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They don't believe in the legend. Reborn into the lines they have created — vampire and hunter. From this momentous event a great union shall be formed. A union that will create a child, a child with power never before seen in this world…" AU - The Kiryuus and Kurans are both pureblood families, and are also friends. With a simple sentence, the fate of the entire shinobi world would be changed forever. Madara learns this fact the hard way when Hashirama leaves him with an unexpected gift that he doesn't want, but can't return. Promise by WhatifStoryTeller reviews When they were children they made a promise that will bring them together.

Or the other doesn't accomplish it?

Babysitting Days by amethyst-ice22 reviews Dame-Tsuna, well, was dame. No matter what he did, he failed, except for one though, and that's his innate ability to make children like him. That fact doesn't change even if the child is the son of the infamous Hibari Kyoya.

N was alone in the woods with Zorua when he meets someone who'll have an affect on the rest of his life. Withered by guren reviews The war for that stone that he wanted to prevent — it only got worse and he himself was banished from Erebor forever. With a broken heart, he went home back to Shire. When he finally returned back to his hobbit hole, it seemed like he was a stranger. The curse of the line of Durin has taken its toll on Thorin, his friend — no, Thorin did not think of him as a friend anymore.

A Re-imagining of the Quest of Erebor. Billa Baggins is not your average burglar, but she's always had a certain spark. Something Thorin initially resents, and ultimately grows to love. Begins with Billa's meeting of Thorin Oakenshield and carries through the events of Erebor's reclaiming Co-authored with Eleanor Damaschke.

Will The Imperial be a place for Zero where he will find love and happiness or misery and heartbreak in the form of a handsome and rich young man, named Kaname? D Vampire Knight - Rated: Better Off This Way by hopefulmemoir reviews Gabe ends up in trouble with some bad men when Percy is young. This results in Percy never finding out who his father is.

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His life takes a different turn, one without the gods, but there are just as many monsters within men. Not Your Honey by xXxDeadEyesNekuxXx reviews Green is set with the mission to capture or kill his ex-boyfriend but he apparently only dated Red to provide cover to his true self. What will happen when Red decides not to take any of his bullshit? En donde Howl tiene un hijo by Chica Plutonio reviews Las sorpresas de la vida a veces pueden ser algo, inesperadas Encuentro fatal by M.

What the Future Holds by Psychonaut-Hobbit reviews Draco Malfoy is having trouble getting over his mistakes in the past, but once an unexpected friendship blossoms between Harry Potter's youngest son and his, he finally has a chance to sort things out with Harry. Later forgiveness and romance ensues. Added one more extra chapter! Well-Deserved by OceansAria reviews A couple of years down the road, Anna and Kristoff are married and expecting something-or someone-very special.

But when the mysterious disappearance of Kristoff's team of men interrupts their happiness, he has no choice but to go after them. And Anna can't just stay behind and follow orders, now, can she? On the other hand, Elsa is struggling to make nice with a visting prince Mine to Keep by chippo reviews People were told to not go out late at night, but Green was too curious as to why. And because of this, it led him to meeting 'something'. And that something, changed his way of life forever.

A Secret Lover by chippo reviews Rumours has it that Red has a 'girlfriend', but no one has ever seen her. Just who is this mystery lover? Kissing Monster by chippo reviews Red has quite the addiction, and Green is the one to face the assault. Being under the table and facing right where his crotch is, Ash simply couldn't resist the temptations A Shot in the Dark by Silver pup reviews AU — When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in his old bed in his old home in his old body.

Or a trick of magic? Either way, Bilbo recognizes a second chance when he sees one, and this time his adventure with Thorin is going to go a bit differently. Y su huella era imborrable. Pero la fauna local, posee algo que no estaba previsto. Claro que siempre hay que tener cuidado con lo que se desea.

Alaude who had just gotten back from a mission immediately searched for the blond boss. In the same universe as Worthy. Mist and Storm by songdreamerspace reviews "Can I take this as proof of your preference of women, or have your tastes changed? Otherwise known as the time Reborn wandered into the kitchen looking for coffee, only to stumble across Viper Lost and Found by tintenstern reviews Green lost his dear Eevee, Red found it by chance. In the end they find each other.

