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Nuclear Weapons Proliferation in the Indian Subcontinent. My Years with Nehru: An Enquiry into the Poverty of Nations. A Million Mutinies Now. Nathan , Andrew , and Ross , Robert. Great Wall, Empty Fortress: China's Search for Security. Dilemmas of Reform and Prospects for Democracy. National Bureau of Statistics of China. Naughton , Barry , ed.

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The Unity of India. North , Douglass C.

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Understanding the Process of Economic Change. Democracy, Religious Violence and India's Future.

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    "China and India in the age of globalization" by Shalendra SHARMA

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    India vs China (2018)

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    China and India in the Age of Globalization

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    World Development Indicators Improving the Investment Climate in India. Sustaining Reform, Reducing Poverty. Globalization, Growth and Poverty: Building an Inclusive World Economy. Development Challenges in the New Century. Integration with the Global Economy. World Bank Development Report, Xu , Chenggang , and Zhuang , Juzhong.

    Lessons from Russia, China and Eastern Europe. Yabuki , Susumu , and Harner , Stephen. China's New Political Economy. Liberalization and the Regions in China. Calamity and Reform in China: For the United States, assisting a rising China to become a responsible global stakeholder and fostering peace and stability in the volatile subcontinent will be paramount in the coming years. China and India in the age of globalization. Skip to main content. Title China and India in the age of globalization.

    Abstract The rise of China and India is the story of our times. Recommended Citation Sharma, S. This document is currently not available here.