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So, how to improve the efficiency of your writing? If you want to address your audience truly effectively, Plain Language is the answer for all the above. US Centre for Plain Communication: The importance of plain communication was noted i. In , he signed the Plain Language Act, obliging all the public institutions to form their documents in plain language, so that they are clearly understandable for people that they concern.

Plain Language makes the information way quicker to read and easier to understand. As a result, it minimises time and money needed to deal with inquiries, explanations, trainings. This may improve the efficiency of your business on two levels:.

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Using plain language in your documentation influences the work comfort for your employees, improves their efficiency and understanding of processes and regulations. The team performs their tasks more accurately and confidently, which provides better stability and lower turnover rate. Do you want your customers to pay you some money?

Make them understand your website, copy inside your application, your startups value proposition etc. Minimising time needed to educate your audience will let you put more focus and effort on actual selling.

Unnecessary complexity usually comes with costs. A plain language consultant was brought in to streamline the process. If your documentation is plain, the team understands the content and feel confident enough to share their understanding. Betsy Frick, of Plain Language Solutions, designed the training program about sales and wrote it in plain launguage. In the era of tweets, snaps and blogs the customers have a lot of channels to share their dissatisfaction with your product or service. You care about clear in-app communication, so you provide your users with easily understandable, plain content of your app.

But what we can be sure about is that if the users understand what they are reading, plus they like the general idea of your app, they will more likely feel attracted to it, use it on a daily basis and recommend it to their friends. Your job is to follow them. Companies that want to achieve real growth need to focus their marketing efforts on the resources they have, the customer who want to hear from them, and optimizing results based on increases in real business and sales.

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In Bullseye Marketing , Louis Gudema outlines exactly how to grow your business faster using the latest strategic and practical marketing techniques that any business can use today to ignite their growth. Bullseye Marketing provides a proven, pragmatic method to increase sales. It puts the focus first on how to cost-effectively leverage what Louis calls existing 'marketing assets'. Check this out before you pour more marketing dollars down the customer acquisition rat hole. Bullseye Marketing shows you how to do it much faster with a significantly higher ROI. Bullseye Marketing is not only useful, it is very good!

It contains both strategy and tactics for effective marketing. It is a book that I will keep handy to refer to when initiating new marketing initiatives.

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Bullseye Marketing is written in a non-jargon, readable way that should make it appealing and accessible to the folks who should be reading it -- whom Louis describes in the Introduction. This should be an indispensable handbook for them. Bravo for pointing out that all of these ideas won't work for everybody, encouraging people to try it and see what works for them. Louis Gudema combines marketing insight with thoughtful analysis, new perspectives with practice experience, and most of all provides an accessible, actionable and articulate approach to marketing that is useful -- and valuable -- to everyone.

In his 30 year career Louis Gudema has helped hundreds of companies from MIT startups to the Global improve their business results. He founded and led Magic Hour Communications, which initially provided marketing communications services for major companies.

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He had a successful exit, and over several years acted as vice president of business development at two mid-sized digital agencies, closing and serving primarily enterprise accounts. It was through his work with those firms that he developed the Bullseye Marketing approach. I am available to speak on Bullseye Marketing and business strategy.

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Formats include talks and workshops. Contact me to work out the best program for your organization. Very professional and packed with actionable ideas for our audience. Louis is very knowledgeable about the content of his presentations and conveys that experience and knowledge to the audience.

He is a delight to work with and we look forward to having him speak again soon. His material was presented in a compelling way and provided thought-provoking and useful information. Louis can hold his own against most all of them.

His manner is disarming.