Never regret it by elyteracy reviews There are a bunch of first times in their relationship. Green could never say he regrets them. Nothing According to Plan by eagonfan reviews Jellal and Erza decide to bring Natsu and Gray along for a double date. Of course, with those two along, nothing possibly goes as planned. Written for my friend Will in the space of about three hours. I hope you like it.

Fireworks by Titania's Song reviews This is a special request for arashi wolf princess's birthday. Definitely yaoi boy on boy between Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum. If you don't like Palletshipping or male sex don't read it. No I don't own pokemon. If I did I wouldn't have to write this.

El Origen De Los Guardianes 2: Stupid on his part, he knows. But when this sexy stranger walks up to him with that sexy chuckle, he didn't care as much. This is a Vampire Knight Gender-Bender! Basically, Zero learns from Kaname, that not all pure-bloods are bad. I suck at summaries. Family Conflict by SpiderlilyPrincipessa reviews On the second week of school the Uzamakis met the Uchihas and shit went down. It was hate at first sight or so they all claimed if asked. Watch as they have to deal with each other everyday and see if they'll continue to hate each other or grow to feel something more.

Contains OCs and Yaoi. Warm Winters by Freya Freedom reviews The snow was coated bloody red. Kaname let tears of blood trailed down from his scarlet eyes. He was forced to turn Zero into a monster. His beautiful, innocent Zero. Now Zero had to live with no past memories of Kaname, and fake memories implanted by Rido, memories that made him hate what he was.

But what if he started to remember? Rating is now T. It seemed Nico was crying. Cover image by Viria! More Shocking Than Lightning by Mayomay reviews At war, it was seen disgraceful for women to be among the men in the battlefield So Madara and Izuna fake their gender in order to protect their clan. A mistake leads to the intervention of someone who should be dead, and the course of history might be changed. Waves by midnightinjapan reviews Nico meets merman Percy. A Nightmare in a Dream by kenzithewriter reviews Percy is having strange dreams, which is normal for a demi-god, right?

But these are some not-so-normal dreams, involving Nico?

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Did Percy down the wrong drink, or are the fates trying to hint at something? Rated M for later chapters. First time fic-writer, so all feedback is welcomed! Echo by A Dueling Heart reviews Titans have always been the enemy. Eren never expected that to change, but unraveling the truth behind Titans threatens to end them all. Eren never found it harder to hold onto her mother's view. M - English - Chapters: Clase homo sexual by M. Hayden reviews [Yaoi] Solo eran clases sobre sexo, hecha especialmente de ukes para ukes.

Trapped In The Time by 6cartercharlie6 reviews Two centuries ago the Scorpio Saint Kardia was trying hard to fulfill his dream about living the fullest live with the help of his close friend, Degel. But any of them didn't expected the two guests, that changed their lives in so incredible way. The story about the frienship and the love, about the adultery and forgivness. T - English - Angst - Chapters: A Totally different Cinderella Story by cynder reviews Nico and His siblings and a few friends are out cast but he's in love with someone that's popular Will Nico be able to get a happy ending or will his life stay a nightmare for the rest of his life?

The Proposal s by Pseudorific reviews This was it. Everything was planned down to the smallest of details. The staff were in on it. The location was perfect. The place was perfect. Hell, even the theme was perfect. Now all he had to do was present the black box and the ring within and pray to the Gods especially Aphrodite that Nico would say yes.

The Smile by deweyreadmorebooksfan reviews Eren ceased to smile after the mission failed. Only one person brought that beautiful smile back. Well that is until a jealous and violent prefect shows them and everyone they know what happens when you touch what is rightfully his. Hope you all enjoy! Made some changes to this Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Nico's Red Riding Hood by Radiate-the-Darkness reviews Maria sends her son, Nico, to visit his grandmother due to news of her being sick. He is told not to take the path towards the forest and use the longer route.

Despite his mother's warning, Nico uses the shortcut, the forest, where he meets a wolf hungry for little boys like him. Percy Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: Hades, he doesn't even know how to think. How do you exist? Don't ask him because in that moment in time he had no idea. All that mattered was the tiny little pink plus sign on the horrendous thing he was holding. Only Learn by Shinzoku reviews Darkrai wanders through his city, Drimare Town, to find Cresselia hurt, lost, and heartbroken. Taking her in, he finds out that Latios lies at the heart of all her problems, and sets out to help her fix them.

