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Yet her new-found freedom is short lived. But when a group of wolf shifters break into her clinic and demand she save the life of a packmate, her serene world unravels. First, she has no soul. Third, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, breaking all standards of social etiquette. Where to go from there? From bad to worse apparently, for Alexia accidentally kills the vampire—and then the appalling Lord Maccon loud, messy, gorgeous, and werewolf is sent by Queen Victoria to investigate. When her brother gets in too deep with some dangerous wolves and comes to Nina for help—dragging super alpha protector Lex into her life—she can handle it.

But when the full moon rises, Dash is helpless. She had always known it, but when a mysterious older woman shows up and invites her to learn about her birth family, things take a turn for the odd. I failed my sister, and I smell my enemy. The last thing I expect is for the Alpha to recognize me as his fated mate. But a marriage borne out of duty soon takes on a whole new spin. For Kir discovers his bride is an utterly enticing mystery. Beatrice is half-faery, maybe a little bit vampire, and altogether delightful. As for Bea, she has this much in common with her new husband: The hard-as-nails female is more than he could ask for—intense, clever and sexy as sin.

Rachel is human and fears his kind. Determined to start fresh in the wilds of Colorado, she answers an advertisement in the paper for a wife. Tristan believes his obsession with Avery is nothing more than lust. Determined to bed her despite her strange powers, will he convince her to accept her new life or give her the freedom she craves? But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor.

But after so many of his Pack brothers have found their mates, he starts wondering if there might be a mate in his future too. But when her plans backfire, her hope for freedom begins to fade. When her world hits rock bottom, she stumbles across wolf shifter, Devin Caedmon, who offers her safety and protection. She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man.

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But when Fabian saves a certain lady from drowning, everything he knows gets tossed away and only one thing becomes clear: Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart. And someone wants her dead for it. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. His plan is easier said than done, especially when not just any woman will do. When their captors separate the three women, they vow to reunite, no matter the cost. But now someone knows the truth and is determined to exterminate her family line.

Living on borrowed time in the midst of this dangerous game of hide and seek, the last thing Elodie needs to do is fall in love. But Sawyer is determined to protect her, and the brooding, angry boy is more than what he seems. Can they outsmart a madman? And if they survive, will they find a way to beat the curse for good?

Redwood Pack, Book 6. Using her knowledge and research, she helped save the Redwood Pack from devastation.

Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

Not since she lost her mate so long ago. Juliana has no idea why but is already craving his touch. Sergius knows the vamp wants her for a reason, otherwise why would he leave her alive. So watching for the vamp, he try to bring her to safety. This book was great! Lots of drama, action, danger, sexy time, and a man who wants to make a woman very happy.

The story between the 2, is both heartwarming and toe curling. Becca I am hoping to see a couple more in this series. When Juliana goes missing and the brothers set out to find her. I was really disappointed with this book. Spoilers if you read more. Serg and Juliana have just met but after taking cover in a cave to avoid the rain on the hike back after being found Serg brings Juliana to orgasm. The first and second orgasm she's had in her life. Well I just skimmed his parts. When Juliana finds out that her lover is a werewolf. She doesn't really seam that bothered. When the vampire who wants her comes to the house and the brothers go to run it off, she goes to sleep on the sofa.

Um hello there are supernatural creatures after you. You don't go to sleep. There wasn't much relationship development. Was mainly sex and mate bond.

I really didn't believe the heroine would really would make the adjustment to her life so easily. I would have like to learn more about the brothers. I not sure I'll try book 2. So all in all for me not good. I ended up skimming the last third. I've had this one sitting on my Kindle for a long time, so I thought I would 'maybe' start this series.

I try to save a few books so that I don't have to just read book one, then read book 2 later and realize I don't remember book 1 at all because it's been a long time between publications. With some authors that can be more than a year and that would be plus books ago. I liked the story, but there isn't a satisfactory ending, and if you are on an e-reader, you might think this was an inco I've had this one sitting on my Kindle for a long time, so I thought I would 'maybe' start this series.

I liked the story, but there isn't a satisfactory ending, and if you are on an e-reader, you might think this was an incomplete download. No, it just stops. I read the first couple of bdsm light scenes, but skimmed the rest of them. We don't really get to know Juliana or Sergius very well at all. It's a pleasant, short read, but I won't be buying the rest of the series. Feb 21, Dani Hodge rated it it was amazing.

