned down in a romance novel, but I was really hoping that she wouldn't hold back and just tell it like it was and I'm not sure that think she did.

I picked this up hoping for something closer to Outlander in terms of having the characters react in a way that was realistic to the times. I know that so many people were angry that Jamie spanked Claire, but that is exactly what would have happened in the 18th century or worse. I wanted to see Wolf act like a true Viking and while I was told how dangerous he was, with the exception of one scene, I never really felt like we saw it. Cymbra's beauty and generosity tamed him at first sight and I just didn't buy it, I guess. In fact, I found it funny that Wolf didn't kill anyone when he took Cymbra from her home.

I understand he wanted an alliance, but I just couldn't believe that a group of Vikings would come and not one person would die. Maybe my problem is that I read The Lord of Hawkfell Island, many many times as my paperback is literally falling apart, and I can't help but compare the two. He winds up stealing Mirana instead.

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  • BUT, the point remains that these two men do not know these women at all. Both women were beautiful, compassionate, well bred Wolf took one look at Cymbra and immediately wanted to cherish her, but with Rorik those feelings came slowly and in the beginning he was cruel and rough. Rorik does things in her book that upset you, I won't get into it in case you read it, but they WERE a brutal people and at the onset he acted like a brutal man. They didn't often show mercy. One last thing before I stop being such a drag, I didn't like how Wolf found himself praying to the Christian God, and it bringing him peace.

    I recognize that this book takes place at a time where Vikings were changing but I really felt that it was gratuitous and didn't fit into the story at all. There was no reason to have this quick little scene in the book other than perhaps the author herself is Christan and wanted to I don't know, put a leaning on which belief system was the better. I also felt the same when Cymbra would argue with Wolf about their legends and whatnot, I felt like the author showed a slant toward Christianity, though that was more acceptable for me because it was between two characters who had different views.

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I recognize that just because I wasn't as much a fan others may like it much more than I did. For more positive review's please check out my bud's Stacia and Leea's reviews. But dream of me did it for me I've read this at least 4 times now. The characters, the settings, puts a tiny piece of magic back into romance. Blended with humor, desire, and laughter, Ms.

    Litton delivers, worthy of a permanent place on my book shelves. Jul 22, Jen at last! I found this at a book exchange and just had to pick it up. What more can a girl ask for?

    Dream of Me/Believe in Me

    Great stories, great characters! Love their names, too. I love Wolf and Cymbra.