Trapped by ReinaSaurus reviews Shoichi is plain in appearance, so he couldn't understand why Byakuran was harassing him. He was handsome and well-liked while Shoichi was neither. He had never bothered Byakuran before so why was he being targeted! No todo esta perdido by LycorisFey reviews Percy ha perdido a Annabeth, y Nico supone un gran consuelo para el. Good Brother by anik. Fanfic yaoi Hashirama x Madara Advertencias: Nico has spent all his live working for his stepmother, Persephone, and being ordered around by his stepsisters Rachel and Annabeth.

However, what will happen when a certain prince organises a ball to choose a new princess? Contains slash and talking birds. To Love A Hobbit by gomenasai-for-everything reviews Bilbo has begun to seriously intrigue Thorin, after the Orc Incident, but obviously he can't admit that, being a Dwarven King, even if one without a mountain. Instead, he goes on in silence until Fili and Kili, being his loving and darling nephews, decide to help him out by pretending to court Bilbo themselves. Family by mistralax reviews Kuroh reflexiona sobre su vida a lado de Isana Yashiro.

A spiritual leader torn between choices. A demon woman in love. A guild rising against an empire seized by darkness. A tale of heroes and traitors, of love and loss. El rey y reina son asesinados dejando a sus dos hijos solos donde el mayor toma el control del reino sin saber el secreto de su hermano, pero todo cambia cuando el secreto sale a la luz. Songs of Ice and Snow by thefireplanet reviews There are burdens to being queen that have nothing to do with a curse.

There are duties expected of the princess that have nothing to do with being a sister. And the course of true love never did run smooth. Will their relationship survive? The Monkey that reaches the Moon by Renji-Bya-Lover reviews After a night of drinking with his friends Renji finds himself in a delicate situation. Can his friends find him before it's too late? And the fate that brought them together. Hibari Kyouya Birthday fic. Choose Jackson, because I'm no longer wasting more time then I already have.

Does this mean he's over Percy? He stared in sea green eyes again, remembering when he first saw them. He would never be over the sea prince. And this time, I'll make it count, Nico. Touko meets a nineteen year old N at the age of eight. N ran way from Team Plasma to escape his father. He and Touko become friends. N unknowingly falls head over heels for an eight year old. Will Touko return the feelings as years pass? What will happen to the pair? What is Ghetsis doing about N? Sequel "Love Conquers All. Ahora el amor de Kisshu pone a Ichigo en peligro. During the final battle with Gaia's armies, Percy has to save Nico from drowning.

His father makes him realise that he also has feelings for Nico di Angelo, and they 'have a moment' underwater, which will always be kept just between those two. Percy is at the high end of the social ladder, and those of lesser status are beneath him. But when he meets new boy Nico di Angelo, his whole world turns upside down. Nico then shows him that just because you're rich, doesn't mean you need to be a jerk. Rated T for mild swearing and boyxboy. Esos momentos contigo by Witch Mix reviews Son una serie de drabbles de de esta linda parejita. Squalo Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Court of Gold and Green by Chamelaucium reviews -Bilbo is very popular amongst the people of Erebor - after all, he did save their city from a certain dragon. But this has gone too far. The very cheek of it K - English - Romance - Chapters: Nunca es demasiado tarde! But one day, Nico shadow-travels back due to a monster attack, and Percy asks him to stay at Camp Half-Blood for awhile. Now, how will this turn out after three years? It's only natural a romance will start up. Slight slash, cuteness and fluff!

Yes, it is a one shot! Deslumbrante by Miu-senshi reviews PreGaiden. Sin embargo era incapaz de hacerlo. He's spent most of his life fighting some monster or other — literally. Having a boyfriend has to be easier than being a demigod. The Secret Prince by Dreaming18 reviews A lot has changed since the war with the Outlanders and with the union of Kiara and Kovu, the Pride Lands is beginning to prosper. But a long kept secret threatens to destroy all of that and the lives of those involved.

In the end will the truth be revealed before it's too late? Plateado antes de dividirse para tomar diferentes caminos. The only person that made Anna suffer can be the key to unfreezing Anna. Elsa is reluctant and yet, she's willing to save her sister, even if it means falling bitterly for the man that almost killed her them. Is Hans an enemy or simply just a broken prince who lacks his own act of true love?