Once Upon A Wolf

This was one HOT read If you are looking for a short, sexy read Jan 06, Rebecca Bietz rated it it was amazing. May 03, Jane rated it it was amazing. Excellent start to a new series!! Excellent dramatization and suspense This book was superbly written with an exciting build-up of action and the characters were believable and I couldn't help wishing for my own Smokey Mountain shifter.

Mar 11, Amanda Williams rated it it was amazing. Wow, what a fab way to start a series.

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Dec 06, Clare O'Beara rated it liked it Shelves: The Durham brothers are shapeshifters and local law enforcement calls on them for aid with missing persons as wolf senses are better at tracking in difficult terrain. Sergius is home when the sheriff arrives and tells him a female hiker has gone missing in the surrounding Smoky Mountains. A rogue vampire has also moved into the territory, and he isn't fussy whose blood he drinks. Juliana is a smart and experienced hiker, who brought lightweight survival gear and told friends where she was heading The Durham brothers are shapeshifters and local law enforcement calls on them for aid with missing persons as wolf senses are better at tracking in difficult terrain.

Juliana is a smart and experienced hiker, who brought lightweight survival gear and told friends where she was heading. But the camera on her phone drained the battery and she was given wrong directions - then led astray by the vampire. Now she's huddled under a tree, jaded, confused and running out of time - and if someone did find her, could she trust him? Some excellent naturalist details flesh out the story for us - red wolves have been reintroduced, providing cover for the shifters, while there are bats in the natural caves, and some bats are rabid.

The story hinges around werewolves protecting a human girl from a vampire - think we've read that one, but it's enjoyable. The adult content is hot, but I actually wished there was less of it so we could get on with the action. Every weary lost hiker jumps on the man who finds her and drags her into a cave, right? There are few characters and no sub-plot, but there are references to a previous story in the series.

Still it's a fine read for those who enjoy werewolf tales and leaves us howling for more. Feb 05, Debs rated it it was ok Shelves: The book started out with a good plot but never fleshed out for me. I really thought it was going to be a good shapeshifter story and a romance with a bit of sexy werewolf and human connections. There was just some graphic sex in the descriptions and not very well done. Very juvenile when describing sex as it was always stuffing this and stuffing that. Even graphic sex can add to a story if done well.

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The plot just got lost in the sex overriding anything else going on with the story. I really wa The book started out with a good plot but never fleshed out for me. I really wanted to like this story. Oct 25, Kim rated it really liked it. I have to agree with Lynda's review. It was a good story with a great plot. But the sex was fast to happen and no romance leading up to the sex. It was great, don't get me wrong. But what I thought when I finished was that the plot was building and then was over. Although it is continuing into the other two books for the brothers. Mar 13, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: I can't say this book was good or bad just predictable.

Here you have a dominant, sexy hero in Serg. One who will do anything to protect and keep what is his, Julianna. Julianna is IMO the typical needy, bad decision making, quick to give in heroine. This is by no means a bad read, just needed bit more depth to the storyline and the world build was cut short.

Jan 25, Denise rated it really liked it.

50 Must-Read Werewolf Romance Books

This is the first book in the trilogy. I love wolf shifter stories, and this one doesnt disappoint. Adding an evil vampire made it even better. When Sergius a wolf shifter meets Juliana, he knows she is his mate. Even though she is a human, she realizes she is just as drawn to Serg as he is to her. Love sparks and fur flies! I recommend the whole series. Mar 16, Crystal Marie rated it really liked it. I believe that this is a great start to a new series for Becca Jameson!! She has taken you back into her magical world and has held you captive.

This was a great first book of a series and I can't wait for the next books in the series to come out! I have recommended this book to friends of mine and I believe its totally worth every cent! Apr 12, Lynn rated it liked it. The story seemed to move a little quickly, and I found myself disconnecting because of this. I could not believe that the heroine would make such a massive adjustment so soon. Other than that it was and enjoyable book.

Mar 23, Tory rated it liked it Shelves: I thought that the relationship between the two characters moved too fast. The basis was basically the mate bond and sex.

I think the series has potential. I liked Sergius and his brothers. I just would have liked more relationship development. Apr 23, Sharon rated it did not like it Shelves: I always feel mean giving only one star. Wish they had halves. May 28, C. Really enjoyed the story and can't wait for one of the brothers stories. Mar 12, Kristal rated it it was ok.

More to come after I go back and reread several sections Quick summaryIt fell flat.