As the clock strike 12, the magic is gone. When lies from the past caught up, the liars are forced to face the consequences. Kyoya and Alaude must resolve this or risk losing their loved ones forever. Wavering by Yara B. Amsel reviews With Kaname and Yuki gone, Zero reminisces on lingering feelings, but who exactly is he thinking of? What happens when Kaname returns for an impromptu visit? Rated M for chapters 7 and on.

Hans by Shellyluvstoread reviews His desire makes him bold. His past makes him cold. Penwolf reviews Luke murio, dejando a Percy con el corazon destrosado; ahora cerce de cumplir los 17 Percy no es capas de superar al rubio, hasta que la repentina aparicion de Nico le da un giro a las cosas. Ahora, decidido a darse una oportunidad con el gotico Percy cree que finalmente nada puede atormentarlo Just a short percico fic for all those who curse the great Rick Riordian for not making it cannon. Not a hard concept.

Rated M because I don't want to be kicked off the site, hope you enjoy my strangeness and utter insanity! Aquarius by PaperCity7 reviews "And on coming round to Zeus, he would first plant a kiss on the rim of the chalice before handing it back to his loving lord. Hera was of course livid with rage.

Greek Mythology - Rated: Hans and Elsa talk during the coronation and discover a mutual understanding, and attraction. Putting the rating at teen because I know it's going up later. Editorials and Interviews by Coqui's Song reviews Nico's passionate about writing, but only what he wants to write about.

Which is why he's certain he's going to hate interviewing a certain green-eyed swim team captain. Revealed by Eleanor Damaschke reviews What would happen if the dwarves didn't know that Bilbo Baggins was a girl? If she could melt a frozen heart by jade reviews What if Hans hadn't shot down the chandelier and Elsa had been shot with an arrow instead. Now Hans is accused of attempting to murderer the queen and Anna must deal with the emotional turmoil of proving whether he's innocent.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Hans on the other hand has fallen for the queen but is his love enough to save her. He's never had a valentine before, and he wants it to be perfect. But things get a little twisted along the way. Un sangre pura perdido que encontro su camino a casa. IchiRuki -Completo- Bleach - Rated: Worthy by LifeBios reviews "I love you and that is all that matter, once this ceremony is over your heart and your body is mine and I won't let you describe yourself as a monster ever again since you will now become the queen of this country whether you like it or not.

Marry their sons to form an allegiance. It's a great plan and everyone seems to agree Percy wants free will and Nico just wants to be free. Watch them learn that true love is a gift and sometimes it is all we can ever hope for. Continuation from an intro on Tumblr. Never by animepercystyle reviews Percy discovers Nico's secret and rolls with it. Do not read until you finish House of Hades, chapter I'm not actually sure if this should be K or T, but better safe than sorry. I don't usually write romance, but my friends seemed to love it. Bilbo] Hobbit - Rated: Maria's by midnightinjapan reviews The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

A fluffy little ficlet. Mpreg Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by midnightinjapan reviews Nico didn't like to be touched and he didn't know what a big problem that would become. The Locked House by forbiddenist reviews Zero is an artist who recently moved into a family house in a little countryside area.

At night, he hears the most heart wrenching piano melody coming from what they called "the Locked House", a place where everyone believes is haunted. Prince and the Pauper by ErisAndTheWhale reviews Tasked to marry someone, but finding yourself falling for another…The wheels of fate start to turn when you find yourself in the shoes of someone else. Frozen Heart by dragonpoweR28 reviews As a young girl, Aneira used to go out front and play in the snow, what she didn't know was that a certain Guardian watched her protectively and now 16 years old she walks around town feeling like someone is following her.

What happens when she realises who? Romance and Rated T, just incase. Masquerade by thoughtscrystallizing reviews "Not that any mask could cover that nose up or those eyes. Evening conversation by sauri reviews Hello, I decided to write a small story how Ijuuin sensei got interested. Saying 'Yes' by Naomyx reviews Uchiha Sasuke had a serious problem.

A very complex one at that. And Uzumaki Naruto, oblivious like always, was determined to change it, thanks with the help of said raven's family. They've even slain giants. But there's still one foe that Percy and Jason have yet to conquer before they can be the very best, like no one ever was. Join them now on their heroic quest as they fight valiantly to liberate Nico di Angelo from the infernal bonds of innocence. Silent Devotion by shuusetsu reviews Ijuuin Kyo started withdrawing from everything after he experienced the greatest downfall in his career.

Ishi did his best into pulling the man back to his feet, but it was still Misaki who could do it. I've been around since the world began. I'm the oldest of the Spirits. Mortals don't believe in me, they never see me. The other Spirits, the Guardians, never see me either. I'm devoted to bringing joy to mortals, nothing can change that. But when a certain Spirit of Winter finds me, I may be willing to compromise.

Confessions by Evie Warner reviews When Serena asks Ash if he remembers "that green-eyed boy" his answer leaves her pondering if she ever stood a chance. There in the Snow by teeniechristinee reviews Green goes to visit Red, but finds him laying sick in the snow. Just the Spare by sakume reviews "It means that you are not an heir. All you are is a spare. A spare that will never be of any use to anyone. One-shot, includes rewrite of deleted Frozen song "More than Just the Spare". Death's Kiss by Anlynne reviews Nico di Angelo was looking to say goodbye.

Now more than a decade has passed, and it will take a lot to drive them back together, especially when one cannot even remember that the other exists. Has she come bearing the condemnation that the offender deserves? I want to be naughty by Chris Melian Black reviews Particularmente odiaba al consejo estudiantil. En pocas palabras podria describirlo como etiquetas, jerarquias y prejuicios. Sin embargo, si habia algo que odiaba mas que al consejo estudiantil era al presidente del mismo.

The Ultimate Sacrifice by V Tsuion reviews She was the villain, and villains always died horrible deaths, but Elsa did not deserve to die. All Hans ever wanted was a happily ever after, but not like this. Hans makes the ultimate Disney sacrifice to save Elsa from the villain's fate. Love ly Weather We're Having! But why is Annabeth claiming that he's the reason for the thunder storm outside? Well, it all has to do with Percy Jackson's emotions. Anyone who dares to swim in the river of Lethe will turn their mind into a new born baby. How ironic was it that the person who warned him about it was now sitting there in front of him, just finished swimming in the river, all of his memories probably gone.

Her people are starving, and Arendelle's once-allies have turned their back on trade negotiations. When the Queen of the Southern Isles offers her youngest and most manipulative son as a trade advisor, Elsa has no choice but to accept. But realising that is not possible he settles with becoming their friends This Prince isn't as charming as he first appears Lovely appreciation by MrAndersIversen reviews Kristoff lives with his girlfriend, Anna and her sister, Elsa in the castle of Arendelle and everything seems perfect or so should you think… Kristoff got some troubles about his new life where he talks in prayers My first Frozen-fanfic, so hope to see some reviews and such… One-shot.

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The Prince Consort by myownmistress reviews "I know what it's like, to live alone inside your head, to smile and nod at everyone and yet not give a clue as to your real feelings. It's hard, that moment when you first realize that everyone may bow and curtsy, but you have no say in your own destiny.

The Secret Corner by ruumpleteazah reviews From a childhood friendship to a blossoming love, Elsa never thought that the bright-eyed Prince Hans would have such a welcoming impact on her life of locked doors. However, the Queen of Arendelle soon learns that the man that brought her normalcy can become dangerous in the end - and that corruption is able to penetrate even the warmest of hearts. Men by Daiharuu reviews "Hans You should know better that to get into a fight with our people. You're their King, these people look up to you" "The bastard was saying stuff about you.

I'm not going to let him insult my wife. Ally hates and doesn't want anything to do with him. But when Austin steals her song, a secret partnership is developed between the two of them. Will feelings be revealed along the way? T - Portuguese - Romance - Chapters: M - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: The Nice Things He'll Say by Frostylicious reviews If not a song, why not having the potential to woo the little maid with sweet words of sworn truth?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Rated: Afterwards by addicted fan reviews Two years after the events of Frozen, Queen Elsa and Prince Hans meet at a function for a neighboring kingdom. Watching the still single queen, Hans makes her an offer. Anna comes home to a baby reindeer in her house. Who's the reindeer and will they keep the cutie pie or not?

All rights to Disney! I know Kristoff and his reindeer. I know the story. I just wanted to write something vute like this. And whenever she's busy Kristoff isn't around. But that has to be a coincident. So what is going on between the Snow Queen and the Ice Guy? And is Olaf a spy now? T - English - Family - Chapters: But first he has to past a test. A very awkward test. Oh look, Anna's there too! Kristanna, Iceburns, Hiccstrid, Flynnpunzel, Gerdai.

Candle in the Window by Anysia reviews Just because she's so often been alone doesn't mean she has to like it. With the two most important people in her life gone, Anna tries to cope. Kristanna angst, family feels, romance, and just enough steam to keep things interesting. Anna didn't let go of his hand. And if it were up to her, she would never have to. Marshmallows A little bit of a drabble challenge I've done. Kristoff since my songs are all lame and I don't know what to do. Todo empieza con leves confesiones, y termina, bueno, en algo muy vocal.

The Reckoning: A Novel

But if there's one chocolate that she's never tried, it's one that's liquefied and hot - contrary to what she is. Suicidal Freak by RobinGirlWonder reviews "Those two words are the words that had been uttered from the Sea Prince, finally just broke me to pieces. Sad, but fluffyish at the end. Rated mild T for themes of suicide attempt. A chance to redeem yourself by bedstories reviews It had been five months since Elsa had revealed her ice powers, but little by little, things were going back to normal.

When the King of the Southern Isles, Hans older brother, begs Elsa to take Hans in as a servant for redemption of his actions, she reluctantly agrees, not having a clue what it would mean to have that man for one month Nueva etapa by SesshoRin reviews No importa que acontecimientos ocurran en sus vidas, los lazos que los mantienen unidos no pueden romperse con nada.

Percico by angstangelo reviews Typical Percico fluff. I do not own any of the characters in this story. A New Perspective by whyyouackinsocraycray reviews When Arendelle receives an unexpected visitor, questions are answered, beliefs are changed, and Elsa just might find someone who understands her in a way that no one else possibly could.

May I by AsheliaHime reviews Was it because she was the princess? But as the days went on she wasn't that to him anymore. Something that meant a lot more to him than any royal title ever will. Marshmallows reviews Elsa is going to be married but not to one the she loves. Sound and Fury by Anysia reviews Princesses are supposed to be quiet, restrained, demure. Anna's never been too good at being a princess, but she's great at being Anna, and no one appreciates that as much as Kristoff.

Anna didn't make it, she couldn't protect her only sister. Instead, Hans stopped himself after seeing the crystal tears of Elsa. There was another way to save Anna. Rated T for safeTy. Change - Spin-Off Drabble by LastOneOut reviews Not canonical with my fic 'Change' but involves elements of that story A midnight trip to Elsa's old ice castle ends much differently than Hans or Elsa would have expected. Here With You by ice23hot reviews "It's just that…I seem to have l-lost some of my clothes.

Rated T for implied themes, but nothing too graphic. Love Will Thaw by Anysia reviews Anna's baby is beautiful, and so very, very small, and Elsa is terrified of him. K - English - Family - Chapters: Do you want to build a snowman? They used to play in the snow all the time in winter. Anna hadn't even been outside since them, except for that time in spring when they went to the market. But that was going to e bright fluffy snow outside was so temping.

She wanted to put her hands in that snow or dance around in it. With or without her sister. Don't Be Frozen In The Past by Cartoonnerd13 reviews Queen Elsa has finally let go of the past, but when a letter is sent from someone she never wanted to hear from about a special event, Elsa might just find true love, some secrets, and a side of emotions and bravery she never thought she had. Please review and give me some ideas! Thank you for supporting me on my stories! He tried to suppress his feelings, but love wants to be noticed.

As he prepares to leave Arendelle for the day, she surprises him. First Frozen One-shot, contains Kristanna! Of Birthdays and Somedays by Anysia reviews If Kristoff had ever had a birthday, and if he wasn't so impossible to deal with, and if Anna had the faintest idea what a spruce tree looked like, none of this would have happened. Frozen at Heart by love2swim12 reviews He had always been standing. In the life he had chosen. But now, he knew he was no longer frozen at heart.

A one-shot following Kristoff and Anna and their romance right after the movie ends. Party Jitters by cootiegirl reviews After the return of Queen Elsa, the people of Arendelle are invited to a bash at the castle to celebrate their land being, well Meanwhile, Kristoff has trouble fitting in so Anna helps him get into the party mood. Coffee by Her Madjesty reviews He likes his black, and she likes hers with chocolate. This has little to do with their story, but draws them together all the same.

It's warm, and comforting, just like him. Curious by Purpl3Pickl3 reviews He was a a curious boy, you couldn't blame him. He had been following the same men for probably two months now, and he had only collected one pound of ice two if you count the part Sven bit off. Temptress by Her Madjesty reviews She's a tiger wrapped in the tiniest form possible, and he's just a man left to deal with all the wiles she'll throw his way. Stardust Frozen - Rated: But it's fine because it was all just a dream. Minor spoilers for film. It was his passion. Not when it was going to take Anna away from him.

Today he hated ice. Somewhat AU not really. Rated for my paranoia. Status subject to change. With a heavy heart, I proclaim that Nightlightiscoolbro does not retain the rights to Frozen! Call the Midwife by thefireplanet reviews "No! Distractions by Missilence reviews Anna can't help it. It's not her fault she's been stuck in that empty castle deprived of all young, good-looking men for her entire existence. She has a small and thankfully unnoticeable staring problem in concern with the physique of a certain mountain man.

Hans may be her true love, but that doesn't mean she can't look. Just Breathe by HannahBerrie reviews Anna's fallen through the ice, and Kristoff doesn't know if he'll be able to save her. Cover image credit goes to tumblr's frozenmusings Frozen - Rated: It was all Kristoff's fault, really. Betrayal and War by A writer has no name reviews "Shou-chan is that a challenge I see in your eyes. Shouichi watched as the white haired man's ever-present smile widened. Shouichi suppressed a shiver. Is rated M for later chapters.

I was thinking that I wanted to be happy, like all of my friends who were chasing each other around the shore throwing sand at each other, and the ones stealing kisses beneath the moon. And in that moment, I was happy. They end up playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. What could possibly happen? Shocked Eyes by Dbztron2 reviews Gary gives some examples of things that make girls, and sometimes even guys eyes go wide in shock.

And with all examples there will always be a story behind at lease one, if not more, of them. Depending on reviews may become a two or three shot. Island Fever - Percico Fanfic by mel-chan reviews Nico and Percy are stranded on a magical island in the middle of nowhere, giving the two boys the chance to get to know each other a bit better Rated "M" for reasons. A Visitor's Wish by O. O reviews AU, Two-shot. From the moment the black haired guy entered, he was nothing but rude. During his job, Natsu faced snappy customers, but never like this particular one.

Shounen Ai, Yaoi, Language. Then it ends the very same way Updates Every Two Weeks:. Back from Hiatis Bleach - Rated: In the Heat of the Moment by disneyprincesskatherine reviews Anna and Kristoff have been traveling all day to find Elsa. It's the first night of their journey. Temperatures are dropping rapidly but somehow Anna and Kristoff find themselves in a steamy situation Rated T for reasons. V during the events of "Accidentally in Love. With his clan stressing him out, and his brother turning his back on him, ending it all may be the best thing. And now with his sworn enemy having eyes for him, things can't get any worse.

But maybe, that's a good thing Anna by HannahBerrie reviews "As a matter of fact, Anna wasn't like anyone Kristoff had ever met, and she especially wasn't like any princess he'd ever heard of. Toushirou Hitsugaya el segundo hijo de la familia Hitsugaya a encontrado lo que en toda su larga vida habia creido perdido. The Trouble with Names by Yamiga reviews Hashirama and Madara disagreed on many things,and a reasonable name for their son happened to be a big one, yet as much as Hashirama disliked Madara's taste,he still didn't want to disregard his opinion.

However with Madara currently unconscious, and a nameless baby sitting in the living room,Hashirama might just have to disregard the other party's opinion, even if he'll be pissed. A young prince encounters the fair Queen of Arendelle. Shock and Awe by AvatarHufflepuff reviews A few months after the curse is broken, Elsa and Anna spend time out in the snow and things get competitive. No matter how hard he tries, he cant seem to get the son of Poseidon out of his head. When Percy finds him alone in his room and the two start talking about realsionships, what could it lead to?

Will Nico finally come clean? T for mild sexual themes and language. Rivales by Yokasta reviews Esta historia gira en torno a Red y Green eternos rivales que no pueden ser sinceros uno con otro. Pretending by KiraLiven reviews Percy isn't stupid. He can see things no one else can. He can connect dots no one else sees. But he'll pretend not to, for his friends. Condemn by HereIGoAgain reviews Kaname stared at the boy, and his gaze was drawn to the blood running down his neck. Instinctively, he stretched out a hand, reaching for Zero's face—the skin was so soft…he knew well, after all. It had yielded so easily to his fangs.

Clarity by Yamiga reviews Choices were daunting things, but more than often Hashirama saw them as a welcoming challenge. To satisfy his village was one thing, but to satisfy Madara was another and with the Uchiha threatening to leave the village, things can't get more complicated. Of course, Hashirama had rotten luck and with a sea of troubles pouring on him, some of the hardest choices must be made. I recommended you read Summer Blood first, this takes place after Summer Blood. There are some chapters from that story in this chapter. Izuna by Unchainedkogitsune reviews Drabbles from Tumblr and also other places.

AU and Canon Naruto - Rated: What if he approached Cynthia after the competition? Accidentally in Love by Yamiga reviews Waking up from a year long coma, and re-adjusting to life is hard for Izuna. But being informed that his brother went crazy, abandoned the village, and he must be the one to lead the Uchiha clan, is even harder. On top of that, things change when he starts to fall for the man who wanted him dead, and presently gives him death glares.

But maybe, that's not such a bad thing at all. Sweetest Thing Ever by Cheshire's Riddles reviews This is a one-shot of the aliens coming back to Earth after six years. That is because this is a story for my little sister who loves the story. So I hope you like it and please review. Summer's Come and Gone by Jaibesoindunbiscuit reviews Percy's tired of fighting, tired of nightmares, and tired of immature demigods.

But most of all, she's tired of not knowing what's going on with Nico. Rejuvenation by IlovePai reviews Pai's working on a new serum to turn the Mews into children, but something goes terribly wrong. Now they have to take care of a two year old Pai. Unintentional by paninya reviews He didn't plan on going to kindergarten. Nor did he plan on meeting Elysia Hughes. But he has, and something feels Perhaps not all humans are worthless. First time publishing, but don't take that as an inability to write, please! Thanks for taking the time to read, it means a lot to me 3 Death Note - Rated: Lean on Me by Hieroglyphics reviews Nico, ever quiet, ever withdrawn, has no place in the group surrounding Percy, and not even Hazel can make him fit in.

She can however, help Nico get time alone with Percy after she discovers something about her brother that she never thought she would. Nico is possessive of Percy, attracted to him in a way that he's never wanted to be close to someone before. When the great bear sees her she fear the end but oddly it merely turns away.

Intrigued Merida follows him into destiny. This is an alternate ending to ROTS and the events that follow. Please read and review. Updates every Sunday or Monday! The Thrush by Silverneko9lives0 reviews Twenty years ago, Bilbo had his heart broken by his first love, a Dwarf from the Blue Mountains, on the account he was still a child. Now of age, he goes to the Blue Mountains to fulfill a promise he made to that Dwarf Same as You by bbmuffin reviews Tobirama and Izuna.

As kids they followed in the footsteps of their older brothers they could not help but meet. Senju and Uchiha; Opposites have a way of coming together. M for later chapter s. Be careful what you wish for You might get it! Moreover, something is wrong with Yuki, Takuma is trying to save Shiki from Rido's traces of darkness and Aidou pays for toying with an unknown spell. A prophecy issued, destinies to be fulfilled. Children are thrown into the chaos, struggling to find their paths.

Will they find the light or be swallowed by darkness? Will they come together, or will they destroy one another? With Ash doing the teasing; but she doesn't even know it! The Perfect Love Potion by Animeyaoimaster reviews Juvia's done it again; she's managed to get her hands on another potion and now Fairy Tail is in trouble! Will she get the results she expected or face another disappointment?

Read to find out! Legend of Korra - Rated: Killing the Rival by darklight reviews Gray is looking for the answers to what changed his life years ago, and avenge those who suffered. When the organization he's a member of makes plans to eliminate an opposing agency, what happens when a pink haired member of the rivaling organization proves a little harder to finish than the rest. Obito's liked his best friend from afar for years now. He always steals glances at him. I'm English and want to improve my Spanish.

I do this by reading Spanish novels, but find many modern novels superficial. This book is excellent. Well written and very funny. I t is a good book to disconect from your working day. See all 6 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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